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    Dear all, It is with deep sorrow that I announce my retirement from the Community Manager role within the Imperial Gaming Community. After much thought, discussions with Wolf and internal debate I have decided to hang up the hat, and it wasn’t an easy decision. When I took up this role I gave myself a timeline to achieve what I wanted to achieve as well as some guidelines. I always said to myself that If I started to not enjoy what I was doing, If it was creating too much stress, If I believe that my actions were no longer in the best interest of the community or If I felt I’ve achieved everything I wanted and that the Community needed new guidance – then I would retire. Over my time I believe I have always acted in the best interests of the Community and helped shape, direct and recover the community to a sustainable model. I’m extremely proud of every single person I’ve worked with and what we have achieved – Recovering from the original EG split which was on the verge of killing IG, bringing new gameplay and reshaping the Imperial server, expansion to our Clone Wars server and now soon to be our third Server. And would like to thank each of those individuals who toughed it out along the journey. I know I’m not an easy taskmaster but we got there in the end. Now after a discussion with Wolf it was an easy decision to name @Chopz as the new Community Manager who has some exciting directions for the community with his new Server. I have always seen Chopz as someone who has the same drive and passion and can’t wait to see what he does with IG. For those worrying, I won’t be leaving the community but simply stepping aside from day to day operations. I will still advise and assist the management team and anyone that seeks help in any capacity (It’s up to Wolf to decide what that role is). I have enjoyed every last minute in my roles on IG, but for now, from your retired Friendly Neighbourhood Community Manager this is… Goodbye, Farewell and Amen
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    Hey guys, gonna keep it short and sweet I've had an absolute blast here on IG. I've made a lot of friends and learned a lot from my almost 2 years of being here, we've had our ups and downs and I never left even when we were struggling. I've put a lot of time and effort into the server along with @Moose combined we've spent easily a thousand hours+ troubleshooting and creating content for you guys. I'm not going to be going into detail as to why I'm leaving, it's a personal choice that I would rather not share with the entire community. To further answer any questions regarding my position, no this is not temporary and I will not be coming back and no I am not going to another server to develop. I really love this community it's probably one of the longest I've been in and I hope when I check gametracker in a few months Imperial Gaming will still be the number one Australian server. There too many people to mention but I'll just note a few that I remember the most and had the most notable experiences with: @Moose@Wolf@Whitey@Chopz@Coach Frank@Carnifex@Pablo@Ridge@Imposing@Flipps If you're not on my list don't feel like I left you out, just remember the experiences we had like I said I'm not going to list everyone I've played with over the past 2 years.
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    Que the Music Well, guys it may be a shock to some of you but the time has come for me to depart. I would like to thank you Imperial Gaming for giving me such an amazing time. It has been an awesome 8 months with you guys. I've Decided to leave because I now have a job and need to spend more time with Family and friends IRL rather then spending hours each day on Gmod as a whole, along the way I've made some friends and enemies on the server but, for those people that I've upset I want to take the time to say that I'm sorry for acting out badly and In a mingy way ( I did act mingy during my first couple of weeks on the server and some bits along the way ) for that I'm sorry. Honestly I've spent over 6 months actual playtime on Gmod over the past 2 and a Half years that is 3600 hours. I'll be gone from Gmod for a couple of months Idk how long but I will be around in discords and such if you want to have a chat, and if you want to play other games with me, I wont be on as much as a used to. I might come back in the future to see how everyone is going and the changes made. Thanks again for everything. <3 Over this last 8 or so months I've met some truly Amazing, funny and friendly people here they are. @Rivers You are a really good friend, always down to have a chat and to help out It was fun having you part of the squad when we were in DT. @Ragetank Thanks for being Inactive but mostly a good friend and commander of DT. @Galle @Tree @AusyTyranid @Vexer @marcus @Gatsby @Salsa @Smoke You guys will always be the best Co's of Shock and Riot you guys are LEGENDARY thanks for everything. @Excalibur and most of the Newish DT I will miss the times where If any DT brother had a sickness we were ok with killing each other to stop the spread and the constant "TDM" (RDM) Battles in ISB. @Shock and Riot Troopers I will miss working with you and Taze-ing mingy ST's. @Ape @PULSE @Parcy @Tinky You 4 will always be the funniest lads always doing stuff to make us Laugh. @Morgan @Fox @Lincoln @Trigon @Guskywalker @Marlu @Jesis @Gunjies @Planz Most of you guys have left or gone to Clone wars but man you were fun to be around. @Rickle My favorite mute. @Ubermolen your a good lad but god damn man you need to organize your pac3 groups they look like spiderwebs haha. @Auzii @Helsing @Cecil @Hammer @SCHEFF @Tonberry @Bailey @Emerald @Grif @Luigi @Sully @Wingza @Brass @Ramirez as for all of you, thanks so much for helping me with pac3 and being extremely friendly and really easy to talk to.<3 @Jman1308 @Kosmos @Flipps @Wolf @Whitey My Favorite Admins <3 Always made me Shit my pants in game because at any minute if I looked, walked, breathed or Said something in your direction something would go down. I'll miss the lot of you, and good luck for the future <3
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    Hello IG Last year IG in December did hospital donations, in November I will be doing something different, this year we will be raising money to support a workmate of mine who is going through a time where he needs it most, recently his partner not naming names for privacy has had to go through treatment for Cancer and sadly passed away this week sadly. Sadly, in this case, they both have children, now for this month I have decided to make that all donations from November will go towards either the gofundme that was set up a while ago, or just transfer the money directly to his account so there no commission or hand it to him directly in cash so he is able to use it to support the family during these tough times. As a community, I would appreciate all the help we can get to achieve a goal of 2 thousand to match the hospital donation or hopefully achieve a bigger goal than that so the person can not have to worry about expenses and more spend time with the family. All the help we can get would be greatly appreciated and I will try to be outsourcing from different facilities to also help achieve our goal. I would like to say this, please donate for this cause, do not do it for myself, or any other member of this community, please do it to help a family that is going through something that no one should have to go through ever. Thank you for all those that do donate for this, Regards, Wolf
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    I do not want a person that has fun sending 11-year-olds sexual images in my community this is sick and revolting, you are Community Banned for life to protect the youth we have on the server. You will not be able to place a unban appeal as I don't know what else you have sent to youth, however, this is disgusting and you should rethink your life choices. If I do hear of you trying to do anything to any youth in my community I will personally get your personal information and hand it into the authorities with the images we have been supplied. You are the first person I have ever had to ban for these reasons and you are never ever welcome back into IG, I will also be sending this information to Community owners I know on gmod so they are aware of who you are along with your SteamID's and other alternatives accounts you have.
