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  1. Lets go great work everyone involved, from the halfway point i saw this looks amazing can't wait to rp!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Faramir and myself managed to Decipher the confusing and puzzling rank structure of the empire,
  3. Faramir and myself managed to Decipher the confusing and puzzling rank structure of the empire, Dont worry guys everything is very easy to understand, we spent 10 5 minutes working on this so enjoy
  4. +1 Good pac user, However there is one specific other sci-fi series that seems to be a very heavy inspiration in your pac creations, not to say that's bad but you know.... this is star wars Active and Mature Friendly and would use tier 2 to further bite my fingers off Good pac examples and usage.
  5. great events, good pacing and a mix for army and non army alike (i think i don't know what any non army did) some highlights were (from my POV) A Jedi getting trapped in the ray shields of the brig The entire of the attack force storming the base at the end the 6+ times everyone dragged their asses to the reactor room the 3+ times shock tried to duel a Droid with a knife and got fucking curbed good stuff event masters, keep up the great work it's incredible how interesting this stuff can get
  6. @Phobia You're a Brilliant bloke and good mate on ya for making 2 years
  7. This guy is so annoying +1 Active and friendly Good Application and good events Can be Mature and a great rper at times as mention before, is annoying
  8. Can't wait to have another Alien style execution
  9. Professional Harmonica guy btw
  10. Neutral leaning to +1 Good bloke good for a chat Mixed experiences with you as a person (Especially in hoi4) In the past your rp has been good, but as of lately that shows other wise I feel like you're easliy influenced by others and people around you which can be bad
  11. lack of social interaction got me wilding please help
  12. I just spawn a whole bunch of NPCs and pretend i'm like a rebel or imperial badass from time to time kicking there teeth in
  13. I cannot wait for this LOVELY event hosted by THE ENTIRE EVENT TEAM
  14. Delta

    IHC Tournament

    *took a dive for the people who haven't won yet
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