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  1. Arg Fine I guess you are my Little Christmas-Champ @Shepard

  2. Naptune dude omg shush 

  3. it's the most wonderful time of the year

  4. -1 Your actions speak for themselves with how you've acted in TS and The Forums, with posting Scriptures from the Chinese Bible aswell as mocking/Bullying bailey to the extent where it goes into the territory of Sociopathic rather than Toxic Granted your actions were specific to a certain member, and I have not had many negative interactions with you. But from what I have heard it's not very good I Believe one day you shall be granted permission to re-enter TS, you are Improving, but sometimes someone's past just ruins it for them. Best of luck with Future appeals Khr
  5. @Shepard Come here my little pogchamp
  6. See ya dax have a good one
  7. back when things were easy
  8. +1 Genuine interest to rejoin server Probation period
  9. "Do you feel safe playing on the server?" "How do you feel about the Environment of which you roleplay in?" "What do you believe you can do better to improve yourself on the server?"
  10. Beta Arc program vs Alpha Stormtrooper program
  11. +1 Good Man, deserves a second chance Was a good staff member Got roped in with a bad guy I guess?
  12. My last event was an act i do not support anarchy  

  13. All Ten engineers of the date of this event
  14. Second place go brr @Shepard
  15. Ugh, fine, I guess you are also my little pogchamp.

  16. Cammers you are annoying 

  17. +1 Looks genuine to return to the server Been a while since ban
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