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    Hello IG Community Its sad to say however due to a decision made by the Management Team and the Clone Wars Staff Team we have decided to turn off the Clone Wars server tonight. We will be saving all the databases, game files that are needed in case in future we believe we are ready to launch it again so it is still there but unfortunately at this time we believe that Clone Wars is not going the way we hoped for the long run due to reasons that have happened over the past 1-2 months. I would like to firstly apologise to all the Clone Wars players that have joined us over the past few Months, I am sorry that we did not achieve the goal we were aiming for and all the hard work that you put into the server was not achieved the way you wanted it. I would like to apologise to the staff that stuck through with it and tried their hardest to be an amazing team towards Clone Wars. Everyone's efforts did not go unnoticed and the Management Team wants to thank you for all your effort. The staff team has now all been transferred over to Imperial to positions that are fair on both the current Staff on Imperial and the Staff from Clone Wars. Pac users sadly will not be able to be transferred over to the Imperial Server due to limitations for users we can have in Pac as if we did not have these limitations the server would lag heavily and would be unplayable. To all players that have donated in the month of May will be available for a refund or a transfer of something equivalent on Imperial RP if you are still that role you donated for. For everyone who donated before the Month of May you are liable for a equivalent role on Imperial if its possible to give you something the same value or a tiny little bit more if we have a equivalent or close to payment role, if we can't find you a equivalent role on Imperial you are eligible for a refund only if you are still the same role you have donated for, this means if you donated for say Jedi and you are still Jedi you are able for a refund or equivalent role, if you donated for Jedi and have switched job then you are not up for a refund or equivalent role due to you have already left the role. For all refunds if you are able to from the above conditions, make a ticket in the donations store, for a equivalent transfer role to Imperial you are able to make a ticket in game by going @ Need admin or super to find an equivalent role (I am from CW). For users that have a RP rank, depending on the rank there might be a transfer, if you only play on Clone Wars and do not currently have a rank on Imperial then you are up for a transfer depending on rank to a rank in the Storm Trooper Regiment however you must message management through the @ function in game for you to be passed over as we must see your old rank and make a fair rank for you on Imperial. I would like to thank all Staff and users on Clone Wars for the past 3-4 months, you all did an amazing job. A Order 66 event will happen next weekend run by Welshy and that is when the server will be deleted from the dedi and saved to another database zipped. However after this post the server will be turned off until next weekend for the event. The crashes for Imperial and map change will be fixed by tomorrow once everything has been re-uploaded for the fixes, this means you will be able to change map on Imperial without crashes (may happen sometimes randomly but that is just gmod and should be just a 1 out of 8 map changes thing). Regards, Wolf
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    Hey All, This is a post I never wanted to make and never wanted to even think about making but as the title of this post suggests I have decided to part ways with the server. I have been apart of this community since June 2017 and since then have made so many friendships and memories whilst treating the community as my second home as well as putting 2352 hours into server. But the time has come where my time is being consumed with completing Year 12, working and getting my mental and physical health in a better place so I may start thinking about my future. Because of this I have painfully decided to step down from all my server roles, those being the Staff Team, Media Team, Support Team and Regional Government. I thank everyone who gave me the chance to be in those positions and all those who helped me throughout my time on the server, I have poured my heart and soul into these positions and I hope I have at least helped someone by doing so. Now this is the part where I am supposed to tag everyone who has helped me or made an impact on me over my time within the community but to be honest if I were to do that we would be hear for hours, So instead I would like to thank you all as you all have helped me in one way or another regardless of whether we have agreed or disagreed on things in the past. I hope to return in the future once I am in a better place in life and for now I will just remain somewhat active on the forums. Regards, Sully
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    Well, I guess this a goodbye to the community that I've been a part of for so long. Didn't think I'd have to post for this for a long while to come but recently with a Year 12 overload and real life suddenly hitting me. I just don't have the time to sit around playing Gmod like I used to. For almost a year now IG has been a big part of my life, I've been a CO, Moderator, General and experienced pretty much all that the Star Wars RP life has to offer. @Tonberry - My favourite Krennic and lad to chat to <3. Will miss seeing you around with your big white cape and mad guitar skills. @Flipps - The man who made me laugh more than ever around IG. Emperor Palpameme will never be forgotten nor the countless experiences we had whilst I was in Government. @Kristofer - The dodgy recruit I trained at 2am and thought was German. At the time I never would've predicted you'd become so confident and high up within the community. Keep it up <3 @Shepard - From writing an ISB report on you and your Shadow boys to memeing around on CWRP and Santos, couldn't have asked for much a better friend around here. @Rickle @Bailey @Cecil - Three of the best lads around and some of the OG supporters, thanks for the memories. @Misahu - Damn you were a sh*t stirrer as ISB CO but I wouldn't of had it any other way. Thanks for such memorable moments. @Zote @Matrix - Then there were you two. The OG boys who came over from DWS, we don't talk much these but days but still couldn't leave you out. For those I didn't mention, thank you. You made this experience just as memorable and amazing as those who were tagged and it wouldn't have been the same without you. Depending on how life turns out I may be back after a while and I'll jump on the server every now and then but currently, schooling has to be my number one priority. If anyone still wants to chill and play some games or something you can grab me on STEAM or Discord and we'll work something out <3
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    Well it has been over a year and I have made a lot of friends and also became Emperor surprisingly but everything has to come to an end and this is where ill take off, I cant be bothered writing about everyone on the server because everyone was a good friend and a happy face to talk to and I will miss everyone. I will most likely come back but I don't know when but when I do the New Sith have to keep their eye out because ill be taking a spot. Thank you for Everything and this Community is amazing -Born
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    Hey everyone! I know I haven't been around much because I have been dealing with some family issues but while that was going on I was making a skateboard for an assignment at school. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and I wanted to show you all because I did the design of the sticker my self and that was the main feature. Not only that but I went into a skateboard shop on Friday and got some grip tape for it and while I was there the store manager wanted to see my board so I am going to get featured on their Instagram page. If you like it leave an up vote!
