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    Hello IG Community I am happy to announce that the donation to the NSW fire services is half complete, we donated 700 dollars today with the rest of 468 dollars to be donated tomorrow the reason for it being split in half is simply because the fire services do not accept paypal donations through the website we used here And with that it only allows you to donate using credit/VISA so with that there is a default spending limit per day on my card that I did not know about which I need to go get rid of (whoops) however saying that I donated 700 dollars today from our fundraising and will donate the rest of 468 dollars tomorrow which brings us to a total of 1168 dollars raised to the fire services (remember that we already had x amount already donated this month before we decided to do the fundraising for the NSW so from the date it started to the end of the month we raised a total of 1168 dollars which is allot of money to be able to donate to the NSW firefighters especially now hearing that in the past couple of days they made an announcement that all NSW fires have been detained (not out but more under control) which is a massive effort by them. With that when I do the rest of the donation tomorrow I will edit this post to have another screenshot of the payment which should be in the afternoon so you will see receipts up there and not just 1. I would like to thank the whole IG community who donated to help support the NSW fire services, it was a massive effort especially from a Garry's Mod community and most of our donations are quite limited ingame so it was a massive effort to see that. In total since IG started we have raised over 3225.15 dollars from this community alone for the charities we do at Christmas. We are probably part of the only few across Garrysmod that do these type of fundraisers for Australia and I would like to thank everyone that has stuck with us to be able to do these types of things. Again thank you for sticking with IG to be able to do these types of things, We as a management thank you very much and we hope you have a good rest of the year. Regards IG Management Wolf
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    Good Afternoon everyone, So everyone is aware what's happening with Australia at the current moment, as of 24 DEC over 5 million hectares of Australia has burned and 9 people minimum gace died since September at the start of the summer fire. In New South Wales they have had 3.41m hectares , in the past few years we have had a total burned for the whole season of around 280, 000ha, this year alone it is around 3.41m in just NSW and we are only roughly halfway through the season so worse is to come. South Australia at 24 DEC it burned minimum 86 homes, over 500 outbuildings and burned through important crops and vineyards. With this the most important part of it all is the loss of lives from people not escaping intime, defending there homes and sadly one man lost his life in a vehicle crash in the fire zone. with this as a community we have decided that for the rest of January's donations all the money raised after 9pm AEST (So I can set all the paypal up) will be donated to the NSW rural Fire Service as they are one of the most on the frontline that need more equipment and every help they can get. I hope as a community we can branch together to help our fellow Australians out. I hope everyone stays safe during these times and hopefully this disaster ends soon, also as a show of respect please do not comment regarding political issues on this post/ingame due to there's a time and place for that and its not here at this moment, right now should be time to help each other out then in future there can be a time and place for political agendas. (By this I mean the whole Scott Morrison, parties etc) For those wondering I will be making the donation officially on the end of January/start of Feb here https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/about-us/fundraising and for people to keep count, it is all money raised now after the 470 we have already raised this month for bills of servers and services (as I transfered that already into streamline this morning sorry) Thank you those that contribute and even those that think about or try to contribute towards this goal. Again I hope everyone stays safe and thank you for taking the time to read this post. Regards, Wolf Management Team Staff team IG Community
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    If you would like to direct your uppies to the author, you may do so xo
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    I spent a couple hours working on this. The epitome of a Star Wars RP event.
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    The time once again has come for another Star Destroyer update. Many of you have heard whispers of possible changes over the past couple months, some true, some false. So in addition to sharing your opinion and future suggestions, let me know if you've heard other changes that aren't in the post and i'd be happy to comment on whether they are also in the update, scheduled for a future update or not happening at all. With that said, this time round, most of the changes have occurred inside the ISD (unlike the previous update with the addition of the snow planet and new hyperspace locations). Like always, if you’re still hungry for more screenshots check out Lord Trilobites profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/lordtrilobite/screenshots/ Major Changes: Recruit Room Moved From its current position on the third floor (deck 6), the recruit room will be moved close to shock and riot bunks (deck 3). This new area will feature more wall space for signs, a larger open area in the middle, a viewing room for commanders and most importantly a door to keep out all the filthy recruits from the luxuries of the ISD. The new spawn will be accessible from two points; one in the middle of the stairs near the tram (deck 2) and the other near the assassination and kidnapping billboard (deck 3). Unfortunately, the current spawn will be removed as the map is nearing its limits. Security Deck Rework The Brig has been moved down the hall walkway past the maintenance entry. There will also be a torture/interrogation room that branches off from the center consoles in the brig. With the move, the area outside the brig and the brig itself will be easier to defend as there will only be one entry point and shock/riot bunks will be slightly closer. Minor Changes: New Sensor Array and Destructible Shield Domes Replacing the current sensor array above the bridge will be a new, cleaner model. The shield domes will also be destructible like the old domes a couple of updates ago but will be harder to destroy. Navy Lift Pads Due to the aging navy personnel, new lift pads have been installed to allow for ease of access between the main deck and the pit. IHC Lighting Fixed Thanks to some optimising of the imperial budget, the ISD can now afford to fully light the old IHC offices. Additional Engine Room Features There will now be a retractable bridge connecting the reactor console to the entrance. The lasers underneath the reactor will be controlled by the two panels on the side. (If the reactor is off they will also be off but once the reactor has been restarted the lasers will need to be turned on manually). Various interactive panels and buttons for maintenance.
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    The Sith bois put on their best acting skills, here is the video as promised. Sith News at 6 @Bailey @John @Risk @Kippy @Rimmin @Swift @Jay Lamar Sith News.mp4
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    Hey Guys, My time on Gmod has come to an end. I will be resigning from the management team. Apologies for leaving Santos in an unfinished state, hopefully the development team will consider finishing it down the track. I wish everyone all the best, If anyone wants to stay in touch. You'll find me on WOW classic.
