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    Pretty much. Neutral.
  2. Ajax

    FIiqqs. T-MOD App

    accidently double commented, please ignore
  3. After much thought, as well as some recent revelations involving staff members about things both concerning myself and my friends, I no longer want to pursue being part of this team. Thanks for almost 3 pages of +1s, sorry if I disappointed anyone who supported me. Please close this application immediately.
  4. Thanks @TheSSlothhh @Arctiic and @El_ for the +1s. Appreciate it heaps!
  5. Farewell, Pureus. Thanks for the great laughs and memories. Wishing you the best for your future endeavours. Hope this isn't the last I hear from you. All the best.
  6. Update: Change of rank; I am now the Supreme Prophet. Also playtime has been updated.
  7. This dude has completely left the community and hasn't been on for more than a month. Don't know why this app is still up.
  8. BRONZE 5 LUL Neutral
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