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  1. Ugh, fine, I guess you are also my little pogchamp.

  2. Arg Fine I guess you are my Little Christmas-Champ @Shepard

  3. brr

    1. Jozo


      how's it cold in Aus bro 

  4. Cammers you are annoying 

  5. Camping is based 

  6. I am the Captain now

    1. Shepard


      O captain My captain

  7. I was always the little pogchamp...

    1. Shepard


      You'll always be my little pogchamp

    2. Storm


      I own you now shepard

  8. it's the most wonderful time of the year

  9. Just injected black tar heroin into my bloodstream #poggers #winning 

    1. Wombatiacus


      #pogchamp #poggers

  10. Kfc Wicked Wings

  11. merry christmas 

  12. My last event was an act i do not support anarchy  

  13. Naptune dude omg shush 

  14. Recording all accounts of reg diss in this section, you will all be recruits soon enough 

  15. Shine on you Crazy Diamond 

  16. Shut up natprune 

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