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    Hello IG Last year IG in December did hospital donations, in November I will be doing something different, this year we will be raising money to support a workmate of mine who is going through a time where he needs it most, recently his partner not naming names for privacy has had to go through treatment for Cancer and sadly passed away this week sadly. Sadly, in this case, they both have children, now for this month I have decided to make that all donations from November will go towards either the gofundme that was set up a while ago, or just transfer the money directly to his account so there no commission or hand it to him directly in cash so he is able to use it to support the family during these tough times. As a community, I would appreciate all the help we can get to achieve a goal of 2 thousand to match the hospital donation or hopefully achieve a bigger goal than that so the person can not have to worry about expenses and more spend time with the family. All the help we can get would be greatly appreciated and I will try to be outsourcing from different facilities to also help achieve our goal. I would like to say this, please donate for this cause, do not do it for myself, or any other member of this community, please do it to help a family that is going through something that no one should have to go through ever. Thank you for all those that do donate for this, Regards, Wolf
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    Hello, It's been a fun ride over the year and a bit that I've been a part of this community but it's time for me to say adieu, and resign from moderator and probably the community. IG has been quite fun for me, from Imperial to Clonewars to Santos and back to Imperial, I've made a lot of great memories here and made a lot of friends. Honorable mentions: Obviously the CloneWars bois: @Bailey @Happy @Delta @Marlu @Luigi @Vadrian @Mongo @SiegeMonkey @John @Rickle @Jeb @Aphrodite @Peter Had a lot of fun on Clonewars with you boys, was a blast, thank you for making my time on clonewars such a fun time and sticking around on it. Some other bois: @Zote @Rook @Helsing Had a great time in Marauders with you guys, had heaps of fun burning a sith lord around a map fire. @Wingza @Cecil The good old Shadow Trooper bois, had fun hanging around with you two and sneaking onto the [REDACTED]. @Parcy @Jesis Known you two since around the server started, Jesis with showing me how to minge, Parcy being a Terrible Great Eventmaster. Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, if I mentioned everyone this would probably take hours to write. Thank you for the great times Imperial Gaming, It's been a fun ride.
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    This is not a Media Team Production. Hope you enjoy. Thanks to Everyone that helped!
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    Hi Guys, This coming Saturday the 8th at 6pm AEST, Imperial gaming will be launching a new server My Little Pony RP Santos RP. For those who are unfamiliar with this game mode, here are some of the key features : - Police - Gangs (Including gang territories) - Progressive crafting and skills system. - 10+ jobs to choose from - Inventory and storage system + More This server has been in development for the last 3 months, and we now feel that the server is ready to launch. That being said, there may still be minor bugs that have gone "undetected" by the development team. @Carnifex Will be moving over to Santos as the Server Manager. You can find the content pack here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754928824 Big thanks to the following people who put a lot of time and work into making the server possible : @Ragetank @Sayrex Main Devs @Kurt Graphics @Veybur @Carnifex Rules & Guidelines @Wolf Fast upload speed See yous on there ; )
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    I'm not sure how many of you will be able to relate to this but it's something that I've thought about over the past few days as I hit my one year anniversary with IG and got some flashbacks to my first experiences on the server, particularly within Vader's Fist. The feeling that I'm talking about of course is that initial innocence of when you first joined the server, taking things really seriously, not knowing where to go around the map and discovering new things every day, working as hard as possible when promotions from PVT to PFC felt rewarding and well earned. Without me even noticing until now, that feeling is completely gone and it kinda sucks to be honest as it was something that made every experience on the server exciting and interesting. Maybe it's just me but I'd love to go back and play through those first couple of months all over again.
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    Steam Name: jaegeR Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:79857744 In game name and rank: NT Staff Sergeant ✘ N05 ✘ {AO} Jaeger How long was the ban: Perma Staff who banned you: Frank When was the ban: I'll assume sometime last night, I haven't been on in 24 hrs and found out about this only 10 minutes ago. Reason for ban: Doxxing/Player Disrespect Explain the situation: Ok, so this one really caught me by surprise. When I first joined nova in around about December, Jack was one of my higher-ups. He stuck around until about January-ish and then decided he wanted to go join SCAR. This was all cool, he left, all g. For whatever reason he didn't get into SCAR and ended up an ST Sergeant (I believe, may have been SSGT). Still, no issues. We removed him from teamspeak as you would do, since it's for Nova Troopers. No issues for a week and a bit. For whatever reason he ended up an ST PVT (no idea why, myself). As nova, we did our stuff etc. Guarded MHC as you would, did our jobs basically. Jack is an ST PVT, but seems to think he is above that rank and loiters a fair bit around MHC asking to talk to us. We don't have time to and don't wish to as we are having our own conversations and trying to do our jobs. So we treat him like anyone else and ask him to move along, please stop loitering, as you would. He starts getting really agitated over the next week or so, spamming some of us with all caps angry steam messages and in game, especially to me. He also accuses us of RDA when we attempt arrest or call AOSes on him for loitering. I ask him to stop, he simply keeps them coming. I chuck a couple of these in OOC during quiet server hours (we're talking mornings, about 10-20 people on) just to show how profanity-filled and offensive these messages are. Jack decides that this is "Doxxing". Now, just to give you an idea of what that is, here's a definition: verb informal gerund or present participle: doxxing search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. "hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures" Now I don't know about you, but none of what I did was "searching and publishing private or identifying information" about him. PMs are not private to him, they are sent to another person. And as for malicious intent, putting a few in OOC to show people the kind of stuff I was getting is not malicious. I'm simply showing people the kind of stuff I'm being sent and spammed with. As for actual copies of the pms, I'll quote some in here if someone can find them (I have someone checking now). This stuff was irritating and offensive to no end. I'll admit, I got a bit upset with him but nothing I ever sent him was as offensive as what I was sent. Asking him to leave an area, please get going, and explaining to him that I wasn't doxxing him was about as bad as it got. Why you deserve to be unbanned: Frankly, this whole situation got way out of hand way too fast. Jack is (barring minges) about the only player I've ever had a conflict with in my 3 months on this server. It's been a really great experience so far and I've enjoyed interacting with people in a friendly environment. I think the issue here is that Jack might have forgotten his rank and permissions (eg the loitering), and that I might have been a bit too hard on him to start with. However this all escalated to the point where accusations of doxxing started to be thrown around, not to mention the spamming. I understand that it mightn't have been a great idea to put the messages in OOC, but I did it with the sole intent of showing others what kind of messages I was being sent constantly. In conclusion, I believe that I should have my ban shortened or removed since this has been a one time issue and I have not had a history of conflict. I also believe that the accusation of Doxxing is false, as nothing I did fit within that description in any way, shape, or form. I'd like to thank you for giving up your time to read this appeal and hope there can be a speedy resolution to this issue. Sincerely, Jaeger Quick Edit: I'd also like to mention that admins never spoke to me, and there was no sit. All this happened last night while I was offline.
