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    Ubermolen giving us some top tier singing in the Navy Teamspeak. Actual Mad Lad. ts3_recording_19_10_12_20_10_49.wav - Credit to Pickle for the video.
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    This is amazing, thank you.
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    Have you ever been in a tie but wanted to drive? Have you ever been in a tank but wanted the privacy and comfort of a cockpit? Well look no further! Coming very soon to gmod is the Tie Crawler (aka the Century Tank). King Pommes is currently putting the final touches on the vehicle, and if all goes to plan, it should be out very very soon. Below are a few previews of the tank/tie.
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    Thanks to pulse for filming and editing this masterpiece, what a legend.
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    Low key a sh*t post but also a bit of a meme and an insight to the Dev Discord and how we communicated. Full disclaimer we actually do work on stuff and it isn’t all this. https://i.imgur.com/9sADC9n.png https://i.imgur.com/vbJpMvC.png We’re hard at work!1!1!1 @Vanilla @Ragetank
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    Accurate depiction of @Ragetank attempting to work out why the Green ISD projection in the bridge doesn't always show up - 2019: Colourised
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    Yeah the boys, It was a pleasure playing and it was a really fun tournament playing with our counter parts and getting our team together most days for some practice sessions and CSGO comps, Overall a really nice experience! Heres some shoutouts: @Imposing @Welshy Thank you both for organising this competition all of us within the Hectic Ethnics appreciate it and thanks specifically Imposing for those tuff games against you. @Rickle Literally the actual captain of the team, You were a god send and we couldn’t have done it without you <3 @Bailey Your motivational speeches in our final matches were crucial towards the moral of the team, you the best. @wflizzi F*** your chickens. @Vadrian You did aight in the games I guess. <3 @Shepard Sorry you couldn’t make it to the finals but your effort and dedication towards the team throughout the comp as well as being there for training n stuff was crucial towards our progression. @Delta Thanks for subbing in last minute for one of our games sand man <3 Hectic Ethnics are lookin forward to the next comp!
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    I wasn't aware you could leave one part of the staff team and join another part without reapplying for the position... like you usually would/should...
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    I heard there will be another tournament next month thanks @Welshy
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    I’m on my phone so I’ll do the questions later, but Uncle Iroh is the GOAT. There’s no ifs or buts, this man is who we should all aspire to be.
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    1+ - Reasons Stated Above. I may also add that when we were in RG together he stepped up as a low levelled Guard and provided training to those who were missing out on the key pieces of information.
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    Quite right puppy, as a matter of fact the Chinese military are already stationed around Hong Kong and are ready to take action. At any given moment, this situation could completely blow it's lid! No situation involving military presence can in any way be a good one. But as I said, we can not just forget about these people. A very interesting view, anonymous user. But you are quite right, the future is never set in stone until the future becomes the present. History definitely shows that situations similar to Hong Kong have turned into victories for these protesters and it may very well do the same here.
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    Good job you chads, special good job to my boy @wflizzi I love you bb xx I definitely want to participate in the next comp however I can
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    That's impossible, all you drink are Coffee's! Milkshakes are probably my favourite, Juice close second.
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    Hogwarts RP server please
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    I thought I replied but Mongo summed it up pretty well massive +1 from me.
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    Will it let me re-enact the movie 'Martian', and by that I mean let me grow potatoes on Mars? If so then I shall have to consider acquiring it, if not well then it is a goddamn waste of storage space.
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    It is a beautiful song, this makes you think about how many times he has had to suffer through this memory as he sings this song to his son each year on his birthday. It also lets the realisation set in that even though this is an animated kids show and we don't see any real death or gore that death is still a prominent and key theme.
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    #VietnamFlashbacks , pretty sure I was an EC for this event. All I see is a whole lotta Mingery from the clonewars peeps, however this is very epic
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    @Ragetank I like rainbow name, very cool, much epic.
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    No wonder @Wolf Keeps you guys in he's basement Don't worry I'm getting you guys free some just chatting to the lawyers and arranging the court case
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    Hmm, I disagree, but I also don’t really care to argue about antics! Neutral it is then 😄
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    Yeah I am very sick so my mood is very yikes. On top of that a lot of things weren't going our way during the game so it just got to me
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    Already requested access for all 4 regiments.
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    +1 Rivers is a great bloke and I haven't had any negative interactions with him.
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    Literally said “f**k off” to me a couple days ago. You expect this dude to remain impartial in solving an argument or dispute between people? I argue that that is difficult with this individual, but nevertheless, it’s y’alls choice. -1 For reasons above.
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    Noni is one of the most respectful blokes I’ve met in Imperial Gaming and this sums it up perfectly. Fat +1 from me.
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    +1 Summed up perfectly by @Mongo. Would make a great addition to the EM Team. Good Luck!
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    I don’t think you deserve a permanent ban for this, however as others have stated you need time to reflect on your actions and ensure that nothing like this will happen again. I suggest familiarising yourself with all the server’s rules and understanding in full what they mean as that would do you a lot of good in the long run. +1 for ban reduction, and I wish you the best of luck with your application.
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    Indian School of Business, hell yeah. Let's get this naan bread.
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    Before you get clap back from anybody (I'm sure all staff will reply with absolute professionalism!), I'll just lay down the main issue with this. It's a novel idea in theory - I can see how it would be frustrating to never have an opportunity to apply for Inferno, I'm with you there. However, the members of Inferno who are there for the longest stay because they enjoy the role, and are good at the role. Inferno is a special forces squad, and if they were on a rotation, we could never confirm the professionalism and dedication of its members. If you are wanting to join INF, my suggestion is to apply, and prove to them that you have what it takes. Can't win if you're not in the game. There is a wait list, but good luck! Thank you for your suggestion regardless, this is exactly why the forums section exists.
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    stay tuned for episode 2 of Sith News
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    #BringbackRimmin What an inspiring speech my man!
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    +1 Holy F*ck. Yes. If that were at all possible, it would be the best. At least for my regiment, having an event where we can properly utilize speeder bikes would be incredible, as we cannot on the ISD. To extend that thought a bit; CO's having the ability to contact the EM team with an event idea for their regiment, and being able to do such would be an incredible addition to gameplay. I.E, I could present an event, where my troopers get to properly utilize their speeder bikes and reconnaissance tactics. This could also include having an application and roster of "permanent event characters", should people want to consistently be EC's for these other server's events. I dunno, could be cool to see this implemented in the future. *Extra Note: Allowing CO's to assist in their own events would likely increase interest in the EM role, leading to more applications*
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    Bro what's better than coronas but.
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    mfw Bailey uses darkmode on discord
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    Neutral I have two issues with your ban appeal My first issue is why Joel had to type this appeal instead of yourself, this makes it seem like you don't have the time or effort to type one yourself The second issue is that you were banned today, I would suggest waiting a bit longer before trying to appeal the ban
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Hardhat Jones Steam ID: Hardhat Jones Steam Profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198808518685/ In Game Details In Game Name: Hardhat Jones In Game Rank: No clue In Game Regiment: shadow baby Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Till the Heatdeath of sun Which staff member banned you: Moose What date did the ban occur: 24-01-18 16:00 What was the reason for the ban: Ult account Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: They found out i used a ult to get around 3 day ban Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: Its been a fair amount of time wanna come back and have a little fun breathers. May cody's hairline give me strength
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