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    So my irl mate plays the Server as Corporal Tibult within the 212th, probably don't see him much since the 212th need to be looked at specifically on the scoreboard and he works a full time job, he has been playing every night though, I digress. Yesterday when we were on Naboo he got the chance to play as a Civilian, and as someone who plays Star Wars RP mainly for the RP he had a very good time to say the least, and so, he posted this on Facebook this morning and I thought the rest of you would like to see. If you don't care, move along, but I think its good to see new players enjoying the Server.
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    Instead of a sync salute and debrief, I reckon bringing back the music march. (All stage personnel stand under the stage until music is played. When music is played, they all march up and it looks really cool)
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    Hi. As you may have noticed from the thread title, King Pommes will soon be releasing an update to his DS map. Although there are many cool new additions (interrogation room, new control room and more), this update mainly aims to address many of the issues with the initial release. Hallways have been shortened/removed to prevent players from getting lost, key facilities such as the medbay, spawn room and brig have been moved closer to the center of the map for ease of access and the overbridge has been reworked to allow players to go from one side to the other without passing through the NPCC. In addition to all this, pretty much the whole map has been compressed to allow for quicker travel times.(and to stop you noobs from getting lost) If the pictures below aren't enough to fill your appetite, there are some more on King Pommes' profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/jakobb71/screenshots/. Please share your thoughts and @Guskywalker any queries below. Vader's Chambers Moved New Overbridge Layout New Brig Location Interrogation Room Hangar Blast Doors Relocated Control Room
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    Boys, take this one with a grain of salt, but I think our boy might be returning to play Obi-Wan Kenobi, according the following link he’s allegedly signed a contract to be in a Disney+ Series about Obi-Wan. Now, there’s nothing official yet, but Cinelinx is pretty accurate with their announcements and when stuff like this explodes, Ewan or Disney are very quick to say “No, not real.” But haven’t said anything this time. Please God let him be right. http://www.cinelinx.com/movie-news/movie-reviews-movie-news/exclusive-ewan-mcgregor-signs-on-for-obi-wan-kenobi-return/
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    Would also give a use for the droid charging station outside government
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    It wont be exactly a synchronised salute. However, the method of all officials that stand on the stage will be a bit different via music cue, then they approach the stage in their regiments. Be present at the next debrief to see some unison and organised action.
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    This is an obvious +1 for me and I didn’t even realise I hadn’t +1’d it yet and I feel silly, his application has been up for 2 Months and he continually bumps it within the time frame set, showing he is dedicated and wants the position. On top of this, the way he acts and portrays himself on the Server is immaculate and is fully deserving of Moderator.
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    Change my mind Ewan McGregor did Obi-Wan more justice than Alex Guinness, as much as I love old Obi-Wan, Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan is my favourite.
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    I think a standard thing we could implement is whenever the Star Destroyer is located in an asteroid field, by a wrecked Star Destroyer, by Ilum or any other planet or in (in-RP) uncontrolled deep space territory, the DEFCON should be raised to IV. Since in those cases we're a single Star Destroyer in an uncontrolled environment, everybody aboard should be ready to respond any surprise attack (especially around asteroids as enemies could potentially hide behind the asteroids). When the Star Destroyer is in controlled space, with the Seventh Fleet, or by the Death Star, there is of course no threat and it should remain at DEFCON V.
