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    Hello, thought i'd introduce myself since I plan on spending a bit more time on the server I played here a while ago, you might have known me as Tike Man. Thought i'd chuck my old regiments below since I cant have them in my signature anymore ALSO, I used to be decent at PAC and building in-game so I'd be more then happy to help if you have a question/problem --- Past Regiments --- PFC Jump Trooper - Transferred to Riot - (OCT 7 - OCT 10 | 2017) FLT Riot Trooper - Transferred to DT - (OCT 10 - DEC 16 | 2017) MSG Death Trooper - Recruited as Line
  2. Hey brutha, I changed to Kile Hannade when you left. Hopefully see you in SG soon
  3. I would like to change my website name to Novak, thanks.
  4. I'm interested (Naval Guard)
  5. Novak

    Im Leaving IG...

    nice click-bait +1
  6. That'd be much easier
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