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    Introduction Today marks the three year anniversary of Imperial Gaming, with thousands of members having come and gone, Imperial Gaming as a whole still stands very tall and true, being the largest Australian Star Wars RP Server and the largest Imperial RP Server in the world. As I said during the actual awards ceremony, there are many people to thank, beginning with Management. The Management of Imperial Gaming have spent countless hours working on the Server and have gone out of their way to make the Server better for everyone involved. The Staff Team, including Moderators and Event Masters have spent their personal time to make the server better for the users. The Developers who spend a lot of their free time creating and making things for the entire community and the Server. The Commanders and all of High Command for going out of their way to make the time for new players enjoyable by leading and supervising them. The donators for providing revenue to allow the server to continue running. Last, but not least, of course, the users, without you we wouldn't be here and the Server couldn't run. Thank you all for a great three years, even if I've not been here for all of it, I count IG as a second home and have made friends that have shaped the person I have become and have helped me out of ruts. Imperial Gaming is more than just a community. Awards Trooper of the Year 1st: Tinky 2nd: Bibleman 3rd: Rickle User of the Year 1st: Hammer 2nd: Tinky 3rd: Rad Cop Nicest Member of the Year 1st: Cecil 2nd: Fludders 3rd: Loki New Member of the Year 1st: Moey 2nd: Fred 3rd: Death Funniest Player of the Year 1st: Tinky 2nd: Bibleman 3rd: Bailey Best Commander of the Year 1st: Tinky 2nd: Horus 3rd: Braino Regiment of the Year 1st: 374th Reinforced Infantry 2nd: Purge Troopers 3rd: Mainstream ISB Staff Member of the Year 1st: Wombat 2nd: Zaspan 3rd: Bailey, Cecil and Luigi (tie) Event Master of the Year 1st: Kristofer 2nd: Grif 3rd: Wind and Jeria (tie) Support Team Member of the Year 1st: Luigi 2nd: Kaye 3rd: Renegade Developer of the Year 1st: Tank 2nd: Vanilla 3rd: Bailey Branch of the Year 1st: Military 2nd: Navy 3rd: Sith PAC3 User of the Year 1st: Bailey 2nd: Scheff 3rd: Tank and Mongo (tie) Roleplayer of the Year 1st: Scheff 2nd: Chimp 3rd: Jay Lore Character of the Year 1st: Scheff 2nd: Tonberry 3rd: Chimp Screenshot of the Year 1st: Link 2nd: Link 3rd: Link Recruit Trainer of the Year 1st: Braytec 2nd: Slab 3rd: Rickle Minge of the Year 1st: Bibleman 2nd: Tinky 3rd: Fred, Burton and Basil (tie) 3 Year Anniversary Photo This photo can also be seen opposite the year 2 anniversary photo outside the Imperial Arcade. Conclusion That's a wrap for this year, its been a very good one and everything went smoothly even though there were a few hiccups and my blood pressure nearly spiked to a point of heart attack and the fact that @Vanilla and I did like 8 different reshoots for the anniversary photo nearly killed me. However, its all worth it knowing Imperial Gaming has been here for three years, and will be here for a long time more. Thank you everyone for the work you've put into the Server and for making Imperial Gaming the place it is. It also seems sitting that this is my 3000th post on the forums. Thanks again, you are truly a wonderful group of people.
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    Hello, It's been a fun ride over the year and a bit that I've been a part of this community but it's time for me to say adieu, and resign from moderator and probably the community. IG has been quite fun for me, from Imperial to Clonewars to Santos and back to Imperial, I've made a lot of great memories here and made a lot of friends. Honorable mentions: Obviously the CloneWars bois: @Bailey @Happy @Delta @Marlu @Luigi @Vadrian @Mongo @SiegeMonkey @John @Rickle @Jeb @Aphrodite @Peter Had a lot of fun on Clonewars with you boys, was a blast, thank you for making my time on clonewars such a fun time and sticking around on it. Some other bois: @Zote @Rook @Helsing Had a great time in Marauders with you guys, had heaps of fun burning a sith lord around a map fire. @Wingza @Cecil The good old Shadow Trooper bois, had fun hanging around with you two and sneaking onto the [REDACTED]. @Parcy @Jesis Known you two since around the server started, Jesis with showing me how to minge, Parcy being a Terrible Great Eventmaster. Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, if I mentioned everyone this would probably take hours to write. Thank you for the great times Imperial Gaming, It's been a fun ride.
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    I'm not sure how many of you will be able to relate to this but it's something that I've thought about over the past few days as I hit my one year anniversary with IG and got some flashbacks to my first experiences on the server, particularly within Vader's Fist. The feeling that I'm talking about of course is that initial innocence of when you first joined the server, taking things really seriously, not knowing where to go around the map and discovering new things every day, working as hard as possible when promotions from PVT to PFC felt rewarding and well earned. Without me even noticing until now, that feeling is completely gone and it kinda sucks to be honest as it was something that made every experience on the server exciting and interesting. Maybe it's just me but I'd love to go back and play through those first couple of months all over again.
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    Hello Imperial Gaming! Firstly, I hope everyone has had a good start to 2020 and that this year continues to bring all of you happiness and laughter. This is my first changelog, go easy on me please . Promotions Congratulations to @zaspan and being promoted to Server Manager on Imperial RP. It's a huge achievement and certainly one that is well deserved. In this role zaspan will be responsible for all decisions regarding how the server functions and is in-charge of day-to-day operations as well as providing oversight for the Moderator and Event Master team. Secondly, @Wingza will be joining the Management Team as Staff Manager. As the newest member of management, he will be subject to an immense amount of bullying but we really look forward to seeing what he can bring and contribute to our community. In this role, Wingza is in charge of looking after the moderator team. Should any issue arise with a moderator or admin, Wingza is the man to go to. Map Changes As @Ragetank already spoke about, on Tuesday we will be heading to Rhen Var instead of the DS-01 for a large proportion of the time. This decision was made off of community feedback regarding the Death Star map. We are currently investigating and discussing further roleplay opportunities but your feedback is still very much welcomed. The Imperial Star Destroyer that we are currently as our base map using has received an update which we will be transitioning to shortly, we just need alter a few of the Perma Props. For those who haven't seen it, the update can be viewed here Thank you @LordTrilobite. Community Identity and Graphics With the recent shutdown of our SantosRP server (Thank you for all joining us on that journey) the Management Team thought changing the feel and identity of our community to better reflect what we actually value was necessary. A revised community logo is near completion and will be released shortly which I'm very excited about. Big thank you to @Auzii and @Vanilla. The loading screens for each map have also been updated. (ISD, Naboo and Rhen Var). Lastly, the recent NLR revision will be receiving a small amendment to allow roleplay to continue to flow in a healthy and natural way. Once this has finished the drafting process, it will be further detailed in a separate post. Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead. -Cecil and the Management Team.
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    It's been a Year and a few weeks since I initially joined IG, and In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, I am finally departing from IG. This is mainly due to me not having the time to play Garry's Mod/SWRP consistently anymore as a result of University and Work. Furthermore it has grown quite stale and I can't seem to shake it off like I have in the past (SWRP that is, not IG). My main aim when I initially came to IG was to get a fresh-start and to make new friends. I feel I have accomplished that and I feel that my time here has not been wasted. I won't tag individuals, because there's too many people that I'd have to mention. I will however leave this song specifically for them ISB, sorry for going inactive on you boys: Peace.
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    My problem with this is that Wingza went out of his way to not only remodel and then cloak the CFP member but then continues to attempt to break out the prisoner. In character and out of character there was no reason to do this other than to save him from standing in the brig for five minutes for something that was appropriate for him to be AOSed for in the first place. Honestly just want to see why Wingza has done this as it was never really necessary.
