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    Imperial Gaming | Clone Wars RP Server Release Details & Timings: Hi All, With the release of our Imperial Gaming | Clone Wars RP Server coming closer and closer we would like to announce that the server will be released to the public on Saturday 19/01/2019 pending no issues that arise beforehand or on the day. We have got the server to its final stage that its ready for public use, obviously with anything new problems could occur on the day but we are confident we have covered the necessary steps to prevent it. We ask during the initial launch week that you are patient and understand with anything that arises and provide feedback or bugs that you experience through the necessary forum channels. All of the Management Team besides Jman1308 have fulltime careers and will work to the best of our ability to rectify things in a timely manner. Before I progress I would like to thank the following people outside the management team for helping with items required to run the server: 1. Kosmos – for coming back on a more permanent basis providing feedback and support. 2. Kumo – For altering add-ons for the server to make it republic themed and providing support to Whitey with game mode changes. 2. Cody – for writing manuals, and loadout requirements. 3. Carnifex – for helping with some manuals. 4. Bailey – Helping with regiment configurations, Loadouts, and items for Events. 5. @Kurt - For Providing graphics on demand. Plus many others! So what comes next? 1. You can find all the information in regards to Manuals in the Republic Library: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L1FjZmiDHf5R32iC0T399Er19UxuiUK1m9OhiX_G8FY/edit?usp=sharing Remember these belong to IG and cannot be copied without our expressed permission. Members of the community have spent the time and effort creating these documents to shape the RP. 2. IG | Imperial Gaming Clone Wars RP Content Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1607697405 3. Timings – Saturday 19/01/2019 (All Timings are in AEST) - https://24timezones.com/time-zone/aest 07:00 – 11:00: Server is restricted to Management Team & Development Team only. 11:00 – 13:00: Server open for all Clone Wars RP Staff, Regiment CO’s & 2IC’s and anyone else deemed necessary by Management. 13:00: Server open for public consumption. If you have any issues or questions regarding the launch then please post them in the forum conversation below and they will be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Kind Regards, Wolf
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    All finished up. This took about a week to do and is compiled over different events / days. Was a lot of fun to do, letting me further use and expand Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. Since I will be more on the Clone Wars server when it's out, I wanted to put a lot more effort into this one. This video is more serious after going through feedback, but with less and only about 1-2 random moments. In-game sounds are difficult to make out under the music/effects etc. Every weapon / lightsaber / vehicle and others have their own sounds put in place, which took a bit to do. Thanks to all who helped with the video and those who directly / indirectly created some of these moments. Enjoy! - Pulse - Imperial Gaming - A New Campaign.mp4
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    i was going to put this up yesterday but it took a lot longer to upload than i thought it would ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My friends, romans, and countrymen... On the 23rd of September 2017, I was introduced to the magical world of Star Wars Roleplay. Since then I have formed many new friendships, created many cherished memories, and, of course, conjured from the depths of memelivion the almighty Best Of series which has now spanned across three communities. I would like to take this moment to thank you, all of you, for allowing such a thing to come to light. I've learnt so much more than I would have ever expected to, and now with that new knowledge I am pleased to bring you the next chapter in the Chronicles of Greyback. Exactly one year ago on the 15th of January, I uploaded what would soon become a trilogy. That trilogy would then expand to other communities, and grow in and of itself. I am proud to bring unto you the greatest, rarest, and never before seen clips into an Imperial Gaming exclusive. I bring you... The VERY Best Of... Remastered (headphones and big screen recommended for optimal viewing) Much love, - Greyback <3