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    Hello IG Members, So this month brings on some of the biggest changes to the Imperial Gaming community both server and community wise. First one is the biggest change and I personally think the saddest of all, our beloved Kosmos has decided after a lot of hard consideration and personal turmoil to retire from being owner of Imperial Gaming and instead take up his well honoured and deserved place of Community Founder. Kosmos is in no way leaving the Community but with an increasing workload in his personal life with his career and studies he has decided that he can not dedicate himself as much as he feels this community deserves and believes that someone who can continue his legacy and give us the attention we deserve should take up the mantel relieving the burden from his shoulders. After great discussion Kosmos has asked that I take up the role of Community Owner which I have graciously accepted, I hope I can live up to the expectations that Kosmos as Owner created and fill the void that he leaves. Another big change is Moose after a year of developing for the server and the community has decided to step down as Head Developer and instead take on the role of Super Admin overseeing Senior Admin and below. Moose has done a lot of the last 12 months for the community and will continue to be an important asset but deserves a well earnt break and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts for what he has done for Imperial Gaming. Rest up Tiger. With this we would like to announce Martibo as Senior Developer who will work with Moose to take on the role and keep the Server moving forward in a great direction to which you will all enjoy! upcoming changes: Christmas update: We have the thought of placing a Santa hat available on point-shop for all users to buy (Buy with in-game credits earned by playing on the server) and wear over the Christmas holidays. New Developer: Martibo Donation Store: Over the Christmas week the donation Store will have specials on different items. Events: With being Christmas and holidays coming up fast we will be doing more events to cater for more players on the server earlier in the day. Regiment Cleanup: We will be removing Regiments from the Regiment lists that have not been used/active for over 4-5 months, this will mean the f4 regiment list will be smaller and cleaner however this is a maybe as it is a big change (This means that say someone bought a regiment in January and has not been used/been inactive until now it will be removed from the server). Models being removed form workshop: Recently EA has decided to go through the workshop and DMCA workshop star wars models which has resulted in people seeing errors, if this is the case then if we cannot get the models back on the workshop we will be adding them into our FastDL which will allow players to download them Logo: A few months ago we decided to let our members create a new Logo, we had many applicants with various designs and we will be deciding and revealing the winner on IG anniversary Other small changes will also be added to the server over the next month but they are not needed to be listed. I hope that all our members enjoy the last term of school and enjoy your School Holidays coming up Regards, Wolf
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    Hi. As you may have noticed from the thread title, King Pommes will soon be releasing an update to his DS map. Although there are many cool new additions (interrogation room, new control room and more), this update mainly aims to address many of the issues with the initial release. Hallways have been shortened/removed to prevent players from getting lost, key facilities such as the medbay, spawn room and brig have been moved closer to the center of the map for ease of access and the overbridge has been reworked to allow players to go from one side to the other without passing through the NPCC. In addition to all this, pretty much the whole map has been compressed to allow for quicker travel times.(and to stop you noobs from getting lost) If the pictures below aren't enough to fill your appetite, there are some more on King Pommes' profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/jakobb71/screenshots/. Please share your thoughts and @Guskywalker any queries below. Vader's Chambers Moved New Overbridge Layout New Brig Location Interrogation Room Hangar Blast Doors Relocated Control Room
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    It's time again for some more death star screenshots. As you may or may not know since my last post, King Pommes has been hard at work with his map. Below are some fresh new screenshots. If you have any question about the areas just leave a comment below and I'll try and find out. Enjoy! If those screenshots weren't enough, you can check King Pommes profile for some more screenshots (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032764397/).
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    Hello IG. for the past 8-9 months, i have been an event master for the server. Running events almost anytime i can and attending to my own regiment. However, althouh i have had some good times and made a lot of what i would call friends throughout this experience, i may have to say that it isnt all just rainbows and sunshine. EMs, right now are struggling. We struggle to keep doing events because, to be honest, the cogs have stopped turning. We no longer have the strength to keep doing these events. Managing up to 90+ people a day, having to deal with event characters, having to deal with people's complaints and having to work out how to make every one happy. The truth is, you cant. It is impossible. Hell, i cant even make myself happy anymore, i keep trying to smile and laugh and do what i would call "meming" but really, its just cry for help. Im sick and tired of feeling useless, i try to put on this fake persona so that people think thst i am actually happy with myself and what i do, but im not. when you tell an EM that thier event wasnt their best, they know, and they know it a lot better then you. All the ideas have been done, its just recycled garbage now. No offence to the EMs who do try their hardest, and to be honest, we all do, but right now, its hard. No one wants to do this job, and the people who do might not be cut out for it. people have been bringing up how off ship events have not happened for the past day or two. This is correct, and the reason is, is because event masters cannot stand changing the map, setting characters, setting HP, setting weapons, spawning shit for the event, spawning props, taking complaints etc etc. its a huge hassle. On ship events are so good for EMs because its just easier. Some people complain that the events are not thought out. Well, they aren't. As an em, you have little time to plan much. You cant write out an entire fucking essay for your event like you could in the old days. Now, the server is more populated, players need fun, and if they dont get fun, they leave, and, if we dont plan, there is more room for error, more things can go wrong. If you write out an essay for your event, the event will always go south and your going to probably toss your plan. if you dont like the current events, i would advise that you sign up to be an EM, since you obviously know how they should be done, we need people like you to join us because you have all the ideas and you know what to do. By the way, i do enjoy at times being an em. The sensation you get when your event is over is incredible, especially if your event was a smash hit. And getting to know all the ems and the admins and be well know is great to. There are pros to being an em, im not saying there isn't, because being an em can be so fun and cool, dont doubt me there. event masters get more shit flung at them then support. How about instead of flinging your 2 miserable cents at as, you get off your ass and actually help us, support us. You want better events? Stop making the event masters feel like garbage and maybe, just maybe, you might get a good event. - Sorry for the rant, but im tired of feeling like shit. -tbh ill probably delete this soon cause i know this will get backlash. So, from the past, thanks already for the BS, i get it enough, im used to it.