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    Hello everyone, this may be unexpected for most of you but my time has come. I have probably been the most active scar trooper around as of recent so that’s how you would know me. Older players will know me as the guy who counted all the lights and stairs on the ship. The reason I am leaving and not joining another regiment is because I have only ever been in scar and have no desire for other regiments. I have attempted to make and develop scar into an exciting regiment with a lot to do however it has all just got too hard. No one even wanting to try out is just really disappointing. The server has allowed me to meet so many new friendly people that I would have not met otherwise however. In my belief playing the server excessively has made me loose most of my IRL friends and have done sh*t all with my life. Thank you all for providing me with the IG experience but I’m going to try and develop who I am in real life rather then my virtual persona. Here is what you all want my mentions. If I didn’t mention you don’t feel bad. I’ve only had a handful of bad experiences with players all the rest of you are dope. @Marlu - Marlu was my trainer when I first joined the server it was about 11pm and I didn't even understand what SWRP was, the only thing I remember that night was karaoke in the mess hall. Commanders @Kamelieon - First CO, made such an impact on me, I was always so envious of you up on that stage and then I got a go at it after all. @Lucky - Great CO honestly had such a blast as your 2IC they were some of the best scar days I had, thanks for your time Scar Crew @Ding0 - Dingo you are a great bloke and probably the best 2IC I had. Scar was so lit back in those days... @Crux - Big minge but your a sick lad, should have joined scar back haha. @Ragnar - You were such a good bloke to have around, good luck with 996th @Walker (Frost) - I dont have much to say besides 20 warns, and that time where you threw the LFS prop into the sky killing a pilot causing me to demote you. Ah good times.. @Greg - Greg you always pop into the discord and say my regiments dead. Jokes on you its not my regiment anymore. Also was kicked for saying "neowah" @Tackle - Tackle I miss having you around you were probably my best trooper I've had just by your military knowledge and respect alone, mad respect for you buddy. Roven (Raven of DT) - Dude gonna miss hearing about hungry jacks, haha good times, besides from that you were a great trooper. Staff @Cecil - I cant thank you enough, you have always tried to help me out. Legendary EM, great guy, nicest boi.. @Wingza - f**k your funny, I remember when you pretty much helped me a ton to learn the ropes of CO, before you were demoted that is haha. Nah but im gonna miss you. @Sully - Chill guy to talk to, definitely will grow on the server as you are extremely dedicated. @Wombatiacus - I remember the day I met you, it was late at night and we were just messing around, nice amazing person, glad I met you. @TheNegotiator (Alystair) - Holy sh*t dude you are such a good friend I have had on the server for a while, It always cheers me up when I talk to you about whatever issue I'm having. You deserve much more then you are noticed for. PS hope you get PAC @Hammer - Not gonna lie we used to have a stronger bond, I could tell you were close when you beat me in the corner. I know that your gonna be a great police officer so all the best bro. Some of the greatest pacs around. Honerable mentions All bloody legends.... @SCHEFF, @Kristofer, @bert, @Mono , @Grif, @JDark47(Renegade) , @Welly, RickJames Thank you to everyone who have made mt 1100 hours of playtime on the server a blast, thanks to Wolf, whitey and all the staff team for making IG an experience I will not forget. I might come back once in a while, but will probably be forgotten by the time I do. Perhaps there will be a S&BOX server for IG by then, who knows. Piece out y’all for one last time.
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    NOTE: A lot of new content has been added and updated over the past few months, most of it is already well known however I have decided to make this post to clear some confusion Added Content Event Mode Event masters can turn on "event mode" which disables the disease system and a few other small changes. Immersive Event Mode Event masters can enable "Immersive Event Mode", when enabled players who have not shown their ID to you will show up as an "Unknown Player" and their regiments as "Unknown Group", it will show this in the scoreboard, in voice chat and on the HUD. This should allow for some very interesting events and prevent meta-gaming to a degree. Event characters now longer show up in the TAB menu to hopefully prevent some meta gaming. Event Master Blacklist Menu Event masters now no longer need to keep a spreadsheet of who they have blacklisted from events as it can now be done in game. Accessable with !blacklist. UNO Table Play your friends in the family classic game UNO. Still a work in progress and has a few bugs, feel free to report if you have found the exact cause for the bugs Updated Content Staff Noclip now automatically gods, cloaks, noclips staff and toggles, removing the need for 2 binds. Removed unused servers/space on the dedi, should be a bit smoother now. Fixed disease system (yay!) and booking system. Tasers have been changed to include a realistic taser effect. Certain jobs appeared blank in the F2 menu (Bounty Hunters, Sith), will now show the proper job title for quality of life. Upcoming Content Hit System Bounty hunters will be able to receive and complete hits for credits. Quest System Revamp Will be revamped shortly to make it continuous and less of a grind, should be a bit more fun. Proper Event System Opt-in/Opt-out of events and be requested by event masters to help with events. Event masters will have helpful tools to do mass commands on all people helping with the event. Event Comms derma Event masters will be able to send messages to comms and ecomms under different names through a derma, removes the need to change regiment and name. Ship Control Tablet SWEP for Navy that can access defcon, bookings, main hangar doors and hyperdrive among other things.