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    Hello IG community Welcome to the famous post that was supposed to be out yesterday however as you know I am a very busy man, Just kidding I just got a bit overwhelmed in playing some other games with friends that it slipped my mind so I apologize for that. Now let's get down to business, I would like to first start this off by saying a massive thank you to our community for 2 years, I never thought I would still be playing Garry's Mod two years ago let alone being where I am now in one of the best communities in Australia. We have had our hardships in the community, I have had some arguments, made friends and lost friends through IG especially at the end of February with the incidents regarding the community being split in half, backstabbing and the rumours made up about myself and IG attempting to drag it through the mud. However, luckily to the players, staff and members that stuck with us through it all, I can gladly say that IG is one of the best communities I have ever been a part of. It was a very hard time for me however due to the players, members and especially the staff I was able to keep my chin up and push through it all with you and get the community back to where we were before all the incidents. In saying this I do have to thank 1 person who made this all possible, the players and staff did play a massive role in supporting IG however 1 person I believe was the striving force and constant success was Whitey. Whitey helped and supported not just myself but IG through its hardest time, continuing to push the community to new heights and organising IG to be what it is today, I can fully say that without Whitey help, I believe all our efforts would not have been enough. So I would like to thank you, seriously thank you so much for supporting IG through that time and spending so much effort and time helping it strive back up. Now to get to the more updates that IG will be striving for in the coming year, the past few months have been big for IG with a lot of updates and content being added to the server weekly all thanks to the Developers, past and present such as Moose, Martibo, Kumo, Pablo, Junior Developers and Junior Graphic Designers, Recently the sickness and virus script was added which added more extensive roleplay to medics and on request by players we have also added the vaccine's in place so players can spend credits so they don't get affected for x amount of hours. However soon a command will also be implemented to hide everything on the HUd excluding the Defcon level, the reason Defcon will be staying is simply so no one can use the excuse oh sorry I didn't realise as my hud was off that it's Defcon 1-5. SO I'm sorry for those who will still get a bit triggered by everything but the Defcon level being turned off but it is to save a lot of headaches and stop minges. We will also be looking at adding blackjack and everyone's favourite UNO in the upcoming future, just so I can watch everyone's friendships be destroyed in a classic game of UNO. In future IG will be striving to keep bringing out new content for our server and hopefully, this content will continue to excite all players and members, we are also working on a new big project for IG, it is [REDACTED] Project: R. The reason I will not be announcing what we are working on is simply because there's a lot of people out there that like to copy and until Project R is near complete we will not be giving out any information. We are also working on another [REDACTED] to future-proof IG for the upcoming future in case something happens so players will continue to enjoy and have a community to game with their friends. There will be more updates in store for the upcoming weeks, minor bug fixes from the new content and we will continue to look for more content from different sources to add to the community as well. That is all I can tell to the community regarding upcoming changes however I would like to say that these projects that we are currently working on we believe will be a massive hit for Imperial gaming community and we believe it will a starting point for IG to be able to perform to what it should be. Again I would like to thank everyone for there contributed efforts to support IG and a big thank you for the past 2 years of success and I cannot wait to see what next year has in store for IG as a whole. Regards, Wolf Community Owner
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    Upvote this if you would like to see more
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    Thank You For The Time, I as of right now will be stepping down from all roles within game and within the Staff Team, I have been through a lot with this community and its hard for me to wright this. I honestly have been becoming bored of GMOD, but there are other factors that weight into this decision i have made, If you would like to know message me on the forums. Couple of people that i think need a mention: @Kosmos - You made this community that i got myself hooked on and i thank you for all the fun times that have been as well as the fun times to come. @Martibo - As mentioned before in another post, I joined the community because you were playing it, I dont know how we were friends on steam but if i didnt join i wouldnt have found this amazing community. @Mauler - Man'o'Man Mauler legit the best guy i have ever met, You made my day everyday and i miss not talking to you (We should hangout again) @Aphrodite / @Jeb / @Rivers - You guys were amazing people that i loved talking to all day. @Rickle - Rickle you are an amazing mute, hopefully you get your promotion soon you deserve it!! #PromoteMingeRickle There are a lot of people that impacted my time on the server and I thank you for that, I will come back to the server from time to time as well as TS so if you see me say Hi Thanks ANiX
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    Dear Members of the Community, Who or what is Project R? The title says it all doesn’t it? And instead of going on and on for paragraphs I will make it easier on you and get down to business. But first please watch the following video we have prepared for you so you can see exactly what the management team has been up to for the past month late into the night after hours. For all the brainstorms you have all had trying to figure out the answer… The answer is Project Republic. What does this mean? No we aren’t switching the server to the Clone Wars Era, but instead expanding to a second server to allow the IG community to grow along with the roleplay experiences and opportunities we offer to all of you. The reason we have decided to go this way is simply the past two years has been great for IG, even with the ups and downs we have all been through together, but our server has reached limits with content and value. We have also seen dedicated members become worn out and tired of the Imperial Era after 2 Years but stay because of the community we have all created together. So after much discussion and labour we have decided to expand to give something new to our old members who love what Imperial gaming has to offer and to welcome new players that prefer Clone Wars over the Imperial Era. We also hope that having two servers as part of this community will allow our members different opportunities playing different characters on a community you love and enjoy. Now as I have stated Imperial RP will still be here, we are just expanding Imperial Gaming into other Eras to try create a bigger community for more players to enjoy. We have worked on this gamemode for the past month and I hope that it is something that everyone's gets to enjoy and like. As you know IG has a solid foundation that we have continued to develop on that has always given it a unique feel and handles well for all users. And we hope what we deliver here is exactly the same. Now we would like this to be made clear that Imperial RP is still our main priority with such things as content, updates and playerbase, however, as it stands we currently have teams working on each server to make sure they both have the love and support they to create and deliver a great RP experience for all. We also would like to make sure that ImperialRP stays healthy and secure with a player base, so if Imperial RP starts to struggle then Clone Wars RP will be shut down as Imperial has got us where we are today. Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s time to expand… And I hope you can all join us on the journey that waits before us. Signed, Wolf
