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  1. take a 1 month break then come back. pretty much what i did ages ago and it worked.
  2. hey koshie, glad you feel welcome in the community. hope you enjoy the rest of your time spent in IG.
  3. Please do not post unnecessary things as it is against the forum rules. Try keep it relative to the thread. // This character sheet is really cool and IMO there should be a section of the forums dedicated for this.
  4. did u fail the assignments ?
  5. make a support ticket. but i agree, VF is meant to be quite elite, it should get a buff imo
  6. i mean, its not stated in the rules.
  7. advertising other servers or phishy links here are pre much always a perma ban.
  8. are u trying to harass my Saturn? anyways hello nice to meet u even tho I already know u
  9. i must go, but once again its mainly from the server. i'll be on ts here and there
  10. My character has no backstory. Other than he was adopted
  11. I'll always remember the time you kept tazing Aphrodite (under 20 players).......now wasn't that long ago? I'll be sure to sleep tight Thanks Twinkie. I wish the best for you as well. lol i hated those duels.......took too long lol. But anyways, you were always a pretty cool and chill guy, so GL my dude. Thank you Imposing, same to you, good luck with your staffing position and the future of the server. Thank you. I also wish the best for you and your future on the server. Much appreciated Wombat. Ni
  12. After a good journey in the Imperial Gaming Community, I would like to sincerely say goodbye to all those out there, new or old. I've been with the community for several months now and experienced many great moments while being apart of it. Unfortunately I have just completely lost interest in SWRP and all games to be honest ( maybe not pubg ) and do not really have any passion to continue playing. I do apologise if I have affected you in the past couple weeks due to my inconsiderate behaviour on the server or forums and frankly that was mainly because I was pretty much bored out of my mind, b
  13. +1 more effort put into this apology than some staff applications
  14. hes telling the SGT's to make sure the recruits know not to minge
  15. wat u mean meme fest, its one of the most elite sith regiments, i dont think minges will get in ok and the rp is they are the emperors most elite guards who carry out elite stuff for him
  16. plz this needs to be a thing
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