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  1. Yo Pine, Why did you rid of the normal names? (Either Greek or Roman Gods)
  2. Good luck with everything mate
  3. Marsh

    ISB Face

    Coming from an Inferno, to which we work quite close, I would have to disagree. sorry xoxo
  4. My apologies. Let me re-word that. You can't use it, as you are not in a US state, or controlled area. Due to being in Sydney, you may not use it. So. tell us what you have on ISB
  5. Why isn't the Galactic Empire on here?
  6. The Fifth Amendment does not apply to Australian Citizens, and only to US citizens.
  7. @Mauler While I am not discrediting you, he did in fact place that mechanism way before the event started. Now yes, it is unfair. It shouldn't be a checkpoint anyway, its really bad. However, if you're looking at the general RP sense of the events, yes. They do need to improve.
  8. If you want the answers, join the server, screenshot it and upload it to here
  9. Marsh

    Reg Help

    May i ask what the contention of this is? It makes almost 0 sense.
  10. @ShaBANG Buddy, link us to the documentary. I would like to see...
  11. Well. Back in January, myself and a mate from school went from server to server minging and getting warned/banned. This was the first Star Wars RP server we hit. I remember talking to Kosmos till he ripped me a new one, and I remember being quite nasty to some people. Then I just fell in love with it. I am still being bullied from my friends at school for loving it. But hey, I love it. And personally, I wouldn't trade the time on the server for anything. Regardless, I love you all, for making 2017 a great year! Love, Maxine.
  12. Thank Stryker for the thing he made. It's absolutely brilliant. Love ya mate
  13. I'm sorry, I am married.
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