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    As stated in this previous post: Currently all players are able to refund their pointshop weapons for 100% of the purchase price. As this 100% refund has been active for the past two weeks, everyone should have had ample time to refund their weapons. For those of you, who for whatever reason still have not sold their pointshop weapons, you have until 12:00am AEST on the 22/11/2019 to make any final sales (You do not have to sell your health boosts). After this time, the 100% refund period will end and revert back to the usual 50%. After this update I will be posting a link in chatbox of any addons you may now unsubscribe from due to their removal. Little Sneak Peak: Kind Regards Jman, Tank & Development (and Gusky).
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    Happy Halloween! Similar to last year we will be celebrating Halloween on the Imperial server with many little features to get everyone in the festive mood, there will be Halloween themed events and alterations to the server have already been made, making it more Halloween themed as seen here. Starting tonight and finishing Sunday afternoon (the staff meeting) of next week there will be a team-based competition ran with prizes to be won. There are 3 teams of which you can join by approaching and pressing E on the cauldron on the 3rd floor to the left of the arcade area. Once you join a team you may not change at all, so make your choice wisely. (Teams are balanced so not everyone can join 1 team). You earn points for your team by completing tasks and challenges which will be outlined below and the team with the most points on Sunday afternoon will be rewarded greatly. There may also be individual rewards for those who "carry" their teams so be on the lookout for that. Gaining Points Returning a spooky item to the Cauldron - 5 points Completing a Mission at the ILC - 1 point. Placing first, second or third in an event - 5, 3 and 1 points respectively. (Everyone in the regiment gets points towards their team) Winning the lottery - 100, 20, 5 points for jackpot, second and first tier respectively There will also be other unique challenges and tasks I will manually give to earn big heaps of points for your teams and also other ways added to get points over the next few days. Good luck to everyone and may the spookiest team win!
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    I think IG needs its own drama series
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    Highlights of 2019 had to first off being General Fisto on the CW server. Although it had a relatively low population at times it’s still to this day the most fun I’ve ever had on a Star Wars server and I hope that one day it returns. Even as a Padawan / Knight with @Mongo and crew was such an amazing time. Not to mention all the good times I’ve had with some of my favourite ISB boys across the year (despite coming and going to the Bureau about 5 times). Sorry if I missed anyone from this but there’s been too many mates to even name. @Tonberry @Camaro @Kristofer @Ragnar @Sully ( @Dirthi most of all <3) and @Luigi Then there was my other IG family in the form of the Shore and EVO boys. I went into the Commanding position quite unsure of whether I’d enjoy it and find a good group of lads but I did exactly that alongside people like @Ghost @Leafy @Misahu @Stark @Tyber @Theta Finally of course, my stint as Rax so far. Certainly a role I never really expected to be considered for but I’m grateful for being trusted with the role where I’ve become reacquainted with some of the higher ups I lost touch with throughout the year. Hopefully this’ll continue long into 2020 <3 @Chimp @Jman1308 @Matrix @Tinky @Rook
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    Congratulations to @Cecil on his promotion to... uh...
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    Good Evening, There was a suggestion made both by the community and the staff team a while ago for Mastiffs to be able to have thermal version as the Death Troopers do on the Imperial Server. We have made the decisions to allow Mastiffs to use thermal visions in the same capacity that Death Troopers are able to on the Imperial server governed by the same rules. Kind Regards, Cody
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    Congratulations to @Jay Lamar on receiving the role of Director Isard. It was an incredibly difficult decision, and thank you to all who applied!
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    Ubermolen giving us some top tier singing in the Navy Teamspeak. Actual Mad Lad. ts3_recording_19_10_12_20_10_49.wav - Credit to Pickle for the video.
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    As you can see this Post is Made in Heaven, It'll Give you a Sheer Heart attack. I Felt Very Under pressure To make a Special Post for the big 2000. i Had One Vision To Film Me Singing a Song for this but i was busy with School and IRL Commitments. These Forums are the Love Of my Life, So Don't Stop me now. These Milestones, Another one bites The dust. So Much has happened Since i First Joined IG and Thats what makes me Love it so much, I'm at 2 and half years RN and i don't regret a Moment, As they say The Show must Go On! So Remember Keep Yourself Alive! I'm doing a Reveal Look below Ok Lets keep Going I have One thing to Say to everyone We will Rock you! We being me Rock you being= Gamer time I Guess we can all agree We are the Champions! i Have some people i'd like to thank Rickle- Being a Very Good Friend Bailey- Being a Supportive Friend Shepard- Being an amazing Workmate Luigi- Always Being a Kink and funny friend Mongo- Being a Good lad Basil- Being a Great Dad Fizzy- Being one of the Boys Frost- Coming back and helping with CW Cecil- Giving me a Chance On Imp server Whitey- Giving me the best time of my Life on Cw Lime- being a Supportive 2ic Fox- Being a Kind Co Broken- Being a Kind Friend Rex, Archer, Cure, Pickle, Wombat, Sky, Corvo and Kris- Being Amazing staff members Who Have supported me in the Change Over Boris and Joel- being cute Aera and Chris- Bestest Eng Bros Radcop, Grif, Carswell, Tank and Lucky- Being amazing IHC and NHC Vanilla, Gregis and Eclipse- Being amazing people i can chat with- And Devs! Red and Loki- Medic Nights are fun thanks for havin me :p Sterling- Love ya bud <3 Auzii- being the best ya minge Swallows, Fludders, Hankeye and Ping- MEdics! Sillar- Forums gang John, Zote, Iris and Horus Minecraft gang Peguin and Ramirez- Cool Guys i Guess thats it And Kamelieon- Your a Killer Queen <3 Thats it from me i think you guys are all My Best Friend I'm waiting for The Hammer To fall I have One vision, that we all Become Closer Remember Too Much love will kill you now! Spread your wings! Friends will be Friends! Till The very End..... Ok I'll stop <3
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    This video dedicates itself to my main man Basil. Thanks for being so awesome Basil, even if it doesn't seem like it I do appreciate you and your friendship in game man. <3 Also come back please. @Basil
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    Hello Imperial Gaming. In light of us visiting one of our rotation maps yesterday (Naboo) a couple ideas and thoughts were brought to light throughout the day that @zaspan and I thought we'd look into further. The question is, would you like to see the current Death Star map used as one of our rotation maps? There are two main reasons why we decided to stop using the current map being; 1. The map creator said he was working on a better version after feedback from different communities, 2. And the main reason being the playerbase always drastically decreased while we were on said map. The two reasons being it felt like you were almost playing a hallway simulator and you seemed to rarely encounter anyone. The second one being events heavily relied of passive RP elements as obviously the Death Star cannot be attacked by rebel forces due to lore. So we thought we'd ask the community what their thoughts were on the proposed change as that's why we primarily moved back the the Star Destroyer. Feel free to leave a comment as well as your vote below. - Cecil and zaspan.