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    To Whom it may interest, As you may be aware I applied for and got accepted as Commanding Officer of Military Police on the Clone Wars Server. I don't believe, nor do I wish to maintain two vital posts over two servers. So I will be resigning from Command of 442nd on 19th Janurary which is the opening of the Clone Wars server. I have offered the position to multiple people, willing to train them as my 2nd in command as a future successor. No one was willing to take the standard into battle... Due to the new server opening so soon, I will also no longer have the time to train someone for that position. It is most likely going back for donation. 442ND It has been an absolute honour to once again be thecommanding officer of 442nd Siege Battalion. I took control of the regiment on 25/11/2018, people said I wouldn't last a week... They said no one would join... 442nd returned to its former glory. I was able to bloster the regiments numbers and even bring back old 442nd members Harkane & Guy from when I was a General, the OG days. We maintained a good a strong regiment with the 442nd Standard: Obedience, Loyalty & Dicipline. Too my troopers in the 442nd, it has been a privilage to be your commanding officer. I only hope I have lead you as well as you have served faithy in my command. A regiment with just a command is no regiment at all, just a dream and you all made it a reality. I thank you for that Effective as of 19/01/2019 all current members of 442nd will be removed and made into Storm Troopers, once more into the breach... If anyone wishes to find me, I will be on the new server as Commanding Officer of Military Police. Happy to talk OOC regarding this server if anyone wants to chat. If you do get arrested on the new server, nothing personal "It's just good Business" - Cutler Beckett, Pirates of the Carribean. 442ND High Colonel & Former General Kassius Both Photos in this post were taken by CPL Guy
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    Thought I would share these Gems I took back in the OG days of IG... I was a General and EM back then. If ya couldn't tell I used to be the 442nd Commander, Hence alot of screenshots of 442nd. HOWEVER if your name is in these screenshots or it brings back memories, SMASH THE MOTHERFUCKING LIKE BUTTON & SUBSCIBE! Palpatine Arrival (I was an ST then :P) NOVA Holding down Director Firmus's Office Awesome Screenshot of Nova & ITC in my Geonosis event Execution of ISB Secretary Pine WHEN U INVITE PEOPLE TO THE BUNKS, ALLOWING PLUS ONES CAN GET OUT OF HAND... That OG PA system in my events with an RP'd Voice Commander Meeting on the Bridge GENERAL Breadbords Commander meeting with ITC Standing Guard Grand Admiral Thrawn - Commander meeting (Kosmos) Death by Firing Squad it shall be... One of my Nar Shaddaa Events... These bandits had stolen Imperial Property, so they must die. Grand Moff Tarkins old Office - It was like that when i left it... I swear... One of my events about Cargo that had fallen out of a cargo vessel and landed on a planet. This take off may have killed some people... One of my events, Utilizing a shield wall on the Nar Shaddaa map. Apparently Commandos are too good for a shield wall :p Tank Escorting events with constant ambushes General Lockdown Trader event (Players playing as HK droids would be sold to other players) Jaba the Hutt Negotiation event. He was using a Swep and typing translations, RP was actully on Point. When you are a General, people like to play pranks... Even in your office. Getting Jump troopers to conduct training, shooting targets while Flying outside MH1 CAPPA CAPPA CAPPA CAPPA CAPPA... Nova performing a Bunk Sweep Event Briefing Geonosis event, evacuation. Jakku down'd ISD infestation Event. Was actully really cool, with a story and Objectives. I even made it so they way they came in collapsed due to structual failure and that they had to find a way out. OG Rishi Moon Old Rishi moon conference room - Commanders Meeting Two RSTs, 1 Landing Pad That Spooky kid This was actully recently (within last 2 - 3 Months) when I was in the Navy Major General Omo Killed for Treason. He wanted to quarantine an infested planet ordering troopers not to leave until they had been checked. Grand Admiral Thrawn overrode those orders. There was a dispute, then a revolt. A select group of 442ND troopers defected to the Major Generals side believing him making the right decision. The 442ND fought side by side with the Major General until his capture. All people involved in the revolt were executed. Colonel Kassius had the troops under go a Loyalty test and denounce the actions of those select 442ND members (This was a fun event). A filthy Mud Trooper needed cleaning... Back when the Server was flooded with force users. 