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  1. You give Inferno Squad more members, you'll practically just be making ANOTHER specialist Regiment. Whilst I don't agree with Ellery, his points are somewhat valid - so to the 11 downvotes, cheers. Inferno Squad should not change leadership or members, as put simply, if there does need to be a discussion made about that their members are TOO dedicated, then, well, Rex is doing a GREAT job.
  2. Ok ima just list a few songs Better Not (fav song) Because I love you Addicted To You Choirs Crazy Love D.A.N.C.E Glad you Came High Let You Know Light It Up Like A G6 Nobody to Love Redbone Right to it Say my Name (Odesza) This is How We Do 1999 Some of the songs have two artists, so which ever one is better
  3. All Good Things Come To An End Hey all, Cheers for all the responses! I especially thank Splonter to actually responding to my message, however this point remains. I will be WITHDRAWING MY APPLICATION. I thank everyone for leaving responses. @Cecil if you could do the honours. I'm simply just lost the ambition to staff, and that's for a wide range of reasons. I thank those who have supported me, although I must move on. Thank you.
  4. Yea, I'm in the same boat. Thanks for basic human theory tho kid, appreciate it
  5. I talked to Kumo about it tho, Cheers
  6. @Gregis If you be taking Bug reports, if you spam it (eg, buy it without needing it twice) it randomizes the number, mine was like 172943043049032 or something, although, in purchasing it, it was still 200 either way. One time it was -172943043049032 or around, either way it was a dodgy number. For reference, there was 1 MT on.
  7. Yea, with this the 100000000000000000000000000000 HP Rebels stand no chance
  8. Looks great. Maybe if the lag isn't horrible, you could set some up elsewhere on the ship, maybe some notorious leg breaking areas eh?
  9. I am actually a global elite on CS, HMU for a team 😊
  10. Let's not forget that as the author of that comment, I was able to express my views in however regard I wanted. No, I don't view my comment as 'morally upstanding', although I see myself as an upstanding citizen in my community. And quite frankly, I don't give a rat's ass what you think, because not only was your little outage on the IG Training Discord a joke, it seems a little hypocritical for you to say that, at least in my eyes, Tonberry. We have to ensure that what is in character is in character, and remains in character, and how or what, someone expresses themselves in OOC i
  11. Looks great, but I doubt it will get all the funding unfortunately.
  12. Agreed, how was he not earlier? Cheers for the clarification. Talk to your CO if you haven't already.
  13. I never supported this because I genuinely thought you were Staff already, I was under the impression that Management forgot to move the topic lmao +1 - Active, friendly.
  14. Take comfort in knowing that the Imperial Gaming Community is here to help. If at anytime, contact a friend be that from Imperial Gaming or otherwise to talk to, I'm sure they can help. Take it easy. Best of luck.
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