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    Imperial Gaming | Clone Wars RP Server Release Details & Timings: Hi All, With the release of our Imperial Gaming | Clone Wars RP Server coming closer and closer we would like to announce that the server will be released to the public on Saturday 19/01/2019 pending no issues that arise beforehand or on the day. We have got the server to its final stage that its ready for public use, obviously with anything new problems could occur on the day but we are confident we have covered the necessary steps to prevent it. We ask during the initial launch week that you are patient and understand with anything that arises and provide feedback or bugs that you experience through the necessary forum channels. All of the Management Team besides Jman1308 have fulltime careers and will work to the best of our ability to rectify things in a timely manner. Before I progress I would like to thank the following people outside the management team for helping with items required to run the server: 1. Kosmos – for coming back on a more permanent basis providing feedback and support. 2. Kumo – For altering add-ons for the server to make it republic themed and providing support to Whitey with game mode changes. 2. Cody – for writing manuals, and loadout requirements. 3. Carnifex – for helping with some manuals. 4. Bailey – Helping with regiment configurations, Loadouts, and items for Events. 5. @Kurt - For Providing graphics on demand. Plus many others! So what comes next? 1. You can find all the information in regards to Manuals in the Republic Library: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L1FjZmiDHf5R32iC0T399Er19UxuiUK1m9OhiX_G8FY/edit?usp=sharing Remember these belong to IG and cannot be copied without our expressed permission. Members of the community have spent the time and effort creating these documents to shape the RP. 2. IG | Imperial Gaming Clone Wars RP Content Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1607697405 3. Timings – Saturday 19/01/2019 (All Timings are in AEST) - https://24timezones.com/time-zone/aest 07:00 – 11:00: Server is restricted to Management Team & Development Team only. 11:00 – 13:00: Server open for all Clone Wars RP Staff, Regiment CO’s & 2IC’s and anyone else deemed necessary by Management. 13:00: Server open for public consumption. If you have any issues or questions regarding the launch then please post them in the forum conversation below and they will be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Kind Regards, Wolf
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    Welp, you should’ve seen this one coming. For those of you who aren’t able to read or are related to Space Mexicans, I’ll make this short as I’m going to go into a whole bunch of explanations and thanks messages to a lot of people. Still try to read through all of this properly, as I didn’t write out all this shit just for you to not read it plebs. So yeah, much like a lot of my mates on the server this time last year (and at other points throughout the year) for similar reasons, I’m leaving IG. I’ve had a lot of good times. Made lots of memes, achieved things I never thought I would be able to do in this game. I created a sub-regiment, I rebuilt one of the hardest regiments to build from the ground up, I became a General (something that was thought impossible at the time) and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting/helping/playing with some good people. But, as I kind of referenced to on a certain someone’s goodbye post around 10-12 months ago, it’s my time. Unfortunately everything must come to an end. I’ve got nothing left to prove, nothing left to achieve, and the issues I have around here have become too much. I haven’t really hid my issues with management around the joint (had to put joint in here somewhere). If you’ve been around long enough and listened to what I’ve said, you’d know what those issues are. The final nail in the coffin for me though was an event that happened recently. Not really going to get into it, as I asked some friends for advice before making this and one of them said, and I quote: “Yeah, na.” You know who you are, keep being a legend. That and me ranting/creating drama isn’t what this post is about, nor is it how I want to go out. That being said, I harbor no hard feelings towards the overall community, those who have helped me in the past and those who have nothing to do with the issues I have. I have a lot of friends here still and outside of the negativity sort of at the start of this post, I would like to leave on somewhat good terms. And you never know, I might come back once things have changed enough. I’ve had the opportunity to be accepted here after some rocky history in the SWRP community, and I won’t forget that any time soon. Jesus, all that was a little heavy… Now there’s a few people I’d like to thank and I genuinely want to thank them, as I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in on the server and I wouldn’t have had as great of a time as I’ve had without ‘em. I also sort of wouldn’t have a grown a bit as a person without them. Which for me is at least something to get out of a video game. First I’d like to thank @Whitey. I didn’t exactly (at any point) make your job easy, but I thank you for everything you’ve done around the joint. Most importantly for that chat we had after Hornet was promoted. I know this is going to sound cringey as fuck (but let’s face it, making a big post like this was cringey in the first place over a SWRP server), but that chat meant a lot. So thanks. Make sure you become Tarkin again at least one more time though, because you’re the OG. Next I’d like to thank @Chopz (we’re starting off this list by staff rank for some reason). You made life bearable as 996 commander and the short time you were Grand General was one of the highlights of my time as a General… It made the top twenty . But in all seriousness, my job got a lot easier with you around. You're also a good bloke. Next I’d like to thank Alex and Department. You guys are some of the best troopers I’ve met during my 5 years (almost) of playing this game mode and you guys were there at the hard times, helping me out when needed. - @Department you’ve always been a great bloke and a great commanding officer. You were there during the O’Hare times and came out better for it. You are, and have been for some time, the longest serving Stormtrooper. And although you were always a little cold, you’re a good bloke. Good luck with the independent chain of command. - @Alex, can’t really say too much without feeling the feels. You’ve been there since the Stormtroopers were treated like garbage, and have been around since… Even when your PC exploded, died, whatever the hell happened over 10,000 times. You might never become a general, but you’re been one hell of a trooper. Don’t forget that. Remember every lesson I taught you, as you’re going to need it moving forward. Trust me on that. After that, I have to thank @Regret. Never have I met someone who picked up the art of commanding to the degree that you did. You made a turbulent time during the life of the ST’s a lot more stable, which allowed me to focus on other regiments. You’re also a top bloke. You may never read this, as I don’t know if you check the forums, but you don’t need any more praise from me. Since I’m still thinking of names (I really should’ve written a list for this, but too late for that) I’d like to thank @Hammer, for being there as the gatekeeper of IHC HQ. You dealt with a lot of crap, heard a lot of my shit, but you never let that affect the job. I hope, for the players of the server, you can become the less controversial, less getting-people-pissed-off version of me. Or at least replace me in terms of the work I managed to do. I wish you all the best. Next I’d like thank @SCHEFF. Just for being one of those people from back in the day, becoming the cornerstone of MHC and just being a general ear to talk to. Although we didn’t start off on the best of terms, you’ve definitely become one of those people I trust. Hope you and the rest of Widow Squad continue to improve Widow Squad and do the things that I couldn’t as commander. (Fuck this is a lot of thank you’s) Next up is @Corvo, @Shader, @Acab, @Devo and @NatiionZ. You guys have sort of rebuilt a regiment, making improvements around the joint as you see problems. I hope you continue this progress, as I might be back someday and I’d like to see how you’ve done. If you let Widow Squad or the ST’s die, I’ll beat up ya nan (that was referred to all of you). Good luck. (Really have to make these quick now) Next is @Jman1308, because Jman is a lad. @Rickle, because Rickle Rick. @Moose for that chat we had, hope you make the Generals great for the first time. @Medusa for helping me become a better commander. I don’t know if she’ll ever get this, but thanks. All involved with my promotion to Major General. All involved with not getting me demoted during the brigade shit. All involved with not getting me demoted period (I’m guessing my recent demotion wasn’t the only time I’ve been up for it). Anyone who I didn’t mention who has either helped me along the way, or helped me without me knowing. All ST’s past and present. That includes Widow Squad by the way . Now for anyone who isn’t mentioned, or a part of these groups mentioned, who did something for me or we worked together. Thank you. I’m sorry that you weren’t mentioned, but I’ve been playing on this server for almost two years, I forget people all the time. Now as for what’s next? Eh, I don’t even know that. I’ve basically done everything you can in gaming at this point. Might finally finish Undertale? Lol. But in all seriousness, I plan on going back to making videos (which you can see here: https://goo.gl/5PuYvA). Link might get removed due to advertising rules (I’ve been here for almost two years and still don’t know the rules 100%), so add me on Steam at; Stevo Jenkins if you want a link if it’s not there. Haven’t done a video in a while, looking forward to do them again. To the Stormtroopers and Widow Squad If you ever need help or you’re in a shit situation with either regiment, call me and I will help. I will always be there to help you if I can, you can always count on that. Finally, that’s pretty much it from me. I don’t have any more to say and, if I do, I’ll say it some people in person. I wish this community all the best moving forward, and I hope everyone has a great Christmas. Make sure you value your time with your family, as there are people out there with none or in a bad situation. Basically what I’m saying is: go give some money to charity or some shit ya cheapskate. Adopt a child damn it! I don’t care if you’re only twelve years old. Alright, time to end this one. See ya’s later. Cheers Brigadier Stevo.