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    My my my what a thread, I can already tell that you have not changed one single bit, please tell me where it states in the rules where It says our staff team cannot comment? As I am pretty sure it states only STAFF are allowed to comment on unban appeals so you have obviously not read our rules but wanting to be unbanned. Secondly you and your temper need to go to a icy lake and chill because at the moment I have seen all I need to deny this appeal just from your replies alone. I can already see if you are unbanned you will be hot headed on the server, cause issues then be perm ban again in under 1 week as no offence you are exactly like every other person that gets unbanned and banned again. I believe you are not ready to come back in this comnunity as even after 1 year it seems you have not reflected on any of your behaviour or actions that caused you to be banned. I will leave the rest for Chopz to decide as at the moment my opinion of you is on the floor.
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    Donation Terms and Conditions By donating to Imperial Gaming Community you will agree to these terms and conditions set by the Imperial Gaming Community: 1. By donating to this community you agree that the money is non-refundable. 2. We will not aim to remove your privileges unless you have broken the community's rules/terms and conditions. 3. We are able to remove the package you have bought at any time, this includes if you've become inactive, the package will be revoked. 4. We are not obliged to edit/change your class/job/regiment after you donate. Once you donate it is final, you may ask however we are not obliged to do it. 5. Once you donate for a regiment/job you have the ability to switch to another role on the store that is equivalent or lower price than your current one. This period only lasts for 48 hours. Once that period is up you are not allowed to transfer jobs and you require to purchase them. 6. Once you donate to Imperial Gaming you accept all donation terms and conditions. By donating to Imperial Gaming you accept that any money sent to Imperial Gaming is a donation, not a purchase. You are donating to the server and in return the, the Management Team are thanking you by giving you benefits that may be in game on our Garry's Mod server, Teamspeak 3 or our website. As you are donating to Imperial Gaming, not purchasing goods, the Management Team have no obligation to issue a refund for any reason, although they may choose to do so at their own discretion. Attempting any kind of chargeback/refund, through a bank or PayPal, will result in a permanent community ban from all Imperial Gaming servers. All chargebacks/refunds may be challenged through all official channels. Wolf, Community Owner.
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    This post would have come months ago if people weren't put into a state of fear by said person to keep themselves silent. The fact that qteks has the guts to do this make me want to kiss him. Corrupt Staff have no place.
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    Hello there! Yeah I've been posting a few screenshots on my Steam profile for a few days now, been hard at work on a new update. I originally just wanted to fix the lifts really quickly, but the update rapidly spiraled into a much larger update. And by now I've added a tonne of new cool features already. I'll do my best to keep the map stable and performing optimally. But one downside of adding more interactive things, is that it does require more memory for the map to run properly. The more cool things I add, the slower it will be on lower end PCs. Thanks! And yes, I've been quite busy the past week. Yes, because there's not supposed to be a Sith temple in a hallway Though if you look closely in the first picture Gusky posted, in the room in front of the Main Generator (cause that's the canon name) there is a lift on the left side of that room. That lift goes down to the old exterior Main Generator room. So in theory you could go around your precious Sith Temple by just using the lift. Since I've been getting so much requests for moving the medbay, I might change the location. But yes, right now they are in the same room as the old one. I'm not yet sure if I'll move the medbay for this update. But I have a few possible options for a new location (Not the location you guys are using though, because that's much too small). There's also some stuff I don't have any screenshots for yet. As Gusky said, I've added a fourth TIE launch bay next to the three that were already there. That hallway extension that is visible in the last screenshot in Gusky's post leads around the small hangar and goes directly to the lift in the back of the hangar behind the blast door. This will serve as a way in and out to the pilot bunks under the hangar in case the blast doors are locked. In the interior Main Generator room it's possible to turn off the generator. This stops it from turning, stops the sound. But this also locks all the multi floor lifts, closes and locks all blast doors, disables hyperspace, the buttons for those will be greyed out and freezes the security camera. Once the generator is turned on again all the things will be unlocked and turned on again as well. This can be fun for RP, but it also will serve as an in universe function to reset the lifts in case they break. These are just the things that I have already implemented. Among other things I'm also working on a model for the holo projection for the ISD status on the bridge. This same model will also be used for the fleet in space.
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    I think IG needs its own drama series
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    Hey guys so we are wanting to change the map for our santos server and we want your input to decide our future of the server. So the first map is union city which is a dark city with sketchy ally ways and a dark feeling to it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1681190843&searchtext=union+city The second map is rockford it is a city which pretty much has it all a city a suburban area and highways. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1455068390&searchtext=rockford The third option is new exton this is set in a city of Australia. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1318768443&searchtext=New+exton
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    Hello everyone, There isn't really much to say except thank you for all the tips and salutes that you have all given to me during my work hour. But I also wan't to bring up another thing, a hugeeeee thanks to @Cody for giving me a promotion to Corporal and another big thanks to @Hammer for giving me a promotion to Lance Corporal. I am going to continue bringing people up to the third floor and down to the first floor. Thanks all. GUARDIAN OF THE ELEVATOR bids you farewell.
