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    I had the pleasure of witnessing @Kristofer getting LEM, I also happened to be recording. IMG_9636.MOV
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Crispin Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54183216 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068632161/ Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Carnifex What date did the ban occur: 2018 April What was the reason for the ban: Constant Minge | No intent to RP Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I can't really remember it was two years ago and myself and Ben were rolling around and then he raided engine room and I was blamed with him even though I was AFK at the time. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I've had many second chances which is why I can completely understand if I'm never allowed back into the IG community but I'm here almost 2 years later finally realizing the mistakes and wrongs I've done, I'm going to talk about all the negative impact I've caused over my time on IG but I want people to know and I hope some already do is that I did bring some positive things to IG. I met a lot of people I probably wouldn't even bat an eye towards, I've had some really fun moments, I've commanded my own regiment a couple times, been back stabbed (a couple times), past on my knowledge and understanding to others while taking some of theirs too. Now to all the negatives and why I feel I have changed: Time: Time allows us to think about specific things that we have done and why we may of done them, time allows us to gain understanding and knowledge though experience to better know right from wrong. Helps us to know what to do in certain events and what not to do. Time also allows for maturity to blossom and have a big impact on our overall actions. One of my main issues was not really caring about things because I didn't really know what I even cared about, having a filter was also not one of my strong suits, I have learned that somethings just don't need to be said or certain actions don't need to be committed. I had a thing for talking down to others a lot of the time, messing around with people and just blatantly not caring about the person I was with. I made things very hard for some people making them have to go out of their way to deal with me. I didn't represent a colourful nature to new players and disrespected old ones, RDM is probably the most common way to minge but that wasn't my main thing, I was more of a verbal minge which looking back now I feel is worse because RDM doesn't really mean anything it's annoying but it's not personal, verbally attacking or harassing is and just shows how weak my own character is. To have it all summed up in one sentence is, I have changed greatly and I feel I've always wanted to bring positivity and fun to GMod but back then I allowed myself to changed how I was in game not didn't represent myself very well. I wanna say a big thank you to the staff team I don't know names but mainly Wingza for allowing me to post a second ban appeal early and just thanks for reading this whoever you are. I hope I'm allowed to prove myself though actions but like I said I have had many chances and I understand completely if this was denied. If there is any way I can prove myself that I am a changed person I will happily do it whether that would be a probationary period or anything. I once again apologise for everyone I have hurt over the years.
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    Denied Your actions and behaviour in the past have shown your true character to us and the community, because of this your appeal has been denied.
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    I will keep this short as I don't think alot needs to be said. -1 On the 27th April 2020 Crispin and another person tracked myself down on another community and proceeded to break several rules. On being pulled into Helpdesk decided to make several comments to a staff member about myself. Has also gone on a stream of another advisor and spammed racial material.
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    Grats @Kristofer i remember the wee days of being trial em with you
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    I very much doubt the TIE Defender would have made a lasting difference, considering the Rebel Alliance gaining access to the much needed flight data, eventually they would have developed a better fighter to compete with the TIE Defender Elite (Which is the flight data they took) besting both the regular Defenders and knocking every other TIE Fighter (Canon) out of the water. Sure, the Empire could have done with less expendable and more capable star fighters, but the point wasn't to go to Galactic scale war, it was to create peace & security by generating fear through power, scale and numbers. The are several things that could have been done to protect both Death Star's from their destruction. With the first, if Director Krennic wasn't killed by Wilhuff Tarkin having the Imperial Security Complex destroyed, Krennic would have returned to the super weapon and fixed the issue before it became a threat. There is some reference to Krennic's last thought somewhere, where he had re-visited the battle stations schematics and knew exactly what flaw was put in place, the one thing he paid little attention to because of its pure size. The DS-01 was already under construction before the end of the clone wars, the plans were developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, taking from their hands into the Galactic Republic's. The Empire was a Grand military designed to police star systems. The Empire needed to dedicate resources to the Death Star to ultimately leave the rest of the galaxy under the control of the Empire. Also I doubt TIE Defenders would be able make much of a difference against the Yuuzhan Vong either. The Empire did indeed dedicate a lot of resources to Project Star Dust, however there were many other projects in the works during the construction period of the Death Star. Such as "Project Cinder", the construction of Super Star Destroyers... and you get the point. It's not like those resources could have gone elsewhere as well. Imagine how many Imperial Class Star Destroyers could have been made instead of one Super Star Destroyer, same can be applied to the Death Star but both Super-scaled constructs had a purpose of maintaining order through fear. I wouldn't say they were developed by Tarkin, he basically just told them "the weaponized fighters should be extremely fast and maneuverable, energy efficient, and inexpensive to manufacture."