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    Started to wonder how insane the films would get if the server was "in" them, here is the end result - Depending on how high your volume is, might want to turn it down for this one - A few short clips from the movies, just chucked in random encounters from the server. Enjoy! IG in the Star Wars Movies (Dubbed).mp4
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    I don’t know how to start this… I’ll give it a good try, I have decided to resign and leave Imperial Gaming due to me wanting to do my best in schooling for my final year and to help with my mental issues. This was not an easy decision that I made but I feel was the right decision. It’s difficult to find the words to describe my experience whilst playing on Imperial Gaming for the past 3 years but all I can say is that it was extremely enjoyable, fun and filled with many many good memories. Every time I logged into the server I never knew what was going to happen, which filled me with excitement thus causing me to want to play more. Imperial Gaming has helped me grow as a person and I will never forget that. I’d like to thank all of the Management Team, Staff Team and everyone else who I have come in contact with whether if I was in character, out of character and/or in Teamspeak with, you all made my day just that bit better and I thank you for that. I'd like to give a few honourable mentions to a few people that stood out for me, but I know I can’t get them all since there were many others. @Cody You were the one that really pushed me further than I would have ever imagined I’d go, I will never forget you giving me Chimaera Squad CO and helping me out when I needed it in the Staff Team. I’ll one day be better at Supreme Commander Foraged Alliance than you @Jman1308 You have been here with me since day 1, I remember when you first got Trial Moderator in 2017 when I was Moderator, I always knew you would reach higher than me You were a good friend and I hope to see you in the future when I come back if I come back. @Rad_Cop When I saw NHC it was only you and I saw a chance of me getting in there to help you so I decided to do it and also to allow Tank and Loki to get into AHC at the same time. I have never regretted the choice of transferring into NHC. You, @Horus1 and @Cure made my time in NHC very enjoyable and I will never forget you guys. @Tinky You were a real influence of me and have shown me many many things that I’ll never forget, you are hands down one of the best commanders I served with in all my time on Imperial Gaming, I’m going to miss you. @Cecil You were a very good Event Master and Manager and it has been a pleasure serving under you. I will be forever grateful for the many opportunities you gave whilst serving in the Staff Team. Thanks for all you've done. @zaspan You were a very good Sith, Staff Manager and Server Manager, I hope you continue to be a great Management member. Thanks for all you've done. @Delta You are and will always be my number one sandy boi, I hope to see you higher up in the ranks when I come back. @Hammer @Lucky You two allowed me entre to AHC which was one of my goals for the longest period of time on Imperial Gaming. Thank you for that and being lads the whole way through. @Wolf @Kosmos For creating the server that we all play on There are obviously many more I’d like to thank, but if I did everyone this post would take years to read. I’ll be back one day <3
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    As most of the community already knows, we recently purchased a new dedicated server to host our game servers off of, whilst we sacrificed a bit of clock speed on the CPU for a lot more RAM, a newer generation processor and more storage space, aswell as a more trusted hosting provider, you have probably wondered why it has taken so long to transfer over. We simply aimed to make the transfer experience from the old dedicated server to the newer dedicated server as optimal as possible with many changes to improve your experience on the server. Please see all changes below, we hope you enjoy. NOTE: With the move to the new dedicated server some of your spreadsheets may break depending on how you set them up, the new server ip is no longer This changelog will also be formatted differently compared to the usual (new/updated/removed) due to the nature of most of the changes. Changes New HUD Whilst many people liked the sci-fi feel of the current holo-hud and its customisable nature we have opted to introduce a new HUD which will ideally be as minimal as possible, increase performance (a LOT) and be mainstreamed (most people should like it). Big thank you to @Auzii and the Graphics Team for the unique icons that accompany the hud. Quest System Changes Its been a nice run with the quest system, as of server release the Quest System will be wiped. Skills are now broken down into 3 branches (Combat, Profit, Utility) - these branches have skills according to their category Some quests have been altered to make easier/harder or changed to effectively balance quest completion - find out these in games Credit Changes An Armoury NPC is now available in the ILC - you may spend your credits to buy a weapon This consists of a large payment (to buy the weapon), you then need to deploy the weapon by paying a smaller fee per life. Food System Hunger and Thirst have been added, whilst you do take damage when you hit 0 food/thirst it takes a VERY long time, and therefore will not interfere extremely with your experience Food NPC and entities will be added to increase mess hall RP - some foods replenish more hunger/thirst and some may give special effects in the future. Ammunition Crate You may now purchase ammunition from the crates in the ILC, heavy's may now also drop ammo boxes New Disease System The old disease system was made a long time ago and was one of my first scripts ever made, hence why it was subpar to the quality we wanted. We have implemented and heavily adjusted the Zero's GenLab medical system. It is much more realistic, with little performance impact and should increase roleplay throughout the server thoroughly. (https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/zero-s-genlab-disease-script for more information) Economy We are trying our best to establish an economy that is as real to life as possible, as well as enjoyable to experience. This links to the Credit Changes previously mentioned Salary has been added - You will now receive paychecks based on your clearance for serving the empire (a passive way to gain credits) We have lots in plan for the near future to further this economy system, which mirror real world economies MySQL Gamemode Backend change to how data storing is done, now being stored externally on a MySQL server, this way we can develop applications in the future to interact with in-game data such as Regiments/Ranks/UTime etc. Keycard Improvements The way keycards are done on the backend is greatly improved, this may have a significant performance improvement The new way this is achieved also adds versatility, including custom keycards and are very easy to change. Pilot Licenses The out of date Pilot License menu has been updated to be modular, allowing for pilot licenses to be added on top of each other, rather than listing every possible combination on the menu. There has also been some slight changes to optimize performance based on this system Precaching Precaching has been removed and now only occurs on server startup, whilst this may increase server startup times by a minute or two, we believe this is a lot better for the server than interrupting roleplay for 30 minutes. Some other changes have also been made to stop Precaching from occuring on map changes when it is not needed Pointshop Sell Dialog Self-explanatory to stop people from "accidentally selling" their items, there is now a prompt to double check you want to sell the item. There will now be no leeway if you accidentally sell your item, we will not return it to you. Net Message Handler (EXPERIMENTAL) Should stop most net-based lag exploits, however this is heavily untested PAC3 PAC3 has been updated to the latest version, this should fix many bugs aswell as allow for many new features, we hope you enjoy pac users. TFA Changes Updated TFA reworked weapons (resolving missing models) Fixed TFA grenades Changes to the backend to ideally increase performance (a lot) Other Changes Here you will find a list of other changes which don't really justify their own category Useless/unused content removed from content pack and server Fixed dropships causing weird behaviour when passengers/pilots would exit Updated Thermal FLIR PermaProps optimized - you may notice many perma props have been deleted, we have done this unbiasly to all regiments and areas around the ships to reduce loading and lag. This should not compromise roleplay at all. !swap models updated, more regiments should have models available to them. Implementation of different Ammo Types New Jumptrooper models and Jetpack Swep Coming Soon Ideally, we would've implemented all of the features that will be mentioned below before we released the server however, our development team clearly is not big enough and therefore it would've delayed release even further, which we do not want to do. Here is a list of soon to come changes (over the next few weeks) Heavy/Support Functionality Rather than having a completely seperate rank in the regiment (requiring ranks to be stored in the players name) heavy and support will be handled differently, allowing for people to properly hold ranks, as well as be a heavy/support Mission System Overhaul We aim to overhaul and fix the mission system to ensure it matches with the economy changes we have implemented this change log, aswell as fix any broken missions (I know there is a lot) and ideally revamp and breath life back into the system. Bug Report Review We have heard your bug reports and we greatly appreciate you sending these in, they are unfortunately were not our priority and therefore we haven't gotten around to the non-vital ones. They will be adhered to shortly Find Server Bottlenecks This will be a long and tedious process to find specifically what addons tax the server the most on startup, we unfortunately did not have the time to do this during the development stage. Mass-Optimization Lots of backend stuff needs to be done, including removal of thousands of lines of code and optimising thousands of lines of code in order to make the server playable, we assure you we are trying our best, and we promise you will see a noticeable improvement of server performance throughout the next few months. Finally, I would like to thank @Ragetank, @|Stryker| and the rest of the Development Team who assisted with this project aswell as @Auzii, @Atlas and the rest of the Graphics Team. None of this would of been possible without you all. Thank you for reading, have fun.