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    Hey guys, recently I've been thinking of making some banners for the Server to place on walls, such as "Loose lips sink starships", etc. To give the Server a more authentic Imperial feel with the brainwashing propaganda in order to make all of their troopers subservient and worried about not reporting things. I have some already in mind, but if you have any ideas or any links to ones that are cool, please send them through. And if any of the Graphic Designers want to make some, you're welcome to as well, I'll be looking at putting them on props and making them something you can actually put ingame. (@Kurt, @Vanilla, @Auzii and @Sully I think is all of them). Also, yes, they need to be Imperial. Any help is appreciated.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Proven Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:178955391 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Proven01/ In Game Details In Game Name: Proven In Game Rank: N/A (Cannot recall) In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Corps (Presumably) Ban Details How long was the ban for: The duration of the ban was permanent, stipulating that I would be unable to re-appeal or be welcomed back for a maximum of two years. However, an equitable consensus between Whitey, Wolf and I was reached, which lifted this restriction, permitting me another chance to appeal. Which staff member banned you: Jok Donassius (AKA Cody, I believe.) What date did the ban occur: 19 | 08 | 2018 at 00:04:23 PM What was the reason for the ban: "Violation of unban conditions." After I was stuck in spawn, I impulsively made the decision to kill the people of whom I was stuck inside in order to get free of the ST spawn and move on with the event. Certainly not the best decision. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: How can I? It was death by a thousand cuts, and I'm still yet to figure out who I let down the most; whether it be myself, or the community. A memorable journey woven with regretful mistakes resulted in the gradual accumulation of warnings, which lead to the inevitable spiral of my ban. I was helpless, hurt, and lost, and as a result of my own decisions, I was removed from a community I held dearly to my heart. I've been told in the past that each warning was a chance to redeem myself that I never took, but that was never how I viewed it. I was naive, childish, and lacked the knowledge and foresight to realise that shit needed to change, and shit needed to change now. I can't say I'm not the same person anymore; I am. I still have the same sense of humour that made people laugh. I still have & had the same mind that would put the interests of others before my own. But the one thing I haven't dragged with me is the burden of ruining the fun of others, and throwing away valued friendships for reasons I didn't even know. These past months have humbled me, and I, as well as many others, are satisfied with the progress I have made behaviourally, and I don't plan on ever returning to my former self. So with that, I leave you. I leave you to dictate whether or not I am welcome within your community. This isn't my first ban appeal, but I can assure you, it will be my last. I don't expect any of you to ever trust me again, but what I do ask is for one final chance to prove to you all that I can and have changed. I thank you all dearly for taking the time to review this, and wish you a blissful evening. Always, Proven.
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    This is amazing, thank you.
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    I am quite late to this since I joined on the 23rd of July but who cares Thank you to everyone who has made my time on the server amazing Here are some screenshots of the journey <---- This one is my favourite
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    Steam Name: [IG] Sterling SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:70777312 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSevenDayTheory In Game Name: Agent Kallus Time Played Imperial RP: 6W 2D 11H Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Time Played Clone Wars RP: Around 6 Days, cannot get a screenshot because CW has been shutdown. Time Played Clone Wars RP Evidence N/A Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have had no warns on Imperial Gaming. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I have had no bans from Imperial Gaming. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Senior Event Master / Forum Administrator - Empire Gaming Community Owner - Republic Gaming Trial Moderator - Imperial Gaming (CW Server) Why are you applying to be an Event Master? Being able to create roleplay and fun experiences for other players is something that I have always loved to be able to achieve, and for this reason being an Event Master is something that I have always actively pursued. I loved being able to be granted the freedom to create immersive sets of events and campaigns for players to be able to pursue, I would love to become more involved with the Imperial Gaming Imperial Server also through an event master position. I wish to, above all, provide the player-base with entertaining events that will benefit the community. Furthermore, I would love to be able to provide roleplay opportunities for people that may not necessarily have that much roleplay involved as a factor of their regiment, or perhaps I could simply improve the roleplay that is pre-existing, by expanding on it with other Event masters and creating new opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment for the individuals of said regiment. Such a regiment would be Sith and ISB for example, which is my current regiment (ISB/DT). Being able to host small roleplaying opportunities for the Sith with Event Master permissions would grant me the ability to offer the order a new array of experiences through interactive missions and stories. Of course, this would not always be limited to the Sith, and may be subject to jump from regiment to regiment depending on when the roleplay deems fit another regiment. Moreover, this would be a great way to remove that ‘boredom’ factor from regiments, by constantly providing people with something to do, I am sure I can entertain the player base and ensures that they are having a fun and immersive experience. Another part of this application stems from the personal factor of what I feel has always been a creative side I have wanted to express, which just happened to be through events. Being an Event Master in past allowed me to create my own interactive story-lines and enjoyable stories for both myself and the server I was playing on at the time. It was those days of planning for structured and detailed events, alongside other Event Masters, that were some of my happiest in the Star Wars RP scene. The comradery between Event Masters, and the dedication needed to pull off events and sometimes campaigns, that left the server feeling pleasured were what pushed me to continue working with the other Event Masters at the time to continue working for the servers and playbases’ enjoyment. Moreover, helping Event Masters in their tasks and being able to be apart of that roleplaying experience in events is something that I have always taken a liking to. Volunteering to be apart of events is something I love to do – reason being that the idea and ability of being able to create new characters that people can interact with, from scratch, is something that amazes me and is something that drives my passion for events. The ability to tell detailed and jaw-dropping stories is the reason I continue to play Star Wars RP overall, as the story and the immersion and entertainment factors of said story are why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place. Being able to dedicate my abilities to the players on Imperial Gaming who I have had the pleasure of meeting and to be able to continuously provide them with entertainment and events that will bring happiness to the players, above all, is the reason I am applying for the position of Event Master. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? To the Event Master team, I can bring structured events that feature a detailed and vivid narrative. I can bring my prior experience as an Event Master to the team and share my ideas and creativity with other Event Masters who may need assistant along the way. I can offer my help to Event Masters who want to plan for long and immersive campaigns to keep the server happy over the weekend where there may be a lack of Roleplay. I can bring my activity to the Event Master team, I can say without a doubt that I am one of the most active people you will meet (a side effect of having to go to University only twice a week). Above all I can bring my dedication and hard-working nature to the Event Master team. I am someone who will do anything to achieve a goal that I think is right. The unrelenting drive I have to provide the server with enjoyable events and entertainment consistently is what I can bring to the Event Master team. My experience in a variety of regiments ranging from, but not limited to; Sith, Imperial Security Bureau, Navy, Government and boundless military regiments, are all manners of roleplay that I have grown accustomed to understanding. It is this understanding of how each regiment/organisation functions, and what manner of roleplay they are suited for, that sees further skill-sets be offered forth to the Event Master team. My knowledge of Star Wars lore and the deep understanding that I have of the working of ULX and Event Master related programs and functions are something that I can bring with me to the Event Master team. Ideas and concepts that perhaps Event Masters had not thought of, and advice on how to proceed when placed in certain predicaments of planning for events and campaigns (insight) are further examples of intuitions I can provide the Event Master team with. I can bring my skills regarding the Garry’s Mod systems in which will assist with creating and planning for events. These things are such mechanics and skills as being able to build advanced sets or dupes for events or being able to utilise Garry’s Mods’ advanced functions to better events and improve the overall experience for those involved directly and indirectly in the event. In summary: my skills, dedication, activity, knowledge, ideas and overarching ability to utilise Garry’s Mod functions are what I can bring to the Event Master team. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? To further bolster the innovative and entertaining features of an event, I can use my skillset and ability to diverge multiple regiments and divisions to go and follow individual routes or roleplay. I can maintain the ability to keep multiple regiments doing different tasks at once, so that they are not all occupied completing the exact same minuscule task as one another. I can do this to a degree where they will not grow tired as the Event Master has to race between each of the regiments, but rather I would simply pre-determine each objective and have their objective ready for them. Moreover, I can innovate events through their story-lines. I believe that as an Event Master my speciality would be to characterise and structure detailed narrative stories played out through events, that would follow in sequence to one another. I believe that by using this format, I would be able to add new flair and characteristic to events, that perhaps has not been seen in the past. This story-arc structure to events is something that I would also introduce to the other Event Masters so that we could work on collaborative projects to complete large story-arcs, that stem from event to even over a course of a few days to a week. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? In regards to ULX commands, I have an extensive knowledge of ULX Commands. I have used ULX on numerous occasions as either staff or in my own private time. I know everything from basic !bring, !goto, !gag, !return, !give, !tp, !spawn commands to making advanced binds through the use of console (which are to be used in events for event characters and setting such things as their; health, model, weapons and other such perks). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read over my application. I look forward to any responses you leave below whether it be criticism or positive feedback. Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KdMEXhHvKjFLuConfmT96GIQvUJUmH0ntWz3WjD4R0/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SPFOPvijmT--mmx0W5PpNdcj7DfUBVtGHPlcwznTapU/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Not sure if anyone has posted this anywhere yet but for those wondering the game is like Lego Star Wars the complete saga but it includes the other movies as well and since I'm a huge lego fan (Like huge, spent thousands of dollars on legos when I was younger and still get giddy whenever I see legos around me) and star wars fan I decided to share it here.
