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  1. Delta

    HOI4 moments

    Yes Contact Galle or matto about joining
  2. Delta

    HOI4 moments

    fred is a silly guy
  3. Delta

    HOI4 moments

    This was a Roadto56 RP Mod And I was Roleplaying as Italy and Finland All things considered, Hoi4 is a fun game and i recon you guys should get into it also if Fred Posts on this thread
  4. I lost it when the first balloon fell master piece truly the greatest character of our time.
  5. this is correct only i could think my pacs look nice
  6. Neutral Genuinely good intentions with applying and wanting to be a moderator Good playtime and activity Application could use fixing with grammar as well as a tiny bit more detail Maturity- I'm not one to comment on ones maturity and get away with being clean. But Clover increasing your maturity and attitude towards others on the server would be beneficial to yourself and this application. Improving your maturity is hard. I can understand but in order for you to achieve moderator I think this is where you need to improve the most. Attitude and general server interactions- Think before you say/type in ooc or looc ect. Tips for achieving the two things in red VC is In In character unless said otherwise Avoid /stating that you will, abuse Tools given to you. Try your hardest to complete Rp and keep calm and relaxed Best of luck with your Applications.
  7. Impossible The Stormtroopers cant be the coordinated and enter a room like that.
  8. +1 Has had a mixed past with The community and the people itself From what i've seen and heard about you, you seem more than competent with Deving Lacks Detail, but sometimes thats all it needs. Maps look amazing and well designed
  9. The last chonker escaping the tumblr e-boys elite military guard Division; 2021 colorized
  10. +1 Good guy active and can be mature Previous IG staffing experience
  11. Backstory Went for a simple one just a guy whos developed into a somewhat interesting St Captain feels a little cringe but i was bored enjoy Feel free to critique it in the thread @Kristofer and Alystair
  12. +1 2 years since ban seems genuine to come back to rp Little Detail but adding that would be good
  13. +1 leaning to Neutral Good app detailed and shows initiative to become an EM Good events Mature but can be very "interesting" to interact with for long amounts of time Bit of a minge but everyone can work on that I suggest you challenge yourself by being a good boy while this app is up.
  14. Delta

    Proven's Ban Appeal

    -1 Community banned twice A total of 60+ warns Disrespectful to Other members of the community in a similar way to many others who have been banned for such Reads to seem like a sincere and a wholehearted apology
  15. Love the content Interesting ost
  16. Goobye Archer old friend wish i spent more time harassing you as an engineer twas fun <3
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