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  1. Farewell, Pureus. Thanks for the great laughs and memories. Wishing you the best for your future endeavours. Hope this isn't the last I hear from you. All the best.
  2. Resignation denied, re-apply in 2 weeks. In all seriousness, thanks for your service to the IG community - it was a pleasure having you as the Emperor. All the best for the future, Barron. Hope to see you around.
  3. Now this is a spicy meme I can get behind. *tips fedora to my fellow genlteman, adjusting the brim to sit perfectly above my brow but yet still look professional* Welcome back, sir.
  4. If only they fit Prophet models properly Better than no hats though
  5. +1 this idea, I think it'll be a great festive addition for those who wish to wear it. Making this obtainable through points via play-time will be another incentive to promote activity on the server during the holidays.
  6. I see what you're trying to do - but I think the forums already are a perfect place for those things you've mentioned. I do agree it will be forgotten. But this may also turn into a privacy issue considering we can all see who follows the page; potentially users with their personal accounts and identities for all to see. Just some things to take into consideration!
  7. Thanks for this post Wolf - absolutely heart-warming. Thanks for spreading the love. Will do my best to donate!
  8. Everyone has their mingy moments, doesn't mean you can't be forgiven. Good luck!
  9. Congratulations to all that got through.
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