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    Next installment of clips is out. I definitely feel as though I've improved with editing, this one didn't take nearly as long to edit as the last. This one also goes for longer even though it felt like I had less footage, and after some feedback, I think people would rather see the video focused more on funny moments rather than just random noises and goofy sounds. Hopefully you enjoy this one as much as the last! Please don't be afraid to comment any criticism as it really helps me know what you want to see more of!
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    NOTE: When reading our changelogs keep in mind our developers have spent hours creating this custom content for you, so do show us support and provide any feedback about what we are making. If your intentions are to take our content Ideas and put it on your server and or steal images/icons from this post then it shows how low some communities are going just to get an edge on us. Added Content 3D/2D Billboards for Booking system + Menu to edit footer text This integrates with our booking system and updates live to all billboards on the server! Defcon Controls These controls can be used by any Navy personnel or staff members to change the current DEFCON level. Titles within keycards I've currently made it so people can dynamically be added to the custom TI title within the keycard system players can easily be added and removed from this system, derma and other custom titles will be created in the coming month. Temporary Job set We will soon be making this available to Event Masters, this command allows staff members to keep track of event characters regiments by only temporarily setting them to a role. This will stop players from being assigned back to ranks they didn't have beforehand. This is also useful as it allows staff to easily set and remove the role from multiple people at once. AOS System Multi line coloured text has been added to our AOS system to easily identify who the PLAYER IS, REASON and LOCATION. Pointshop PAC3 scaling has been added to the pointshop it will soon be available to certain regiments for free Vote Display Personally I have found it weird that we couldn't see how many people actually voted so now I have made it so we can see how many people voted and voted for what so when we do map changes we can be sure how many people actually want to go. Adminpopups (Staff Only) Staff can now post support tickets of their own if they need help with sits or events. Scoreboard Update I have updated the logo so it fits better and is the new logo, I have also added current amount of staff online to the scoreboard Commands /setspawn <spawn_name> Overrides Default spawn <spawn_name> = Default to set default spawn for all players. /delspawn <spawn_name> Deletes regiment spawn and spawns player at default spawn or map spawn if not specified. /jtemp_set <player_name> <index_of_job> Sets a players temporary job /jtemp_rem <player_name> Removes a players temporary job @ !support <message> Sends a support message to other staff members Updated Content Pointshop Due to popular demand, the Pulse cannon price was reduced from 800,000 credits to 400,000 credits. Loading Screen Some of you may have noticed the loading screen, I have edited the PHP and added more slots to put important staff on our loading screen to give these people credit for the work they do for our server. Obviously, I can't put the whole staff team on there this is mainly just for the heads of departments etc. Upcoming Content Event Comms System When Typing staff will have this option above their scoreboard, can be toggled on and off. Basically adds a custom message to the chatbox for event purposes AOS Menu We are going to be updating the AOS Menu soon due to some re-occurring bugs with the current Derma. Graphic Design Team Teaser Some Teaser logos that have been created for our new menu by @Channingw Special thanks to the following people for making this month's updates possible @Moose@Kumo@Goliath@Channingw
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    Hey fellow gamers this is my first time editing this type of footage. hope ya'll enjoy Just a bunch of clips I got from playing, some are loud Leave any feedback in the comments , all feedback welcome really helps me know what is good and whats bad, also suggestions like "no loud shit" or "more egghead closeups" helps. Thanks <3
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    It's Finally the Time. I have spent almost 6 months playing this server and 218 days. I made it to Commander of Jump Troopers, Staff - Moderator, and Finally Major General. Unfortunately, I am going into Year 11 in a week and my parents have become very concerned about focusing on school, and to a degree, I am too. It would be unfair of me to hold my position as a Major General and Staff with that sort of inactivity due to school. So, as a result, I am stepping down from Major General and my Staff Position. I will also be leaving the server, and no I will not be joining another community, this will be the end of the road for my Garry's Mod. I have made some great friends over the months and I will definitely miss you guys. That is all. Cheers, Planz
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    IMPERIAL GAMING FUTURE UPDATE/CHANGES Hello Imperial gaming community members and staff, in this post, I will be explaining the upcoming changes, ideas, and suggestions that we have been given and implementing/still discussing. So firstly I will be talking about upcoming changes to the website Changes to the website: The biggest changes to the website will be a fresh new look for the forums, this will involve removing the current theme and placing our own new custom theme done by a professional (aka not me). However, this is still being discussed and has no set completion date just yet. An idea I would like to bring in if done correctly is to profile music, however, this will be restricted to people with 300+ content count on the forums and tight rules will be in place with the songs. I would like for this addition to be for our senior members only due to I would like to reward our senior members for sticking with us all this time. This, however, is still to be discussed with the staff to see their opinions on this matter. We may be implementing a TeamSpeak integration for the website, so this means that whatever rank/ranks you have on the website will automatically be assigned to your UID in Teamspeak. This will allow the management team to assign everyone their correct ranks through the website only, this will also allow members to place a widget on there profile which shows what channel they are currently sitting in on Teamspeak however this is an option for members and they have to add it themselves to their profile through there settings, this is so if you don't want it then we won't force it on your profile, however, all staff will have to have it on for members who have questions or queries to have an easier way of contacting the staff. Changes to Teamspeak: This week we have been told news from TeamSpeak that Teamspeak 5 is in the works and has no current set date yet, however, we believe it is soon so when we have more news regarding TeamSpeak 5 our services from Teamspeak will be moved from TeamSpeak 3 to TeamSpeak 5 (As they skipped 4 ) however we will give ample warning before moving our services over and show everyone how to install the new version of Teamspeak and assist any member that requires help. Changes to Server: Recently Martibo, Moose and the Dev team have been working very hard to bring out new updates for the server which was explained in Martibos changelogs that he has done out of the kindness of his heart to explain to members the new additions. Now with this, I will be officially working on the new Quest system that will bring a new passive RP aspect to the server for when downtime is active and during Events. The way this will work is I will be picking 2-3 people to be official Quest Creators who will write Quests and send the ideas to me, now this will work differently to other servers by every 2-3 weeks the Quests will change and old ones will be deleted so there are new quests to work with and for it not to go stale. Rewards for completing quests will work by simply rewarding you with a new currency in the pointshop called "Quest Points" which will have a special tab that will allow you to buy special gear with the points and you can only buy that gear with the points as those points will not work with any other items in any other tabs. The npcs that give out the quests will be found at 2 different locations on the Star Destroyer for ease and 1 npc will be placed down each event map. The