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    To the ex-members of Republic Gaming, I feel I owe it to you that The Best Of series comes to its final conclusion, and what better place to put it than one of the two places that people fled to upon RG's crumbling ruin. I'm not even going to detail the amount of effort that's gone into this, so without further adieu. . . . The time has come. (execute order 66) - Greyback x
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    LUA PANIC FIX 2.0 Hi All, It has come to my attention that there is a new, commonly working alternative for lua panics. This is much simpler then our other guides, will take a lot less time and seems to be work all of the time. As always, be sure to follow all steps, and if you have any questions or inquiries in reference to this guide, or any other support problems, the support team will be happy to assist, just join a waiting room and poke a member of the Support team! (Will have [Support] in their name. As well as the support team tag) Step 1 - Open your steam library, right click on Garry's Mod, then select the "Properties" option. Step 2 - Select the "Betas" tab at the top, and proceed select the "x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries" option in the "Select the beta you would like to opt into" drop down menu. Step 3 - At this point, once you have hit okay, it should start a small download ~100-200MB from memory. By now you have pretty much completed the fix. When you launch Garry's Mod, you will need to select the "Garry's Mod (64-bit)" option. And that is it, as stated earlier this guide is super simple, and super quick, and works almost all of the time. Thanks, Renegade.
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    @Wolf spent $32 to make a meme. All I've learnt from this is. - I am Wolf's favourite. - Wolf has too much money to throw around for jokes. - I'm never going to be able to use my VR Headset again.
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    Sorry for the long wait I was a bit busy this week * Disclaimer The fight scene is a bit intense so if u dont like that stuff dont read this chapter gets a bit dark* (Bibleman on the way to ISB) Chapter 3:1 After many hours of travelling along the M1, Bibleman is only 15 minutes off from reaching ISB HQ, he is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery of Joe Vertullio and ISB involvement in his disappearance. "I must get to the bottom of this, its my duty but I still cant figure out why ISB would be involved in this case" Bibleman thought to himself as he drove his bike during the morning hours on the Highway, he dosent know exactly how it will go down but due to his other previous experiances with investigating companies he believes it will go smoothly. Unkown to Bibleman, Krennic top agents await his arrival at the entrance to ISB HQ. Pterro,Stitches and Luigi have all conducted a plan on how to kill Bibleman once he arrives and now it is only a matter of time before this confrontation between them. Bibleman slowly pulls up his bike into the ISB driveway and parks his bike in the centre of the car park. Chapter 3:2 Bibleman drives down into ISB carpark and gets off the Bible bike. As he gets off he is instantly greeted by Pterro,Stitches and Luigi. "Hello?" asks Bibleman as they slowly approach him from all angles. "Hello!?" he asks again and again but he still gets no reply, as they continue to get closer he ignites his saber. "You have no business here" says Perro as he emerges from behind a dark pillar. "As you should know the Police dont have real control out here, so leave!". Pterro pulls out a high explosive gun from behind his back, Stitches activates an electric staff and Luigi pulls out two bronze daggers. " I feel bad for you crusader, you life will soon be wasted by coming here" stated stitches. "The only thing that will be wasted here is your judgement" said Bibleman as he gets into a fighting stance. Pterro opens fire at Bibleman and Luigi and Stitches charge at Bibleman and what ensues is a highly fast pace action between all 4 of them. Bibleman kicks stitches away so he can sowly focus of getting rid of Luigi. Luigi manages to slice a deep cut on Bibleman's left arm and as he walks back from the shock of the pain he takes a roundhouse kick from Stitches and he falls over and rolls for about 1 meter and as he stumbles to his feet Pterro raises his gun and fires at Bibleman, the high explosive shell detonates in his face sending him flying back 10 meters and shattering parts of his armour. Bibleman lays motionless on the ground for a few seconds before he manages to gain his strength and get on one knee while facing away from the 3 assassins. "Your finished" says Stitches. "I want his head, it will be a nice addition to my collection" said Luigi as they all start to walk over to him. " Is the this all over the life of one boy" says Pterro as they approach him. "You'll never stop at one..... I'll take you all on!" Bibleman screams as he ignites his saber. Bibleman turns around and grabs Stitches wrist and proceeds to bash the Hilt of his Sabers into her face 4 times destroying and breaking her nose and jaw and slams her to the ground. In the insuring chaos Pterro tries to get a point blank shot at Bibleman but he gun jams and Bibleman slashes at his knee making him drop to his right knee as his joint was cut, Bibleman spins 360 degrees and slashes his throat killing him instantly and then turns at Luigi. Bibleman throws his blade at Luigi but Luigi manages to move away from it just in time, Thinking Bibleman is defenses he charges at him, Bibleman kicks one of Luigis daggers to the ground and as Luigi tries to stab him with the other he grabs his wrist and takes his dagger and stabs him right below is jaw, "Give me your face" Bibleman says to him as he decapitates Luigi and throws his head onto the ground. " I rise.... You fall" Bibleman says to the bodies as he proceeds to walks up through the hallways of ISB looking for a way to get to Krennic. After Bibleman left, Stitches still barely alive manages to crawl behind a pillar and sends Kennic a distress Signal warning him that he got pass them" Chapter 3:3 Krennic gets the distress Signal from stitches and plans to escape his bunker, he gets two of his personal Guards to escort him through the building. Krennic Orders a team of security Officers to "Slow down" Bibleman as he slowly approaches the entrance to his bunker as he heads lower and lower into the underground tunnels of ISB. Krennic gets some of his workers to pack boxes full of his top secret makeup chemicals and they board them onto a small van in which he boards and escapes on, the van travels through a small underground passage which exits in a nearby mountain range, for now he has escaped Bibleman but Bibleman dosent know that yet. (Isb security guards waiting for Bibleman) (Bibleman activates his Saber and its yellow light illuminates the room) Chapter 3:4 Bibleman ignites his saber and deflects the lasers shot my the ISB security guards back at them killing multiple guards, Bibleman continues to walk closer to melee distance and when he gets close enough he proceeds to "dispatch" and "neutralise" all of the security guards, he kicks a body out of the way which was blocking the door and finally arrives the Krennics Bunker and cuts a hole through the bunkers door with his saber and entering. Bibleman realises that the bunker was completely empty and that he had just missed Krennic. Bibleman puts away his saber back onto his belt and walks over to the desk and searches for any clues that could lead him to Krennic and the rest of the ISB leadership. He finds a small GPS receiver on one of the desks and hooks it up to Krennics Gaming Computer and realises its connect to Krennic remote control car which he took with him when escaping the base, realising Bibleman has a constant and most importantly current location of Krennic, Bibleman races back up the garage and hops onto the Bible Bike and proceeds to chase after Krennic. Bibleman enters the mountain roads and since his Bike was designed by "Holden" it is extremely fast and is slowly but surely catching up to Krennic and to solving the case of Joe Vertullio. Chapter 3:5 Krennic escapes in his red convertible sports car and puts on a really advanced and almost undetectable disguise as he escapes to a small mountain town to lay low for a while. He realises gets a notification from ISB HQ that Bibleman is still looking for him and Krennic gets really worried. "Bibleman will never find me out here" he thinks to himself as he speeds down the mountain roads and as he puts on his disguise."I'm out of luck if this fails, I will join the golf team so I will be looser and thus Bibleman wont find me" he says to himself as he pulls into the mountain town of " Twitch" Krennic thinks he safe buts its only a matter of time before the inevitable showdown between Krennic and Bibleman....