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    I am well aware I made one of these already however that was not a permanent thing and almost acted like an LOA of sorts. Around about in February my older brother sustained quite a traumatic injury linking to mental health issues in which he self amputated his hand with a drop saw at his home. Since then he went through a lot of recovery and has been deemed safe to come out of the hospital however he is currently unable to work or drive or do much as a matter of fact and as such he's going to be living with myself and my girlfriend for quite an extended period of time as I have no other family in Auckland to help him. as a whole Im taking a complete step away from the community and focusing on my real life especially since work is coming back around the corner after lockdown. As I mentioned before my prior post about leaving the community as I discussed privately with higher management was more of an LOA to deal with the sudden situation of my brother, and when it was dealt with I continued my time on the server and community. Overall I've had quite a fun time with the community and I probably wont ever be back, Garry's Mod has lost it's touch with me and I don't really see it going anywhere longterm either. with work on the horizon I will practically lose all free time to even dedicate time of any sort to any community. I had a lot of fun times with the community and achieved a lot of stuff during my time. Clone Wars treated me well and I will miss all the lads that were involved with it, you know who you are. Over the next week or two before work starts up i'll compile every model I managed to finish and put them into a pack and upload them to the steam workshop if anyone cares. Once again Mongo signing off for one last time.
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    WARNING - This content contains information regarding depression and suicide. Do not read it if you are uncomfortable with that. Hi everyone, I write this post whilst sitting at my computer, drinking, listening to music and lying to the people talking to me by telling them that I am okay. I'm not. I haven't been okay for months now, and have actually been stuck in the slump that is the lowest point I've ever fallen to in my life. Some of you know me, some of you don't. I'm sorry if this upsets some of you, or if, as I've been going through this, I've been distant or even ignored some of you. It hasn't been my intention to sabotage any friendships I've made or make anyone feel any less of a fiend to me than they are. I'm 24 years old, currently live in a share house with another friend. have been going to counselling for about the last 2 months, sold 2 of my cars, my motorbike, collectible swords and armors just to make sure i can keep paying rent because i'm newly unemployed, recently split with my partner of over 5 years and tried to end my own life 4 times within the last 2 months. The spoiler below has more in-depth details of what I've done and gone through over the past while. Only read it if you are comfortable doing so. Some of you might be asking yourselves why i'm writing something like this, hell, i'm asking myself the same question right now. But, in the time it's taken me to write this I've changed from being an absolute mess and wanting to end myself to being okay, and wanting to try and reach out to others who might feel the same sometimes. It's hard to find a reason to get out of bed, it's hard to talk to people, it's hard to even leave the house or hang out with friends and family, it's hard to open up and start conversations about the things we go through and I hate that I can't do it enough. I hate that I can't talk to my friends and family about how I feel because every time i'm asked how i'm going I lie through my teeth and make up some bullsh*t "good" things that have been happening to me just to put their minds at ease and not have them worry about me. Family and friends reach out for a reason, and it's NEVER too much of a problem to talk to them about your issues or just about how you're feeling. True friends and family are never going to turn you away, or lose interest in what you are saying if you actually tell them the truth. You're never a "bother" for them, it's never "nothing" to have suicidal thoughts or depression constantly. You're no less of a "man/woman" for asking for help. I disgustingly forgot all of these things, which I preached them to myself 7 years ago after I lost a friend to suicide. He would always tell us he was okay and we would believe him, and would always seem it, on the outside. He was at my house one night, hanging out with myself and a few more friends, and then when he and another friend walked back to their houses, it was the last time anyone ever saw him alive. He was found 4 days later in a sewer drain, dead. He had gone to an outdoor camping store and bought himself a chair and some canisters of a gas, gassed himself in the chair next to the storm drain and presumably fallen into it. This post is far from perfect, and there is still so much more I just can't put into words or form into a sentence, but, I just want everyone reading this to know that there is still light at the end of that tunnel, I know it's near impossible to tell sometimes, believe me, but it is there. There are ALWAYS people available to talk to, I myself am definitely included no matter if we've spoken before or not, and getting help is not shameful or weak, it's actually the most courageous thing you can do. Please consider utilizing these services if you are going through a tough time and are having trouble getting help: 13 11 14 - Lifeline Australia - 24/7 https://www.lifeline.org.au 1300 22 4636 - beyondblue - 24/7 www.beyondblue.org.au 1300 78 99 78 - Mensline Australia - 24/7 www.mensline.org.au 1800 55 1800 - Kids Help Line - 24/7 www.kidshelp.com.au 1300 659 467 - Suicide Callback Service - 24/7 https://www.suicidecallbackservice.org.au/
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    Introduction Today marks the three year anniversary of Imperial Gaming, with thousands of members having come and gone, Imperial Gaming as a whole still stands very tall and true, being the largest Australian Star Wars RP Server and the largest Imperial RP Server in the world. As I said during the actual awards ceremony, there are many people to thank, beginning with Management. The Management of Imperial Gaming have spent countless hours working on the Server and have gone out of their way to make the Server better for everyone involved. The Staff Team, including Moderators and Event Masters have spent their personal time to make the server better for the users. The Developers who spend a lot of their free time creating and making things for the entire community and the Server. The Commanders and all of High Command for going out of their way to make the time for new players enjoyable by leading and supervising them. The donators for providing revenue to allow the server to continue running. Last, but not least, of course, the users, without you we wouldn't be here and the Server couldn't run. Thank you all for a great three years, even if I've not been here for all of it, I count IG as a second home and have made friends that have shaped the person I have become and have helped me out of ruts. Imperial Gaming is more than just a community. Awards Trooper of the Year 1st: Tinky 2nd: Bibleman 3rd: Rickle User of the Year 1st: Hammer 2nd: Tinky 3rd: Rad Cop Nicest Member of the Year 1st: Cecil 2nd: Fludders 3rd: Loki New Member of the Year 1st: Moey 2nd: Fred 3rd: Death Funniest Player of the Year 1st: Tinky 2nd: Bibleman 3rd: Bailey Best Commander of the Year 1st: Tinky 2nd: Horus 3rd: Braino Regiment of the Year 1st: 374th Reinforced Infantry 2nd: Purge Troopers 3rd: Mainstream ISB Staff Member of the Year 1st: Wombat 2nd: Zaspan 3rd: Bailey, Cecil and Luigi (tie) Event Master of the Year 1st: Kristofer 2nd: Grif 3rd: Wind and Jeria (tie) Support Team Member of the Year 1st: Luigi 2nd: Kaye 3rd: Renegade Developer of the Year 1st: Tank 2nd: Vanilla 3rd: Bailey Branch of the Year 1st: Military 2nd: Navy 3rd: Sith PAC3 User of the Year 1st: Bailey 2nd: Scheff 3rd: Tank and Mongo (tie) Roleplayer of the Year 1st: Scheff 2nd: Chimp 3rd: Jay Lore Character of the Year 1st: Scheff 2nd: Tonberry 3rd: Chimp Screenshot of the Year 1st: Link 2nd: Link 3rd: Link Recruit Trainer of the Year 1st: Braytec 2nd: Slab 3rd: Rickle Minge of the Year 1st: Bibleman 2nd: Tinky 3rd: Fred, Burton and Basil (tie) 3 Year Anniversary Photo This photo can also be seen opposite the year 2 anniversary photo outside the Imperial Arcade. Conclusion That's a wrap for this year, its been a very good one and everything went smoothly even though there were a few hiccups and my blood pressure nearly spiked to a point of heart attack and the fact that @Vanilla and I did like 8 different reshoots for the anniversary photo nearly killed me. However, its all worth it knowing Imperial Gaming has been here for three years, and will be here for a long time more. Thank you everyone for the work you've put into the Server and for making Imperial Gaming the place it is. It also seems sitting that this is my 3000th post on the forums. Thanks again, you are truly a wonderful group of people.