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    If I remember correctly, you were in fact banned from appealing again. I'm unsure if you've made an arrangement with management to make another ban appeal since then. Can I get @Wingza's confirmation if he is in fact allowed to appeal again? @zaspan
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    I would like to remind everyone (including staff) that only Staff Members and the member appealing may comment on the thread. Secondly, it is encouraged that rather than using upvotes and downvotes (especially on replies) you use the agree or disagree react as to allow people to post their true feelings. Please use common sense.
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    Tie fighter with a hyper-drive, better shields and guns that can easily take down multiple x wings as well as support and medium sized vessels > moon sized shithole that cant even destroy a singular x wing but instead get destroyed by it. If the Empire had better invested its money into the planning of a Grand Admiral instead of some angered Director it wouldn't have met its defeat. One of the Empires biggest setbacks was its inability to properly and effectively partake in fighter combat, this was a result of its poorly designed Tie fighters (developed by Tarkin). These tie fighters were without a hyperdrive, shield system and decent guns so that pilots wouldn't abandon the Empire while flying the fighters. This idea of pilots "ditching their ship and flying away" was later declared a myth by Grand Admiral Thrawn, he then developed the Tie Defender to fill in this massive flaw within the Empire, if it was better invested into we would still have an Empire with the best Star fighter corps known throughout the galaxy but instead we have nothing.
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    Same reasons as mentioned here, but will be at just Neutral for the time being instead.
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    Thankyou to everyone taking time out of their day to reply to my application, I appreciate it and I am taking into account everything being said. Also I am not sure where you guys have heard that I am easily influenced because I do not believe I can be easily influenced especially in RP, I would really like to reach out to you guys and talk about this if you have any time.
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    for those who can't be bothered to download the file
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    +1 I’m plus 1’ing since I have had numerous good experiences with Curly. He is very friendly and creative. I believe he would be a beneficial member to the EM team. Although one major issue is that I have never heard you use your mic in our multiple experiences. It is vital that you have a microphone especially when you are doing events, but other than that I wish you all the best Curly.
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    Neutral leaning to -1 Good Responses to App I have not had many interactions with you, so I dont know you that well From what I've heard, you can get influenced easily which I believe to be a negative when being a staff member
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    +1 -When on server, is mature af and RPs appropriately (can't say the same for Rust tho...) -Application demonstrates an appropriate knowledge of server rules.
