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  1. adios, goodluck my friend
  2. I’m sorry mauler but I reserve the right to arm engineers to the teeth to protect the engine and reactor room to the last man
  3. Songs are goated oh yeah and the one about killing yourself or something
  4. @Rad_Cop It's been a Pleasure serving with you so much and for so long, we joined engineers around the same time in 2018, but you stayed and always welcomed me back and forth even through thick and thin, Rad you're a great person and friend. Thank you for everything past and present, I can't find the words to describe how grateful I am. @Mongo <3
  5. What Coffee, Tea or other hot beverage do you prefer? and what type of milk and any other extras? Or do you prefer iced drinks, Why do you like that drink? (please be civil to the best of your ability) I Like any type of coffee being honest, Latte, Flat white and Mocha
  6. Delta

    oh yeah

    dude he's returned
  7. That was a very cool backflip!
  8. I was wondering when this post was gonna be made, happy rainbows and all that jazz
  9. Engineer Operations Overseer
  10. adios Kippster I say this like we wont be playing hoi4 soonish have a good one sir
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