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  1. Damn get this god like voice of Demonic 🙏
  2. Few examples, but it seems that you understand the basics, and looks you are quite skilled. Lots of examples, quite skilled. (Didn't see the hidden content originally) +1.
  3. Marsh

    What'd you think?

    bruh sound effect #2. Very deep.
  4. *cracks fingers* Maxine's about to go crazy on this form. (THIS IS A JOKE)
  5. Me and a friend were minging on servers, fastest one to get banned etc, we came to IG, and I had a change of heart. I still minged, not gonna lie, surprised I am not banned as of now, said some mean words, but kind of enjoyed the server. Applied for staff maybe a month later and really got into it.
  6. Not the OG gang, although I think you were at one point
  7. Bump Thanks for checking my application out, both who left positive feedback or left it! Cheers!
  8. My absolute favorite time on IG, has to remain as being Iden Veriso. That was the time when, I was going through a transition, and it really helped, being able to lead as a Lore character that is also female. Regardless, as Pablo as my co, I can honestly say that nothing since has been as fun as playing as Iden. I would give anything for it again. @Twinkie, Rhom, Ralla. My crew.
  9. George pell as well was legendary, OG crew (Rhom)
  10. I miss the old ISB Gusky days, although I appreciate where I am now. Time will tell if I ever return to ISB, but as ARC CO, I probably won't any time soon. Navy was also quite good, very interesting, being early 2017. I love bureaucracy, hence my desire in mostly RP roles.
  11. Just replace all of the "fathers" / "father" with "Daddy's" / "daddy" and that'll be funny
  12. Bruh thought you were resigning and my heart sank ❤
  13. Bruh cause i just played Fallout 3, all I can imagine is James talking it's not sitting right 😂
  14. Happy fathers day to all fathers who play IG (be that small amount).
  15. +1 Dedicated and already Staff on IG. Good luck!
  16. *looks at watch* I'm timing ya kiddo
  17. bruh Demonic back from the dead
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