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  1. Suh buddy, how we doing muh dude? +1 good blokeee
  2. Suh buddy, how ya doing xoxoxo +1 - good bloke
  3. yeah mate, do a Maxine, take a month or 2 off, then come back. I personally benefited off of it. And still, everyone who I was (am) friends with I still am. No point playing if you don't like it. Best wishes, Maxine.
  4. Suh buddy, good bloke, You are +1
  5. Hi Twinkle, ye a good bloke +1 keep up the good work, you're a good meme
  6. Marsh


    Hey Buddy, Your a good meme +1
  7. Marsh


    Hey Buddy, your a good bloke +1
  8. Marsh


    You're a good man buddy Keep that dang bridge protected +1
  9. I main Tracer. He's pretty good against Abaddon
  10. Thank you to everyone who applied. It has now been closed. You will be contacted either tomorrow or the next day if you have made it to the interview stage of the MHC Secretary position. I wish all candidates luck.
  11. Please don't leave EM Qteks. I like you. But if you must, I love you xoxo, Maxine
  12. To anyone that responds, can you ONLY keep it to applications and not comments. Thanks, Chef and Maxine.
  13. This is the best thing I have ever seen +1
  14. Suh my dude, happy to see you fellow +1
  15. Marsh


    What happenes when you join the server Fox?
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