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    Hello IG Community So after recent thoughts I have decided to basically step down from owner and move to the Advisor position to allow Cecil to take Ownership over IG and keep leading this community on the right path. This decision wasn't easy especially the history that IG has, the people I have met over the past 3 and a half years and on top of that all the friends I have made. When i first joined IG 3 years ago with a group of friends I would never of thought IG was going to go from a small 30-40 playerbase to the leading and biggest GMOD server/community for Oceania, this was a massive accomplishment that is all thanks down to the players, staff and some amazing people that have put in hundreds and I mean literals hundreds of their own time to improve IG over the past 3-4 years. IG has had its ups and down the past 3-4 years and it didn't look good for a set period of time where a incident occurred from people creating rumors and making up lies which took us down to 30-40 players however thankfully the truth came out and all was cleared of the rumours and lies regarding IG and IG became bigger than ever with people waiting to get in the server at 5pm on a weekday. This was a huge moment for everyone at IG as everyone in the staff team, management team and even players worked their asses off to prove that those lies and rumors were false and there hard work paid off. I have met some amazing people since joining IG and becoming its Owner, these people will know who they are as they are not just part of the Management team, they are Advisors, staff and even players that made me laugh and given me amazing memories i look back on when thinking about IG. Honestly though as much as everyone deserves allot of credit, there is a couple people that have amazed me over and over again and are one of the biggest reason (everyone pitched in but these people just took the stage by storm) and they are Whitey, Moose, RageTank and the devs. These people are the reason IG become optimized, always adding in new custom content with reforming everything and working hundreds of hours coding or creating spreadsheets and protocols and teaching people new ways to create and lead the rp on the server. Without them I think IG would of never become this big. Now I wouldn't say that I am not sad stepping down as Owner, It actually sucks as its like reaching a final destination on a amazing trip, I helped create a home for gamers, I helped create a place where people felt welcomed no matter what they believed in, there skin colour or anything, I helped make a place where everyone respected each other and created friendship groups that will last a very long time. The fact I help create this and helped lead this makes me very proud of everyone in IG and why it does truly suck that my time has come as Owner. However like all things, a community needs a vision and because I reached my vision I believe it's time for a new one with a fresh head of the community which is why I have handed it down to Cecil as he will lead this community into a fresh vision that will benefit IG. Honestly even though I know there are people out there that hate IG for their own reasons but they cannot deny the memories they made on IG, the laughter and friends they made will be with them for a very long time. Now I am not leaving IG as it is a home that I help create for Gamers, and I wouldn't want to leave that as I still have a lot of friends here that I will still talk to and play games with especially in the Teamspeak, I am simply stepping aside to Join Whitey and the others on the Advisors group to assist IG and its new Head/Owner push forward. Again I would like to thank all old players, new players, Staff, Developers, management and anyone that helped grow IG, you have honestly made me very proud to of been a Owner for such an amazing community and I will never regret the memories I have Made. Thank you all very much and I hope you help Cecil also lead this community. Regards, Ex Grand General Wolfy My final salute as Owner. O7
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    I remember this map like is was yesterday, the Ugandan Knuckles event, the constant bug attacks, the ST invasion of 2017. It will be good to go back
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    General Information Steam Name: twitch.tv/calaa | IG (Don’t know if having that name is breaking any forum rules by having my Twitch in it, if so notify me and I’ll get it changed) SteamID 32: STEAM_0:1:80421089 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/calathemoron/ In-Game Name: [CF|OD-88] ‘Sinatra’ In-Game Information Time Played Imperial RP: Current [3W 3D 2H] Before Dedi Reset [4W] - I am unsure of exact playtime and last recorded screenshot I have is a couple of months before reset when I was sitting on one week All in all around 7W playtime on the server, since I’m unable to provide screenshots only proof I have of the other playtime would be my XP level (115) Have you had any warns? I currently have 12 overall warns (Last warn dates to over a year ago). I see how this amount of warns warrants concern and I understand if you provide a negative response towards my application due to this high amount, I don’t want to make excuses towards these warns as they all are actions that I performed and none are false. Joining the server back in early 2018 I was