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  1. Like all good things, must take its time.
  2. I can tell this isnt going to be great. A great end to a great saga
  3. Bump: @Bailey @Sterling @Gregis @Galle @Joel @Mongo @Basil @Ragdig @Ragetank @Sully @Zote Hey, Just wondering if you have seen me make change around and hoping if you can re consider. Assuming I haven't, leave it as is, or add more criticism. Either way, I'll check back soon! Cheers.
  4. Bruh the drones were f**king sick as dude, you were a great member, rip CWRP
  5. This brings back GREAT memories. Simply beautiful.
  6. I've heard its gotten pretty good with their recent updates.
  7. There was/is a quest grant that gives you random weapons.
  8. Unfortunately, I am going to have to -1 this. You have this weird urge to continue to down vote EVERY SINGLE POST MADE BY TWINKIE. An unfair bias. I feel that judgments will be made based on bias alone, and that's simply not on. I however CAN appreciate that you've done for the community (eg. Development), although I feel that's where you should remain. EDIT: Based off your response to Twinkie, my response has changed to a Neutral. I feel that you may still hold unfair biases, however I will edit my opinion further if I see change. Cheers.
  9. I'm with Splonter, I am really f**king mad about this. I never prestiged, nor will I now. Putting in countless hours just to get my time thrown back into my face is a real let down. Your essentially condemning those who actually tried to get high, (eg. countless hours). IG Dev Team: "Yea, you tried. But you tried too hard. Now everyone suffers". This is a huge slap in the face and nothing you say just justify your decision to implement this. People have rocket launchers? Yea, cause they worked their ass off to get it. Why try now, than in a Months time you decide to turn
  10. Bump Thanks for the responses, my Internet is now back. Cheers.
  11. Marsh

    The amazing EM

    First time I joined a cult and didn't get PK'd, so I'm happy.
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