members who are the Quest makers will be compensated for there time and effort, however, compensation still is to be decided and how it will commence. This is all the information I can give to you at this time regarding Pointshop as I don't want to give out all the details as it would ruin it for when its implemented everyone will be dying to have a look. Moose has just made it so Players can no longer destroy ships with there body, which means that a ship can still ram and kill a player however if a mingey player decides to have a gun out when boarding the dropships and then gets pushed out resulting in the ship blowing up this will no longer happen, instead they will just fall out and no damage to the ship will be taken. Moose has also fixed the ships that we implemented on the server a while ago that are more High quality and better looking then our current ones so be on the lookout for the new ties, tie bombers and others. Martibo, Moose and the Dev team will also be working on other things and Martibo, in general, is working on a big project however they will bring out another changelog with everything included and in more detail when it is all implemented/when it is completed. Changes to Staff team (TEMP): As of 3 days ago, I am on a less active leave for a bit while a personal matter came up, for those who don't know my mother was taken to hospital and almost died to a blood infection, now before you worry everything is fine, she is fine and was in ICU (Intensive Care) and is now being looked after and is on the road to recovery and you do not need to send me any messages as I am fine as well and I would rather no messages regarding this issue be sent as it is a personal matter and I would like to keep it that way however it was a stressful time for myself and I can not have stress from the server inflicting on my life just at this point in time so I will still be on nearly every day however just for 2-3 weeks I will be less active than what I am normally on the server (Hours epr day wise) however in Teamspeak I will still be very active so if you have any issues or have a question do not be afraid to ask me as that is not stressful and I will gladly help any member/staff that requires help. Welshy is also on Less Active leave while he finishes up his studying courses and also goes away on a holiday, so he will also be still playing however his activity is dropping for a bit while he completes that and comes back from his holiday. Other notes: Be aware that more changes will be implemented and that any changes here can be changed if the community does not like it or they have better ideas for the community so please in posts below if you do not like any changes (Excluding Changes to Staff team as you can't change those) or you have a better idea for the community. Regards, Wolf & Whitey Staff Team Managment Team
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    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around much because I have been dealing with some family issues but while that was going on I was making a skateboard for an assignment at school. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and I wanted to show you all because I did the design of the sticker my self and that was the main feature. Not only that but I went into a skateboard shop on Friday and got some grip tape for it and while I was there the store manager wanted to see my board so I am going to get featured on their Instagram page. If you like it leave an up vote!
  18. 21 points
    Thought I would just share some of the forum signatures I've made for you lads over the past month. If you enjoy the showcase, please leave a like
  19. 20 points
    I'm not gonna make a long goodbye anyways.. long story short I've been thinking about leaving for about 2-3 weeks now and thought that the best thing I should do is to leave the community and swrp as a whole. I'm just really bored and burnt out of swrp I probably won’t come back but we’ll see in the end. I've really loved being apart of this community and I've had some amazing times with everyone within the 2 years i've been here. Thank you to everyone that has made my time here really great. Laters.
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    To put it simply I'm leaving the server and community. Bored of the server and gmod in general. Along with that, there have been decisions made by certain members in the community that I disagree with. @Jman1308Minge, but a good minge. Message me for Sins. @TwinkieMinge and the real Agent Hask @LincolnRIP @TrigonRIP @RagetankMessage me to play Star Citizen and Stellaris @JyeBig minge, message me for Sins and other games @EmeraldPAC3 god @BaileyPAC3 god 2.0 @RoboFight me in Sins @Welshyyou’re a good role player and a good friend. You gave me a chance to serve on the Event Master team and I am truly grateful for that. Message me if you wanna play Sins. @ me If I didn't mention you.
  21. 20 points
    I've really enjoyed being a part of this community and being on the staff team, for the most part, however I've become very bored of gmod and have been enjoying other things in life. Thanks for the good times boys and girls. Can't really be bothered tagging a bunch of people but I'm sure you know who you are so thanks for being cool <3.
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    Simple. I did something very stupid because I assumed this guy was a minge, and I was not having an easy night, nonetheless. However, you are all correct, what I did there was wrong and I should not have done it even when I assumed this person was a minge. Fair enough you didn't realise you weren't allowed to shoot back in the first place. To put it simply, whatever punishment I receive for this is going to be just because I have broken the main rule as an Event Master, don't abuse your powers outside of events, act as if they are not even there. Which I didn't do in this case. I'd like tofirstly apologise to @Knight for abusing my powers to find him in the first place, and ruining his immersion and time on the server for the moments that I was involved with his experience on the server. In the future, do your best not to shoot at people who are trying to arrest you, in the same instance, you weren't aware of this, so its fair enough, but just keep that in mind for the future. Secondly, I'd like toapologise to the Server and the Staff Team because I am unable to control myself and my powers, there's no excuse for it and I am willing to take the punishment that Shock decide in the situation, as well as the punishment that Management decide to give me over this situation. I enjoy making Events for people, and whether I am Event Master, Junior Event Master, Trial Event Master, I'm going to run events because that's what I enjoy doing and nothing, including rank is going to change that. I hope you all can accept my apology for this situation and can hopefully work to trust me again as this is the only time I have done such things and will look to improve and better mybehaviour and actions in the future.
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    Hello Imperial Gaming, Last night I was given the news that one of my friends had taken his own life. my friend Daniel was a person who I had met through Star Wars RP and someone I hadn't spoken to consistently, but we always managed to find our way back to talking to each other, he was a good guy and it pains me to know that I'm not going to be able to talk to him ever again, but, in thinking of this and in his memory, I'd like to speak to the Imperial Gaming Community as a whole about mental health and making sure you're all ok. This is not just to those who are my friends, this is to everybody, we all struggle, we all have problems, but you are loved, cared for and people enjoy your company, this world is better off with you here, as is this community, no matter how big or small your contribution. It is ok, not to be ok, every day in Australia, 4 young men take their own lives, and with our community predominantly being Males, this affects every single member of IG, no matter gender, race, age, creed, and friendships. If you're not feeling ok, get help, speak to someone, if you can't speak to anyone you know, go online and speak to a Hotline. Speak to anyone, don't keep it bottled up, you're not alone and there are people trying to help everywhere. Stay safe. I care for each and every one of you. Suicide Hotline 13 11 14 Black Dog Institute https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au/ Headspace Australia https://headspace.org.au/eheadspace/ Rest in Peace Dan, I know you're watching over people now like you did when you were with us. Thank you for every memory we shared, I won't forget you. No one will.
