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  1. hello. ok i must go look at other posts now, goodbye.
  2. Yes you and your role as medics is important, however having more slots than other regiments just because of your role is not fair and isn't as beneficial as you would think. (example) Now you may say your MT are active, but if only 2 medics are on during an event, they aren't really 'active'. Instead of getting more slots to recruit more medics which then may not even come on a lot, be wise when recruiting new members to MT. Make sure you are picking people who are active and also good at roleplaying. Activity is the main factor you want to be looking for, they can always be taught how
  3. instead of recruiting people who aren't that active and taking up your spots, recruit people that are active and come on everyday, no need for more spots
  4. Nah rishi got blown up so much when we transitioned from that back to the SD
  5. lol i used to be nova commander on rishi gg
  6. Hey, I think I remember you on the tram when guarding palpatine. Welcome to the server
  7. open bob anyways who even is fox
  8. Yeh I remember them when I got kicked from SG they let me into their reg
  9. +1 if you remember Pablo Escobar
  10. hisoka rockin' the xxxtentacion profile picture
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing them with it, would be good to set high ranking shore apart from the rest.
  12. As far as the tryouts thing goes, it was kind of unfair to receive ( a ban?) for that as you were talking about OOC things
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