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    Power of the people I have lowered the price for the Pulse cannon to 400,000 credits the other prices, however, will stay the same. 1000 hrs for Non-Donators 666 hrs for Non-Donators with [IG] Tag 666 hrs for Donators 500 hrs for Donators with [IG] Tag
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    Isn't this like the 5th PAC3 application you've made? Stop fucking deleting them every time you get a negative response or we'll never give it to you, take constructive criticism and improve from your mistakes, this is the last PAC3 app you will ever make, let's hope you improve.
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    Congratulations to @Cecil on his promotion to... uh...
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    Good Evening, There was a suggestion made both by the community and the staff team a while ago for Mastiffs to be able to have thermal version as the Death Troopers do on the Imperial Server. We have made the decisions to allow Mastiffs to use thermal visions in the same capacity that Death Troopers are able to on the Imperial server governed by the same rules. Kind Regards, Cody
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    ATTENTION: MASSIVE GIVEAWAY Christmas is upon us and to celebrate the season of giving i'm hosting a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY! The giveaway will take place on December 25th 2018 at exactly 6PM AEST! To go in the draw all you have to do is make sure you are in the Imperial Gaming Team speak server (ts3.imperialgaming.net) and join the giveaway channel which will be available for exactly 1 minute at 6pm and after the minute it will be closed and all who are in the channel will go in the draw to win 1 of 2 MASSIVE PRIZES! First Place: $100AUD Visa Card Second Place: 50,000 Credits on the Imperial Gaming Server some smaller prizes may also be on offer.... *All prizes are paid for in full by me however if you wish to contribute anything to the giveaway as small bonus prizes, contact myself*
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    Do your stats look like this? -----------STATS---------- Intimidation - 0 Seriousness - 0 Scariness - 0 ----------------------------- Overall - 0 ----------------------------- Results - Not Scary Let's change that. These are the best tips to increase your intimidation, seriousness and most importantly, scariness. 1) Walk around everywhere (Don't be in a rush! Walking around will make you look special, important and intimidating! This will score you +2 intimidation points) 2) Don't at ease people (Don't at ease people! This will make it look like you deserve all the salutes you get. At easing is a sign of weakness and happiness. We are not here to do that! You will get +1 seriousness points) 3) Have a deep voice (Deep voices are key! If someone is doing something wrong and you talk to them with that juicy voice box they will immediately shape up! This will get you +3 intimidation points) 4) Have a monotone voice (Show no emotion, show no fear! Having a monotone voice means you cannot be disturbed! YOU ARE STRONG! From doing this, you will get +1 seriousness points) 5) Raise your voice when someone does something wrong (Now this, will scare the hell out of people! This will ensure that NO-ONE will make you angry again! If someone hears your beautiful deep, monotone voice and then you yeet them a BIG FAT ROAR this will definitely get them to shiver! This will give you +5 scariness points) 6) Do not minge (This is pretty obvious. If you minge, your not serious which will make you not scary. Not minging will give you a nice +3 seriousness points) 7) Use proper grammar and spelling in OOC, Comms and other types of chat form (nO seRIous aNd SCeRy pEople taLK LiKe Thiss! PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING PEOPLE. DO IT! This will give you +2 seriousness points) 8) Stare at people (That's right. Just flat out stare at people. Just stare. Don't say a word, just continue staring. This tactic will give you +1 scariness points) Now, let's look at your stats again. -----------STATS---------- Intimidation - 5 Seriousness - 7 Scariness - 6 ----------------------------- Overall - 18 ----------------------------- Results - Very Scary Now THAT's better! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.
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    Foreword: I’d like to apologise to the community and those directly affected by my actions that lead up to a just ban. I acknowledge the immaturity of my actions on the day of my ban. I do not play Garry’s Mod, at least not to the extent I used to. I put up this ban appeal in the hopes that I can make peace with those I’ve previously upset and occasionally visit the server that kickstarted my SWRP experience. Thank you for reading this thread. Steam Details Steam Name: Kix Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:114042335 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KIXTHETROOPER/ In Game Details In Game Name: Kix In Game Rank: Corporal In Game Regiment: Riot Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Ridge banned me from the forums. I do not know who placed the ban for the server. What date did the ban occur: February 22nd, 2018. What was the reason for the ban: “Advertising different server and attempt to poach players through PMs.” Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: It was close to or the night in which Empire Gaming was released, & the forums were boiling over with tension. I inappropriately used Imperial Gaming’s Forum as a platform to push my agenda, through slandering the IG name and contacting my friend @Twinkie and asking if he would join Empire Gaming, a server which I had recently moved to from Imperial Gaming. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I'm not sure I do. I fully understand my actions were out of line, and I feel the punishment appropriately fits the behaviours I displayed back in February. I'd like to be unbanned so I can occasionally join the server and say hello. One thing I can promise, you will see no more of the immature behaviour I displayed previously. I understand that my behaviours threatened the server in a pressing time, and it was selfish & inconsiderate.