442ND 442ND Guard Post 442ND Marching Training 442ND Securing the Prisoner in one of my Events 442ND 1 V 1 Shield Sparring Contest 442ND 3 V 3 Shield Sparring Contest 442ND... TBH I don't event know WTF this is, just looks cool. 442ND 8 Man Fortress on Grand Inquisitor 442ND Planet Infestation Event 442ND Renolds Training 4 Recruits at once... A proud Commander I was indeed. 442ND at an event on Hoth, god they look like Ants carrying Crumbs 442ND Performing a moving Shield Wall as they push through a hall way in one of my Geonosis Events 442ND Securing the Naval Command Center in one of my events 442ND Securing the Genosian Objective in one of my events with a 5 Man Fortress 442nd Miscellaneous (Just for the Names) 442ND Pimp my Lambda Cruiser 442ND Securing the Wookie Prisoners - The wookies were eradicated in this event on Kashyyyk. Pretty sure there were baby wookies too. 442ND Regimental Review 442ND Combat Simulation Training 442ND 10 Man Fortress (I love this) 442ND - Late Night Camping with Gamma 442ND - That line up... Offt. The ST in mid air says it all. Obedience, Loyalty & Dicipline 442ND 10 Man Fortress on Hoth during one of my events. Securing the Objective with a Medic. 442ND Debrief Line up. 442ND - OLD bunk Photos 442ND Shield Wall - Holding a check point as ordered by IHC. This was actully a rather recent event (Within last 2 Months). We got bombed to shit, from the ground and air. 442ND - #TURTLESQUAD Using a Phys Gun it was possible to pull the players shield to their back giving rise to the term 'Turtle Squad'. 442ND - Old Bunk Photo !HOPE YOU LIKED THEM!
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    7th Sky Corps The 7th Sky Corps was a division of the Grand Army of the Republics elite Clone trooper army. The 7th Sky Corps was under the collective command of both Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody" and the High Jedi General Obi-wan Kenobi. The 7th Sky Corps on the IG Clone-wars server will include the following sub-divisions, the 212th Attack battalion, the 2nd Airborne Company, the 212th ARF troopers (Advanced Recon Forces) and the 23rd Medical Company. If you wish to gain a position among the ranks of the 7th Sky Corps please contact either myself (Basil) or Cody (aka. Grand Admiral Thrawn). Sub-Divisions The 7th Sky corps consisted of many subdivisions, but the most prominent one have been selected on the server. The 7th Sky Corps command structure will be splitting up allowing for Non commissioned officers to take charge and assist in command of each of the sub divisions giving more overall opportunities for all within the regiment whilst maintaining the ability to work as a cohesive group of the 7th Sky Corps. (Note: Not everything stated below is Canon or apart of the Lore. Many of the Company/squad names have been created by myself to entice more RP and allow people within the 7th Sky Corps to have some breathing room to create their own clone characters and allow NCOs to have more roles/positions.) 212th Attack Battalion One of the most Well know Clone trooper battalions, the 212th specialised in invasions, frontal attacks, besieging and other offensive scenarios. They often acted as the main offensive force in major battles and came equipped with the DC-15A blaster rifle and DC-15S blaster carbine. As the largest of the four subdivisions it will be split into two companies, Ghost company and Sierra squad. Clone Marshal commander CC-2224 "Cody" will take the command position of 212th along with the other sub-divisions of the 7th Sky Corps. Ghost Company (3 slots) Sierra Squad (4 slots) 2nd Airborne Company The 2nd Airborne Company was a military division of the the Grand Army of the Republic and subsequently the 7th Sky Corps. The troopers of the 2nd Airborne Company were equipped with helmets designed for high altitude drops. The 2nd Airborne company will rule the skies coming equipped with Jet-packs along with DC-15S and DC-15A blasters. Advanced Recon Forces Advanced Recon Force troopers aka "ARF" where a group of intelligent and better trained soldiers compared to most Clone-troopers. They wore light armour into battle to increase their mobility to aid in stealth/scouting operations. Coming equipped with grappling hooks on-top of their blaster the units are quite nimble in and out of battle. 23rd Medical Company The 23rd Medical Company is an offshoot battalion of the 212th attack battalion. 23rd Medical Company medics were clone troopers who were equipped to diagnose and treat wounded soldiers. They where given specialised equipment and training from the Kaminoan's on how to medically treat the clone body. Whilst the most of the 23rd Medical Company wasn't renowned for their fighting capabilities, they where excellent in working as a unit to succeed in combat .
