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  1. A drunk staff member ey? tsk tsk tsk btw, I watched these two side by side, and I couldnt tell ANY differences, so good work. I'll be expecting more scenes....
  2. Bruh Vader don't know where he going after he daddy chokes Kris πŸ₯°
  3. I genuinely considered buying the Kylo Ren one, but that meant I had to put more money into Fortnite, and I was like no. I've spent $15AUD for Fortnite and that's enough. Its a good skin, just not good enough
  4. "β€œAt the minute the plan is that the game is fully voiced, But we are talking to the team about having an additional mode for grunts.”" Thank you TT
  5. I doubt it, because talking will be essential to thew plot. That's a given as I am aware TFA Lego also had talking.
  6. As this will get denied, take a look at the feedback and improve wherever possible. I like it, but as mentioned you lack the minimum required playtime. Until then, Good luck!
  7. Make sure you come down hard on the fellas who think its funny to ruin the film. I personally got TLJ ruined for me because someone said it in OOC, I know you can't do much after its in OOC, but come down harsh and report whereever possible.
  8. +1 - Your events are wonderful, detailed, unique, - I don't really know you. This may just be me, but I am actually unaware of who you are, and this is probably just me. Otherwise, good luck!
  9. I actually set my alarm for 5 30 this morning to view it, however the servers were full for me to even join
  10. ---------------------------------------------- Name: Victoria Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045419538/ Playtime: 2w\3d\6h Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Gane from wishlist, Read Dead Redemption 2 Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Thanks Splonter xx ----------------------------------------------
  11. B r u h Did you just dox Galle???
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