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    I gave you multiple chances to confess and you lied to me deliberately in hopes you wouldn't get punished, you lied to me by saying you said a different word. I standby on my decision to ban you for 2 weeks -1
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    Because this post has gotten out of hand I am now going to have to put my foot down to explain different situations. Now to start off with I am upset that the Staff team has blown this out of proportion. Firstly I see this as very wrong way of doing this and also a way that shows no respect to myself, when a report is given to me with evidence I sit down with the party and discuss like I have done recently, I show respect and I make everyone speak to each other like Adults however if they do not treat me with respect I show them I do not continue the meeting and I will ignore them due to I do not have time to deal with people who cannot show respect when they are given it. To the User that has posted this, I am not aiming this at you as you have done the right procedure by creating this thread however some people have blown this up to the point that I do not find this Professional at all with some of the comments I have read from particular staff members that are having a go at other people who have a different opinions to them in this situation. I do have a concern that the staff team gets too involved with these scenarios, and by too involved I mean they let their emotions control them and start having a go at players/other staff members or making comments based off emotions and not the facts. A comment made tonight is that "us going public makes the higher ups do shit" is actually completely false, it actually shows that the respect I give you as not only staff members but as a team is being thrown out the window and stomped on which upsets me to know that the respect I try to give is wiped on the ground and thrown into my face. Another comment I noticed is that someone has said "Another post that should have been made months ago, however, due to the state of fear was never done by said person." I literally almost snapped my pen because of this due to the fact that the reason this post was made was that he knew that nothing will happen to him, no one will ban him and no one will yell at him for following procedures by uploading what he sees as a evidence. Ridge has been assisting Imperial Gaming In-Game and Out of game, spending hours arguing with me on projects, working with me on different projects and assisting other players creating different methods to help ImperialRP. A comment that is always thrown around is that “He's a red tag/he's friends with the owner/Community manager so nothing will be done” is one of the stupidest comments I have heard as I give countless opportunities to staff members no matter there rank of there friendship with me, some of them being the driven forces for this, I will not name and shame however they know who they are so they should think about the opportunities I have given them when they are not red tags. Regarding being friends with myself, yes Ridge and myself are friends due to the fact that with doing all these projects together has brought us closer together along with the other Top-tier staff such as Admins, SNR Admins. A good example for this is Little and myself, Little and I have a very particular friendship where practically if he was in trouble I would fly down to help him as him and myself have grown a massive friendship however when he does something wrong I still talk to him and get up him for it like I do with to the other SNR Admins. You might go oh its a slap on the wrist, No trust me its not, as yes they are my friends however Imperial Gaming does come first as that is the duty I need to uphold while being a Community Owner which means that punishments are given out such as revoked access to functions if they sue it incorrectly. I will also revoke certain things they are able to do on the server and in the community, you may not have seen punishments I have given as I do not need to involve the public to the punishments I give out. With the majority of these reports, I have noticed that these do not revolve around his title of Senior Admin, more his General rank and the fact that people are apparently scared of AOS Generals when they do something wrong. I do not know where this has come from however if any Rank does something that is arrestable then they can be AOS. I myself was stripped of my rank for 1 week as punishment for shooting into the fog on rishi-moon and accidentally hitting a fighter and I had the rank of High General, if a High general can get in trouble for an accidental shot then a General can be arrested. If you think that Ridge has gone against In character aspects that deserve a demotion from General submit your evidence in the appropriate way. This is all I am going to say on this matter, as the rest of it will be discussed internally with other evidence if submitted.
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    Ubermolen giving us some top tier singing in the Navy Teamspeak. Actual Mad Lad. ts3_recording_19_10_12_20_10_49.wav - Credit to Pickle for the video.
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    As you can see this Post is Made in Heaven, It'll Give you a Sheer Heart attack. I Felt Very Under pressure To make a Special Post for the big 2000. i Had One Vision To Film Me Singing a Song for this but i was busy with School and IRL Commitments. These Forums are the Love Of my Life, So Don't Stop me now. These Milestones, Another one bites The dust. So Much has happened Since i First Joined IG and Thats what makes me Love it so much, I'm at 2 and half years RN and i don't regret a Moment, As they say The Show must Go On! So Remember Keep Yourself Alive! I'm doing a Reveal Look below Ok Lets keep Going I have One thing to Say to everyone We will Rock you! We being me Rock you being= Gamer time I Guess we can all agree We are the Champions! i Have some people i'd like to thank Rickle- Being a Very Good Friend Bailey- Being a Supportive Friend Shepard- Being an amazing Workmate Luigi- Always Being a Kink and funny friend Mongo- Being a Good lad Basil- Being a Great Dad Fizzy- Being one of the Boys Frost- Coming back and helping with CW Cecil- Giving me a Chance On Imp server Whitey- Giving me the best time of my Life on Cw Lime- being a Supportive 2ic Fox- Being a Kind Co Broken- Being a Kind Friend Rex, Archer, Cure, Pickle, Wombat, Sky, Corvo and Kris- Being Amazing staff members Who Have supported me in the Change Over Boris and Joel- being cute Aera and Chris- Bestest Eng Bros Radcop, Grif, Carswell, Tank and Lucky- Being amazing IHC and NHC Vanilla, Gregis and Eclipse- Being amazing people i can chat with- And Devs! Red and Loki- Medic Nights are fun thanks for havin me :p Sterling- Love ya bud <3 Auzii- being the best ya minge Swallows, Fludders, Hankeye and Ping- MEdics! Sillar- Forums gang John, Zote, Iris and Horus Minecraft gang Peguin and Ramirez- Cool Guys i Guess thats it And Kamelieon- Your a Killer Queen <3 Thats it from me i think you guys are all My Best Friend I'm waiting for The Hammer To fall I have One vision, that we all Become Closer Remember Too Much love will kill you now! Spread your wings! Friends will be Friends! Till The very End..... Ok I'll stop <3
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    This video dedicates itself to my main man Basil. Thanks for being so awesome Basil, even if it doesn't seem like it I do appreciate you and your friendship in game man. <3 Also come back please. @Basil
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    Hello Imperial Gaming. In light of us visiting one of our rotation maps yesterday (Naboo) a couple ideas and thoughts were brought to light throughout the day that @zaspan and I thought we'd look into further. The question is, would you like to see the current Death Star map used as one of our rotation maps? There are two main reasons why we decided to stop using the current map being; 1. The map creator said he was working on a better version after feedback from different communities, 2. And the main reason being the playerbase always drastically decreased while we were on said map. The two reasons being it felt like you were almost playing a hallway simulator and you seemed to rarely encounter anyone. The second one being events heavily relied of passive RP elements as obviously the Death Star cannot be attacked by rebel forces due to lore. So we thought we'd ask the community what their thoughts were on the proposed change as that's why we primarily moved back the the Star Destroyer. Feel free to leave a comment as well as your vote below. - Cecil and zaspan.