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    Note: It has been several months since the last Changelog has been posted for Imperial Gaming. Since then, A LOT of content and updates have been implemented, altered and removed from the Imperial Server. The server has seen many interesting changes and will continue to see changes in the future. CONTENT ADDED/CHANGED Regiment Changes: Storm Commandos have had their Dual DC-17's changed for Scout Pistols. Purge Troopers have had their DC-17 changed to Dual DC-17's. In compensation for Grapple Hook Scout & Purge have had their max climbswep upped by 2 (Max 5). Tank Trooper re-branded into Imperial Combat Drivers. Inferno Squad are now equipped with DLT-19X Shock/Riot are now equipped with new Shields. (Heavy Shields are able to unlock doors with Left Click) Inquistors have received model changes for specific ranks. (Initiate, Inquisitor) ISB have receieved Female models via !swap functions. Civilians have loadout changes (weapons have been removed) Shock & Riot Models now have Female Officer models (via !swap at Second Lieutenant+) Weapon Changes: The Dual DC-17's have had a damage buff. Fixed Issue with Dual DC-17's - No longer zooms on right click. The Valken Sniper has had a accuracy increase. Content: Added radar system for Navy to detect what ships are currently in the air-space. Added new DT model pack with new HD DT models including camo DT. Added Inquisitor Second Sister model for Inquisitors Second Sister role. Added Vanilla's Turbo Laser tool for EMs to use immersive turbo laser strikes. Added Gonk healing droid to medbay, this allows healing for credits based on the amount of medics on the price will increase. Thermal FLIR has been added, gives troopers the ability to visibly see Cloaked individuals. Vanilla Imperial & Rebel Fighter balance is in final testing stages, this will endeavour to give a balance set of star-fighters for the server based on lore. Vanilla Hyperspace in/out tool will give the option for event master to have an immersive hyperspace in and out feature for ships. Commands: !regimentlist - Shows a list of all individuals within your regiment and gives option for Commanders to promote/demote/kick from the regiment if user is offline. !eventmaster - Shows you who the current EM running the event is. !shipbattle - Adds battle noise effects of ships in combat. !explosion - Creates a massive explosion noise and shakes the screeen. !jackpots - Shows all previous jackpot winnings. Forums: New forums template has been added due to an update that broke the old one, the new one is mostly complete but may have minor tweeks from time to time. Point-Shop: Removed Rotary Cannon due to lag issues, appropriate refunds have been given. Removed Grapple Changed Price of custom E-11's, they are no longer 10 million. Added Hunter Shotgun for 275,000. Added Scout Pistol for 150,000. Added Republic Sniper for 200,000. Quest System Quest System - You now complete quests under a variety of different category's for "Quest Points". You can use these quest points in the F8 menu to progress skills to benefit yourself. There are 3 parts/quests to every category, giving 1,2 and 3 points an ascending order. This means each part gets harder and harder. The F7 Menu will show all of your quests, the progress, the instructions tips and the reward if you complete each quest. Once all parts of the quest are completed, you are able to approach the Mission Vendor NPC and Prestige your quest line. This gives you a big credit, points and quest point bonus. Lottery System Buying a lottery ticket from the Imperial Lotteries NPC gives you 3 random numbers which are your lottery numbers. Every 30 minutes the lottery is drawn, 3 random numbers are chosen and are compared to each players lottery numbers. Matching 1 number = 1st Tier, Matching 2 numbers - 2nd Tier, Matching 3 numbers - 3rd Tiet/Jackpot The tier you win determines the reward as a percentage of the pot (Viewable with !lottery) !jackpots show all previous jackpot winnings. Lockdown System Called with DEFCON 2 but does not need to be used whenever DEFCON 2 is called (optional). All doors on the ship (excluding TIE Bays and hangar doors) are locked. CL3+ can temporarily unlock doors for 5 seconds using their keycards. Maps New map "Anaxes" has been added to the rotation alongside Naboo (every second week). Updated Deathstar has been added to the rotation on a different date (every second week, Tuesday). CONTENT REMOVED Grapple Hook removed from server due to lag, performance & local crashing issues. Garrick Versio playermodel. RFA & BF2 Weapons which were unbalanced. Continuing to remove /disable any unused content on the server. Content Storm Outpost #1-3 EA Star Wars Battlefront II - Grenades [SWEPs] Pressuirzed External Suit Revan: SWTOR Star Wars - Imperial TIE Bomber Star Wars - Lambda Class Shuttle Star Wars - Tatooine Prop Pack Star Wars: 501st Triton & Incinerator Playmoderl Pack Star Wars: Atmopsheric Assault Lander SW Vehicle: TIE Defender SW Vehicle: TIE Fighters [EG] Starships [Striker - UWing] [IG] 996th Troopers RM [IG] Improved Imperial Engineer Playermodel [IG] Range Trooper] [Imperial Gaming] Imperial Commando Pack UPCOMING CONTENT ISB will be receiving a rank name change in the near future to fit new lore materials released and also be adding Garrick Versio role back. More RFA & BF2 Weapons which will be balanced properly (accuracy, damage, etc.) Updated Second Sister Model. Updated Royal & Shadow Guard models. New Emperor Palpatine model. Potential Respawn timer is being looked at including specific regiments being immune due to distance. Event Master team are looking towards new maps in the future. Special thanks to the entire Development Team and members of Management + Advisors.