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    We were not just banning randomly, I was spectating people with the tag in there name "EFG", due to the fact the number of reports of poachers, minges, sexism and most of all racist remarks those players were doing with either the tag of EFG or are connected to EFG, however at IG we do not simply ban just because you have a servers tag in your name. I remember this ban as you were doing things wrong, I don't remember the exact incident that made me teleport you to me but I was spectating you at the time as stated before that EFG had already started a one sided war with IG. There discord as well was also full of insults and slurs aimed at IG including "meme" pictures however none of us made a discord account and joined, a user whose name I will not disclose sent us pictures of the chat from his discord, so your comment regarding us creating discords is completely false and based on false information that you have created. From the incidents already occurring with the EFG community we decided to spectate players who are connected to EFG as a safety precaution to protect IG and its players, funny enough our safety precautions were not in vein and we caught a handful of minges, racism,s exist remarks and just flatout abusers on the server at the time. I believe if I am correct it was at the time of Naboo, I was spectating you and some others and when I saw you doing something wrong I tp you to me and thats where it kicked off. Later that day roughly 1 hour the quote on quote community manager accused me of many things by randomly banning players etc, however he quickly learned that everything he heard and learnt from the banned players was completely false as we submitted evidence for nearly every ban which made him then apologise elave the server as he realised he was wrong. You state that we are supposed to be a starwars rp community that focuses on giving people a great time, you have kind of gotten this wrong, it's not suppose to be, it is we are a star wars community giving people a great roleplay experience and an amazing time on the server. if this was not true they would not be playing on our server. and involving themselves more into the community, many friendships have been made due to Imperial gaming and is still made to this day. It is pretty ironic that you would be stating that as you got a ban for doing something wrong however you then cry wolf (If you don't get the reference then I cant help you). Also Bailey was in fact there at this time as we were at the front gate, Vader or Tarkin was next to me and we were standing on a sphere at the front gate wall (Next to the space port) and he was literally below us under the sphere and he could hear everything that was said.
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    I would love it if the droid was a spoof of a player and sent out actual comms messages to engineers to come and fix it when breaks down or to all personnel when it's spawned or despawned. Example: "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ALL] Hello! Healing Droid #### reporting for duty!" *used when the droid spawns "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ENG] Alert! I require assistance! I am located at [insert location here]!" *the droid could travel to set nodes around the ship which it can use to plot its location when it sends out a comms. "(COMMS) Healing Droid: [ALL] Alert! I am returning to my terminal to recharge my battery; I will no longer be available." *used when activating Event Mode or going off-ship. Don't know how hard this would be to code, but I assume it could work similarly to the blue descriptive text that staff put into chatbox in events or the !it command; but I think it could definitely make the droid feel more "alive" than a regular NPC.
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    Oml swrp turning into dark rp with droids instead of printers
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    That could make is better, maybe have an option to be healed quicker with credits being spent on the droid
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    1 credit per 1%, 100 credits for a full heal seems fair then maybe 50creds for a broken leg
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    Steam Name: [IG] Nate/Zunn SteamID32: STEAM_1:0:43471523 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047208774 In Game Name: 'Panzer' Time Played Imperial RP: 1 Week (Now at 3 days with a week) Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I wish to use PAC as a means to develop my creativity while not abusing it (Like using it to scale myself 5 or making myself look like a paper) It is also state, yes i can tend to minge every now and then and it can get worst and i don't stop resulting me in getting in trouble (as some of you know) although most of the time i will be keeping myself in check (or well try too) from breaking rules. So if i do get PAC i will be getting help in improving my PAC creations with friends and other people's advice and criticism. I believe this will help me and others know of my flaws and how to fix them, and in turn will help me boost my confidence. Why do you want access to PAC3? I wish to have PAC so i can show of some of my creations i have that I've done (And to also improve on) and i become quite interested in the system itself and wishing to test it out myself while getting feedback on my PACs. This in turn i believe gives me more motivation to do new things that i usually don't do. This in-turn will help me get to know the system better and become more trusted within the IG Community. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I don't want to think i deserve PAC3, i am just hoping that i am able to improve on my creativity and activity on both servers. Although i do believe by "Deserving" PAC it also opens up a new door for me and new people who have not fully experience PAC to it's fullest. So i do hope i am able to use PAC3 to it's fullest while following the rules of using PAC3. As i have stated above this will help me get deeper down within the community of IG. PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Capitalising on Troopers for financial gain? Down with capitalism!!
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    This is cute. Brave to go out there on Facebook too.
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    Ah i see well i'll +1 this app then. Keep up the good work.