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    Hey guys, recently I've been thinking of making some banners for the Server to place on walls, such as "Loose lips sink starships", etc. To give the Server a more authentic Imperial feel with the brainwashing propaganda in order to make all of their troopers subservient and worried about not reporting things. I have some already in mind, but if you have any ideas or any links to ones that are cool, please send them through. And if any of the Graphic Designers want to make some, you're welcome to as well, I'll be looking at putting them on props and making them something you can actually put ingame. (@Kurt, @Vanilla, @Auzii and @Sully I think is all of them). Also, yes, they need to be Imperial. Any help is appreciated.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Proven Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:178955391 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Proven01/ In Game Details In Game Name: Proven In Game Rank: N/A (Cannot recall) In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Corps (Presumably) Ban Details How long was the ban for: The duration of the ban was permanent, stipulating that I would be unable to re-appeal or be welcomed back for a maximum of two years. However, an equitable consensus between Whitey, Wolf and I was reached, which lifted this restriction, permitting me another chance to appeal. Which staff member banned you: Jok Donassius (AKA Cody, I believe.) What date did the ban occur: 19 | 08 | 2018 at 00:04:23 PM What was the reason for the ban: "Violation of unban conditions." After I was stuck in spawn, I impulsively made the decision to kill the people of whom I was stuck inside in order to get free of the ST spawn and move on with the event. Certainly not the best decision. Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: How can I? It was death by a thousand cuts, and I'm still yet to figure out who I let down the most; whether it be myself, or the community. A memorable journey woven with regretful mistakes resulted in the gradual accumulation of warnings, which lead to the inevitable spiral of my ban. I was helpless, hurt, and lost, and as a result of my own decisions, I was removed from a community I held dearly to my heart. I've been told in the past that each warning was a chance to redeem myself that I never took, but that was never how I viewed it. I was naive, childish, and lacked the knowledge and foresight to realise that shit needed to change, and shit needed to change now. I can't say I'm not the same person anymore; I am. I still have the same sense of humour that made people laugh. I still have & had the same mind that would put the interests of others before my own. But the one thing I haven't dragged with me is the burden of ruining the fun of others, and throwing away valued friendships for reasons I didn't even know. These past months have humbled me, and I, as well as many others, are satisfied with the progress I have made behaviourally, and I don't plan on ever returning to my former self. So with that, I leave you. I leave you to dictate whether or not I am welcome within your community. This isn't my first ban appeal, but I can assure you, it will be my last. I don't expect any of you to ever trust me again, but what I do ask is for one final chance to prove to you all that I can and have changed. I thank you all dearly for taking the time to review this, and wish you a blissful evening. Always, Proven.
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    To Whom it may interest, As you may be aware I applied for and got accepted as Commanding Officer of Military Police on the Clone Wars Server. I don't believe, nor do I wish to maintain two vital posts over two servers. So I will be resigning from Command of 442nd on 19th Janurary which is the opening of the Clone Wars server. I have offered the position to multiple people, willing to train them as my 2nd in command as a future successor. No one was willing to take the standard into battle... Due to the new server opening so soon, I will also no longer have the time to train someone for that position. It is most likely going back for donation. 442ND It has been an absolute honour to once again be thecommanding officer of 442nd Siege Battalion. I took control of the regiment on 25/11/2018, people said I wouldn't last a week... They said no one would join... 442nd returned to its former glory. I was able to bloster the regiments numbers and even bring back old 442nd members Harkane & Guy from when I was a General, the OG days. We maintained a good a strong regiment with the 442nd Standard: Obedience, Loyalty & Dicipline. Too my troopers in the 442nd, it has been a privilage to be your commanding officer. I only hope I have lead you as well as you have served faithy in my command. A regiment with just a command is no regiment at all, just a dream and you all made it a reality. I thank you for that Effective as of 19/01/2019 all current members of 442nd will be removed and made into Storm Troopers, once more into the breach... If anyone wishes to find me, I will be on the new server as Commanding Officer of Military Police. Happy to talk OOC regarding this server if anyone wants to chat. If you do get arrested on the new server, nothing personal "It's just good Business" - Cutler Beckett, Pirates of the Carribean. 442ND High Colonel & Former General Kassius Both Photos in this post were taken by CPL Guy
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    Hey guys, just letting you know, we now have a little memorial photo to commemorate two years of Imperial Gaming, its outside the Arcade on the Third Floor. Go check it out if you want to look at the current standing of Imperial Gaming. This is a really good photo honestly, even me taking a picture of them standing there is beautiful. Thank you all for taking me into this great community and allowing me to make a few mistakes and come back from them.
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    Hey guys, I know this is a pretty real and hefty topic for a fun game server's forums, but in the same instance, I really wanted to make this just because some people who are undeveloped intellectually (most of us playing are, because you fully intellectually develop at age 25) can suffer from the grasps of gambling addiction. This is being made because recently we added Texas Hold'Em to the server which allows for the gambling of chips that can be purchased using our credits system. This is very similar to real life where you work for your credits (money), you can then spend it on chips and gamble it against people. Now, this isn't me saying that people can develop a gambling addiction or that people are going to develop it through playing with no risk, but the tendencies still arrive and there is the slim chance that it can happen, and I wouldn't be able to live with myself because I've seen the problems of addiction and what can come of it if its left untreated. Addiction is defined as "what happens when someone compulsively engages in behaviors such as drug taking, gambling, drinking or gaming. Even when bad side effects kick in and people feel like they’re losing control, addicts usually can't stop doing the thing they’re addicted to without help and support." I am only making this to just make sure, and to make myself feel better, and to help anyone who may feel this, even though it is a game because tendencies learned in video games are easily replicable in real life, and I don't want, a few years down the track even, anyone from Imperial Gaming to feel the scourge of addiction. So, simply, if you're feeling addicted in any way shape or form, I urge you to reach out and call, - Gambler's Help Line @ 1800 858 858 - Go to Reach Out Australia's Website @ https://au.reachout.com/tough-times/addiction To those of you who aren't concerned about this, don't worry about this post, let it fly past and don't touch it, but I just wanted to make sure and keep everybody safe. Stay safe folks, especially around the Holiday Season, your friends and family love you, and if they don't, the folks here at Imperial Gaming do.