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    As far as I’m concerned there should be no negotiation on the matter. I’m the one who banned you earlier for a week because it’s quite clear you have no intent to RP or fix your act in the slightest. You have 4 previous bans and 17/18 warns at the current point in time. You were given plenty of chances and still failed to improve your behaviour and willingness to participate in the community. When you return after the week has ended something is going to have to change or I don’t see you being apart of the community much longer. Consider this carefully before you do anything stupid once the ban has ended.
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    The constant hypocrisy, virtue signalling and fake/exaggerated moral outrage on the forum gets tiresome. Sometimes feels like reading a tumblr argument instead of IG forum - I recall in one thread seeing a comment about how biggie smalls deserved to die because he was a criminal - do people really think anyone reads a comment like that and goes "oh wow you must be such a good person, your morals are so strict" lmfao just relax your status, nobody cares about how many model citizen points you can accumulate. Social posturing is cringe and makes you look fake.
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    I searched "ISB" in the navy discord. I am not going to get involved. Disclaimer: I have not been sharing anything i have found and as unbelievable as that sounds, i am going to remain impartial and i do not want to be an instrument to either side of this debate.
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    All feedback is welcome, Negative and Positive. I prefer people speak their mind so I can know what to improve on. Regarding my Maturity and 'Mingyness'. I have been actively trying to improve that and I think my RP at times can be leaning towards a minge but I only do so to bring Joy to others. I do not classify myself as a minge rather as a connoisseur on joy. This is also another reason why I believe I should be EM because I believe that I bring joy to people through my actions. Cheers, Julius
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    @Ubermolen o7 Salute.
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    crouched in a shallow trench on that hell of exposed beaches... steeply rising foothills bare of cover... a landscape pockmarked with war’s inevitable litter... piles of stores... equipment... ammunition... and the weird contortions of death sculptured in Australian flesh... I saw the going down of the sun on that first ANZAC Day... the chaotic maelstrom of Australia’s blooding. Lest we forget! I fought in the frozen mud of the Somme... in a blazing destroyer exploding on the North Sea... I fought on the perimeter at Tobruk... crashed in the flaming wreckage of a fighter in New Guinea... lived with the damned in the place cursed with the name Changi. Lest we forget! I was your mate... the kid across the street... the med. student at graduation... the mechanic in the corner garage... the baker who brought you bread... the gardener who cut your lawn... the clerk who sent your phone bill. Lest we forget! I was an Army private... a Naval commander... an Air Force bombardier. no man knows me... no name marks my tomb, for I am every Australian serviceman... I am the Unknown Soldier. I died for a cause I held just in the service of my land... that you and yours may say in freedom... I am proud to be an Australian. The following was written by Pericles well over two thousand years ago, long before the first ANZAC Day, but only a stone’s throw from Gallipoli. Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives. You are now living in the soil of a friendly country therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours. You, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries wipe away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.
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    Below is my summary of the Staff Report and each point made, as well as some counter-points made in which I believe Shock were MetaGaming, FailRP'ing, as well as power gaming throughout the night. It summarises all three videos with evidence linked to them and then concludes my opinion on the Staff report overall. Throughout all these videos, your Discord voice isn't being transmitted, no fault of your own as Shadowplay can get a bit muddled up, however, it is slightly concerning the amount of talking that is done in Discord for things related to the ingame scenario, especially ones found out via OOC methods. Moving on, I will begin my summary, rebuttal of your arguments and counter-arguments. To begin, prior to all the videos, I see a lot of text stating Wingza gave me the cloak and modelled me, he didn't do this at all, I gave myself cloak and modelled myself, this was not Wingza, to get this out of the way immeditately. I spoke with Cecil & Zaspan about the scenario, and they agreed that it was unlikely that I would be able to get the armour, it was more of a gray area in the RP that was used by myself to evade capture. On top of this its never really been explained how cloak works in the Star Wars universe and if it took skill to use at all. The reason we had the armour in the room is because earlier in the day while making propaganda, we brought in a set of armour (due to CF being busy) and took images of it for Winters. However, this isn't pertinent to the report as its not what the report is about, just explaining how the RP ensued, and how it wasn't Wingza who modelled me or gave me the cloak. Moving on, I will be sign posting all the videos and the responses to them I've made, as well as specific parts of these videos I find interesting or pertinent to the staff report as a whole. Video 1 "The AOS" This may be accusatory, however, in this video at around 14 seconds you can actually see the message put in a Discord and the smile reacts. This actually sort of puts forward my idea that Shock are looking for reasons to arrest CFP and AOS them, otherwise why would that comms message be in the discord with so many reacts? This is just speculation however, and should not be cemented into the RP, but should be thought about when looking at the way they conduct themselves in this scenario. Video 2 "FailRP and Corruption" (Evidence) "I'm third personing through the wall, he's sitting right at the door." - Wizz at 1:23 You using third person to peak through the wall at 2:09. Misahu taking the OOC seeing of the chat at 2:54 and confirming "We have no other option. He comes out and we run in." which is MetaGaming and FailRP. The connotation that the Grand Inquisitor "does not accept credit bribes" is only personal experience and assumptions of the character. Secondly, the CFP are the largest information gathering network in the Empire, would it not make sense for him to continue to gain "knowledge" as you have stated. On top of this, the GI could have possibly been taking bribes to earn himself credits in order to possibly even overthrow Vader at one point in time, as is the way of the Sith. Secondly, yes, I dapped him up in the /me, I thought it would be a funny and interesting addition to the RP, even as a joke. This is not FailRP, hence the GI not /me'ing back, imagine a one-sided handshake with one person standing there stone-faced. This is the scenario that occured in the situation. The Shock not believing the Grand Inquisitor and breaching again at 4:44 is, to me, FailRP as he's a scary individual and most wouldn't even attempt to go against him in their right minds. As the Chimaera Squad member mentions at 5:10 "How is the Captain obstructing justice when he was trying to get out?" which isn't actually the point of what he was doing, he was attempting to stop Shock raiding a CL6 facility with no permission from anyone after the Grand Inquisitor says "He's not in there." Next point, Shock spend the next 5 or so minutes looking through CFP HQ with the notion that "He's cloaked." even though no RP suggests that at all, this can be seen through you literally walking into walls at 6:25 through to about 6:38, which is silly, you can use your eyes. At 7:21 you show ULX Logs which have been provided to you, presumably by Misahu, which is against the rules of being a Staff Member, but I don't mind because its pertinent to the report, however, in this RP scenario, we had the CompForce armour which allowed myself to cloak, as a Staff Manager, he made the executive decision to say yes to as is his role as a Super Admin, involved in the RP or not. At 7:52 you see Misahu standing a fair ways away from the door, even prior to it opening. At 8:10 after the GI moves, Misahu moves immediately into a position that would allow him to collide with me, closer and further right of the door, presumably using the C menu to see myself and then immediately tasing the air, which, once again, in my opinion is FailRP and MetaGaming. At 8:42 Misahu accuses the GI of assisting me (which he did) which in of