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    All finished up. This took about a week to do and is compiled over different events / days. Was a lot of fun to do, letting me further use and expand Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. Since I will be more on the Clone Wars server when it's out, I wanted to put a lot more effort into this one. This video is more serious after going through feedback, but with less and only about 1-2 random moments. In-game sounds are difficult to make out under the music/effects etc. Every weapon / lightsaber / vehicle and others have their own sounds put in place, which took a bit to do. Thanks to all who helped with the video and those who directly / indirectly created some of these moments. Enjoy! - Pulse - Imperial Gaming - A New Campaign.mp4
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    This is not a Media Team Production. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Everyone that helped!
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    The Development team have been working hard the past few weeks on implementing a new quest system for the server. Today it goes live on the server. The quest NPC is located in the logistic center, to accept a quest simply line up and press e on the npc and choose a quest. Most quests are timed and you will be rewarded upon completion of the quest with Imperial credits. These credits are used in Role play and in future will be used for trading, placing hits, gambling and other RP reasons. Do not attempt to abuse the quest system, and please report any bugs to the staff team. No quests are to be accepted while the Defcon is less than or equal to 3. One more note is that the model for the NPC will be updated soon. Have fun! -Chopz
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    -Leaves with other EM- -Develops new server with other EM- -Leaves new server upon its resounding failure- -Comes back- -Attempts to join weak regiment in order to get easy Command role- Solid game plan Chief. 7/10 - Could have used more jump scares. imlegittoxicsorrybutnotreally
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    Added Content F2 Menu Player Search - Search players with ease without having to manually search through players when our server is busy Speeds up support times Speed up event and job changes Command chat - !ocomms - If you're an officer and depending on your rank you'll be able to access this fancy comms console - moose_muteships 1 - to mute vehicle sounds Updated Content F2 Menu Brand New Look - I've made a fancier better F2 menu that caters to the Star-Wars theme, it's more efficient and fixes some of the previous bugs. We look to further improve this menu in the coming weeks AOS Menu If you are AOS'd this status will replace your clearance level with an AOS prefix Stops you from being able to access keycard scanners Shock can ask you to present your ID and if it says AOS they are obliged to arrest you on sight Bugs Fixed AOS Menu - Error that would spit out when someone that was AOS'd disconnected from the server Upcoming Content Pilot License menu Adding more Pilot licenses and ability to have multiple pilot licenses Pilot license level will show on your keycards Scoreboard Revamp I'm going to be making a new scoreboard with a fresh look In addition, Local server time and current staff online will also be displayed F2 Menu Users will be granted the ability to access the home portion of the menu Will be able to modify server settings with toggleable boxes some ideas we had are; AOS Menu button if you have access Pilot Menu button if you have access Toggleable box for Vehicle sounds Slider for clientside pac distance Special Mentions @Moose - Always here to help fix / solve issues we have and for his continuing support with the servers development. New Menu - Designed by Martibo
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    Hello, Our media has been working hard over the past little bit on this project. Thank you to everyone who was apart of the making of this video. Full list of credits can be found at the end of the video. Project Director: @Kurt Original Script / Writer: @Dirthi Cinematographer: @LuckyMikey Editor: @PULSE
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    f**k me That's the problem Instead of trying to find a RP reason to why he attemped to kill you, you immediately move to phys gunning and saying "bro your shooting a mod". Furthermore, you decide in your infinite wisdom to verbally assault him. I know this is a meme, but seriously. Assuming you do the majority of your sits like this, your behaviour is atrocious. Then, I assume you don't give him a RP punishment, the whole point of this video boils down to poor staffing and management of a situation. Then you ban him for 3300 minutes? (Give or take, can't read on mobile) for attempted mass rdm? His target is clearly the other sith and only hit the other person because he moved your way. This is really bad staffing, not that I'm speaking from personal experience, although you really need to check what you do in sits before you decide to post a video literally showing you being a poor staff member. All the best, Marsh.
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    I am going to keep this real simple, i have decided to pretty much step out of the IG community to take more of a backseat role within it. So while i wont say that this is goodbye or you guys wont see me again, i am pretty much just saying that i wont be involved in this community to the same extent as i was in the past (Although i will be on the server for about an hour a night most of the weak to catch up and RP with you mad lads). The main reason i have decided to step back is as i will be going back into school again this year and am in the process (again) of moving out into the big bad world on my own, because of this i want to step into the year with less obligations. After dropping out last year due to me being in an extremely unhealthy state of mind after a large falling out with friends. Which as matter of fact this community pretty much helped me out of indirectly when first joined the server, which i must thank @Gunjies & @Cody for making me feel so welcome within the community when i first joined, and how can i forget the rest of the boys @Jye, @Bailey, @Jesis, @Gregis and so many more. So as i said before this isnt a goodbye its more of a see yah later post so to speak as i will be making sure to come back once i get my life more balanced and in order. So for however long that takes i would just like to mention a few people on the server as a thank you for making me feel so at home on Imperial Gaming. @Jye , @Bailey You both are a bloody pair of Idiots, but you where my best mates on the server and i cant thank you both enough. @Gregis Minge @Gunjies My first CO and one of the most friendly people on the server, i am glad that i could call you a friend. @Rad_Cop Man i feel so bad for you being my CO, but you are a great guy. @Emerald Bush boy @Welshy You are a great bloke and an even better event master, im gonna miss not being apart of your team. @Wolf Terrible at league, good bloke, good friend. @Rickle My favourite Mute, (If you speak i will legit take this back and make time to stay lmao. Jk) @Parcy My sugar daddy @Splonter Admittedly we had our issues in the past but we both overcame to become good mates If you aren't on that list don't be offended, i just didn't want to have to write an essay. This is Basil, of the ISD Chimaera. Signing off.
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    A couple things I put in the intro that it took a day, it ended up taking two days but I was too lazy to go back and fix. Many hours were used for this video Apologies for all the in game zooming with suit zoom, I was still experimenting with things and this is a learning experience I messed up on the intro title placing, but it's a hassle trying to align it properly so soz Rendering the first intro took up to 6-8 hours, for something that short xd. The vid is in somewhat low-quality to fit the size limit on the forums. (full HD was originally 54 gb) Note: I can't upload it to YouTube since they got autobots and some system that flag down anything Star Wars used instantly. I'll probably start working on the next one, since these are a lot of fun to do. A mix of serious and cheesiness Anyway, enjoy the video and have a good New Year's ya'll. - Pulse - Imperial Gaming - A Star Wars Story.mp4
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    I'm not gonna make a long goodbye, because I'm drunk right now but long story short I've been thinking about leaving for a while. I'm just super bored and burnt out of star wars up and yeah ._. I need a big break AND I've done some things to hurt some people really close to me and I don't want to be around and hurt them anymore. I've really loved being apart of this community and I've had some amazing times I really love all of you (except @Rickle) and I'll probably be back in a while but for now, it's goodbye ♥♥ @Emerald @Rivers @Bailey @Splonter @Tex @Basil @Ghost4448 @JDark47 @Wingza @Sully You boys better remember to hit me up when u playing murder or spy fall, aight?
