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  1. These files are definitely a virus
  2. Delta

    Droids Broke

    i told the devs via discord Do not worry <3
  3. Lego Star wars the complete Saga on PS2 Lego Indiana jones on the PS2 Crash bandicoot on the PS2 Skylanders on the wii Pokémon Diamond and white on the DS
  4. Im not very good unfortunately
  5. They’re doing fine, I’m sure no drastic server changes are coming
  6. I was always the little pogchamp...

    1. Shepard


      You'll always be my little pogchamp

    2. Storm


      I own you now shepard

  7. Which one do you support and why if you don't support afl talk about another sport team i guess I got for Bulldogs, went for it since I was 7, Good Club, mainly because I live local to the club. I just think it's a good place and a good overall community compared to some other Clubs. Yeah they aren't the best team but like their games are fun to watch keep it civil (looking at collingwood and richmond supporters)
  8. The Truth of what may or may not happened that day is long gone from peoples minds who are still active on the server Positive interactions with Caboose through the limited times I have met with him (though there was this one thing when i was shore but who really cares) Compared to most other people who have been banned from a similar time period or from the same "event" Caboose, from what I have seen, Has remained humble and not openly disrespectful of IG and it's Moderation or management compared to others. Though I have other suspicions none really a negative towards you b
  9. Less Go 5 keycards See ya Chumps Also Rip manager rank ;-;
  10. should've charged him more mouse
  11. Neutral leaning to +1 Snoozy is a nice guy and, imo seems sincere about his actions and knows why he was banned I can Very much Relate to an in the heat moment of being angry about shit that's unfair and that I can relate to. However What you did do was very wrong and disrespectful to people who were management at the time Though what you may have said came across as racist and disrespectful to people all the time nowadays, people are out here saying or doing questionable things in public. It's a new Era of IG, though this may sound Ignorant but, many staff includ
  12. big credits to the guy throwing gang signs
  13. This is an eggcelent challenge
  14. Goodbye lister have a good one
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