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    Well it's time. Firstly I would like to thank the entirety of the Imperial Gaming Community for everything you have all given me, help me achieved, supported me and allowed me to be the best I could be on the server, whilst supporting my efforts as the Grand General for the period I served the role. I have come to the decision that I am leaving the server, and the community. I have had my fair share of time on the server, I have had my ups and my downs, My laughs and my arguments, but now is the time I leave. I would also like to thank the following: @Wolf Where do I begin, you entrusted me with the highest military rank achieveable, allowed me to progress through the ranks of Commander, all the way through Imperial High Command and I cannot thank you enough. I am also glad to be able to call you a great friend, and I can't thank you enough for your ongoing support. @Chopz You were my Commander from day 1 and to this day will always be the real OG Commander in my eyes. Without you I would never have achieved where I am today, so thank you. @Lucky My faithful Second in Command, You supported me throughout the rough times we faced in Imperial High Command, supported me when it got tough, and took the mantle while I was unable to be there due to other commitments. I thank you for everything you helped me achieve, and I look forward to your growth as the new Grand General. @Jman1308 Thank you so much for everything you helped me with, from trusting me with the Army restructure, to the rebuilding of Imperial High Command, and from taking the reigns from Wolf and still having the same faith and trust in me to do what I needed to do. @Welshy You were my partner in crime, and still are, however I thank you for the great times we had on the server, to the trouble we caused and the trouble we got ourselves into. I thank you. @Grif The mini Lucky if ever I had seen it. I can't thank you enough for your commitment and support within Imperial High Command, and your efforts that made the role of others and the server more fun and enjoyable. Thank you. @Ghost4448 The hot head of Imperial High Command, next to Welshy lol. Thank you so much for everything you have done, you have shown alot of potential, and still to this day continue to put the effort in and I can not thank you enough. @Theta The salad general himself. If Grif is the mini Lucky, you are the mini Grif. in saying that, you have lived up to all expectations and more, you have shown me how faithful and reliable you are, and I can not thank you enough for everything you have done. @Ragetank The second bulky boi, my identical twin....just smaller. Thank you for everything you have done, from copying my size in PAC3 to being extrodinary in your dev work for the server, to maintaining and supporting the security forces on the server. @Loki The glue of Army High Command, you were there when things got tough for all of Imperial High Command, and without you things would have fallen apart. I thank you for supporting everyone when it got tough and for being a fantastic General. @Tinky SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. But in all seriousness, thank you so much brother, for everything. From being a fantastic Commander, to becoming a brilliant Brigadier General, I know you will go far, just have faith and continue pushing. Thank you so much brother. Theres obviously alot more people I would like to thank however this post doesnt need to be over 3 pages and the list of the other end probably longer. I will still be around in the server's Team Speak, however my time in game has come to an end. Again thank you all so much. Sincerely Hammer.
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    Hello Community, Recently the management team has been looking into new ways that we can bring a fresh feel and give new RP opportunities to the server. One of the ways we are doing this is by change the placement of many of the major branch location on the ISD into places where they can be exposed to new role play scenarios and be in a location that gives more chance to interact and meet other individuals. After much discussion with specific branches and management we have concluded on the locations that will be listed below. These changes will be happen over the course of the next week or two and will be moving one by one. Location Changes: Debrief > Lower Hanger/Repair Bay The new debrief has already been constructed yesterday by Alystair and we will begin the next move today. Please send your appreciation to Alystair for dedicating most of the day into building an outstanding debrief. ISB > Debrief ISB will be moving to the location that debrief just moved from on floor 2, this will allow ISB to more easily stay in communication with the other security enforcement regiment and be able to increase the RP between the two divisions whilst still keeping some distance to the main population clusters. Sith Temple > DS-01 Moving the Sith Temple to the battle-station will allow the Sith to keep their requirement of a large open area where they can conduct their tournaments, training, ect and remove them from a main population area where people tend to antagonise them and run into the temple. TI > DS-01 The battle-station has enough space that it can be shared between Sith & the Tarkin Initiative projects that are going on, moving TI was a high priority so that it opens up the snow planet for more wide spread RP through the server that can be conducted though events, IHC training or other missions instead of being a restricted area nobody can access. IHC & GOV > Current Temple Merging IHC and Regional Government together into a command sector seemed like a logical choice as it allows the two administrative branches to be in quick and easy access of each-other that will allow more efficient management of the regiments. The IHC Briefing room may also be moved to this location as it is a large area and the gaming room be moved back into the spare space. Galactic Emperor Palpatine > Current GOV His majesty Emperor Palpatine will be separated from Sith as he was never known by the public to be one anyway, he will have the area as his Throne Room with RG & SG to protect him. This means that the military may be required to protect him from incursions at some points and to clarify RG&SG can still be involved with Sith affairs and join in on their training they are just with palpatine to protect him as that is their job. Current IHC At this point the current IHC is still in discussion about what will be placed there but we will keep you informed.
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    Hello Imperial Gaming With Chopz resigning and with the current management structure we are currently not ready to appoint a permanent Community Manager until the said person has been trained and is ready to go with all the information they need. With that being said I have decided to temporarily place @Jman1308 into the position of Community Manager so he is able to assist me until the new Community manager has been decided. The reasons behind choosing Jman to assist me is due to the fact his knowledge with how Management works, he use to be a massive assist to us in Imperial Gaming and still is to this day, he will be assisting myself and Imperial Gaming in teaching the knowledge to the next Community Manager and the fact he is ex-management and has still helped us to this day even after retiring. Remember this is Temporary position and once a new Community Manager has been assigned Jman will be stepping back down until he decides what type of position he would like to assist Imperial Gaming in the future. Regards, Wolf
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    To whom this may concern, In recent times I've heard a lot of the stories of Clone Wars RP, and a lot of people making passing comments about wanting it back, saying something about "The good old days" or "Remembering their start on the Server", players such as Siege Monkey and Luigi, current admins can even atest to the enjoyment of Clone Wars and the type of person it brought to the community under Management and Bailey's (because he wasn't technically Management) leadership and direction for the Server as a whole. It was somewhere you didn't have to be the bad guy, you didn't have to oppress civilians, you could show up and be the saviour of the Wookiees or be the one to protect the innocents rather than persecute them. I am aware that the Community loves being a bad guy (In RP of course) and that's why Imperial RP has done so well for as long as it has (it'll be four years old this year!), but I'm also aware the community really loves being the good guy as well, in and out of character, all of our donations to charities, all of the good we try and do within the community, all the acceptance and posts about mental health on the forums, IG likes being the good guy. So, I think, and so do many others (who hopefully will show up to this post and help speak about how good Clone Wars was) that we should bring back the Clone Wars Server, now many people may disagree with this, our previous Servers have failed, Santos died twice, Clone Wars lasted nearly half a year and then died. People may think we should go a different direction, like HaloRP for example or something similar, but our community is a Star Wars Community, look at Icefuse for example, they have 