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    Hey All, I think it would be great if we could have the 1st battle of Geonosis as our first event. Not only is the chronological starting point of the war, it will also allow us to introduce most (if not all) regiments, jedi and CIS assets.
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    -1 personally i haven't had much in the way of interactions with you but after reading through how the community views you and how you have treated the community and the power you have i'm going to say i think that we should have a more respected and reliable member for such a large role, also you have been replying to every comment saying to just re reconsider, that in no way is a compelling argument to me. i think you should work on your public appearance and actually taking some of the constructive criticism rather than brushing everyone off. also being in control of a regiment and a staff member is not an excuse for lashing out or mistreating others as personally i have a very good track record of being a decent person and a good staff member, i take pride in that and am happy the community sees me that way as i have worked towards that image.
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    Parjai squad about to become Parjye squad real quick
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    I would also like to point you you posting this video less then a month ago: Honestly you have not changed 1 bit. As well as this:
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    it was my Last night on the imperial server (18/01/19) and I had some fun times let me show some screenshots Me breaking the simulation Finding whitey while having a nice walk Nice moon Losing to mono and loki, not lucky he is just there Wolf killing a droid everyone just chatting The great Escape Flying Alright everyone i'll see you all around i'll make sure to vist sometime from the clone Wars server -Lov Delta
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    Everyone, I have found the TRUTH. Clone Wars is a LIE and Project R is not what you think. It is not 1, but THREE things! I found these secret files on Wolfs computer, it is UNDENIABLE proof!!!! P.S Its just a shitpost don't judge or think this is real k thx
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    The officer's lounge is a respectable area only for the most distinguished members of the empire.
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    "ig hype train" by Butcher232 (don't judge it cause I made it in Powerpoint.)
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    104th "Wolfpack" Battalion The 104th Battalion is recruiting for the oncoming Clone Wars Server, this is the official explanation as to what the Regiment is, how it will be operating on the new Server, who the leadership positions are held by, the Sub-Regiments and last but not least, expressions of interest in regards to joining. What is the 104th Battalion? The 104th Battalion, also known as the Wolfpack were a group of Clones who served after Jedi Master Plo Koon. In command of the 104th Battalion was CC-3636, also known as "Wolffe". This is who I will be playing as on the Server, for anyone curious. The 104th Battalion specialised in the usage of vehicles, they won't be doing this so much on the Server, simply because we need to give Pilots something to do, however, that is our lore. They also specialised in attacking extremely specific environments with their jetpacks and other utilities provided to them by the Chancellor. Some notable members of the 104th Battalion are, Wolffe, Comet, Sinker, Boost, Warthog, Tracer, Mortar, Spitter, Dash-1129 and Dash-1044 who are all playable characters on the Server, some are, however, through donation. Who is leading the 104th Battalion? Evident by this post, I am the Commander of the 104th. Some others that are also attached and/or apart of the Regiment are, Anix as my 2nd in Command, as well as Jay as Jedi General Plo Koon. There are others who have already expressed their interest in joining, however, I am still needing leaders for some of the Sub-Regiments and the different Companies within the 104th. How will the 104th be operating? What Sub-Regiments are there? The 104th will be operating in a bit of a weird way compared to most Regiments, we will be dividing ourselves further down into Fireteams, or Server wise, Companies. There are 6 main Companies that are within the Regiment. They are: Beta Company [BC] - The 104th's Airborne Division, they use their Jetpacks and the training that comes with it to out-maneuver the enemy and gain a vantage point over them. Lone Company [LC] - The 104th's Special Operations Division, they specialise in using active camouflage in order to sneak up on enemies or extracting important information or hostages from dangerous situations. Omega Company [OC] - The 104th's Medical Division, they protect and rejuvenate the 104th, making sure they are fully equipped to the best of their abilities and able to serve on the frontline. Hunter Company [HC] - The 104th's First Trooper Company, they are tasked with protecting and backing each other up, they also work with