itself is FailRP. RP wise, everyone is scared of the Inquisitors, accusations like that got you killed with no repurcussions. They were Sith, always angry and always looking to get rid of people who annoyed them. At 9:03 Dophamoo makes a funny pun, not relevant, but its funny to me. Grand Inquisitor Spawning Keypad to Open Detention Block Most of this video actually decent, it clearly says what happened, Grand Inquisitor (Wingza) placed the keypad on the door and you're correct in that regard. However! At 1:13, it is said by Pryce "That Braino agrees that everyone is in the wrong but Shock." Which is extremely incorrect and could actually look very bad for @Braino as a Staff Member especially because of the impartial role he is supposed to play OOC, which Braino actually attempted to do for the scenario. Video 3 "Abuse of Staff Power and FailRP" (Evidence) Now, Wingza did put down the keycard scanner to enter the room, that was his mistake, I will admit. However, the door not being openable from the outside is a bit silly in my opinion, and so rather than deleting the doors for example, or cutting through them in RP, which is not what he did, you're right. This is the only staff abuse in my opinion in the entire video, especially because Wingza did not realise that there wasn't meant to be a keycard there like there is on every other Brig door on every other map. At 0:45 you attempt to third person glitch through the door again, to no avail. At 1:34 you see Misahu say "We have evidence that suggests he was attempting to hide the prisoner." as an excuse to not let the Grand Inquisitor into the facility, though that evidence is grasping at straws at best. At 2:40 your text of "Unfortunately I was not present for the breach. I asked my subordinates what information they had, eventually something turned up.." What turned up was an OOC realisation that he had spawned the keycard and Krennic showing up to get rid of it after asking questions. "So people always have to comms to get in?" The Server Manager didn't even know that the door operated this way, hence, the Staff Manager probably wouldn't know as well, especially since its not that way for any other door on the Server, anywhere. Throughout this video, we hear Arkan / Gideon Hask, the person who orchestrated the entire court case (not actually relevant to the report, however, pertinent to FailRP and MetaGame) either in Teamspeak or Discord with the Shock Troopers. This cements in my mind, that the actual adjudicator / tipstaff role for the Court case was heavily biased the entire time, including having Chubbs (Khronos) removed for talking with us, while allowing Galle to stay whilst he was talking to you folks. This is disappointing to see actually, because for a while I thought you'd won the court case fair and square. This report isn't on me, but at 3:49 you hear Arkan / Gideon Hask say "Bailey realised he couldn't noclip this time, so he had to use cloak." as a direct reference to my Staff Report from September 2018 (over a year ago now) which, to me, is blatant disrespect, considering all I've done since then for the Community and the way I've tried to be a better person overall even with my mental health declining throughout 2019 due to year 12. On top of this, prior to cutting to black, Arkan says "Imagine how shit the situation would be if Bailey...", once again, due to his previous statement, lets assume that was also going to be disrespectful. On top of this, in this channel you hear multiple Staff Members who do nothing about it, and then go on to laugh about it, I won't name their names, but it really does hurt me as a human being even if the report isn't explicitly about me. On top of this, you can see them hungry to hurt me in RP, even if its for a "justified reason" its concerning to see Staff members and high ranking individuals speak about being unbias and then have this video come out showing that they weren't. During my time writing this, you privated the video and edited some parts out, unsure why, however, I decided to record it and re-upload the original to keep all the evidence on the table. The ORIGINAL video can be seen at this link. The end text of the video says that the keycard was permapropped "One can only hope it was not done to hide who had placed the keycard in the first place." is competely accusatory and downright incorrect, he did it because he assumed the keycard was going to be there forever, not because he wanted to hide it was him, logs show everything. Extras - Not directly related to the Staff Report This video begins with a black screen, the text accusing Wingza of affecting the Inquisitors in a negative way through his past actions, which is an accusation with no evidence or base, much like this entire Staff Report. It then shows Shock, once again having me arrested for spitting on a droid, a droid of all things, which once again shows Shock attempting to Force RP and power game their way into a demotion for me. You can also hear Braino say "You get back here!" even if it was in a sarcastic tone, they were following me in order to help Shock keep my location, as I am quite good at using Climb SWEP to escape. This was not even Inquisitors doing anything, let alone Wingza causing them to do so. At 1:28 in this video it highlights the Grand Inquisitor mind tricking you, which is what you based the 'suspicion' of the GI on, which is where I find the FailRP and power gaming to come from in this whole scenario. You state that you had body cameras on you, even though you were stripped by them, which you conveniently left out of your recording, the logs can be seen below. https://gyazo.com/a7d29da2c65677d0e88d05c4f1d53228 - Wingza confirming them being stripped. https://gyazo.com/d592268c274e824296929daf8c35b35d - Sterling confirming they were stripped. The entire RP of Shock being suspicious of the Grand Inquisitor comes from the video of him mind-tricking them, even though they wouldn't even be aware of what a mind trick is, even with video (that they shouldn't have, because they were stripped.) This can be seen in Star Wars: A New Hope where Obi-Wan Kenobi mind tricks those two Sand Troopers and the ones standing close by don't even notice, let alone understand what a mind trick is. In Conclusion Before continuing on here, I know many people will only read this conclusion, I implore you to read the rest of the response, as it is filled with proper rebuttals and a lot of proper evidence to rebuke their claims and throw this entire report out. I also believe that upvoting and downvoting specific people just because they agree or disagree with you is a bit immature, even the people that agree with Wingza in this regard, much like myself. Now I shall begin my conclusion. This entire report is grasping at straws and actually highlights a lot more problems that Shock displayed throughout their entire scenario than Wingza spawning in a keypad. It could have stopped in the RP scenario last night and been done with, however, Shock decided to make this a public affair that is now actually showing them in a worse light than it is Wingza in my opinion. It highlights their forced RP, their failRP, metagame and overall terrible attitude in the entire scenario. They were also given the option to make it an internal report submitted to Management only, but decided instead to show the entire community past, present and future (when they come back and look at this again) Especially the video that explicitly has me insulted in the audio backing with Shock, and all the Staff Members involved doing nothing about the blatant and direct disrespect. Overall, I think this report is more of an attempt to get Wingza in trouble over nothing because Shock feel like not enough was done on the night of the scenario, hence the report was created. There's not much else I have to say, I disagree with the report and I don't think anything should happen to Wingza at all apart from a talking to about making sure thinks before acting (in regards to the keypad), and that's all.
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    Because of the new military stuff, I was called in to help with some spreadsheet stuff. Because of that I decided to finally update the spreadsheet activity monitor, I made based off of @Pablo's code. The spoiler shows heavily commented code, I suck at explaining code, but I hope those who don't know a lot of code will still understand, even if it's just a little bit. (It's javascript for people who don't know) There is some things that could be improved, like me not being a brainlet and using a dumb loop order while comparing SteamIDs. I should've reversed the order I got the online SteamIDs and the player's SteamID. Less checks, more efficient. This runs in about 1 - 2 seconds for a much bigger sample as apposed to the 5 - 15, maybe even 20 of the old script. It does this by using far less SHEET.getRange() functions. Many people won't have a use for this, just putting this out in the open in the slight chance people will need it in the future, or I lose my code.
