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  1. -1 however: Event 1 is actually quite nice and could be expanded upon, quite a fresh idea. Event 2 is basic, however basic doesn't always mean bad. Your responses to questions are quite bland, and are single sentence. I would personally recommend if you decide to reapply, to beef up some of your answers and to include maybe more 'unique' events. Good luck!
  2. I like it personally, however maybe make the text for points credits etc to be a little larger, so old granny here doesn't have to lean in to see
  3. Serves no reason for you not to have it +1
  4. The responses are fine, in fact overdetailed. The examples show an understanding of PAC. +1 Good luck.
  5. great fella known for a while. Is dedicated when he wants to be, and has recently made the Recruit training thing adopted by IG. Would definitely make a fine addition to the team
  6. The first one, but I prefer characters over scenery personally. Still nice
  7. Name: Victoria König Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045419538/ Server Playtime: 2w 2d Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: It looks amazing, having great reviews both from friends and alternative sources and currently can't justify purchasing a new game. Thus, I am trying my luck. Anything else you'd like to add?: Thanks for the giveaway.
  8. I am going to be so mad, if this game turns out bad.
  9. Quite a optimistic approach, although you are incorrect. There is no way for the protesters to steal Hong Kong from China, nor is what they want.
  10. I'll chime in, knowing a little about this: A second server has been talked about in the past several times, and usually is shutdown because it holds not very much necessity. Though its relevance on IG is unknown. Interpreting this as having a permanent event server, you only serve to spread the playerbase even more. Assuming you have the two servers, I would be actually less inclined to join another server practically to do events. Furthermore, having the community split (eg. 30~ stay on ship / 50~ go to event), the players who stay on ship will most likely be thos
  11. It's mostly common sense (not trying to be rude) if a random account adds you attempting to say that your items are duped, or a steam rep, you should only get those over emails. Despite that, if ever in doubt, just leave it, or ask them to send you an email from Steam Support. Either way, you'll have a confirmation
  12. It's great that the community helped you learn English! It's the little things
  13. @zaspan In the future, would female Officer models be open for all (military) regiments, and not just Shock? 2. Why Shock? Cheers!
  14. What does the stand look like do you know?
  15. It doesn't really give much opportunity for On-ship events, or much Naval RP when it comes to trader relations or otherwise not Imperial Vessels. Although the Navy RP for the battlestation itself would be great no doubt.
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