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    My recommendation is that the ban is shortened. With the date that it is to be lifted being the 25th December 2018. On the condition that if you get another warning/ban/altercation with rule breaking you are Permaban with no chance of appeal for 4 months as of date of the perma ban. PS: It has been barely a month of a barely 4 month ban and you are saying you are reformed. Yet clearly after 16 warns you were not reformed. I am sceptical....but if you are lying you will get warned and ban so, no second chances after this... Also
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    Hello There, For those who don't know me, my name is Sterling and I am a recent transfer from another community. Formerly, I served as a Senior Event Master, and had about 5 Weeks of playtime on there. I still serve the community as a Forum Administrator and through other mediums. The reason I switched was really just due to me wanting a fresh start, and a server that had more populace than the last. Currently I am in the 224th and am enjoying my time here. It is a refreshing change as I have formerly served as; Captain Rex, Vader's Fist Commander, Grand Inquisitor, Storm Commando Commander and a Navy Captain. Hopefully I will be able to get some great Role-play from this community and interactions, as I have been getting for the past few days. I look forward to meeting you all, eventually.
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    This is amazing, thank you.
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    I am quite late to this since I joined on the 23rd of July but who cares Thank you to everyone who has made my time on the server amazing Here are some screenshots of the journey <---- This one is my favourite
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    Steam Name: [IG] Sterling SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:70777312 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSevenDayTheory In Game Name: Agent Kallus Time Played Imperial RP: 6W 2D 11H Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Time Played Clone Wars RP: Around 6 Days, cannot get a screenshot because CW has been shutdown. Time Played Clone Wars RP Evidence N/A Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have had no warns on Imperial Gaming. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I have had no bans from Imperial Gaming. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Senior Event Master / Forum Administrator - Empire Gaming Community Owner - Republic Gaming Trial Moderator - Imperial Gaming (CW Server) Why are you applying to be an Event Master? Being able to create roleplay and fun experiences for other players is something that I have always loved to be able to achieve, and for this reason being an Event Master is something that I have always actively pursued. I loved being able to be granted the freedom to create immersive sets of events and campaigns for players to be able to pursue, I would love to become more involved with the Imperial Gaming Imperial Server also through an event master position. I wish to, above all, provide the player-base with entertaining events that will benefit the community. Furthermore, I would love to be able to provide roleplay opportunities for people that may not necessarily have that much roleplay involved as a factor of their regiment, or perhaps I could simply improve the roleplay that is pre-existing, by expanding on it with other Event masters and creating new opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment for the individuals of said regiment. Such a regiment would be Sith and ISB for example, which is my current regiment (ISB/DT). Being able to host small roleplaying opportunities for the Sith with Event Master permissions would grant me the ability to offer the order a new array of experiences through interactive missions and stories. Of course, this would not always be limited to the Sith, and may be subject to jump from regiment to regiment depending on when the roleplay deems fit another regiment. Moreover, this would be a great way to remove that ‘boredom’ factor from regiments, by constantly providing people with something to do, I am sure I can entertain the player base and ensures that they are having a fun and immersive experience. Another part of this application stems from the personal factor of what I feel has always been a creative side I have wanted to express, which just happened to be through events. Being an Event Master in past allowed me to create my own interactive story-lines and enjoyable stories for both myself and the server I was playing on at the time. It was those days of planning for structured and detailed events, alongside other Event Masters, that were some of my happiest in the Star Wars RP scene. The comradery between Event Masters, and the dedication needed to pull off events and sometimes campaigns, that left the server feeling pleasured were what pushed me to continue working with the other Event Masters at the time to continue working for the servers and playbases’ enjoyment. Moreover, helping Event Masters in their tasks and being able to be apart of that roleplaying experience in events is something that I have always taken a liking to. Volunteering to be apart of events is something I love to do – reason being that the idea and ability of being able to create new characters that people can interact with, from scratch, is something that amazes me and is something that drives my passion for events. The ability to tell detailed and jaw-dropping stories is the reason I continue to play Star Wars RP overall, as the story and the immersion and entertainment factors of said story are why I fell in love with this franchise in the first place. Being able to dedicate my abilities to the players on Imperial Gaming who I have had the pleasure of meeting and to be able to continuously provide them with entertainment and events that will bring happiness to the players, above all, is the reason I am applying for the position of Event Master. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? To the Event Master team, I can bring structured events that feature a detailed and vivid narrative. I can bring my prior experience as an Event Master to the team and share my ideas and creativity with other Event Masters who may need assistant along the way. I can offer my help to Event Masters who want to plan for long and immersive campaigns to keep the server happy over the weekend where there may be a lack of Roleplay. I can bring my activity to the Event Master team, I can say without a doubt that I am one of the most active people you will meet (a side effect of having to go to University only twice a week). Above all I can bring my dedication and hard-working nature to the Event Master team. I am someone who will do anything to achieve a goal that I think is right. The unrelenting drive I have to provide the server with enjoyable events and entertainment consistently is what I can bring to the Event Master team. My experience in a variety of regiments ranging from, but not limited to; Sith, Imperial Security Bureau, Navy, Government and boundless military regiments, are all manners of roleplay that I have grown accustomed to understanding. It is this understanding of how each regiment/organisation functions, and what manner of roleplay they are suited for, that sees further skill-sets be offered forth to the Event Master team. My knowledge of Star Wars lore and the deep understanding that I have of the working of ULX and Event Master related programs and functions are something that I can bring with me to the Event Master team. Ideas and concepts that perhaps Event Masters had not thought of, and advice on how to proceed when placed in certain predicaments of planning for events and campaigns (insight) are further examples of intuitions I can provide the Event Master team with. I can bring my skills regarding the Garry’s Mod systems in which will assist with creating and planning for events. These things are such mechanics and skills as being able to build advanced sets or dupes for events or being able to utilise Garry’s Mods’ advanced functions to better events and improve the overall experience for those involved directly and indirectly in the event. In summary: my skills, dedication, activity, knowledge, ideas and overarching ability to utilise Garry’s Mod functions are what I can bring to the Event Master team. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? To further bolster the innovative and entertaining features of an event, I can use my skillset and ability to diverge multiple regiments and divisions to go and follow individual routes or roleplay. I can maintain the ability to keep multiple regiments doing different tasks at once, so that they are not all occupied completing the exact same minuscule task as one another. I can do this to a degree where they will not grow tired as the Event Master has to race between each of the regiments, but rather I would simply pre-determine each objective and have their objective ready for them. Moreover, I can innovate events through their story-lines. I believe that as an Event Master my speciality would be to characterise and structure detailed narrative stories played out through events, that would follow in sequence to one another. I believe that by using this format, I would be able to add new flair and characteristic to events, that perhaps has not been seen in the past. This story-arc structure to events is something that I would also introduce to the other Event Masters so that we could work on collaborative projects to complete large story-arcs, that stem from event to even over a course of a few days to a week. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? In regards to ULX commands, I have an extensive knowledge of ULX Commands. I have used ULX on numerous occasions as either staff or in my own private time. I know everything from basic !bring, !goto, !gag, !return, !give, !tp, !spawn commands to making advanced binds through the use of console (which are to be used in events for event characters and setting such things as their; health, model, weapons and other such perks). Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read over my application. I look forward to any responses you leave below whether it be criticism or positive feedback. Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KdMEXhHvKjFLuConfmT96GIQvUJUmH0ntWz3WjD4R0/edit?usp=sharing Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SPFOPvijmT--mmx0W5PpNdcj7DfUBVtGHPlcwznTapU/edit?usp=sharing Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Hey all! The Imperial Gaming community is full of creative individuals and we would love you to suggest ideas for events, if you ever have an idea you can put it down for us to add into the daily events throughout the week. We have chosen to do these so you all have voice on what you want and this is the place for that. They can be anything from missions to campaign type, or even competition events like best this and that - Talent show and many other things. Have you ever just thought "Hey! I got an idea for an event!" ...but you have no idea who to tell? Well guess what! The Event Master Team presents to you an opportunity to put your ideas down and for us to put them to action, use the form below! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOqNr39axOJZqt9nuvXUDRLdl4_wg7UF9J0mpoeftJ9-stKg/viewform P.s. Leave any feedback for the form in the comments below. - Welshy Event Manager
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    Hi all, this is the IG Wipeout Round One highlights / funny moments. Round Two will be filmed and edited at a later date. These eight contestants made it into Round 2; Iris, Stubzy, Bailey, Vanilla, Galen Erso [Gregis], Jaggy, Martibo and Planz. Anyways here is the video made and brought to you by the media team, this took a lot of effort to plan, film and edit, we hope you enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl9PULXeB5M&feature=youtu.be Thanks -Media Team.
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    Hello everyone I've decided to make this post for awareness and to tell you guys about my journey up to this point In 2013 whilst I was in year four I was diagnosed with asperger syndrome If you have no idea what that is here is a link to what it is https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome When I heard that I had this I cared very little mainly because I was in year 4 I was ten, and at the prime of any kids life. Up to this point I was getting therapy for what I believed was my anger management issues, but it wasn't that. My school also provided classes for kids whom needed help, of course the school chose who got to participate. It felt like absolute shit having to leave my classmates just to talk to a stranger about how to not cry over little things, it has helped obliviously, but it made me really insecure and still to this day just knowing that your life no matter what you do will be like this. Year five rolls around and my emotions took a HUGE turn I was crying left and right didn't matter what it was..... boom crying........ Eventually people asked "Patrick why do you cry so much? (Patrick's my IRL name I felt like Delta would've sounded weird) I told them "I have autism" and this stupid mistake told all the bullies and fuck-head pills of my class that I was vulnerable to their insults. Year six. This was the turning point in how I controlled my emotions Bullies , even more fuck-head phils, and. An unforgiving teacher that if you didn't understand something she wouldn't just help you she'd lecture you about not listening. I finally got out oh that shit hole for the highschool I'm currently at and let me say it's much better. I've been able to control myself, with my crying well not 100%, but I can do that now. This journey I've been on has been rough and this server has helped with that I started playing last year and this helped my insecure year 8 self, I got completed by all these people one day whilst in an event and this just,Ade my feel super happy shortly after I joined shore which as you all know was the biggest and best part of my life so far So know you guys know how it feels to be me Comment and criticism constructive or not I don't care But thank you everyone for being here for me -Delta
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    ISB is looking for new personnel to enlist in the Imperial Security Bureau. We are looking for capable members who are up to the challenge of navigating potentially dangerous RP situations, have a great mind for problem solving, and detective skills to follow. ISB is an RP heavy branch, so ensure you have thought over your decision thoroughly before applying. Also, if you apply, you are expected to be ready to enlist upon demand, no "I've changed my mind" business unless you have come to us to cancel your application before hand. If you have any questions regarding what would be expected of you should you apply, or even be accepted, seek out an existing member of ISB for inquiries. The ISB handbook also contains important information that may assist in your effort to join. Apply Here! https://goo.gl/forms/upagVJp3sLpyim602
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    The final episode of the Gerry Saga is here (Episode I & Episode II below): If you haven't already I'd suggest watching Episode I & Episode II first: I'd like to give some shout-outs to the people who have helped in making the videos: @Kellogs Helps a ridiculous amount both in the video and behind the scenes when we're making sets and making thumbnails, love ya @AiRiiD Did a lot in the earlier videos @Caboose Tells me to stop procrastinating and being lazy (and helps behind the scenes some times) @LePaul Calling all our PAC ideas "disgusting" @Shekelburg Playing various important characters in the videos @Tuckerbox Helping make the final episode actually work @Maffa146 Being a great sport about everything despite having no idea what was going on @Deathaxx In the videos a lot @Spin Cause I feel bad for him and @Everyone Thanks for all the support from you guys!
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