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  1. Yes they are in my eyes my dude
  2. I merely cloned him into a smaller even cuter version
  3. Well you could join sr Just an idea
  4. I know that feelings want To join Navy and isb as well
  5. Awwww thanks Maxine You are a rolemodel Same here
  6. Only master Sgt but can still drink from vader. (Darth Vader drink bottle)
  7. Would play but my PC is crap and I'm to poor to buy
  8. Lol my and bacon had orders from krennics to follow you Harold But anyways welcome to the forums
  9. Eh inferno and revan their're cool that's why they are here
  10. Plus I heard rumours that the role play might become episode 4 role play so shore will become non existent
  11. Only bacon and I don't know why
  12. +1 for them mingey sts to shut up
  13. I like isb joining isb has been a lifelong dream of mine I planing on trying to in next year if I stay RPing for that long But everytime I've asked about isb they say isb is full Soo dreams might as well be dreams Idk why I made this I was probably just pissed because my game not work due to connection problems Or I'm sad because bacon left shore for 442nd oh congrats volt you got a great leader
  14. Wow these are well made can't wait to possibly use them
  15. Delta


    No the models have been removed from workshop
  16. Shore,isb and Navy are errors Can someone explain Cause shores Skin isn't on workshop list
  17. Good luck man hope to see you on
  18. +1 because I have to listen to you ingame Delta Shore corporal
  19. Eh I made myself laugh that's what is important
  20. 1+ really good roleplayer Just kidding
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