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    As the title says...I'm Leaving This isn't a joke and I believe it is time for me to exit the community for the good of myself and others During my time I have experienced, highs and lows - Most of the people I have met here are some of the kindest and most heartfelt Some of you are scum who I would spit on...But that is life It's been practically 1 and a half years of Star Wars RP....This is the time I leave... Some Special Mentions for Important People and those who have helped me along the way @Huey Sterling, You are one of the first people that I started to talk to even on Empire Gaming, You have been a great guy and I hope we'll still be playing R6 together and f**king around in discord @Regret I joined on the same day as you and you've achieved a lot, I believe you to be one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met on this server, Good Luck at Uni and have fun @Happy All the memes we've had over the last few years, from Vent Patrol till when you came back. You have been with me since the start and I can't thank you enough for all the sh*t we did together. Good luck on being am EM and Inquisitors - I hope to see you as 6th Brother again very soon @Theta Congrats on Major General - Whenever I wanted to have a joke or just be an idiot you were always there and did it with me....GL on Major General and I hope you go further @Helsing Well...I guess this is the end of the legacy - You've achieved so much in such a small time frame and I hope you achieve more while I'm gone - Good Luck on Moderator and Vader. You were one of the best Commanders and friends I had on the server @Galle Never gonna get Major General - Good Luck on Moderator and one-day IHC - You've been a good meme and I hope to speak to you later...Good Luck dude @Lucky We had a lot of up's and downs but you turned out to be an interesting and cool guy. Hope you have a good life and GL on the Physics at Uni! @Ragnar Legend at R6 - Great CO and a great friend...I hope to see you around on Planetside 2 @Ragetank GL in DT, Didn't talk much but you seemed like a very fun dude... @Rook GL with Marauders, You are a great EM and a good friend....Hopefully, you can gain a bit of weight and actually live @Hammer Good luck at Police Academy, Good Luck with Grand General - Have Fun! @Rad_Cop You dealt with a lot of my sh*t for a long time, I'm thankful you did - You are an amazing commander for engineers and an even better friend - Thank you @Wombatiacus Thank you for the help OOC and IC - You were a fun guy to hang out with, Gonna miss the jokes we had @Anderson - I dunno your forums account but literally one of the most fun guys to hang out with. All the sh*t we got up to on EG and now, Good Luck man @Larko We didn't agree for a long time but you turned into an amazing person in my eyes, I will always have respect for you - GL on 212th! @Joel Very Epic Meme Person - GL on the App - I Hope to see you in Staff....You'd be perfect for it @Eclipse Good Luck on Mod - GL in Medics...See Ya Dad @Delta Dad I'm sorry I forgot you......One of the most trusted people on this server, helped me a lot and I'm gonna miss you dude If I missed you please don't hold a grudge....I care about a lot of you guys and even if I didn't really show it Unless I actually hated you....then legit I couldn't care less Goodbye People - I'll still be sitting in the TS but....I guess for the In-Game and probs forums I dunno how many of you hated me....But This is Boris...Signing Off.. (Don't leave a sh*tty o7 plz - A Bit of Effort would be nice)
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    Hi Guys, This coming Saturday the 8th at 6pm AEST, Imperial gaming will be launching a new server My Little Pony RP Santos RP. For those who are unfamiliar with this game mode, here are some of the key features : - Police - Gangs (Including gang territories) - Progressive crafting and skills system. - 10+ jobs to choose from - Inventory and storage system + More This server has been in development for the last 3 months, and we now feel that the server is ready to launch. That being said, there may still be minor bugs that have gone "undetected" by the development team. @Carnifex Will be moving over to Santos as the Server Manager. You can find the content pack here : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754928824 Big thanks to the following people who put a lot of time and work into making the server possible : @Ragetank @Sayrex Main Devs @Kurt Graphics @Veybur @Carnifex Rules & Guidelines @Wolf Fast upload speed See yous on there ; )
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    Good evening. Please find below a link to the servers rules and guidelines. Please know that these rules may be changed in the future. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RLYB-cVUFUy9txzQMhOZwgWe6yLINARy27rVfMZhx9w/edit Big shout out to Veybur for helping write the Rules and Guidelines and for also doing the Police Document. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the server at 6pm AEST on Saturday when we go live! EDIT: Rules have been added ingame with the F2 menu.
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    My own characters poster Loki's poster (with the wrong model) Latest one for Stitches. I want this kind of thing to go somewhere because I enjoy doing it. I'll take feedback if its not to harsh,
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    The last from me, was great doing these videos for a little over half a year. The introduction is a little "flashback" sort of sequence, kinda a reminder to all my past works I've done and edited. I've been around on the server for a year now (time flies by) and feel the best way to say farewell is through this. I've decided to leave because of my uni commitments and simply don't have the time anymore. This video is a little experimental and not super polished, as I was testing some new effects. Let me know your thoughts on the lightsaber scenes especially, since I'm still working out different stuff there. I will be around on the forums/discord for anyone, but won't be returning to the server. There are many people I'd like to tag in this, but you all know who you are. Thanks to all those who have enjoyed my videos! - Pulse - Imperial Gaming Movie - Final.mp4
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    Hi, I thought I would just give a little input on what I’ve seen in my first few hours of the server. First and foremost, the amount of fist RDM is somewhat amazing. My biggest suggestion is to either limit them to certain groups, 12 hours gameplay or atleast disable it in spawn. Within joining the server I had already lost 50hp from some guy called “Nigerian Prince” That leads on to my second suggestion, enforce proper RP names. As I’ve seen this server show everyone’s name, it’s best to make sure they’re all legitimate. Doesn’t offer a good look on a “Serious RP” server when you see people called “Biggie Balls” and “Little D” running around. Create a guide for new players. As Santos RP is extremely different from Star Wars RP and DarkRP, people don’t fully understand the whole mechanics surroundings it. Limit the Tow Truck driver to a certain level. It has the ability to be an extremely mingey role. Allowing any random person the ability to just pick up cars will cause a sh*t load of issues. Change from Paralake. It’s a god awful map performance wise. Disable fire when no firefighters are on, or at lease give cops / ems fire extinguishers. Change the size of players profile pictures in the scoreboard. Allow the picture to align with the players name all nice and snug. I suggest showing players in descending order of their rank. Just looks neater in my opinion. If no one is in an emergency vehicle and the sirens are on, disable the sound after 30 seconds or something. Possibly add a mini map. The map isn’t too bad, but a Mini Map is a nice quality of life thing. Make sure that the dev back pack is removed from the game, that became a nice little black market item on GGS and ruined the economy for a few people. With vehicle taxes, base them off in game time, not overall server time. This is an issue if someone goes on an Loa for a few weeks, they will return will no vehicles. Enforce a property tax system, making people having to renew their “lease”. This stops people from AFK farming in their houses all day. Add the /me command. Adds a nice little bit of RP to the server. Don’t add Casino kit to the server AKA the roulette table. It breaks the economy, has exploits and is an overall sh*t fest. Maybe add a little title to some NPC’s, can be a little confusing for some players as they have to go from NPC to NPC. I also suggest limiting the books you can buy at the book store, it can really f**k up the server when in week 2 you have people running around with two-handed weapons. Biggest suggestion. Don't sell guns via an NPC. For two reasons, I can one already buy a pistol after 40 minutes and you're breaking/defeating a large part of Santos RP. Santos RP is meant to be Player to Player interaction. Remove the drug dealer locations from the Map. It's meant to be a secret. You don't just whip out google maps and see "Jacky the Cracky dealer is here from 2 am to 4am" I’ve seen good Santos servers and bad ones. This is not the worst and at the same time not the best. It all comes down to what version of Santos you have and the quality / ability of your devs. I’m sure this server has the ability to go far, but don’t give up and let the server die. I will be updating the post as I go on Also #f**kheavybob If need be, I’m more than happy to jump into TS and discuss further.