3 Star Wars RP Servers that are nearly consistently full because their community is filled with people who love Star Wars, they started small, and then grew and grew until they turned into the massive monolith they are today. Clone Wars is the way forward for our community, and if we do well, we can grow again, taking it slowly over and over again, branching out into similar avenues. Some reasons I think Clone Wars can come back now and be extremely successful are as follows; - The Seventh Season of Clone Wars has come back recently and has a lot of hype around it, with another 4 episodes (4 weeks) to go with a lot more ACTUAL Clone action to come, this will help hype up the Server as the Season comes to an end and we hopefully see Order 66. - The Server has consistently been hitting maximum players (even before the COVID-19 lockdown), enough players that Tank wanted to create a second overflow Server to deal with the players and the huge demand for Star Wars RP in and out of our current community. During this prototype, Tank also set up inter-server chat which would allow both sides of the community to chat and get to know each other (which was a small problem for Clone Wars since it seemed like there was two parts of the community when it closed and we all came back to Imperial RP). - We are getting a new Server, which according to Kumo is 4x better than our current one, on a superior operating system and with superior specs, especially ones based around hosting Servers and Garry's Mod in particular. This means it should be able to easily host Imperial RP and Clone Wars RP at the exact same time. - We have experience with Clone Wars RP and Star Wars RP in particular, with it being our second iteration of Clone Wars we'll have learnt from our mistakes and can adjust the direction of the Server based on community feedback from last time and having learnt from the mistakes made prior to the closure of the Server. - Many of our current Staff, particularly two of our current Admins arose from Clone Wars and/or came into their own as a Clone Wars Staff Member, on top of this, it brought many members to the community who weren't previously apart of it, there's too many to name for this post alone, so I won't bother with it to save you from it. - Clone Wars is far more malleable than ImperialRP, we were able to go to different maps and enjoy ourselves there because there was a reason for our group to go there - We have almost perfected the battalion system, and we had previously perfected the Regiment system with supports and heavies, in regards to Clone Wars, for example within the 212th, we could have roles similar to support and heavy, but they could be Airborne and specialised ARF Troopers, this is obviously only a rough draft and just examples for the future. - We are able to easily pick out content, so we don't need to overfill the Server with content that all serves the same purpose, it will help us cut down by carefully picking and choosing content that goes on the Server to prevent it from being overfilled and stacked with content that isn't necessary. That's all I've got, I hope many of you agree with me and we can get this message to Management, showing them how many of us want Clone Wars back desperately. Lastly, this post was approved by Cecil and Wingza who I went to prior to writing the post because I know Clone Wars is a touchy subject for many members of the Community. Thank you for reading, please, if you respond to this and disagree with the post, please explain why, don't just leave a "-1 dumb" post, I really want to know why you don't think this is a good idea. If you agree with me, please share a fond memory of Clone Wars, or something you'd like to see on the new Clone Wars, as well as some reasons that I may have missed as to why Clone Wars is worth trying again. Below this and within the spoiler are some images from Clone Wars, feel free to share your own. Kind regards, - Chubbs
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    As some of you may have figured out from my previous post (and other secret communications), currently in the works is a custom Lothal map. For the past month now, @Cracked, @Frosty__ and myself (mostly cracked) have been working hard on the map, and we believe its finally at a stage worth showing the community. On a side note, I'm currently looking for funding to commission King Pommes to make some custom textures for the map (for the grass, mountains and houses) so if you're feeling generous and you're able to chip in, it would be greatly appreciated. With that aside, I made sure this time the camera wasn't foggy so you'll be able to get a good feel for the map and its features. Control room view of the city Just a regular old tower Main Imperial Complex Civilian Spaceport City & Branching Roads Please keep in mind the map is still in the middle of development and any features/buildings that you see in the screenshots may not be in the final version. The grey and orange textures you can see on lots of the buildings are dev textures and not intended for the final version, they are simply placeholders used until we get the custom textures. With that in mind, we'd love to hear any and all suggestions you guys have about possible; buildings, features and locations. Previous Teaser:
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    Hello IG, Many of you aren't going to care about this, but I do and I'd like to share it with the community anyway. Introduction I planned to make a post about this a while ago, and if I'm being honest, I actually never thought it would happen (or hoped it'd happen if I'm being honest), I've been playing GMod for nearly 6 years now (holyfuckingshit) and I started playing SWRP in late 2015, so 4 and a half years of SWRP. I had about 100 hours of GMod prior to SWRP, just random bullshit with my mates like Melonbomber and ZS. Tonight I achieved the "Addict" achievement for GMod which is defined as "Wasting a year of your life on Garry's Mod." - A year is about 8760 hours, though I am closer to 10,000 hours on GMod now because the achievement only counts hours in an actual Server, so I've spent about 1000 hours loading into servers and/or sitting on the main menu of GMod. I'll go into it a bit later as to why I don't think I've "wasted" a year of my life on Gmod, though I have spent a year playing it. I'm not going to include many dates here because they're all so muttled up and I don't want to be one of those people like 'Bro I've been playing for 8 years', though I do remember my first day on SWRP vividly, so we'll start from there. My History in SWRP I watched a video on Youtube from Teo about SWRP and he was fucking around on it, hard, and it looked like heaps of fun, so I decided to load up my bad boy and log on to Republic Gaming on December 2nd, 2015. The first person to ever train me was a bloke named Lobster and he is essentially the only reason I'm here and play SWRP. He showed me the ropes. I eventually met a bloke named Aleks, he was the Emperor of the Sith at the time and he taught me super basic dueling (I still suck to this day). I spent about 6 Months on Republic Gaming under TechWarfare and MicroSoftware, both of them named Dan whom I actually met last year when I went to Queensland. After those 6 Months we re-branded to Synthetic Gaming and continued to grow as a JvS Server and community. It was at this time many of the people who came to IG and had such an effect on it experienced SWRP for the first time as well. Little5avage, Gamma, Cody, @Goliath, @pinejack and @Matrix all played SG prior to its closure as a server, there may be some that I missed, sorry, I'm a forgetful person. I played as Omoshiroii at this time, then dropped it to Omo a little later. I left SG a little earlier than the others and went over to Poseidon Servers for a time, I only spent a small amount of time there under the alias Sisk Lobo since I joined the Jedi, but that's where I met @Twist as well. I know there were others who played Poseidon too, but I never really interacted with anyone outside of Jedi because I was a social pariah and didn't like talking to people very much. Though Lebofly did introduce me to the band Oh Wonder, which I am eternally grateful for, because I love their music. Throughout this time I basically stayed up all night playing him and another person called Pizza in checkers, Pizza was very good, she always beat me. I eventually left Poseidon and took a small hiatus from SWRP and Garry's Mod as a whole before I was sent a message. My friend Aleks, who I mentioned earlier said "Bro, we're playing on a new server now SG is shut down, come play." and so, I joined Gateway Gaming for the first time, becoming Shock CO and meeting a lot of people, and I mean a fucking lot, prior to IG, GG was where I had spent the most time. I met people like s8ncaat, Zia (who also played on SG), Janda and many others who I can't remember and who won't see this post anyway. I enjoyed GG a lot, at the time I was going through a lot mentally so I took a break and resigned from my position as Head Event Master, it eventually fell to s8ncaat who is their Owner at the moment. I came back to Gateway after about 4 Months. I broke the barrier on their Server and reached the position above Marshal Commander within Navy, Commodore. At this time I got in contact with Cody and we discovered we were both the leaders of Navy in our respective communities, so