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  1. o crap. just message me when ye need me Edit: I've added my steam so add me xoxo xoxo
  2. +1 good bloke, knows what to do etc oh yeah, come to me to get ye pilots licence
  3. Thanks to Arkas and Excalibur for telling us the fix! Please thank them! Someone please close this topic now thanks.
  4. This method works for SOME. One way, is to Un-mount the TF2 files by opening up Garry's Mod, then pressing the controller icon, then un-ticking TF2. If anyone is having this issue, refer them to this page.
  5. Hi all, So myself and Arclight are having the same issue. When we connect to the server, we crash. We don't end up loading into the server. It loads up till "Sending Client Info" then once that's finished, it crashes, with no warning or error message etc. We have tried deleting the addons, re downloading them, deleting Gmod. But nothing so far. Any help would be appreciated. If you have a fix, please respond ASAP to this page. Thanks, Maxine and Arclight.
  6. Good luck mate, its been good talking with you Good luck to what ever you do.
  7. I would like to try, Name: Maxine W. Regiment: MHC Rank: Principal Secretary (Equivalent to Officer Cadet). Hope all the best, Maxine
  8. Although Tackxo is no longer a Pilot, I still think these ranks should be added, (Maybe some names should be changed for the ranks) but A general rank change should occur, as the ranks are literally the Navy ranks. Therefore, I think it should be changed, you know, add some identity to the pilots. Good luck.
  9. Hey mate, if you need any help with regimental command, please come and see me. I am more than happy to help with any things. Thanks, Miss Maxine - Head of Education.
  10. Don't worry boys, this will be the best meme. I am a Star in the show!
  11. You are a King Ling. Good luck to what ever you want to do, and thank you very much for those words. Sadly, you have to go, and for genuine reasons of course. I wish you luck to what ever path you go down. Love you
  12. Hi @goliath Yes, there is a Very fine line to what player disrespect and what "in-game RP" is, and everyone should be cautious to what they are saying, in both disrespect and RP wise. Just be cautious to what you say, as he is trying to resolve an issue. Thanks, Maxine - Head of Education.
  13. Hi Spicer and Goliath, Spicer - what you are trying to say makes sense, but there isn't really any new information being added, rather just reminding people that you better see staff if someone is being rude. Personally, The contention is good, but this could have easily been brought up in a CMDR meeting, but I have nothing against what ye trying to say. Goliath - You have kind of missed the point of the article, blaming him for noticing disrespect among players. What you must see is that is he is trying to resolve an issue, that he believes is plaguing the server. Hope
  14. Thanks for apologizing, now you just have to put this into place, and stop minging, which I am aware you are more than capable of doing.
  15. hey my dude its normally out of respect. I get saluted by commanders yet I am equivalent to a MSGT.
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