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    NAME: Arias Mercer DOB: 23/01/12 Before Empire AGE: 27 Years PARENTS: Mical Mercer (deceased), Ynifr Mercer (Imperial DiploServ) HOMEWORLD: Devil's Moon, Wild Space RANK: Private REGIMENT: Stormtrooper Corps KNOWN AFFILIATES: PRE-IMPERIAL HISTORY: ACADEMY TRAINING: FIRST TOUR OF DUTY: SECOND TOUR OF DUTY (CURRENT): PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Assessment 01: 16/06/14ANE, Dr Gwah Broke (Imperial Medical Corps, Psychology Department)
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    Here are the antics that 4 people can get up to at 1AM. @Mongo @SiegeMonkey @Luigi
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    Sorry lads, you know I just had to do it to 'em, It's time for me to take my leave. It was a good 380 odd days straight within Sith and 400ish within the community since I started gmod back in april last year. Achieving Senior EM, full Mod and Darth Vader. But, there came a point where I looked at the time and effort I was putting into it all and realised that at this point in my life I should be putting that time and effort into things that will actually benefit me and my career and not into worrying about a video game as if it was a job. I loved spending time with everyone and having fun, but it's time to move on, there is only so far I think you can take yourself before it starts to consume you on and off the server and then it stops being about having fun and more about flexing and trying to have a higher social standing than the others. Most people are good within the community, but there are those that think because they have the most virtual points, highest rank or the longest playtime that they are genuinely better than others and that toxic behaviour is a major deterrent. I'm not going to be tagging anybody because the boys (and girls) will know they were one of the boys, and I have no intention of making anyone feel less special when I forget to tag them. Hit me up on discord or anywhere else you have me to play some games anytime idiots x
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    Hey All, Below is a post I worked on making in order to play around with a few effects, the general idea of it is that its for a Game Of Thrones spin off (obviously not a real thing, this was just for the purposes of the poster). I hope you enjoy and feedback would be appreciated Just to show you, this is what the same poster looks like if I remove the 39 effect layers not including the mask used to make the background and foreground from 2 separate images (https://imgur.com/a/U5qdwth) ___________________________ If you like, leave a to show your support.
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    I know it isn't really my place to make a post like this one however i want to because i want the SantosRP server to become a more enjoyable server for all. Why are people not enjoying the server? What makes you, the people not want to play and what makes you want to play? I personally enjoy this server to its full extent, and love coming back to play it everyday, however the population of the server is on an immediate decline. I know that it is exam week for most people, however i know that that isn't the main problem. I honestly want people to respond to this post as truthfully as possible so that it will give people knowledge on how to improve it and to create a better and more enjoyable environment for all players. Put as many suggestions as possible on this topic please.
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    This is a guide for those that do not know how to make meth on the Santos RP server and would like to learn how to. Making and selling meth is by far one of the best ways to make money on the server if done efficiently. NOTE I have based this off of the methamphetamine guide that Sauramel made for the GGS community which has been altered to fit our system, so of course, credit where credit is due Link to view flowchart in google drawings: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/11NJThhE_d6PoRwdF7bbu5Y5QHhbXqaIHG_GpxE5RXX4/edit?usp=sharing NOTE: Screenshots of parts of the process may potentially be added if anything is unclear If I've missed something, of if you have any questions or suggestions, please comment them down below.
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    In the wise words of Hask: *it's all just fun and games, love u @Rickle @Vadrian @Bailey*
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    G'day everyone. To celebrate the grand opening of the Imperial Gaming Santos RP server tonight, I will be doing another one of my steam key giveaways. This time I have upwards of $700AU worth of games to give to you. If you wish to enter this giveaway, simply comment anything at all to this thread and I will be picking 5 winners at 7:00pm AEST tonight. Good luck
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    Comment and react before this gets taken down!!
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    Hey guys, recently I've been thinking of making some banners for the Server to place on walls, such as "Loose lips sink starships", etc. To give the Server a more authentic Imperial feel with the brainwashing propaganda in order to make all of their troopers subservient and worried about not reporting things. I have some already in mind, but if you have any ideas or any links to ones that are cool, please send them through. And if any of the Graphic Designers want to make some, you're welcome to as well, I'll be looking at putting them on props and making them something you can actually put ingame. (@Kurt, @Vanilla, @Auzii and @Sully I think is all of them). Also, yes, they need to be Imperial. Any help is appreciated.
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    Being a legitimate citizen is impossible, especially when squared up against all the criminals and gangs. I thought I would go against the grain and make money entirely through legitimate means, being a bus driver, taxi driver, sales truck driver, all that. The pay is way too low to tackle against the money you can make illegally. If your vehicle gets destroyed, you're out of a job entirely as you can't (de)spawn it. Worst of all, you will be forced to give up large chunks of your money anyway if you're mugged (which happens far too often) or are pulled over by the cops who give out exorbitantly high fines. You can buy pistols at the gun shop, which is something I very much can get behind, but what I don't agree with is the fact that the police can confiscate my legitimately purchased firearm if they detain or arrest me, setting me back over $6,000 (much more if the sales tax is implemented). It takes forever to get that amount of money through legitimate means. It should be fun to play both as a citizen and a criminal. Even if a citizen role was boring and tedious, it should at least be a viable option. The server simply isn't balanced. You're basically forced down the route of crime, making this server not SantosRP but instead Cops vs Robbers.
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    Not sure if anyone has posted this anywhere yet but for those wondering the game is like Lego Star Wars the complete saga but it includes the other movies as well and since I'm a huge lego fan (Like huge, spent thousands of dollars on legos when I was younger and still get giddy whenever I see legos around me) and star wars fan I decided to share it here.
