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  1. Delta

    My goodbye letter ( thanks and apologies)

    Elevator man inspired this legend
  2. Delta

    It's me :)

    Gasp Epic
  3. Delta

    Thoughts on a thing Continued

    I remember there being a grand vizier on a server I played on The idea was good So corvo +1
  4. Delta

    Giveaway Season!

    Unfortunately I have a family So no free money for me And the credits are useless I don't gamble Best of luck
  5. Delta

    Christmas Help!

    This do really be it chief Sign me up
  6. Delta

    My latest weapon

    Radcop at Navy meeting: we need to weapon designs Pendragon: hold my beer
  7. So that's what was causing me to crash while loading in
  8. Delta

    I'm leaving

    Bye Morgan You were always the most epic gamer
  9. Delta

    My Time Here.

    Remember when rooster fucked up the rescue mission to save Cody