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    Sike!!!! you guys thought I forgot about it but I didnt, the prelude is a bit short since Ive been really busy but I have planned out the whole comic from start to finish to expect regular updates and sorry for any spelling mistakes @Tonberry Prelude Lore-Background Chapter 1:1 The continent of HyperBorea was once a peaceful and intelligent empire which had colonies stretched throughout the world but then came the war... between strange extraterrestrial half organic/half robotic lifeforms who called themselves the "Thetacons" , led by the 11 foot tall robotic general named Galvatron, the Thetacons fought for oppression and dreamt of tyranny and between the crusaders of the Palatini Order who fought for freedom. Over Matched and outnumbered the Crusaders and the small citizen militias couldn't stand a chance against the onslaught of the Thetacons. The defeat of the crusaders was all but certain.. but in the wars final days, crusader grandmaster Majorianus and around two dozen of hand picked swordsmen from his personal Herculians guard boarded Galvatrons control ship, a desperate mission which ended up causing a chain of reactions which destroyed the Thetacons but also doomed our continents fate. Modern Day Chapter 1:2 It was the end of summer in the town of Big Shaq, as usual the town was drenched in rainfall and streets were flooded as normal. Bibleman walks into the police Hq and meets up with Officer JimBob and Kye Sausage but someone strange was also standing in the meeting hall with them, a large man with a large scare across his right hand and a burnt left temple. This man was high general Anthony Hardwood of the Security forces of colonies. " Hello Bibleman", the high general says " We have some grave news...". Officer JimBob and Kye sausage both have looks of horror of their face as they turn to Bibleman. "What is the matter general" Bibleman replies. "We... We have founds the crash location of Galvatrons... Galvatrons flagship, the "Conte di Cavour" but after scanning it with Ariel drones we have discovered something..." The General says " The drones.. have detected activity. We need you to assemble any remaining Crusaders that might still be alive to investigate, we dont care if they are criminals or civilians now" The General exclaims. Bibleman stands their silent as he processes what the general says. "He cant be alive... he cant... you dont know what your messing with here, a few sqaud of ex-crusaders would stand no chance against him.. even if he was somehow alive." Bibleman says with a tone voice to the General. "You crusaders defeated him you can certainly do it again" the general says as he smirks. " I saw him slaughter crusaders as if they were nothing, he gutted my master... he killed my entire squad with ease. He personally killed all five Battle masters... no one has survived any fight with him.. the Grand master didnt even survive!... I had to run to escape his wrath,all the crusaders that survived the war are deserters. I was a deserter..."Bibleman says and he looks down at the ground. " They didn't call him the executor for no reason." Bibleman says to the general. "You have your orders.... If you dont know we have two ex-crusaders in custody, one in intensive care at the mega Jail.... You must convince @Dirthi to rejoin the cause even though you left him severely injured, also you must get Stitches from the same jail but since you fractured her skull against concrete she might be a bit stubburn to help. We also have the locations of other ex-crusaders, Seyn Marana, Iden Versio, Del Meeko, Kyle Parks, Marcus Dramon, Henry Dogeman, Tank and Jaller Obrim. We are also gathering information on other crusaders that could still be alive but first you must go to Dirthi and tell him whats happened." (Sorry for the wait and that its so short, Ive been really busy and haven't had enough time to do write)
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    Hello, My name is Jongtu. I am a 24 year old Sydneysider who recently got up to one week game time on the server. So I thought I better introduce myself. I am a guy who loves video games. However you'll often find me either playing Rugby for my local team, drinking at the pub or at a music festival. People who know me know that I am a laid back guy who can have a laugh and not take things too seriously. They also know I can be a bit of a prick when agitated. I also enjoy stirring people up which you will often see me do. It's nothing personal. Just don't take the bait or it becomes easier. I am also fiercely defensive of my regiment and anything I might consider an attack or targeting of my troops. I am currently Acting Commanding Officer of the Jump Troopers. Along with my CO Sour we have aspirations to turn the regiment around and make it one of the best. Recently in the last week or so this is a goal we have been reaching. More often than not taking first place or a placing in events. I hope to continue on this server and keep pushing the Jump Troopers to greatness and be the best players they can. Thank you. Face reveal for 20 likes.
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    WELCOME TO THE LAST CHAPTER OF THE FIRST (YES FIRST) BIBLEMAN COMIC Chapter 4:1 Bibleman was following Krennic for hours now, he managed to track him down to the small mountain town of Axion Nexus. He stops at a small off road and proceeds to call officer JimBob and tell him what has happened. " Hello Officer JimBob, I have tracked Krennic and his followers to the small town of Axion Nexus, I dont know how many guards Krennic has but this town houses a powerful ally, the great"Ultra Magnus"...., hes the last Marschal of the order that survived the great war, I'm sure he will help us" said Bibleman to the hologram of Officer Jimbob. JimBob told Bibleman to go find Ultra Magnus and then signed off from the holonet. Bibleman road his bike into the small mountain town and went up a small mountain footpath which twisted and turned up the steep slopes of one mountain. After 30 mins of climbing he reaches the small shack of the once proud Ultra Magnus. Bibleman knocked on the door and awaited him. Chapter 4:2 Bibleman slowly opened the door, "Magnus?.... it is me Bibleman" he said into the dark and dimly lit shack, from the shadows Ultra Magnus kicks Bibleman to the ground and activates his green double bladed saber and holds it in front of his face only inches away from his neck. " Ultra Magnus... it is I.. Bibleman" Bibleman said with barely any breath. "The war..... The war!?" replied Magnus. "The war was lost.. HyperBoria is now but a barren wasteland.. the Thetacons were destroyed in the wars final days.. no one war Magnus.., we took refugee here after the war Magnus.. remember?" replied Bibleman as he slowly stood up. "My ship.. we came under fire... yes I remember" replied Magnus as he slowly back away and deactivated his green double bladed saber. "Its been a while... I have not seen you since the day HyperBoria fell.. the Grandmaster!?.. the order?..." said Magnus but slowly cuts himself off as he already knows the answer to his two questions. " I need your help" said Bibleman "Its urgent innocent lives are at stake... I.. we dont want more innocent lives on our hands" . "I will help you.. to repay my debt" said Ultra Magnus. Bibleman and Ultra Magnus discussed what was happened and what to do but Bibleman was unknowingly walking into a trap. Chapter 4:3 Krennic is in the town with his bodyguards and is in a strong conversation with them. " We will lure Bibleman here then kill him... I have a assest that has agreeded to help me. we have worked out a deal." he said to his bodyguards. Bibleman and Ultra Magnus head down the mountain path and into the town were they come face to face with Krennic and his Goons. "Krennic have you come out to surrender...." Bibleman said to him from across the square. "If thats what you think it is".. I see you met my.. our old friend Magnus" replied Krennic, Bibleman turned his head and looked back at Magnus and turned around back at Krennic and a eerie silence kicked in. "Bibleman.. for the sake of our orders survival a deal had to be made.. with Krennic" said Ultra Magnus, he grabs his blaster shotgun and shoots Bibleman in the back point blank penetrating his armour and causing a bad wound his his lower torso. Bibleman stumbles and roles away and quickly ignites his yellow saber and Ultra Magnus Ignites his double bladed green saber and pulls out his shield. Chapter 4:4 A intense fight between Bibleman and Ultra Magnus begins, Ultra Magnus was an extremely skilled warrior during the war, more powerful than Bibleman in pure strength and skills of fighting, the only reason Bibleman stands a chance is because during the wars final days he suffered a server head injury when his ship was boarded over one of the last strongholds. Ultra Magnus is now mentally unstably and sloppy but still a fearless warrior. The fight carries on for about a minute before Magnus turns around and stabs Bibleman in the stomach with the back blade of his double bladed saber (Think like in the phantom menace with qui gon and Maul). Magnus deactivates his sabers and Bibleman drops to the ground, "We were gods once!! all of us but