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    Hey. So year 12 has just begun, a very big, busy, crucial part of my life that will set me up for university and my future career. On top of this, I have been involving my self in performing arts much more than I have in the past, meaning I am often going on long extended hiatus's to practice or catch up with gigs that wasn't normally a problem in the past. So in the face of all that was going on, I have made the final decision to leave the Imperial gaming community after being involved in it for nearly 2 years. Yes, I am leaving. Not going on a extended leave for the year, leaving. So, after 2 years of commanding storm troopers, Imperial Awards, and IHC, I would like to give thanks to the members of this community, and make special mentions to those I felt I worked with closely. @Wolf Thank you for making and supporting this awesome community. Your constant efforts backstage haven't gone unnoticed and I wanted to thank you personally for making an amazing medium for me and so many others to be able to come together, and have fun. @Whitey Thank you for being there to answer my constant queries. I especially thank you for placing your trust in me when it came to projects such as the death star reveal trailer, or making dumb ideas of mine such as the Imperial Awards host: 'John Shover' into a reality. @Stevo. You've been with me from the start, and although we've had our ups and downs, I'd like to thank you for being an inspiration for me to aspire to. @Corvo @Alex @Department @Regret Some of the original and still remaining members of Widow squad. You guys helped me so much during my time as CMDR and i'm happy to see you all still working together as a team, to help manage the storm trooper corp when no one else wants to. @Welshy Although I failed and left shortly after, I can't forget to thank you for allowing me to for my first time ever, become a staff member and be a TEM...even if it was for a short time @Carnifex One of the first people I met upon coming into IHC, thank you for teaching me the ropes and showing me what to do @Jman1308 You've been what i'd call a good friend, and I've loved having laughs with you @SCHEFF Amazing PAC's and you've always been someone I've felt as though I could have a good chat to. @Cody Thank you for trusting in my abilities and nudging me in the right directing during my time in IHC, although you can be scary, I know deep inside you know how to have a good laugh @media team Pick up the pace, according to the trello I, as an individual, have still made the most media content @Boris Yes, After your year or so of begging for me to notice you, I finally did If i haven't mentioned you in the list, do not fret. I've had good times with so many people, and it's difficult to condense everyone i've met and shared a laugh with onto one list. Just be rest assured, you'll always be in my heart. So, thank you very much, and farewell ~ Hornet A more in depth reason why I'm leaving IG
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    With the server now hitting max players every night for the past couple days I felt the need to address it with a meme, however shitty and badly edited it is. <3
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    Hello everyone, We have been working hard to continue the expansion and development of our forums to enhance your user experience and make the most enjoyable, fun and inviting place possible for everyone from our ever growing community. The next step in this has been a very little (kinda major) update to the forums. With all the updates and changes I will mention below. Plus a brand new support system coming soon. Congratulations to @Kurt in now being the Community Designer and head of the Graphic Design Team. If you are interested in joining the Graphic Design team that supports the growth and development of the community, applications are open and you can apply today at the following link - Forum Changes / Updates 5. New Reactions have been added and some old ones updated/fixed: Confused (New) Shocked (Fixed) Thinking (Fixed) 2. New Group Role Effects With the new banners we have also rolled out new effects on certain groups forum name tags. The Forum Donation group is a prime example as seen below. (Reminder you can apply to get the donation tag on the forum if you have donate on IG at the following link https://imperialgamingau.invisionzone.com/application/) 3. New Reputation Levels have been added Reputation 10+ Good Reputation 20+ Excellent Reputation 100+ Fantastic Reputation 200+ Team Favourite (New) Reputation 300+ Fan Favourite (New) Reputation 500 +Community Favourite (New) Reputation 750+ Community Builder (New) Reputation 1000+ Community Representative (New) Reputation 1500+ Community Master Mind (New) Reputation 2500+ Imperial Gaming Legend (New) 4. New Reputation Badges have been added (created by the community designer). Levels shown below: Good Excellent Fantastic Team Favourite (New) Fan Favourite (New) Community Favourite (New) Community Builder (New) Community Representative (New) Community Master Mind (New) Imperial Gaming Legend (New) 5. All Forum group banners have been updates with new ones (created by the community designer) If you have any questions about anything in this post, do not hesitate to contact me via the forums. Kind Regards, Cody Forums & Teamspeak Manager
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    Hey All, I thought I would give poster making a crack and have worked on this design the past few days trying to get it to a point where I was comfortable with it. The poster design is Star Wars related and is just a random title, If you have any ideas for any posters that would look cool please leave them below as I am wishing to work on some more in the near future Regards, Sully ___________________________ If you like, leave a to show your support.
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    Hello everyone, My Dad a former Digger has asked me to bring this fundraiser to the attention of as many people as I can. Any funds given to this fundraiser would be appreciated by myself personally however do not feel obliged to in anyway whatsoever. The purpose for this fundraiser to create a documentary about a former Aussie Soldier who first served in World War 2, in short it is about what he and his fellow Diggers participated in during that period of time. For more information please visit the link below. Imperial Gaming has no affiliation with fundraiser whatsoever. Link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/a-war-veterans-final-interview
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    Server Change Log – 15/12/2018 Hello there, This is the final change log of 2018. Big thanks to the development team and anyone else who got involved. Stay tuned to see what 2019 has in store for IG! Added · Imperial Personnel Arcade - Chess & Checkers/draughts board games - Poker tables · Quest System - General & Regimental based quests - Rewards · Currency System - Hud for Imperial Credits and pointshop points - Ability to transfer credits to players using F3 menu. · New Bounty Hunters - IG-88 - 4-Lom - Zuckuss - Added private Bounty hunter comms (/bcomms) · New Maps - gm_emp_mvalley2 - gm_emp_glycencity - gm_emp_croassroads - gm_emp_chain - gm_emp_crossroads - gm_fork - rhen_var - rp_forest_apocolypse_v1 - rp_outercanals_v3 - rp_russianmountains - rp_site12 · New Weapons - Battlefront 2017 Weapons - Fixed scopes on TFA base New Regiments - Range Troopers - Imperial Officers Academy · Disease System - Multiple diseases with different infectivity and harm rates - New Swep, The Multi Curer added to Medics loadout - Event characters, Droids & Medics are immune - Can be toggled off during events Christmas Festive decorations added around the ship Santa will randomly drop presents off around the ship containing things like xp, credits, pointshop points Changes · Models - Updated the following Models: - VF, Shore, Shock, 212th, Stormtroopers Commands - Updated !swap command, All Military 2nd LT + can now swap into Officer Uniform - !igloadout now gives a player their loadout Upcoming - Proper Hit System for Bounty Hunters - More Quests - Logic for the Booking System (Booking Queue) - Looking at making a custom Riot Models
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9j7kLG7VK8 "and he was a good friend."
