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  1. +1 zaspan ! He is loyal mature and the real most valuable player!
  2. Good luck Alpha, You seem to be prepared for what you are doing. I truly wish to see Terror Troopers on the top of their game. Hope your recruitment goes well and your regiment prevails eventually to be highly classed. Hope to see more of you on the battlefield
  3. @Hisoka We had a blast! Every couple of minutes our comms would light up just from us reporting to each other with another minge on a rampage. "Hyper drive was hit again", or "MH1 is in lockdown again". However we got through it and managed to maintain the server till the end of their campaign of minge. @Horus @Kestoren @zaspan I still think we did well considering the circumstances to be honest.
  4. Surely, he would! How would you like to be in there rooster?
  5. Love what you are doing shaBANG, can not wait to see it at debrief...
  6. Fl0w

    Hello All

    Hey all, Thanks for the welcoming!
  7. Fl0w

    Hello All

    Fl0w's Introduction About Me: Hey all, My name is fl0w and to be honest before imperial gaming I was not very big on Roleplaying games; I instead focused my time on other games usually Moba's and First Person Shooters (csgo, League of legends) . This is my first time on a Star-wars RP server and needless to say it has been a blast already, I can not wait to meet the many of you in game and to eventually be acquainted. Anyways, Thanks for reading and hope to see you in-game eventually. -Fl0w
  8. Can Completely agree with Divisionary, I am one of those people who will salute as a sign of respect and also as a greeting. I find it just makes peoples day and often makes conversing in open dialogue and Role-Play more achievable and usually greater in my experience. Divisionary is also right about the habit @Kestoren, once you start you do not want to stop, I of course will usually do not salute private's however sergeants I believe do deserve at least the salute as a formal greeting especially when I have Spoken to them before.
  9. Firstly this is very well written and I think it should be known that you and your squad are now of elite standard, I will not repeat what everyone else has said however I do deem this apology very respectful and I truly hope this never has to be brought up again. I am sure you will and can change for the better of the community. -Cheers FL0w + 1 If Spark can turn his words into actions! Which I am sure he can.
  10. Completely agree with everything above! This server has been a blast for me and it is all because of the staff!
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