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    I'll be checking the introductions area for your name for the next week Big McKisses xo
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    Alright, it's time for me to sit down and take the time to do this. I am announcing my depature from the server, whether it's permenant or temporary I don't know yet. I am extremely busy with university, work and living life to the fullest, I have struggled to find the time to play video games and devote the amount of time I see acceptable and respectable within the community. When I started playing on the server, I didn't take it seriously. I liked to muck around like everyone. Then I got bored of that and whilst on the venator walking past the simulation rooms, I saw the tryout signs for Military Police. I thought, hey, why not. After an hour of trying out, I was accepted into the military police. This began an amazing journey where I met so many amazing people. Throughout my time on the clone wars story I managed to work my way up to Major of military police. I felt I wanted to give back to the server and help to make it a safer environment so I joined staff and attained Trial Moderator. Throughout this clone wars experience, I have made many memories and met many people I quite honestly, will never forget. When my journey transitioned over to the imperial server, I was skeptical of what the experience was going to be like although, me and all my other clone wars players were welcomed by the imperial server. I managed to work my way to JT commander and Junior moderator. Whilst everyone I met made an impact on my life and experience, I have a few honourable mentions: @SiegeMonkey Always being supportive of me and guiding me @Happy Always delivering amazing events @Kassius Being the best commander I know @Gunter Love you mate @Kevin Always a good time @MikeyMatou Great events @Ragdig Always there to help @Carnifex Loved the saxophone wielding Mace Windu @Mongo Top Bloke @Dingo Rip SCARCT/501st So after all of this I just want to salute you all and thank you for what you have done for my life, Major CT-7123 Lochie Captain JT-01 Lochie Signing off 07
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    @Lachlan Sooner than you may expect.
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    Ah, I don't want them going to waste, I'm sure I'll have a few more next month
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    Julius’ events get better every time
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    Honestly I think it’s great that people are enjoying this server this much to post about it on Facebook. imperial gaming will always be a place to call a 2nd home.
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    First time I joined a cult and didn't get PK'd, so I'm happy.
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    bruh Nah but, it was a good event and people enjoyed it if they were online.
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    That's the beauty of star wars rp
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    Hello There. "[Update: Incredibly happy to add to this report that Deadline, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter have all independently confirmed our story from this morning. Hopefully this means we’ll get some official announcement from Lucasfilm sooner rather than later. " from article
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    I was active as frick! What the heck! :^)
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    OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT, you legit were such a top mate, I always enjoyed calling hits on you haha
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    He is really good
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    So the problem is at this moment is most of our devs have went back to school so its going alot slower then we expected because of this issue we are still doing santos.There has been updates just not made public yet.
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    Congratulations to @Cecil on his promotion to... uh...
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    Hello! A new opportunity for Roleplay is coming to the server soon! Once it is completely set up you will know! Welcome to the Imperial Department of Military Research (IDMR) The point of this department is for Military Regiments, specifically players who enjoy PassiveRP in them, an opportunity to do fun projects without joining TI. This will not be replacing TI however will be acting as a Military side of things where more simple less secretive but fun projects can be developed by like-minded users. Anything you are unsure about can be found in this public In-Character document. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FKkMG4dawDAqp-NMdl5YVPHWxbp1n9qwzLvmAtyX62w/edit?usp=sharing Any questions PM via the forums and I can get back to you! Thanks Imperial Gaming!
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    +1 I am not going to say why or want to. Don't question my decision or you will end up with me questioning your loyalty.
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    To Be Honest - It might be bad to say to some people who like dreaming - Imperial Gaming is only good at making Imperials SWRP servers. DarkRP, Santos, TTT and Clone Wars - All died...Cut the losses and just stick to what you're good at
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    +1 Active Mature Good PAC Examples Regards, Sully
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    Can you make an addon that makes the server uncrashable
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    I don’t particularly agree with having your guns out at all times, but I see where you are coming from for the sake of role play. As Bailey mentioned, the reason for me not agreeing with this is that it just makes the job of security regiments all the much harder, meaning anyone could gun down a load of people quickly and not be recognized preparing for it beforehand. Although this goes against role play, I kind of compare this situation closely to the reasoning for having different parts of lore from different eras on the server, the fact is we are a server not a real life situation so it’s for the sake of enjoyment. Another thing to note is that we are just players on a server, with no real life training, and the consequences that we are threatened with have no impact on us in real life. But looking at this from a role play perspective, I see where you are coming from, but I just don’t think we are able to considering we are a server and not everyone has the best intentions.
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    If that doesn't work i had issues like this before and i completely deleted gmod from steam and completely deleted the gmod folder with the addons included and that seemed to fix it. My addon for lightsabers are still broken though if anyone knows how to fix that lemme know
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