we organised a deal. He'd come to play Gateway for a week, and I'd play Imperial for a week and see how we each ran things. He played Gateway for a week under my Navy and was impressed with the map and, if I'm being honest, how much I was able to steal from IG for my own navy. This begins my time on Imperial Gaming, a community where I've spent the last nearly 2 years playing with and now have 21 weeks of playtime ingame, half a year for those of you who can't do math. After three days of playing IG, I resigned from Gateway. IG was superior, it was perfect, automated spreadsheets, a custom gamemode, unique ranks and ranking structures, active members of Management who played and cared for the community, I was in love. @Whitey doesn't actually know how much he influenced my decision accidentally, he took time out of his busy ass day to help some random kid from another server with an automatic spreadsheet, which to me showed how much he cared for the whole community of SWRP and not just IG. The first regiment I joined was SCAR with @Kamelieon as the CO and @Donkey as the 2IC. After 3 days I jumped out of SCAR and into Chimaera Squad because I'm a little reg hopper, but also Chimaera Squad looked cool as fuck at the time. It was there I met @Jye, @Basil, @Gunjies, @Jalex, @Bene, @Jesis, @Percival and @Keith who would go on to introduce us to his brother @Cecil who basically became apart of the regiment even though he was in Shadow. I will remember this time always, I loved my time in CS and only left to go to Navy because they were weak at the time and needed some guidance (though I didn't really do much lol.) During my time in Chimaera, I also made this gem using a template and a trial for Adobe After Effects. I did some random stuff and messed around for a while prior to leaving for Clone Wars after hiding it from the Community for Months and helping Cody and @Wolf with the intricacies, during this time I actually became good friends with the big Wolf man (we don't speak enough now though you dog) and was eventually promoted to Server Event Manager alongside Cecil (though he was Imperial). Clone Wars was almost a different community, it had so many unique players and people I'd never have met if not for it, I can try and @ all of them, but chances are I'll miss some of you, sorry if I do. To begin, @Mongo and @Happy quickly rose to Senior EM as my proteges and their affinity for fast learning. @Luigi and @SiegeMonkey both played the Server and are now admins (Keep the dream alive baby). Other members of the community who I grew close to or played Clone Wars alongside me are, @Aphrodite and @Jeb who both basically carried Republic Intelligence. As well as, @Delta, @Rickle, @Arkan and many others who I'll mention later and some that I can't remember. Clone Wars eventually failed, so I tried Santos, I'll skip over it though since its not really worth mentioning if I'm being honest. I came back to Imperial as a Moderator, I immediately joined Sith Inquisitors (now just Inquisitors) because I had friends in there such as @Risk and @Happy. After joining I'd become close friends with a whole plethora of people who I'd known, but never spoken to before, such as @John, @Zote, @Wingza, @Rimmin and @PULSE. On top of this, @Jay Lamar came back to the Server and ran his now famous RP missions for the Inquisitors which we basically drooled over and would ask for just about every night. He also took @Braino under his wing who would go on to run those RP missions for PT right up until his promotion to IHC only recently. During our time in Sith we made another brilliant video, Sith News @ 6, which was edited together by Pulse, with acting done by myself, John, Jay, @Kippy and especially Rimmin who did a rendition of the catching fire speech from the Hunger Games. Eventually I left Sith, and one-by-one so did everyone else, that's when we formed NN, also known as the Neighbourhood Nightwatch to stick together as a group and basically just say anything we wanted with no actual repurcussions because it was only us in there, it was a good time. Some people I haven't mentioned yet who are/were part of NN and have made an impact on me as a person/should get a mention anyway are @Mono, @Marlu, @Apple, @Auzii, @Joshv676, Tackxo (who I can't @ for some reason), @Shepard and the big man himself, @zaspan I guess you're all caught up now, I'm Sky CO and hopefully I don't fuck it up, but we'll have to wait and see, I do some wacky things sometimes. Conclusion I'll be perfectly honest, I know not many of you care, and even less of you will actually read most of, if any of this, but that's not really why I'm posting it, I'm posting it because I have literally spent a year of my life playing Garry's Mod, and if I'm being honest, I don't know if I'd have preferred to spend it doing sonething else. However, I have spent it playing Garry's Mod and I've learnt a lot about myself as a human being and am still learning a lot. I've had my ups and downs with IG, and when I say ups and downs, I mean this is has been like a fucking rollercoaster, but I wouldn't have it any other way, it helps me learn and grow as a person. To those who don't like me, this post isn't going to change anything, just know I don't hold any real bad blood with members of the community, and to those who do like me, thanks, makes me feel like a good human being or something. To everyone who I've spoken to after all this time, thanks for it, I have grown and changed as a person and my life has changed immensely after all these years, but a constant in my life has been Star Wars RP and it has been something I've been able to go back to when times are tough and when I want to celebrate good times. This is not a resignation, I don't plan to resign for the forseeable future anyway, I've been here for a very long time and want to be here when this Server goes down. Thank you, sorry if I @'d you and you don't care, but I wanted to share it because it is a very large portion of my life dedicated to this video game and various communities within it. Kind regards, - Bailey
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    Before a month of hard work goes towards the expansion (here), the past few weeks the development team has been putting in hard work to keep the imperial server fresh and new with content for everyone to enjoy. Please all the new changes below. Content Added Microtransactions! After many, many requests from users we have decided to finally add more micro transactions into the donation store, please contact a staff member in game after purchasing to receive the product. Some of the micro transactions are listed below. (If they are not on the store right now they should be up later today) Credits may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 500 credits Points may be bought for a ratio of $1 - 1000 points You may buy permanent guns that will stick to your character regardless of your role including Cycler Rifle - $40 RPS-6 - $50 Star Wars Laser - $100 Permanent Health Boosts (stackable 5 times up to 500 extra health) 50 HP - $5 100 HP - $10 250 HP - $25 Mission Skips Skip any mission completely for $10 per mission (whole mission not just level) Promotions - you must complete the required test to be promoted after purchasing, you will not be refunded for failing. CL-1 > CL-2 - $10 CL-2 > CL-3 - $25 CL-3 > CL-4 - $40 CL-4 > CL-5 - $80 CL-5 > CL-6 - $120 CL-6 > ALL ACCESS - $200 and Management Decision Speech Bubble When someone is typing a speech bubble should appear above their head, this is for those people without microphones as it can be hard to tell when people are typing Content Updated/Changed Precaching We have heard your words about precache instability and so the following changes will be made in hopes of reducing the load on the server Precache time will be extended to 1 hour Each precache will occur every 5 seconds Balance Changes We have been working closely with the balance team in order to refine the combat aspect of the server to ensure that events are fair for all. ID-10 Dio Base Health increased from 200 to 400 to reflect his armour capabilities Added Bacta Grenade to reflect his already-existent bacta injector Added the new "Droid Minigun" which has roughly 600 RPM I believe with 20 damage per bullet. Area Access clearance changed to All Access as he is a surveillance droid Scatter Shotgun The scatter shotgun will be buffed to 75 damage as it is rather underpowered Sith Lightsaber Damage from 25 to 100 to reflect a real lightsaber Force Leap can now noclip you through walls when stood directly next to them Force Heal now heals roughly 10x the original healing, and may be used in combat. Event Characters All event characters regardless of the event masters event will receive 200 armour to compensate for the mass amount of troopers, this should give them more of a fighting chance and smooth events out a lot. Default event model changed from ST to Palpatine Mission Progress After many months of testing the experimental system of missions, the mission system will be wiped tomorrow. Good job to everyone who prestiged this time around Mission Completion is made roughly 5-10x harder to make prestiging a privilege In line with the Microtransaction update you must pay $25 to prestige Content Removed Climb Swep After a long discussion with all of management we have decided to finally remove climb swep, it is clearly a break of role play and has no use on the server Recruits Recruitment slows down the process and roughly 70% of all players joined are still recruit as they never finish training due to boredom, for this reason players will join straight into the 6th Army Brigade, and more regular training within the regiment will be done Crashes Thanks to player and community feedback we've decided to remove crashes completely from our servers in an effort to increase player satisfaction and immersion. This feature wasn't working as intended, its sad to see it go but its for the better. This will also be the first collaborative changelog in light of the new changes, feel free to comment any thoughts or suggestions below
