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  1. Look above this post
  2. I was lcp and I can't afford commander so being a rank that can train and recruit terror is good
  3. He might have more luck than I did with remnant
  4. Sure thing We'll the guards were moved there by imperial transport ships but those ships were unable to fly onto the planet because of the magnet asteroid field that would tare through any ship so the sent pods which contained of the parts of the base, but they just needed someone to build it. The troopers were also in those pods. The only way off the moon is a single tie fighter located next to the control tower I hope I answered your wonder
  5. Off the edge of the central Empire sector there is a moon with a prison that is named Scorch-3.8. This prison on the moon is the only form of any life on the western part of the planet. On this planet the Empires most wanted are kept under tough guard, with prison towers, AA cannons and tough security this is one of the Empires best prisons. The prisoners entertain them selves by building with scrap that is found from the wreckage of crashed ships from the clone Wars. Escape is hard Survival is worse Troopers featured Shore, Riot, storm troopers,pi
  6. OK thanks mate I will tell this to all the other shore
  7. Maybe cause you are Vf and they don't want you telling darth Vader about them
  8. Kumo shore and jt don't have a jobs on the ship plus SR don't get a go at what they do
  9. This discussion is for the regiments like SR,Jt,talon and storm Marines OK so the regiments mentioned above have no job while on the ship during no event time Shore haven't had a chance to their Star Wars lore job being the defenders of the coastal area In scarif so I say shore becomes a defence regiments not armed with handcuffs and shields but instead can protect areas on the ship like the 442nd. Jt should be the ones to host public climb sweep training, idk what jt can do please suggest Now talon should be the guards of the engine room and the engineers personal guard
  10. You miss my point this is a roleplay thing like pilot is just for flying ships that's all its meant to put state who can do what roleplay wise and engineer is just someone who can't build but instead can repair control electronics for the regiment for when the engineers aren't with the regiment
  11. Shore just makes there troopers put (SR-(number here) and a Star in their name
  12. Well I'm kinda hoping that they will make this just for role play but theroles like pilot, comms and engineer will be a thing a role with actual in game tools like pilot can fly for the one regiment, comms will do what I mentioned above and engineer will be the regiments personal repair man
  13. OK that makes sense I'm changing it to what you agree on
  14. some of those jobs are for regiments but i will consider the first 2
  15. Troopers trained for jobs in regiments such as 442nd,212th,MT,SR,SW,SCAR,VF,Talon,inferno,incerater and naval guard there should be Certain jobs that each member of said squad up holds such as 1. Engineer for the one regiment (not as good as navy engineers but can inspect ships and other devices LC+ 2. trainer to train recruits SGT+ 3. pilot for troopers with LT+ 4. Officer to keep track of all troopers in regiment SGT+ 5. Stratergist someone who plans the attack for the regiment FIRST LT+ 6. Enforcer someone who commands and enforcers the commanders words LT+
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