around the age of 13 (Soon to be 14) and obviously as an immature kid, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of RP and therefore didn’t take the server overly seriously. In that mindset, I would often minge and avoid situations by disconnecting from the server and of course, in doing so ruined multiple peoples RP & created an extra level of stress for the staff team. I am wholeheartedly regretful of these actions as in the coming years I grew out of that immature mindset and attempted to rectify (to the best of my ability) these actions by talking to the staff members who had the displeasure of having the deal with these situations and any other parties who felt affected. Although I wasn’t able to contact everyone (Due to some leaving the community or my inability to get a hold of them) if anyone who was negatively affected by my behaviour does wish to speak to me you can contact me on Discord/TS/Forum messages and I’m sure we can come to a mutual understanding and I can sincerely apologize. I personally believe I have changed in the period of time since my last warning (I believe it is around a year and a couple of months ago) If someone can direct me to a list of my warnings/bans that I can properly see the date on, that'd be wonderful. If any further concerns are felt due to the excess of my warnings feel free to contact me with the methods above. Have you had any bans? I believe it is 4 bans, All bans came in conjunction with multiple warnings I would receive in a day and I would refer you to the above question for my apology/understanding of the situation. Once again if you have any further concerns about these bans you can contact me on Discord/TS/Forums and I'm more than happy to provide context and apologize to anyone that was negatively affected. (I honestly have no idea how to check my current bans if someone could contact me and show me how I’ll add the evidence of these bans and the amount) Have you ever been staff on any other communities/servers: Derivative Gaming SWTOR | Moderator-Admin (Admin would also act as Event Manager | 2017-2018 | Server shut down Derivative Gaming CWRP | Trial Mod | 2018 | Server shut down The Museum Imperial RP | Trial Mod - Moderator | 2019 | Personal internal problems with management, contact me if you would like more information Above is my current GMOD RP staffing experience, last year I also acted as community management for several smaller gaming communities that sometimes included GMOD servers but never held a staff role. I was mainly involved in any marketing/advertising efforts as well as financing and basic community moderator (Forums/TS Admin). I left those positions after my work was done as at the time I was focused on non-gaming endeavours and allowed others to take over. Application Questions Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I am applying to hold the position of Event Master on the server due to my general interest to increase the servers and my own RP capabilities, I would like to assist the server in its efforts to enhance immersion and provide overall community enjoyment. In part, my reasoning to apply is swayed by former actions and I would like to right my wrongs in any way I can assist the community and I believe at the current moment that would be to run and organise events to provide entertainment to other players. Overall if I was to characterize myself I've always enjoyed planning and executing ideas and view the Event Master role as an avenue in which I could further enhance that passion, while I have a basic understanding of Star Wars lore I wouldn’t say I’m an expert especially in the Imperial Era (If this was clone wars I’d be banging out the lore of every single character) but nevertheless I am very open to educating myself on the Imperial era to assist me in creating enjoyable yet accurate events. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? I believe I can bring a new take on events on the server and include several RP elements for the players who really enjoy RP to have (Character sheets, planet info, story arcs, Path-finding opportunities). I would bring a strong work ethic and the openness to assist anyone with any event. When RPing I do enjoy implementing new elements to spruce up the story or sometimes just snort into my mic (If you know you know) I would say I’m not very argumentative and often while I always will state my viewpoint/stance on situations I will fully listen to anyone with differing opinions as I know I’m not always correct and can more often than not be misinformed. I believe with a mindset like that I can take community reception and fully utilize it to provide events tailored to provide the maximum amount of enjoyment. With 4k+ hours on GMOD, I can safely say I know most of the workings of a GMOD RP server and how communities run/function, therefore, allowing me to analyse properly what the community really wants in events. