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  1. Pretty sure he’s just joking, they’re good friends
  2. That whole meme is really annoying - especially when people do it on the server
  3. Ling Ling

    JT Jetpacks

    If I’m thinking about the right event as you, then I was then one who dropped a Y-Wing bomb on your squadron (ontop of the c-block building right next to the tower). As for the jet packs I can understand how you and your regiment members feel about not receiving the ones they are meant to have. I must say though that those jet packs do cause a lot of lag, especially if we are running at peak players. I think the other jet pack version will be much more suitable.
  4. Yes they would most likely, if reported. but it would be a lot easier if RST were able to arrest them there and then rather than having to get a staff member
  5. Yeah, but by the time shock get to the temple, the ST's are either killed and then still come back over and over. I agree completely what kendrick has said here.
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