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  1. love you Mega... I wish you wouldn't leave. I love you
  2. Due to poor Doctors handwriting in the US, over 1000 patients a year suffer worse injuries than what they originally had.
  3. Hi all, If you have any further questions or statements, please come to me, as I am trying to resolve this. I thank everyone for their opinions, and as "Head Of Education" I will ensure that recruits and anyone else has a sufficient area to train and learn new things. I will go over future plans with the Generals to ensure that it is put into place as soon as possible. Thanks, Miss Maxine - MHC Head Of Education.
  4. Hi Roosta, This application is beyond exceptional. The story behind the first event is thrilling and exciting. It surely is beautiful. It's formatted a bit poorly, suffers some grammatical errors, but it's wonderful. I've seen you in game multiple times, showing pure excellence in the field of Commander. You're mature, your friendly, you're one of the best commanders in the way of leadership and management. Only question from me is, when the 2nd event ends, will there be a part 2? As it sounds as it leads into another part. +1 from me, overall excellence.
  5. Hi Kestoren, I will look into this and see what I can do. Please come see me or Chef if you need anything else to do with this. Your opinion is appreciated, Miss Maxine - Head of Education
  6. Hi Zeus, Your application has little to no information, and is barely grammatically correct. Multiple words throughout this application are capitalized for no reason. The events are also very poor, with the second event barely surpassing a paragraph, and not providing enough information. The events look like they would get boring after a while, maybe almost a bit before it started. In game, as you are shadow, I barely see you, so I can't comment on that. -1 from me sorry, the app in general is very poor, suffering from many problems.
  7. Thanks Anna, Puppy Pablo and Wolfie, your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you for your responses. Thanks, Maxine
  8. Thanks Tackxo, Tatsu, Fizzy, Nero and Dracks, your kind words mean alot to me. Thanks, Maxine.
  9. Hey Soontir Fel's/Tackxo's, Your information and structure of your application is great, although you seem to lack how to write what you want. What I mean by this is, the wording of your app is odd, and a little hard to follow. The structure of said sentences are good, but the wording is odd. Some words within the app don't need to be capitalized. I have seen you in game, and you are very mature and friendly in how you run pilots. I am sure that you will be able to continue this, if/when you get staff, holding a higher role, both RP and OOC, as you have proven you can indeed, have t
  10. Thank you Barron, Hermes and Hisoka for your kind words. Thanks, Maxine.
  11. Um? Excuse me? I am thiccer, thank you!
  12. Thank you very much Rocket, those kind words means a lot to me. Thanks, Maxine.
  13. Thank you for your kind words Chef, they do really mean a lot to me. All the best, Maxine.
  14. Thank you Mauler, Pinejack and Pluto, it really means a lot. Thanks, Maxine.
  15. Steam Name: Maffa146 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42576905 In game name and rank: Iden Versio | Line Captain (Maxine W.) Time Played: 03w 6d 11h as of 3rd update. Why are you applying for this position?: I am applying for the position of staff on the server as I believe that I am more than capable to hold the position. I have previously been a moderator on the ImperialRP server from around February to June, and since leaving, I have wanted to come back. I am also applying for the role as my role within Inferno, (being a majority guarding) limits what I
  16. Sorry mate, my response has been edited. Thanks, Miss Maxine
  17. Hi Cjhrjone54, To find your time on the server, hold down "C" and look to the top left of screen. Otherwise, it's quite nice. Events and information is quite well detailed, the only negative response is that I have barely seen you. +1 My everlasting love, Miss Maxine
  18. Hi Sebastien, I can't begin to say how bad this App is. I am sorry, but its so awful. Your intention and idea is clear, but how you express that is very poor. Any word created by the languages across the span of history, can't explain how bad this is. 1. "If I get this role I believe I will gain a better image and I will make a huge effort to stop minging COMPLETELY!". What you are saying is, that if you DON'T get it, you will continue to be a minge. 2. "I feel my mingey habits are caused by boredom and lack of change so I feel this will solve it." You just stated that you are
  19. Hi Volt, Your app shows very little information, and doesn't provide a clear contention. The information is not there to provide a clear explanation. Your events are also very poor, lacking in the way of being "fun". They seem/look quite boring, and looks is very bland. I have not seen you in game, so I can't comment on that. -1. Overall being quite poor, and lacking in information. My Everlasting Love, Miss Maxine.
  20. Hey Setsuna/Chrissy, As much as I love you, you best give it some time before going for staff. You're more than capable, let the new players get to know you a bit first. My dearest love to you, Miss Maxine.
  21. Hi Robinson, Your app provides a clear contention, and states your reasoning to become an T-Mod. Although the paragraphs are disorganized, they do give a clear statement. Yourself in game is very mature while patrolling the MHC as Scar, and coming respectfully towards Chef Jr. and myself when wanting to contact MHC +1. Overall, you are very mature, and the information provides great detail. My everlasting love, Miss Maxine.
  22. Hi Ling Ling, Your information is quite perfect, it genuinely shows that you want to become a T-Mod. The information shows a clear and exceptional outline of the role. You have previously been a T-Mod so I have faith. Yourself in game is quite mature. You always show the correct determination within your role within the Royal Guard. You have always shown you are perfect. My everlasting Love, Miss Maxine.
  23. Hi Fizzy, Due to your information, I can tell that you genuinely want the role as an Event Master. Although, some of the answers lack a little, they do provide enough information to keep a genuine App. You clearly provide enough information to give an answer. Your events on the other hand lack a little in the way of "openness". They provide good detail and information, they just don't seem fun, and open enough to keep 60+ people entertained for a period of time. Yourself in game is good, but there are moments when you can act not mature, but these don't happen quite often.
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