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    Would also be sweet if the mayor vote popped up to the side of the screen and didn't lock your controls so random elections don't make you crash your car
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    You seem to be having a hissy fit because of you not getting what you wanted....Chopz handled things the best he could, you kept interrupting Chopz and wouldn't let him get a word in....You are the only disrespectful person here....You seem to be taking great offence to comments that literally are jokes...It's not the communities fault that you can't clear your head and see this through a logical perspective and you are consistently trying to play yourself as the victim....
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    In memory of Clone Wars and this map...
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    I had an urge to write, and Matrix had already written me into a story, so I decided to write about that. If you don't know my character, here's some brief context. Chuck us some feedback too, always looking to improve. If you like it, leave an upvote! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ It is your emotions that drove you here, your emotions that made you strong, and your emotions that will lead you to the information you seek about your parents. He'd always had a way with words. He used to read to his sisters at night, to his mother in the morning, to all who would listen. Words had always been his specialty. "You are my sunrise and sunset," she would say. "Never let anybody silence you." Don't be like them. She, being his mother. His real mother. The one who took him in and gave him food and a home, when his old family abandoned him. Yet he had never felt more enslaved to anything in his life than he did to these words. Emperor Palpatine's words, echoing through his head every minute of every day. Driving him towards his goal. It is your attachment, your fear of losing those you love that gives you the drive you need to succeed. His attachment. He'd often felt ashamed of his attachment. He was so dependent on his family, when the other children had been so free-spirited and mature. Feel the pain of your loss. Did he really lose anything? All he had before they gave him away was a woman to feed him milk as a babe. He clearly wasn't good enough, otherwise they would have chosen him over their precious order. The dark side will make you unstoppable, and one day you can have your revenge. Yet he now understood their loyalty. Why have a child, when all it does is creates a weakness? Of course, that wasn't their reasoning, but that his parents chose to abandon him was equally as impressive as it was painful. For an order centred around peace, the Jedi were very disconnected. The transport slowed slightly, as it entered the Joranus asteroid belt. He wasn't far off Alderaan. 'Rook' returned his gaze to the note in his hand. A message from Lord Vader himself. "Vanquisher. I trust by now you have heard the rumours. Whispers of a dark presence on Alderaan. Find the source, tame it, and bring it to me. Do not return to me if you fail." He wasn't going to fail. "How far from the planet, Helix?" he asked. "Not long, sir. We'll be entering the system in about two minutes." "And security?" "They know we're coming. They won't stop you." His pilot, Helix, had a keen eye for flight, and a knack for detail. Her deep purple skin was darker than most Keshiri, signifying a purer bloodline, and she sported a large scar across her left cheek. Being pure bloods, her family had the honour of serving some of the greater Sith lords of the past. She had been assigned to him upon his appointment as Vanquisher and had vowed to assist the Skyborn in any way possible. The Keshiri were a proud and old race, loyal to their masters and family. Their ancestors swore a life of servitude to the Sith after mistaking a crashed shuttle for a visit from their ‘Skyborn’ gods, yet once a vow is made, it is never broken. They serve with dignity and pride. “Good,” Rook said, “It is rare that I say this, but I am in no mood for murder.” The shuttle landed with a soft thud, and its doors slid open silently, the slightly stale atmosphere of Alderaan meeting his mouth and nose. The smell of half-burnt forests and an industrialised ecosystem filled his lungs. He must have responded audibly, as Helix smirked. “Not a fan of plants, Vanquisher?” she asked slyly. “It smells of human,” Rook replied, “it’s not exactly paradise.” “It’s better than where you’re from.” “Don’t test me, girl.” She was fearless, despite the numerous skulls he’d claimed as trophies, and the lightsaber strapped to his belt. She never hesitated to give him a piece of her mind. He respected the nerve. She kept him sane on trips such as these. They set off, and walked together in silence for a while, towards a town to the south. The path was wide, but their surroundings were dense. The Southern Forest Region they called it, an apt name, albeit not an original one. A Thranta wailed from above, playfully skimming the canopy of the forest as it migrated to its new home for the long wet-season. “So,” Helix began, “I take it you know where we’re going?” “Yes.” Rook replied. She sighed audibly. “Where are we going?” Rook decided against conflict. “Duron, a farming city. There have been numerous reports of missing persons, hundreds, disappearing after signing up to work for the Empire on a compound in the south. It would seem to be regular imperial business; however, these are people the Empire actually need for their labour.” He stopped, as if this was enough information. “So? Why are they missing?” she pressed. Rook continued. “There are whispers of a dark presence, force presence, spreading its seeds of corruption through the encampment. It started with increased insomnia for labourers and transitioned to widespread paranoia and a few accounts of murder.” Something about his tone intrigued her. “You’ve seen this before?” “Of course. Humans are a weak species, and the dark side does not make compromises. There’s something out there for me to take, and I plan to take it. Whatever the cost.” Whatever the cost. He’d said that only once before, when he swore loyalty to the Emperor and the Sith order. He would serve and grow under new guidance, and vowed to live in pursuit of his goal, when he would one day take his revenge. Whatever the cost. A branch snapped to their right, and the duo stopped. Rook did not skip a beat. “I would advise against choosing us,” he said, “your heads are not the reason I came.” Four rugged and skinny men emerged from behind some trees brandishing pitchforks and makeshift weapons. One held what looked like a battle-axe made from broken dinner plates. They couldn’t have been older than 25. They had