here... they call us fanatics, cults... followers of a dead religion. I will restore our orders glory... but instead there will only be one" said Magnus as he raises his saber above Bibleman's head, Bibleman starts pleading with Magnus as Krennic watches on. Krennic watches from 10 meters way and somewhat feels a change of heart, you might not know but Krennic and Bibleman have had a history before and after the war which destroyed their old homeland of HyperBoria. Krennic with a change of heart grabs Magnus's shotgun which he dropped during the fight and picks it up and fire 5 shots into Magnus's chest which blows 3 massive wholes in his torso making him drop to the ground coughing up blood. Bibleman picks up his saber and slowly stands up. "All I want is a truce... Bibleman and besides were would you be... without me" says Krennic, "Time to find out" replied Bibleman as he throws his saber at Krennic which stabs him in the chest killing him in a matter of seconds. He walks over to Ultra Magnus who is still alive and picks up his shotgun on the ground. "All I wanted was for our order to survive, you must understand why I had to betray you" he said to Bibleman, "You didnt betray me.. you betrayed yourself" said Bibleman as he puts the shotgun up to the back of his head and blasts his brains out. Bibleman has officially solved the case of the ISB foundation. ( I had to rush this since every hour it would delete everything I write so the grammar is a bit homo)
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    Hi all Finished up with this, but didn't feel like going overboard with sfx/effects so it's pretty simple and basic. I had footage of an event with the radiation map, but the video was big enough as it is and had to be cut. I was more aiming for just a funny video with this one, given the events included. Something whack happens with the audio at 6:36 mins after rendering, so ignore that. I'm also planning on doing something for both Halloween/Christmas if I'm not too busy with uni/work, so should be fun. Enjoy! - Pulse - IG - Galactic Conquest.mp4
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    Alright, hello everyone. I believe I owe this thread a reply. Yes, everything that happened is true. I will not be denying anything. Neither will I go into convoluted details defending myself. I know that what I did paints an immensely bad picture for me as a Senior Event Master, as someone who is supposed to provide for all members of the community equally. I understand that the way I chose to express myself, express my opinions were less than preferable, considering my position and role within the Imperial Gaming Community. I should have kept my patience and composure during the situation, and my comments were very unprofessional, especially coming from a member of the Event Master team. As a member of the Event Team and High Command of the ISB, I should not have said the hurtful things I did. I should have handled it more maturely. The constant conflict between the two regiments—ISB and Chimaera Squad—placed its toll on me and I grew tired of the conflict, and unfortunately, it made me lash out negatively. I can assure everyone that I did not mean to target anyone at all within Chimaera Squad, and I apologize for any offence that my comments have caused. I concede what I did was wrong, and I apologize for my actions. I hope that this can be sorted out soon.
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    Steam Name: [IG] Mongo SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:58771479 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/MongoGG/ In Game Name: Mongo Time Played Imperial RP: 5w 0d 6h Time Played Imperial RP Evidence PAC3 Tier 2 Questions What have you created with PAC3 Since recieving Tier 1? I have created many different pac creations whilst having access to tier 1, consisting of new armors, Custom Animations, Imported Models I aim to assist people with their pacs in anyway I can, minorly or majorly making or simply teaching them the basics, I have also made an assortment of pacs for Event Purposes. How have you improved roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC3? I believe I have made my characters unique whilst using PAC3. I am able to stand out from the crowd and be identifiable to all, Being apart of the stormtrooper corps you are all pretty much identical. Having access to PAC3 allows for more uniqueness to the Stormtroopers and makes us seem a bit different Although we are just common foot soldiers it's enlightening to see stormtroopers who have personality. I also use my PAC3 during events to boost RP such as being told to take an Injured trooper back to base or being decapitated by sith as an event character. What has been improved from the implementation of PAC3? Whilst I have been allowed access to PAC3 I believe my skills in creating PACs have gotten exceedingly better and my knowledge has grown Initially all I knew how to do was make basic plastic models and bone merge models together, Through hard work and help i've been able to learn how to make custom animations, import models, bind events to commands and much more. I have also been able to utilize PAC3 for event purposes to make them more immersive. P.S I had Tier 1 PAC3 On clonewars RP prior to becoming Staff on Imperial (@Cecil has approved my pac3 transfer to Imperial) Tier 1 Examples: Engineer PAC3 with EOD Armor [derived from the civilian armor] imported hair and beard. also the unarmoured engineer pac for non-bomb/defcon 5 situations My Pilot PAC3 with imported Hair and Beard Civilian PAC3 (Arthur Chase) Imported Halo Spartan Armor [Took the extra time to merge each bone piece by piece to make the bones move in unison] Imported Hood w/ Texture My New Stormtrooper PAC3 (current) Includes majority of Halo Imported models aswell as a knife from the Cav Model. A Helmet Off Pac with a reworked cigar which in tier2 would have an animation w/ smoke particles, Have also redone the eyes with Textscreens. My old Magmatrooper/ST PAC Tactical Vest w/ Knives on the chest as a nod to Cav from taskforce 99 Knives de-equip when fists are pulled out DLT-19 Override for when E-11 Is pulled out Imperial Rank Reworked (Old one took up so much render time) 996th Armor Reworked w/ Helmet Off PAC Death Trooper PAC3 Basic Shoulder Cape Simple Bone merging of models Old Commander Cody PAC With imported SCAR The old unrefined Riot Armor (Took up a lot of render time) Tier 2 Examples: Storm-commando Head Explosion (Had a video but it was corrupted) Usage of Proxys to make models change colours Eye change.mp4 Coffee PAC With added Smoke particles coffee smoke.mp4 Injured PAC3 With Custom Sound custom sound.mp4 DLT-19 Override PAC3 DLTReplace.mp4 The Abomination Improved with Animation & Sound abomination.mp4
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    +1 Active and mature. PAC examples aren't most complicated but they are well thought out and that's the difference between a good PAC user and a Great PAC user. Being able to use PAC in subtle lore friendly ways improves role play much better than who can make the coolest looking armor. I'd suggest maybe showing off more skills for those above who put neutral but for tier 1 I believe you have the skills required. For those saying the PAC's are basic you are correct but I believe this application process is for showing that you have the skills and intent required to be trusted with PAC rather than a contest to see who's PAC's look the best.
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    ^ In my opinion you should be removing the Rank completely. It's not the same as being transferred from 1 military regiment to another. Your character is not the same character after being in a force sensitive regiment and then leaving for a non force sensitive one. You would never have a jedi/sith leave and then join a military regiment to never again use the force.
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    Completely Agree with this, I doubt you would change considering you also have multiple Vac Bans on record and the most recent being 91 days ago Considering the cheats are undetectable I would much rather you aren't let back into the community until they are detectable even on a trial period I don't think you would change. If you couldn't already tell it's a -1 From me
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    You've still got like 7 frames a second.
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    -1 You and minge team were a big headache for me on RG. For context, the people he rolled with did a bunch of Mass RDM and Minging on RG (which he was apart of). After being banned, they would come on alts everytime we had an event and try their luck at wiping out the debrief each time, of which they were successful every now and then. From my understanding they did this to IG aswell some time ago. Besides that, I don't have a problem with Suna personally, but I think you and these Gmod Scriptkiddies are beyond redemption. (repost from @Splonter's image on Ben's appeal) Just further discredits you. To be real, I don't want to see you boys around IG tbh, I think you guys should stay where the pop is below 40.
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