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  1. neutral

    • Power to the people
    • Some people may have have good Evidence to give
    • Some people are idiots
    • Half the responses to apps from users (most of the time) provide no valid input 
      (Mainly people who just +1 without reasons or only just quote another person)
    • Asking Resolutions for permission to post on it isn't hard, Rex and Myself are Easily contactable 

    I'm For this if it can be monitored very Carefully, However if people don't use it properly it Punishments should follow misuse. 


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  2. neutral  

    • Just came back
    • still stuck in Vic (he is not at home and is interstate on a laptop)
    • Minge
    • Past experience 
    • Sub par rper
    • Knows the tricks of the trade and how to please people 

    Came right back and asked me for a co position immediately 

    the balls on this guy

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  3. 1 hour ago, PapaMT said:

    How the hell would ENG make money?

    Repair jobs around the ship

    around 50-120 credits per job depending on the job done

    Clearing rubble earns you the least while fixing pipes gives you the most

    Rubble= 50-70
    Sparks= 60-100
    gas leaks=60-120

    I might have the values wrong but it's good stuff 

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