an air of desperation. “This one looks fancy,” the smallest snarled. “Indeed,” another replied, as if he’d never used the word, “he might be carryin’ somethin’ nice too, wif any luck.” The largest glared at them, and they quickly shut up. He wasn’t an overly big man, but he had an air of both authority, and immaturity. He was dressed, like the others, in common workers clothes, soiled brown from use. He brandished the most useful looking weapon of them all, a rusty cutlass with a brown hilt made from animal skin. All of them looked as though they hadn’t seen a meal in a week. “Now you listen here, fancy-pants,” the leader began, “if there’s one thing I don’t like, its having to kill travellers for not giving up their valuables. Are you going to help us out?” There was a tense silence. The Vanquisher broke it. “Four,” Rook murmured. The bandits looked briefly confused. “Four? Yeah, there are four of us. Four of us, and two of you. I’m no good at maths, but I reckon we have you outnumbered.” “My apologies. I meant three.” The bandits heard a quiet gurgle from behind them, and quickly turned. “What the f**k?! Kell!” one cried. The shortest of the four was hanging in mid-air, seemingly suspended by an invisible rope. His head was rolled back, and his pitchfork protruded at right angles from his body, buried deep within his abdomen, blood dripping to the floor. He was alive and convulsing yet made no noise and uttered no screams. The leader steeled himself and turned back to face Rook. The other two stood frozen, staring wide-eyed in disbelief at the scene in front of them. “M-my apologies sir, we didn’t know you were no Sith. We mean no more trouble, simply lookin’ for food is all. Please have mercy,” he said. Rook unhooked his lightsaber from his belt, and walked towards the men calmly. “Jim, I can’t move,” one hissed, seemingly on the verge of tears. “He’s got my legs. They won’t move!” “I gave you my warning. You did not listen. That is more mercy than we generally offer.” Rook brought his lightsaber up and held it, fist down, between two of the three remaining men. It was a dual hilt, stolen from the corpse of the Vanquisher who proceeded him. He ignited his weapon, and a dark red glow erupted from both sides, tearing towards the faces of the two snivelling men who stood frozen behind their leader. Their skin melted. They were not alive to see it. “Jim, is it?” Rook asked. The man nodded warily, seemingly blocking out the horror around him. He clutched his necklace, an ornate locket. Rook sensed the man’s love for what was within. Pictures of his child. “You wish to be with your daughter, yes? Quite a pretty thing, it seems. I can see her now, your head is quite open.” Jim let out a whimper. “Don’t worry,” Rook reassured him, “I’ll make sure she joins you soon.” He drove the lightsaber deep into his chest. The man’s eyes glazed. Helix, who until now was watching with great interest from behind, walked up and removed the locket from the dead man’s neck. They turned together and walked on. After long last, they approached the compound. Rook reach forward with his arms, pulling the large gates apart from a distance. It was barren and dirty, without a soul in sight. An abandoned construction site allegedly still in use. “There’s nobody here,” Helix remarked. “Very perceptive of you.” Rook replied. Rook knelt into the dust, placed his hand flat on the ground, and closed his eyes. “What are you doing?” Helix asked. “Listening.” It didn't take long for the tremors to start. Small ripples cascaded into his mind. He felt Helix breathing beside him, he felt a native wolf-cat scavenge for food on the far side of the compound, and the worms dig beneath the earth. He felt their force presence… and he felt something else, too. Something much, much stronger. A dark power emanating from the abandoned facility, somewhere below the surface of the earth, beckoning him. Waiting to be taken. They pushed on, stepping cautiously through the ground level of the facility. It seemed to be only recently abandoned, housing what was most likely imperial engineers and military. It had been ransacked recently, upturned desks and equipment strewn across the room; blueprints for new technology lying haphazardly on the floor. In the far corner was a simple staircase, leading down. They heard a dulled explosion from below. The floor shook. They took the stairs slowly, descending to the basement. Rook motioned for Helix to wait. “I’m not a chil-” Rook gripped his fist, and the girl’s mouth was forced shut. She nodded. Ahead of him lay an open corridor, and at the far end, an open hole in the wall. Rocks were scattered across the ground, dust was still settling, and a dull red glow invited him to walk closer. He knew what lay inside was powerful, and he would kill whatever was here to take it from him. He reached the makeshift doorway and looked inside, and the corners of his mouth twitched with a sick passion: A boy, mid-teens, knelt over a mangled body and made his final strike, wielding a small prism as his weapon. It pulsed as vibrantly red as the blood which covered it. The victim, who couldn’t have been much older than the assailant, twitched slightly as his life force ebbed away. Rook watched as the boy held the object, turning it between his hands, admiring its beauty. He felt his power, strong and uncontrolled. Rook reached towards the boy as he turned, unflinching. “Come with me.”
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    So do I, if/when I return I will be sure to come have a convo Love you long time dad Good knowing you too, best of luck for you aswell Keep beating your pilots into line with your pulse cannon for me </3 I will miss you too Wombat, It's been a long run. You will always be my favourite 212th Brigadier though </3 Was a pleasure to know you as well, those nights are definately something to look back on. When/If I return I'll make it my mission to have a few more if you're still around Keep up all your good work gucci man I will get there some day... I'll still be around the forums and I will still try to help where I can/If I can </3 Sorry my time in gov was so short lived, best of luck and good work on making Gov active again. You have a bright future on the server. It was a blast to work with/know you Pulse. Best of luck to you too, and keep up those amazing edits </3 My pleasure, you have a good future within regional government. Best of luck. It truly is an end to an era my friend. I hope your Uni studies go well and pay off, I expect you to be a millionaire by 30 so you can help me retire and best of luck with your series as I am sure it will turn out great. I never forget the countless amounts of help you have given me over my time on the server </3
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    @Ubermolen o7 Salute.
