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  1. Ajax

    FIiqqs. T-MOD App

    Pretty much. Neutral.
  2. Ajax

    FIiqqs. T-MOD App

    accidently double commented, please ignore
  3. Ajax

    Giveaway time!

    yeet!!! xD!!!!!
  4. Ajax

    Ajax' Trial Moderator Application

    After much thought, as well as some recent revelations involving staff members about things both concerning myself and my friends, I no longer want to pursue being part of this team. Thanks for almost 3 pages of +1s, sorry if I disappointed anyone who supported me. Please close this application immediately.
  5. Ajax

    Ajax' Trial Moderator Application

    Thanks @TheSSlothhh @Arctiic and @El_ for the +1s. Appreciate it heaps!
  6. Ajax

    Arctiic's Trial Mod Application [Kir Kanos]

    +1 I think you'll be great.
  7. Farewell, Pureus. Thanks for the great laughs and memories. Wishing you the best for your future endeavours. Hope this isn't the last I hear from you. All the best.
  8. Ajax

    Ajax' Trial Moderator Application

    Update: Change of rank; I am now the Supreme Prophet. Also playtime has been updated.
  9. Ajax

    Im Leaving IG...

    take it ez
  10. Ajax

    PAC3 Place for non pac users.

  11. Ajax

    Poseidon Trial-Moderator Application

    This dude has completely left the community and hasn't been on for more than a month. Don't know why this app is still up.
  12. Ajax

    Ben's Tier 1 Pac 3 Application

    BRONZE 5 LUL Neutral