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Everything posted by Delta

  1. Delta

    It's me :)

    Gasp Epic
  2. Delta

    Thoughts on a thing Continued

    I remember there being a grand vizier on a server I played on The idea was good So corvo +1
  3. Delta

    Giveaway Season!

    Unfortunately I have a family So no free money for me And the credits are useless I don't gamble Best of luck
  4. Delta

    Christmas Help!

    This do really be it chief Sign me up
  5. Delta

    My latest weapon

    Radcop at Navy meeting: we need to weapon designs Pendragon: hold my beer
  6. So that's what was causing me to crash while loading in
  7. Delta

    I'm leaving

    Bye Morgan You were always the most epic gamer
  8. Delta

    My Time Here.

    Remember when rooster fucked up the rescue mission to save Cody
  9. Delta

    My Time Here.

    Memories Also you remembered my wedding thank you But where is the beach you made for me when I was in shore a long time ago
  10. Delta

    Engineer Work

    Sand machine
  11. Delta

    The Chimera

    Top ten anime openings
  12. Delta

    2 Year Anniversary Video!

    :tears: Beatiful Three cameos from myself
  13. Delta

    Anime Opening

    Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wanna Switch?
  14. This is an outrage I wish to vote for this amazing minge <3
  15. Not sure if I should reply here but Keep up the good work whitey we all appreciate the effort you put into the server Big thanks from all of IG
  16. Delta


    Bye jesis
  17. Delta

    Permanently Stepping Down

    o7 Going through your mentions gave me some well needed nostalgia Bye dood Gonna miss another og
  18. Delta

    Epic annoucment

    So guys i did it i reached one thousand posts, I cant belive i reached tis number, Its incredible. Thank you guys so much for being herr for me even though Most of my old mates have moved on, i still have those who are here now. I did make a Video But i couldnt upload it, file too big my ass. Anyways I havent got Enough words to thank how grateful i am , you guys are all so kind and friendly and for lettting me come On the server and enjoy every moment. now for Some shoutouts Best mates and Absolute cuties @Anthony @Bevan @Chris @Joel Amazing Workplace Members @Rad_Cop @Frost @Monodelphis @Ana Favourite people to annoy @Supersoup @Corvo Really fun people To chat with @Snoozy @buckhop6 @Renegaderade @stitches Some higher ups i look up to @Jman1308 @whitey{not gonna tag him becuase he's to important for this being community manager and all} @fliqqs @Planz Also some madlads @Rickle @SCHEFF @Gregis @Brass @Ramirez Welp thats it See yall around the Ship Love you all -Delta P.s Ask any questions Down below <3