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  1. A Reminder that only Ems, Devs and moderators may reply on ban appeals. for next time
  2. neutral Power to the people Some people may have have good Evidence to give Some people are idiots Half the responses to apps from users (most of the time) provide no valid input (Mainly people who just +1 without reasons or only just quote another person) Asking Resolutions for permission to post on it isn't hard, Rex and Myself are Easily contactable I'm For this if it can be monitored very Carefully, However if people don't use it properly it Punishments should follow misuse.
  3. Reminder that Users are not to comment on ban appeals unless they have permission from Rex or myself @Relish @Strix @Dazza Ban appeals are for Moderators, Event Masters, Developers and Management only.
  4. +1 More Compnor and Brig Raids (might actually incentivize people to guard)
  5. I donated 100k, I hope @Rick_Castle and his regiments squad wins
  6. Hearing binnys kiwi voice triggered my fight or flight
  7. My Grandpa had a Lemon Homemade recipe but it's long since lost Green is good though
  8. Accepted You will be Unbanned Tomorrow & placed on a 4 month probation. Any rule breaking will result in your ban being reinstated. Please take this time to familiarize yourself with the Imperial Gaming Rules Welcome Back to the Server! (Tomorrow)
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