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    Rules - No pre-made artwork - - No templates - - MUST be Star Wars theme - - Completed and submitted by 04/05/2019 - - Multiple entries allowed - Submit here https://forms.gle/p7s4S5QQ4uKsXiVF7 (Steam game must be under $15) We look forward to judging all your entries! Be sure to UP-VOTE this post.
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    Hey guys Here is the updated list of the forum signatures settings that members can currently use. Maximum number of images in signature: 1 Maximum size of images in signature: 1000 x 200 Maximum number of links in signature: 2 Maximum lines of text in signature: 5 Please note that these may be changed in the upcoming future if necessary Regards, Carnifex
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    Greg's downvote dream led to this, I was bored this afternoon so this happened and was thrown together quickly. I tried to cram in everyone who got involved with his plans, but was getting super crowded. - Pulse - Greg Wars - Attack of the Downvotes.mp4
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    A Clone Wars video finally finished. (It's a bit loud in sections, something happened when I rendered it so loud audio warning just in case) This was a project of my own I've wanted to do since the CWRP server came out. I used footage from two events that happened on the server and some other clips on-ship. These events were really good so I had to make something from them. Voice lines and sfx are a mixed batch from Battlefront 1 - 2 (2004-2005 games) and also Battlefront II (2017). I really liked both Temuera Morrison (OG voice) and Dee Bradley Baker (Clone Wars series), so I decided to use both of them from the very beginning. Green-screen effects were there for a added touch. Enjoy the vid! - Pulse - Imperial Gaming - The Clones.mp4
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    Alright. I am making the Big long post to sign me off. I am going to be as DETAILED AS I CAN ABOUT THIS. Mentioned People will be mentioned in order of when they affected me. When I made my previous post, I thought there might be a slim chance of me returning before new years. However, since then I became so detached that all I did was join TS, mute and scroll through forums. Marluu among others became Snr Mod before I even realised. I am permanently leaving. I say this but I might come back sometime. That's just the future. Maybe I will be more mature or responsible when/if I come back, who knows. Thanks to... @FatChicken (He is no longer on IG) - Very mingy Event Master, one of if not the first Shadow Commander on the server. He brought me here. I knew him from a previous server we both staffed on. - Dec 2016 @Stephano - Taking me into Pilots for the first time and welcoming me to the server. - Dec 2016/Jan 2017 @Kobi_Lmao - Being the coolest Palpameme to date - Early 2017 @Fours - Being a generally cool guy during pilots. @Cody - Taking me into Staff and giving me a place to belong. - Jan 2017 - Will come back to you @FrenchyFries - Being a really cool friend and ex-fellow staff at the same time as me. We met at Poseidon CWRP - Early 2017 @Torch - Being a good friend and good fellow staff - Early 2017 @Whitey - Best 212th Commander to date - Early 2017 - Will come back to you @Bly - Best Nova Commander to date - Early 2017 (may have gotten name wrong, its been too long) @Megamashav2 - Fellow Minge Staff and good friend - Early 2017 @Katelyn - Fellow Staff in same batch and good friend - Early 2017 @Trident - One of Best Server Managers to date, loving playing games with you and will always have memories. Hated when you bullied me about Rocket League though - Early - Mid 2017 @Dragz - Easily one of my best friends both in this community and out of it. @Martibo - Fellow mods in RG together under the OG Wilson. Loved you then and now. <3 - 2017 @Wilson (The first one) - Took me into RG and took me to Captain and Commander of SG - 2017 @Delta/Apollo (Not the sand obsessed one) - Stole my SG Commander spot but will always be in my heart, knew him from Poseidon CWRP as well - 2017 @Egg - Great staff and friend @Weedsmoker - Mass RDMing Admin (Not sure if this was @Brownie or not) @Coach Frank - Biggest Rival Minge to date but got a lot better when it was needed - We shall always drop Pochinki though. @Gamma - Where do I start. I shall only say the good stuff that is relevant here. Amazing Imperial Executor, always the spy. Great Manager at the start. @Hisoka - Rival Minge Staff, I hope you are doing well @Kassius - Under Fire from Tyber alongside Cody. I know you are back now, it has been good to see you. @Balls of Steel (Tyber) - Always the Shitstirrer. Your drunken rants were incredible. @Bearmax - Best Medical Droid to Date. Good guy to chill with @Crispin/Chutney - Also from Pussydon, Crispin was a thorn in my eye for most of my staffing career at IG. I do still miss him though and cherish his ability to out-minge me. @Crims - KX-Droid Staff brothers. I know Imperial Juggernauts failed but it was great working with you. @Imposing - Many things to say. Inducting me into Shock after leaving Pilots the Second time. Being an amazing friend to this day, I actually LOVE you Imposing. You are a minge though. @ANiX - Nothing needs to be said. It would sully what I actually think of you @Pandi - Hey man, if you ever read this, thank you for making the one and only ever staff report on me. @Ridge - I know we were close, but I always found you to be a better General than Imposing. @Moose - I know we were at odds for a long while. If you think there might still be hard feelings between us, I apologise. @Little5avage A great ST Commander and General, you were afraid to upset people. Would have made you a better Human Resources Official rather than a General. @Breadbord - Great General of the Early Period. @Ares - If you don't remember Ares, you are blessed. He moulded the best of us into shitters. @Scheff - Amazing Long Term Fellow Staff. I will miss you. @Wolf - Many many things can be said. I won't say any of them. Good luck to you. @Kosmos - I will always have nightmares of that one time when you abused me so hard... @Caboose - Doesn't matter what happened in the end, I will always have fond memories of you and the chances you gave me. @Emerald - Oh Emerald. I had to mention you (twinkie wouldve beaten me). I will always miss you. @Twinkie - Twinkie, Damn you for forcing me to do one for you. I love you long time. @Brass - I know we had our differences. I value you as a friend forever. @Rickle - Minge <3 @Pablo - You tended to attempt to pk me a lot when I was the Best Shock Commander, Still love ya @Havoc - Arcadia boys @Aphrodite - Amazing Secretary and good friend. @Pinejack - forced me to write. Leave me alone. This is good enough for tonight, will add more tomorrow. Also, i might have hit max mentions. Love ALL OF YOU. ~Mauler
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    Just thought along with some of the members of the media team we'd create this short video to celebrate the milestone of 2 years of Imperial Gaming, We've come a long way as a community and I hope to see it grow and prosper more in the future! Enjoy the video!
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    OLD MENU: NEW MENU: If you think this design should be used, please leave down a like!
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    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like them, leave an upvote!
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    I spent far too much time making this
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