other Companies to make up the 104th Wolfpack Battalion's main forces. Prowler Company [PC] - The 104th's Second Trooper Company, they are tasked with protecting and backing each other up, they also work with other Companies to make up the 104th Wolfpack Battalion's main forces. Fang Company [FC] - The 104th's Third Trooper Company, they are tasked with protecting and backing each other up, they also work with other Companies to make up the 104th Wolfpack Battalion's main forces. Dire Company [DC] - The 104th's Fourth Trooper Company, they are tasked with protecting and backing each other up, they also work with other Companies to make up the 104th Wolfpack Battalion's main forces. Alpha Company [AC] - The 104th's First Officer Company, they are tasked with leading the men and organising the entire 104th for missions, as well as, train them and make sure they are up to standard. Each Company is a group of four, as the 104th can have 24 people, as well as 7 donation slots which give you various models, names and weapons, which puts us up to 31 slots if all the donation slots are taken. Anyone can join any Company, but will be required to do training that caters to that Company, as you can see, the basic troopers are also divided up, as to help with a Command Structure, and to make sure that the NCO's that are running each Company are learning to Command smaller groups and then working their way up to larger ones. Expressions of Interest After that large slab of text, the last thing in this post is expressions of interest. As I have had many, many people message me about joining the one and only "Plo's Bros" just message me, either on Steam, the Forums, or poke me on Teamspeak and I will write your name down and "save a slot" for you. I hope to see you all on the Server.
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    -1 - Lacks detail, seats were uncomfortable, popcorn was stale, soda was warm and not enough Whitey. In before Disney claim as their own.
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    So breaking server rules and going against what a Moderator stands for is ok because "It was a little joke". A joke is something both members agree on is funny which it seems Crims and Braino didn't see it as - Now it seems that if you can't even behave as a Royal Guard how can you behave as a Jedi Council member - You can't use the excuse it's my RP Character (As you have for most responses which is one of the weakest defenses I have ever seen) due to you calling it OOC....So how can it be a joke if the other person doesn't find it funny nor agree with it - The thought process doesn't link up....
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    "In order to get power and retain it, it is necessary to love power; but love of power is not connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of goodness, such as pride, cunning and cruelty" You from most accounts of people since recieving your Staff role have gone down the path of inflating your ego in game and OOC. Not taking critisicm from fellow players and staff members like @Splonter. Your fellow Sith the people who you see day in and day out are coming out to tell you this When you arrested Tinky for no reason with a made up story of him stealing something from pilot bunks to impress people or show your power...This is plain disgusting as think about being in this USERs position where you see a Moderator and High Ranking sith let the power get to his head Your app getting accepted in 7 to 10 minutes is a but suspicous in general but that's a concern for other people. From how you've acted on Imperial I can only imagine what would happen when you're equivalent to a General with power over troopers. I don't want to find out -1.
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    -1 I don't believe you'd be a suitable mod based on my interactions with you. Before I decide to support this application would like your maturity to improve as well as your ability to deal with heated situations. I feel that you also hold grudges which definitely isn't an ideal trait to have as a moderator. Edit: Changing to a NEUTRAL for the time being to see whether attitude & morals have legitimately changed, And so I can see over the next few weeks if there has been significant improvements from past interactions.
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    Don't worry, I am currently working on something
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    New donation look: Special thanks to kurt for this
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    Donations will go up the exact same time the server goes live. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions and decription before purchasing any item on the store as we don not refund for poor selection skills.
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    Not to mention that you have been incredibly racist in the past and still are:
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    -1, whole application appears to be a transcript of the Bee Movie (now there is something I didn't think I would ever say on a PAC app)
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