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    So we made it in the holidays but I just never got around to editing it, now that I am back at school with free periods I have something to do, so without further with due I present the 1am Remake of the Emperor leaving the Lambda. I would put all the people who were in it but I honestly can't remember. Enjoy This is the original video that it was derived from;
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    INTRODUCTION Welcome to Imperial Gaming! We are a gaming community based in Australia, providing a service that brings people together. Our hope is that our members enjoy their time here and refer to us as a second home because of how close we all are. We also pride ourselves on having the #1 Australia Star Wars server we are also on and off Australias #1 Garrysmod server. This could not be possible without our extensive and well managed staff team, who volunteer their free time to help moderate our server and give our players things to do as well as our extensive and highly dedicated community of players who create and provide amazing roleplay experiences each and everyday. Below is a guide to help new players to the Imperial RP server understand some of the basic need to know training points within the server and the community. ..... SERVER IP Imperial RP: IMPORTANT LINKS Imperial Gaming Website http://tiny.cc/igwebsite Imperial Gaming Forums http://tiny.cc/igforums Imperial Gaming Donations http://tiny.cc/igdonate Community Steam Group http://tiny.cc/igsteam Community Teamspeak syd.streamlinegames.com:10012 Imperial RP Library http://tiny.cc/implibrary ... Imperial RP Sever Rules & Guidelines Community Forum Rules BASIC TRAINING Content: When you first join our server you will most likely be greeted with a heap of content errors, in order to solve this issue and begin your training you will need to download the servers content pack. The download may take a little while and once complete you will need to close your game and restart it in order for all of the errors to be fixed and you be able to see all of the props and items on the server. IG | Imperial SWRP Content Pack: http://tiny.cc/impcontent RP Name: Whilst playing on our server it is important that you have a suitable roleplay name in order to enhance the in-game experience of yourself and other players within the community, when selecting your name be sure that is a name that is not derived from Star Wars lore or contain any inappropriate or rude words or numbers. In order to change your name you can do /name [NAME], for example; /name ST-4302 Bob Server Rules: Whilst on our server it is important that you abide by the server rules, the key rules to note within the server are; 1. SeriousRP at all times 2. Do NOT Minge 3. Do NOT FailRP 4. Do NOT RDM 5. FearRP Applies to All To see a full list of the server rules you can type !rules in chat or click on the server rules and guidelines thread in the important links section above. Binds & Keycard: In order to show respect to your superior officers in-game it is important that you set up a salute bind, to do this you can open up your console by clicking the ~ key and pasting bind KEY "say /me Salutes;act salute into your console. Ensure that you replace KEY with the key on your keyboard that you wish to press in order to perform the action. Within your hot-bar you will see an item named 'Code Cylinder' this item is what we use in order to present ID and utilise the various key-card systems around the Star Destroyer. When your code cylinder is equipped you can right click which will display your information including your rank, name, clearance level and any other details you might have such as pilot licenses. Terminology: Whilst apart of our server you may come across some in-game terminology that you may or may not be aware of or may not understand, knowing the below terms will help you in making your in-game experience better and less confusing; AOS = Arrest on sight KOS = Kill on sight PTE = Permission to enter PTS = Permission to speak SITREP = Situation report Faces: About Face = 180° turn over right hand shoulder Left Face = 90° turn to the left Right Face = 90° turn to the right Left Incline = 45° turn to the left Right Incline = 45° turn to the right Left Decline = 135° turn to the left Right Decline = 135° turn to the right Front Face = turn to face the person calling the faces, ensure you turn over your right hand shoulder Formations: View the spoiler box below for the complete list of formations used on the server. Ranks: During your time on the server you will notice that there are different ranks that players may achieve within their regiments, certain regiments such as those which are non-military based have a different ranking system to the regiments that are military based. To see a full list of all ranks within the server, visit the following link: http://tiny.cc/igranks DEFCON Levels: Ending: Once training has been complete your trainer will fill out your enlistment form and you will be promoted to the rank of Storm Trooper Private and be sent on your way to explore the ship and interact with other members of the server. If you wish to receive a tour around the Star Destroyer and be shown where everything is and where you can and cannot go then speak with your trainer and ask for a tour and they will be happy to take you for one or alternatively they will find someone who can. WHAT COMES NEXT Now that you have completed your training and become one of the Empires finest, whats next? Once you have completed training you can start your journey to find a regiment that interests you. When looking for a regiment it is important to think about what kind of things you would enjoy doing within roleplay and what you are good at, would you prefer a heavy roleplay regiment? A security regiment? or a combat regiment?. Once you have found a regiment that you would like to join you can do 1 of to things, either approach a member of that regiment and ask about the possibility of participating in regimental tryouts OR wait for tryouts to be hosted and attend them at the advertised location. Tryouts: Once you attend tryouts you will be put through a serious of tests in order to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the regiment you are trying to join, tryouts will vary from regiment to regiment however the things that are typically uniform amongst all tryouts are as follows; Faces - Here the conductor will test how well you understood and listened during your basic training when being taught your faces, the conductor will call out a series of faces for you to perform. Formations - Here the conductor will test your knowledge of basic section formations in order to see if you will be able to conduct them on command from an officer. Climb SWEP - Here the conductor will test your ability to scale obstacles and walls using the in-game climb SWEP ability, if you are unsure how to use this SWEP we recommend you ask a fellow member of the community for assistance OR view one of the many tutorials available online. Shooting/Trigger Discipline - Here you will be tested on how well you can listen to orders which will be done by the instructor giving you a set of targets to hit and you are to shoot them in order of which they were given. Interview - Here you will be asked a series of questions related to you, this is done so that the conductor can get a better understanding of yourself to determine whether you are someone they would want to have within their regiment. RECEIVING SUPPORT Imperial Gaming has a dedicated team of members willing to help you in resolving any issues you may have regarding community issues, donation issues or issues regarding your game. The ways in which to contact these support members is by either joining one of the support lounges located on the Community Teamspeak server OR sending a support ticket through the forums support system which can be accessed by clicking the 'Support' button on the top of the screen or clicking on the following link and filling out the support ticket and sending it off. http://tiny.cc/igsupport WANT TO CONTRIBUTE MORE? Do you have a desire to help out where its needed or give back to the community? If so you could consider applying for a Trial Moderator or Event Master position within the server. The Moderator team work on ensuring that users uphold and follow the server rules in order to ensure that players are having an enjoyable time and players are role playing properly, The Event Master team focuses on creating roleplay scenarios and events within the server for players to interact with and spice up their time on the server. When applying make sure you view the application requirements and rules to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements to hold one of these positions. Trial Moderator Applications - http://tiny.cc/igtmod Event Master Applications - http://tiny.cc/igtem ..... ENJOY YOUR TIME ON THE SERVER CHANGELOG: 27MAY19 - Image Fix & Colour Correction
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    Hi Pinejack, Firstly thank you for explaining the Truth completely in your appeal this time. Your behaviour and attitude were contributing factors to your removal from the Event Master Team. Not long after you decided to approach Bailey, a former colleague in the Event Master Team in an effort to undermine me, defame my reputation within the community and leave area's of the community in disarray if these events were to take place. Yes it has been sometime since your ban initialised from your unprovoked, malicious actions (with or without thought) towards myself personally. The Community Ban should stay for a few more months, just to be sure you do not bring the attitude you formerly have and to demonstrate that you have actually thought on your actions and decisions. I cannot honestly forgive or forget the actions you decided. The only way I would consider to even see you back in this community in the future, anyway whatsoever is a Blacklist from Staff of all servers and restricted from PAC on all servers. Those roles are privileges and you have certainly lost them. Furthermore a strict 6-12 month probation period. As any infraction that is major would lead you back to a Community Ban. I personally would like the Ban to remain for at least a month or a few more months before you are able to return to the Community at all. However I would eventually consider the possibility as stated if those conditions were to be met. This is my opinion. I do hope you appreciate why and can understand where I am coming from.
