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  1. hey my dude its normally out of respect. I get saluted by commanders yet I am equivalent to a MSGT.
  2. It not me boys. Chefs uniform is blue.
  3. love you Mega... I wish you wouldn't leave. I love you
  4. Due to poor Doctors handwriting in the US, over 1000 patients a year suffer worse injuries than what they originally had.
  5. Hi all, If you have any further questions or statements, please come to me, as I am trying to resolve this. I thank everyone for their opinions, and as "Head Of Education" I will ensure that recruits and anyone else has a sufficient area to train and learn new things. I will go over future plans with the Generals to ensure that it is put into place as soon as possible. Thanks, Miss Maxine - MHC Head Of Education.
  6. Hi Kestoren, I will look into this and see what I can do. Please come see me or Chef if you need anything else to do with this. Your opinion is appreciated, Miss Maxine - Head of Education
  7. Um? Excuse me? I am thiccer, thank you!
  8. Marsh

    Mega's Ban Appeal

    Mega, Your ban appeal brings great sadness to my soul, as I never thought you would do such a thing. I do believe he should be let go under the consequence that he will be banned again if such a thing happens again. Honestly Mega, I wished better from you, as I know you are being sincere. wish you the best of luck Mega, I hope you get unbanned. I have complete faith. My everlasting love, Miss Maxine Walker JR//Maxine Walker/Katelyn.
  9. Hi Morgan, From when I was ISB that part of ISB HQ isn't an AOS zone, yourself and Nick are in the wrong as that is not a AOS area. That is only the reception. Please be more careful, although, I am not saying his actions after that was right, continuing to kill you. Plus, you also broke NLR as you continued to attempt to arrest as you were killed. More than once. Thanks for reading, Katelyn.
  10. Hey all, I have just officially resigned, waiting for my perms to be taken away, (as I won't play anymore). Over the 5 months I have had on this server, it has been brilliant. Although, the recent couple of weeks have been quite bland, hence I am resigning. Thanks for all the brilliant times across the 5 months, and hopefully I may be coming back in the future. (2-5 months). Good luck to you all, and I hope you all the best, Signed, Katelyn. (I.e. Maxine)
  11. I would prefer the 2nd one Bearmax posted, as its better, but the old one isn't bad. Thanks, A.
  12. Hi Spodr & Polar, thanks for replying, Spodr - At the time of my test, Ravage, the IC was guarding. He may of done the thing in the gravel before or after, but he was the one guarding. Polar - As mentioned, I was testing security. I was going to re-arrest you once you had gotten out, (which you did) and both you and the other one returned to the brig without no issue. Thanks for voicing, I hope we can resolve this issue soon. Thanks, Maxine Walker.
  13. Hi Kornellius, I see the issue, as I changed myself to a ST, named Joe then Ronald. (Both ST Private). I understand the point where you are coming from, but ISB stands for, "Imperial Security Bureau". On that basis, I was testing the security in C-Block. By doing so I, (as Ronald) was able to get into the brig, and successfully take the current prisoners out. (Two ST's). Now as for the "abuse" of power, I did change my name and job back to ISB Chief while you had me arrested, and in the cell, I did say, I was testing security, as mentioned in your paragraph. This, as it happens
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