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  1. Yep and the droids are SO CUTE Soz my fanboi
  2. The naval guard always scares me idk why
  4. I know but they should and can we please kill shore off like this I mean this is cool
  5. Shore were just trying to defend a a beach base when this crazy twat comes out and slices the helmet of our heads
  6. What ever you want mate
  7. Thanks you two wombat I will be using your advice
  8. Earned you say, hmm better play more then
  9. Okay this message is serious I'm 80% no one takes us seriously because the other day a trooper came up to me ( he was higher rank don't worry) and told me SR is the meme of the ship. Now I'm not one to be hating on memes but why. Shore is as important as the next reg and the regiment needs some respect for me and my mates in shore to continue in thus reg where we don't do anything except what sts do, now that I think about it we are just sts but sand colour. And we don't get to be involved in events as most regs Literally we are on a dessert type planet and we don't get
  10. I'm considered a meme Lord in my class Please help
  11. My story is that I was krennics sister's son that he let be a shore instead of DT
  12. Sounds like it hit the fan quick glad my internet was broke
  14. Wtf wiles shitposts is my job in shore jk love ya babe
  15. Delta

    ST Help needed

    Hey shore is always ready to help
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