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    @Welshy I would like your opinion on this matter as it was a personal attack on you and it is fair for you to have the majority of say for this before we make a decision.
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    My time has come to say farewell To IG, For now. To everyone, thank you for making this fun, I have really enjoyed playing over the passed year and a half. Shout out to 212th bois for being mad lads, thank you for having me. Quickly before I go here are some dank screenshots of the fun we have in 212th, enjoy LARKO AND HIS PARALYSIS ME AND THE BOIS ABOUT TO BE EXECUTED DWAYNE BATHING IN BLOOD LUCIFER AND THEO JUST TALKING, (LUCIFER IS STILL MIA) /ME SALUTES WITH UPMOST RESPECT SHOUT OUT TO BRIGADIER GALLE, I'LL BE COMING FOR THOSE ROBOT LEGS ONE DAY Thank you all for the fun times we had. So good bye for now, and I may be back in a years time. 2212-Kix, Signing off...
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    Answer... not me I'm back fellers, corvo gave me the big beg and requested i tryout for SC and now im back so admons prepare for big minge in all seriousness, glad to be back so far, theres new and old faces, new sh*t, new regiment. its all... nice. Love y'all and hope to see you on the server!
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    Hey all. Since Welshy has got Tarkin and Government has flourished, I have been deciding where I want to go next in terms of big goals in this community, at least in the short to mid term. My first semester has uni has already outlined how much I need to change in terms of time management and priorities and thus me not being Tarkin right now is indirectly one of Management's best decisions. Just a disclaimer: this does not mean I am shifting my focus away from being Moff, but it is a position I am certain I can maintain as it stands now. I have always wanted to create something for the community, just as many community members have done in the past. Now more than ever, I have been in touch with my creative side and I want to share my stories to this community, who I have very much grown to trust and appreciate in the near two and a half years I've been here. In those two and a half years, I have had lots of experiences and created a vast character lore which I believe is established enough to be worth sharing and making something bigger. I therefore announce that I am officially going to be creating a storytelling series, told in a film/video form, surrounding my four main characters: Chef, Chef Jr., the AI, and Mathieu Scheff. I have dabbled in real life filming, but never before on a game, but I am confident I can adapt my real life experiences and visions into the game world. It would be an episodic series, not dissimilar to Pureus' Price of Promise series and eventually short film from days past, but told more in-character and it would serve as a backstory/retelling as well as eventually a continuation of my story, and in the end be a thank you to this community and its veterans. This may or may not come as a surprise to you, since I have been discussing the possibility of creating a series in Discord chats and on the chatbox on the forums for some time now, as well as have released some concept images on both platforms. This post basically serves to confirm that I wish to go through with this, but as you can probably tell by the title, this will be something made more on the side. It will take some time to produce, especially at the level of quality I am aspiring to achieve, so if I were for you I wouldn't be on the edge of your seat waiting for something just around the corner; it's a way away. At this point in time, my series will be called Aftermath: An Imperial Gaming Story. I have not contacted the Media Team about producing this with them, as I personally believe I would be the most anal and annoying person to work with due to this having such a large sentimental value to me, but if anybody wants to come forward I wholeheartedly welcome any suggestions and ideas. I will be using this thread to post any updates on the production of this series, but as stated above, there may be a bit of time before I can put more focus into doing this. Have a good one everybody. P.S. if you need to read up on some of these characters, you can visit this link.
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    As the title says, we caught our boy @Rickle trying to grow some weed in the barn.
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    Unfortunately, I have not been able to get into the spirit of Imperial, Clone Wars has always been where I felt comfortable and the era I enjoy the most. So sadly due to the server closure I felt like I was force myself into a Server where I didn't feel to comfortable with the era etc. I understand that the closure of Clone Wars was done with a heavy heart, but Clone Wars is where my interest lies. Thanks for everyone involved in the Clone Wars, and making that server a great time, I want to thank @Cody and @Carnifex for giving me the opportunity of being Commander Gree for the 41st, it was fun being a commander once again. Thanks to @Rickle for being my Jedi master for the brief stint of being a Padawan, and being a dope Yoda for a dope 41st. Cheers @SiegeMonkey for being my first Commander on the server and letting me use my flamethrower. O7 @Dwayne cheers for essentially being the medic of 41st, you healed us when no one could get to us. Thank you @Wolf for giving me a chance to get into Imperial, and that you gave me a concession in transferring my rank over to Imperial, you showed that you cared about the players, and I hope that the rest of the community treats you well. Lastly a massive thanks to my wonderful 41st, you were all great troopers and it was an honour to lead you. Commander CC-1004 'Gree' signing out. O7
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    Yeah so some people know, others do not. I pretty much left after Aphro so. Cya I guess.
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    If you have any memes about Kristofer crashing the Server, post them in a reply here. Here's two, credit to the ISB Discord.
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    <18:39:02> "Mongo" pokes you: Kristofer.... <18:39:09> "Mongo" pokes you: placing hits crashing the server tsk tsk <18:39:48> "Mandor Teth" pokes you: Darn it Kristofer <18:39:48> "[Ω] Omega (Shepard)" pokes you: I am angi, no 501st kills <18:39:51> "Kurt" pokes you: grr <18:39:54> "Sky" pokes you: naughty <18:39:59> "Happy" pokes you: I am very angry I was about to witness 501st get murdered <18:40:09> "Corvo" pokes you: Kristofer, you need to let go of the crash addiction <18:40:12> "Soul" pokes you: WOW WHY DID YOU CRASH THE SERVER REEEEEEE <18:40:15> "Happy" pokes you: My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined <18:40:16> "StaunchBasil" pokes you: How did you crash it this time <18:42:30> "JimBob" pokes you: grrr im mad <18:42:37> "Corvo" pokes you: how do you keep crashing it? <18:46:08> "Commando 07 - Sinatra" pokes you: Tsk Tsk, Crashing server bad bad I'm victimizing myself.
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