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  1. Can I get my warrant officer to say if ican
  2. Is their going to be people that build the sets cause I would like to do that
  3. @Chef provide some fine cuisine and I'll bring the cookies
  4. My dreams 1. Navy or isb 2. MHC will finally let me do my ofc test 3. A date with @Puppy 4. Getting 50 upvotes 5. @pinejack teaching me the ways of the forums
  5. I meant I can't really engage in a conversation because a SR talking to MHC randomly is failrp
  6. Damn this is sad Fox's PACs made me gasp and just wonder how do I do that then we would engage in a conversation But now that he is MHC I can't to that
  7. Welcome Lincoln Seem Like nice boi Damn death troopers hunted me down yesterday Their just jelly that SR can swim and they can't
  8. Don't apologize, this cinema deserves a pickle point And I was joking Don't worry
  9. Kix please your skills make me look trash They are btw
  10. Puppy yay Welcome back
  11. Delta

    White ribbon Day

    Of course their are multiple acts of domestic violence but white ribbon Day is addressing violence against women
  12. Delta

    White ribbon Day

    Thanks for the support doods
  13. Delta

    White ribbon Day

    yeah next thing is @Rooster will be running around armed with a crowbar smacking people So good idea
  14. Delta


    Do garr and I next please
  15. On the 25th of November its white ribbon Day Which is Violence against women Day which we say no To. I would like to raise you guys awareness about this topic! Because violence against women is bad So can we do an event or something on Saturday like a passive RP thing Idk but this topic is serious Keep the sectotarys safe
  16. Looks good would buy but too poor
  17. Hey my doods I'm gonna be inactive for a while due to Exam studies Playing games with my other best friends Thinking about what to do with my life I'm not Shore how long I'll be in active for but keep you heads up Your least favorite trooper is still sticking with Imperial gaming Plus imma still be in the forums because pinejacks content on it makes me smile signed Delta
  18. Good luck my dood Imma gonna steal that Navy spot my dood Good luck with future work
  19. Hey puppy don't worry Join shore only 50% less mingey
  20. Shabby that video was fabulous I could tell a lot of effort was put into this and that is why it was amazing Can we give you a promo somehow
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