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  1. should've charged him more mouse
  2. Neutral leaning to +1 Snoozy is a nice guy and, imo seems sincere about his actions and knows why he was banned I can Very much Relate to an in the heat moment of being angry about shit that's unfair and that I can relate to. However What you did do was very wrong and disrespectful to people who were management at the time Though what you may have said came across as racist and disrespectful to people all the time nowadays, people are out here saying or doing questionable things in public. It's a new Era of IG, though this may sound Ignorant but, many staff includ
  3. big credits to the guy throwing gang signs
  4. This is an eggcelent challenge
  5. Goodbye lister have a good one
  6. Recording all accounts of reg diss in this section, you will all be recruits soon enough 

  7. Rip bibleman, engineers will always be here to support you
  8. YEah wtf @crofty hahaha
  9. See you crofty, you were an incredible 2ic <3 thank you very much
  10. finally getting rid of @Kippy
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