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  1. Oooo, I wish honey xoxo Love you, Maxine.
  2. Marsh


    Why change now? Ts is good, and the community has always been able to support it.
  3. I wish that was instead us, Delta. Xoxo Maxine
  4. Know why my life is complete Delta? Because I have you. Love, Maxine.
  5. Well, I'm the cmdr of Inferno, so how could it not be good
  6. Is this a choice, or do we have to ask the engineers to build it. Much appreciated, Maxine
  7. Dude Darth Revan is there. You know that he isn't even part of the Imperial Era xd. Nor is Inferno even made yet
  8. Marsh


    O so you like Life Is Strange too huh? Good man, good man Love ya Ya girl, Maxine
  9. @LordTrilobite Can I ask where and how the new elevators work. They seem in a odd place. Thanks, Maxine.
  10. Or, you can gag them in RP, and it they break it. Slam down the warn hammer for FAILRP. Regardless it's a good idea
  11. How could we not love you Puppy? that's right we can't not love you love you xoxo
  12. They can fit, but only in the back part. You can (being a good pilot) fly them in and out. Its hard though, depending on skill level of flying.
  13. Sorry I worded it wrong. What I meant was to add who warned you in the document, so people can give him the link and add his side of the story. Best Wishes, Maxine (Iden Versio)
  14. You know that button closed off in the bridge. That is the death star kiddo
  15. I understand you're appealing for a warn, but is this sentence really realivance to the main article/contention. Now, I understand yes, you just donated, however getting one warn shouldn't actually hinder your chances. It's just a humble brag. When you do make a warn/ban appeal, you should really add the person who warned you, So they can also provide their opinion on the matter. Best wishes, Maxine (Iden Versio)
  16. +1 Might as well give him a chance
  17. Despite Kosmos retiring, I still think that the community will sustain itself, under Wolf, which I think will do the same ripper job as Kosmos. Personally, I'm glad you're still with us Kosmos. Nonetheless, congratulations Wolf, I wish you the best of luck with it all. Love, Maxine.
  18. RP's RP. Doesn't matter how... crappy it is. please help me
  19. Marsh

    Leaning Ability

    Yes.... yes sounds sick m8. This would be a great addition to the RP of combat within Garry's Mod and the server. Love, Maxine.
  20. Yeah, it now gives the Engineers something more to do. This will greatly assist the Engineers with their RP. Love, Maxine.
  21. I'm guessing now someones going have to make custom models instead of ripping them from Battlefront. This now puts the task on someone else, if however, a developer or someone else has already fixing or fixed the issue. Love, Maxine.
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