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  1. Currently, we have several new exciting projects in the works that we plan to release this month. Both the development team and the staff team have been dedicating lots of time and effort into these projects to produce the best experience for the user. Below, I will outline and detail the changes which we expect to be completed in the coming weeks. I would also like to announce the next community meeting which will be held on the 8th of August at 6pm AEST. This will follow a similar format to last time and will be hosted on our discord server. If you have any questions in regards to this
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  2. none also remove all the current regiments st only
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  3. Hello there! As you guys are aware from the Community Changelog, Imperial Gaming will be entering a new era of Star Wars. After 4 long years of having Rogue One in our server's title, we've never actually officially been in the Rogue One timeline. We've advanced past Lothal and we've been slowly ticking closer towards the Civil War ever since. I'm excited to finally bring out our next chapter, something that @Jman1308 and I have been working on for the last month. The progression event chain will begin with small world building events, and then slowly transition into t
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  6. Please not the armoury that's where all my credits have gone to
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  7. 1. The blackmarket weapons will just have different stats not different models (e.g. E-11Z) 2. The blackmarket NPC changes location frequently That's on the list, just not something for this month. Armoury is being wiped, but pointshop weapons will be refunded and those points will be converted at a set rate to the new currency.
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  8. Republic Commandos Jedi Advanced Recon Commandos (but Clone Wars, and not Imperial) Republic Security Bureau Republic Navy Idk, insert some more.
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  9. oh jeez please no EVO i still see the nightmares
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  10. I'd bring back the 442nd siege battalion Funny green troopers
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  11. So is armoury being refunded or is everything being 100% wiped
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  12. I am excited for the future gusky! Thanks to all dev members for the efforts towards the server! I will be back to cry about something, don't get worried @Stryker Love u
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