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? I intend if being accepted to the Event Master position to closely analyse which events gain the most positive community reception and further expand on the core ideas that make those events work. A big thing I would like to do to make my events more enjoyable on the server is to implement multiple avenues of RP, not just in-game surrounding my events. This includes providing overhead views of maps I intend to use on off-ships and allowing troopers/officers to plan out pathfinding operations and scouting missions to add extra elements of RP. Fully enriched stories for events in which the Event Characters have a character sheet in which I will provide everyone before the events begin to help people further understand character motives and generally increase the RP. For more basic on-ship events due to the limited style, I would be focusing on the best way to provide some sort of twist/surprise to these events as it would be harder to provide character sheets/lore to random attacks. That being said during these on-ships I would like to gauge in which events work best at what time that being NPC/ECs or Passive/Aggressive. When it comes to on-ships I’d like to include more passive events for people to engage with as it seems mainly the events we have on-ship have taken a fall into a routine of (They blast into the hangar, shoot people, take bridge/engine room, take hostage, die) and I fully understand that it is difficult to not run events like that as the map/situation doesn’t allow for many options. I would also like to encourage joint operations of regiments for regimental events, pairings like Navy & 501st aren’t always that common but I would like to implement these sort of pairings into missions (Say send 501st to a planet (Orto) for an attack but have navy first run a scan on the planet and provide 501st with some info such as Enemy count, terrain & other info that could be useful instead of just giving the 501st a rundown of this info have the two regiments communicate and work together) I believe I will make events more enjoyable through these methods and hopefully with the proper knowledge of lore and the tools the server provides EMs I am able to take my skill to the next level and provide entertaining events even out of events that without extra elements would be mediocre. Do you have a basic knowledge of ULX? Yes, I understand the way the program works and should be able to pick up how the server has configured it quite easily. Anything else you would like to add? Just once again if anyone would like to contact me regarding the warnings/bans I am open to chat with anybody. If you have any suggestions regarding the application or my event ideas I am open to all feedback and either comment the feedback down below or if you want to contact me privately. Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T_BT8Sg03dLd_Tf9xrBFOKp5DykU-HN9eEJ2CFnGgJ4/edit?usp=sharing (Also read attached character sheet) https://docs.google.com/document/d/19Wa5Dwg7eCyfuo7XlkhGbf5y5eLgr1KNrJc0zsq_AE0/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zxWY2CwBtxlVywqH-bscIqLBWlGq2BQl1KW_BePfYaM/edit?usp=sharing I agree to all terms & conditions - Sinatra
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    "I'm not easily impressed... and yet... your art PAC...has impressed me." +1
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    Everything has flaws and as I stated earlier... - The Rebel Alliance would have created a counter eventually, especially after capturing the flight data to make it easier. - Krennic would have removed the flaw if he had survived - Tarkin decided to have the Death Star's Fleet Deployed - TIE Defender is more fighter combat orientated, so practically not that effective against corvettes and even less so with the flight data programmed into the firing solutions, especially against upper class vessels like Mon Calamari cruisers. - Tarkin if he had survived would not have allowed the same mistake to happen again - Literally Imperial High Command not taking the Rebel Alliance seriously, excluding General Cassio Tagge. I wouldn't say heaps of credits went into the Death Star as people expected, slavery and they died in very large numbers meaning the Empire practically had little care for their workforce of slaves to the point of not being able to provide the necessary essentials from living healthy so the workforce can maintain itself longer. Oh and just general raids and salvaging of material regardless. Plus, if they had the ability to develop a second bigger death star, then palpatine with a fleet over ten thousand star destroyers with super lasers. I'm sure the Empire's economy is fine, lets say the Empire won at Endor. Palpatine would most likely still create those star destroyers in mass. Also... Jedha City, Scarif, Alderaan, It's own destruction are four very beautiful explosions. TIE Defender project on Lothal: fuel supply go boom :eyes:
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    +1 Really great guy and has definetely changed since his warns/bans. I think he would be a great fit as an EM and my experiences with him in CF have been very enjoyable thus far. Not only has he matured but he has the initiative to create immersive and well planned events. His event ideas are also very detailed along with his application. Good luck with your application Sinatra. (Hopefully you remember writing this post Sinatra)
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    100% Agreed Little X-Wing go pew pew your station = gone. TIE/D go Pew Pew rebel fleet = gone
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    When I die I want that to be the last sound I ever make
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    Moon sized battlestation that can destroy planets > Tie fighter with more wings and better guns
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