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  1. until
  2. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/jdtTDaX A Scientist accidentally killsa youngling : Will he survive?
  3. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/o9Je9pj A Infection attacks the the Base
  4. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/BlSnPLE Just a basic CIS Attack
  5. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/JZKcaLm After a call from the Venator above us we were informed that enemy forces were approaching the base. We mount up a defence against the deathwatch threat.
  6. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/cBxWF4v We're receiving word that pirates that stole a shipment of guns and ammunition are estimated to come through our air space. RSC is sent out to take down the ship and the troops must retake the cargo.
  7. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/HvS4Nb8 A group of 327th manages to patch into our comms and are requesting help. They have been overrun with alien bugs and will need to be escorted back to base. Once they are back and safe they become infected with a virus that makes them lash out against everyone. The troops will decide what to do with them.
  8. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/Q6J4Yuj After a Navy member goes missing while exploring the surrounding areas of the base a search is set up forhim. Once the troops arrive they'll find him surrounded by alien bugs and will have to save him.
  9. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/oCG7gTn After the recent deployment oftroops to the Jania Outpost, the Republic has sent a convoy of Republic blockade runners to deliver supplies to the troops stationed at the outpost.Coming into the system, the convoy is ambushed by separatist forces and is shot down before they can reach the base. The convoy crash lands in a distant area outside of the base, and the Republic troopers stationed at the outpost are to defeat the incoming separatist forces, locate and save any potential survivors from the crash and secure any supplies that may have withstood the crash landing.
  10. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/hIfJWPO A Crazed Man appears in your mind, He torments you mentally and sends his ghouls along with thick green fog clouding your vision. He Sends one of his Prime infectors to corrupt the troopers and turn them on one an other driving them all crazy. The Crazedman relays his speech and his craziness via the troopers minds sending them mad.
  11. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/oKl20iw As we move to our new RepublicBase we receive a plea for help from Navy Lieutenant Zap, We move out right away taking 2 AT-TE to travel the harsh and hilly terrain of the base. Upon Arrival at Sunray we are greeted with a large scale CIS Invasion which was almost ready to depart and invade our main base. Troopers quickly jump into action and fight of the CIS all the way back to their CIS Camp. The Republic is swift to eliminate all the hostiles and destroy the CIS Camp.
  12. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/G6IqWkc The staging camp has been setup and the Republic forces are split into 2 teams to take on the CIS Stagingcamp, Team 1 takes it dead on and Team 2 takes the flank! The republic must be swift to destroy all of the CIS ships and equipment before the word gets out and reinforcements are called to destroy the Republic base.
  13. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/HgT70EB General grievous has devised aplan and sent multiple munificent to siege and destroy the rishi outpost. He comes prepared with multiple gunships landers and thousands of droids toover run the base. His forces fall weak and he is forced to pull back a little. Nevertheless he remains strong and places his every step carefully whilst dealing with the jedi. Grievous and his CIS forces become weak and setup a staging camp to attempt to destroy the republic.
  14. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/8RfxVCm While Republic forces conduct a patrol, CIS Droids attack by the order of General Rorge to ambush them and steal intel from a F.O.B his attack was quickly stopped and they continued to patrol the area for any remaining droids, however he is likely to return in greater numbers to obtain the data. spectated by SEM Happy
  15. until
    http://in.cronofy.com/8Z2aiRQ Rishi Outpost is Visited by Chancellor Palpatine to have a meeting with Major General Marlu and Yppah about a possible upcoming project, while the meeting is happening, Count Dooku arrives with a fleet of ships in a attempt to kill or capture him, however the troopers defended the base, then pushed forward to destory the CISF.O.B
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