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    Greetings all, As most of you know lastnight was my last night on the server. I have made the decision to leave because i can't keep playing this for 6 hours a day indeed of focusing on school and other IRL stuff. I can say that these past 8 months has been amazing and iv loved every minute of it. Getting to know so many amazing people and so many amazing opportunities such as being apart of the staff team as an EM and also being apart of TI... but most importantly Captain Craig of Vader's Fist. I did see myself going far in the server, Hopefully becoming the CO of VF one day. But looks like its not gonna happen. IM sure whoever gets it will do a great job. I dont want to go through and speak about people bc that would take so long. I wish you all the best in your life. whether its on the server or IRL. Good luck everyone and i hope everyone works out for yourself. This was a hard but important decision. ITs been fun.... Until next time. Good day! - Craig
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    Hello Imperial Gaming, In recent times we have had some problems in regards to the "New Life Rule" within roleplay on our Imperial Server and our Santos Server. The old ruling was that "When you die, you lose all knowledge of the roleplay, but if you are told about it again, you may return to the situation or roleplay scenario." However, the NEW ruling is that "When you die, you can no longer re-enter the roleplay scenario you were involved in." This is so that RP scenarios don't extend past places they should and so roleplay is more fair for all those involved. This does NOT affect Events, people can return to Event RP as much as they need to complete the RP. Some examples of this are - Bounty Hunters killing all members of Shock aboard the ship after a hit, the members of Shock aren't able to return to the scenario until its over. - Bounty Hunters raid the Brig and take people hostage, anyone killed may not return to the scenario. - If you die, you can not be used as a hostage in the same scenario. - If you die and the scenario makes its way to where you are aboard the ship, crouch or alt+e to stay out of their way. Thanks to @Bailey for helping write this post up! If any queries regarding specific scenarios you might have, forward it to Management and/or @Bailey
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    Hello everyone, In celebration of Imperial Gaming reaching 3 years as a community I put together this video detailing my journey so far on Imperial Gaming. The only way I can describe Imperial Gaming is like a family, we have our ups and downs, times where we want to put each others heads through a wall but in the end when someone is in need of help or assistance, or is just wanting to talk to someone we are always there for them no matter what. Its a very special thing to have within a community like Imperial Gaming the sense of a second family and having a community there with you and ready to support you wherever life might take you, and for that I'd like to thank everyone., I originally wanted to tag everyone who has helped me throughout my journey in IG but I then came to the realisation that the list would be too big so to those who have helped me you know who you are and i'm truly grateful for all the wisdom and friendship that we have been through to help shape me into a better person throughout the years. Although with some I might not have always been able to see face to face and agree on discussions but its evident through each individual that we all have a side that is compassionate and caring for others we just see it in different ways. So thanks for being there Imperial Gaming and here is to another 3 years, I hope you all enjoy the video. In celebration of Imperial Gaming reaching 3 years and Christmas quickly approaching I've decided to host a giveaway of multiple games, to help those who may not be able to celebrate Christmas the way they would like to as many families have been devastated by the growing fires, as such I thought a giveaway would be a nice idea so everyone can be involved this Christmas, details of the giveaway are below. Christmas Giveaway - To enter the giveaway please follow this template below - ---------------------------------------------- Name: Steam Link: Playtime: Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: ---------------------------------------------- Games to be given away: 2x Halo: The Master Chief Collection 3x Halo: Reach 1x Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 1x Any Game On Your Steam Wishlist (any game under $100) The draw will work, So the game you say you want to win you'll be entered into the draw for. Both Halo games are the same draw. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is its own draw Wishlist Game is also its own draw Entries to the giveaway close on the 20th and the draw will be on the 24th Good luck all and have a great Christmas! Yes it will be streamed
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    Hello, It's been a fun ride over the year and a bit that I've been a part of this community but it's time for me to say adieu, and resign from moderator and probably the community. IG has been quite fun for me, from Imperial to Clonewars to Santos and back to Imperial, I've made a lot of great memories here and made a lot of friends. Honorable mentions: Obviously the CloneWars bois: @Bailey @Happy @Delta @Marlu @Luigi @Vadrian @Mongo @SiegeMonkey @John @Rickle @Jeb @Aphrodite @Peter Had a lot of fun on Clonewars with you boys, was a blast, thank you for making my time on clonewars such a fun time and sticking around on it. Some other bois: @Zote @Rook @Helsing Had a great time in Marauders with you guys, had heaps of fun burning a sith lord around a map fire. @Wingza @Cecil The good old Shadow Trooper bois, had fun hanging around with you two and sneaking onto the [REDACTED]. @Parcy @Jesis Known you two since around the server started, Jesis with showing me how to minge, Parcy being a Terrible Great Eventmaster. Sorry if I forgot to mention anyone, if I mentioned everyone this would probably take hours to write. Thank you for the great times Imperial Gaming, It's been a fun ride.
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    Hello, Some of you may know me, some new players may not. Over the last month I have lost a lot of interest in Gmod therefore I will be resigning from Admin and probably leaving the community. IG has been a wonderful experience for me and I have had a lot of great memories and made a lot of new friends. I may join the Teamspeak once every couple of weeks just to catch up with some of the boys. Some Special Mentions: The Clone Wars Boys, there from the start of the server to the end. Had most of my favourite memories just on that server. @Happy @Marlu @Luigi @SiegeMonkey @Vadrian @Shepard @Bailey @wflizzi @Mongo Some Great Blokes, @John @ANiX @Zote @Splonter @Auzii @Dirthi @Wingza @Cecil @Tinky @Parcy @PULSE @Jesis @Basil (Sorry if i Forgot any names, just wanted to keep this short and sweet) Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen. - Rickle.
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    So those of you who were on to right to see one of the more horrible scenarios played out by unprofessional disagreements tonight will understand this topic being made. So tonight allot of things went wrong at once which caused a big confrontation between 2 factions. So first of all I personally want to apologise for my actions in a heated moment when I had to hop on and deal with it all. So the way I handled the situation is far by worse ways I could of handled it and I apologize to the people who were there. We at IG strive to bring a professional side when dealing with situations and the way I acted was purely out of line with the way we strive for at IG. So again I apologize for my actions and I have nothing to blame but myself being in that situation/scenario. Moving on to the next bit, tonight (being friday) IHC and ISB will be having a meeting with Cecil and myself. On top of this every staff member will be having a meeting in there staff groups, such as all moderators will be interviewed at once then to senior mods then to admin. Finally all the procedures will be updated to be the finialzed versions of every document we have to stop confusion in future date. During this time you may see some changes to benefit the playerbase more than a selected regiment/faction. These procedures will now clearly outline in the best possible and detailed way where regiments boundaries are and there actions they can take. We hope by doing this another instance of tonight does not happen. I hope everyone has a good night/day. Regards Wolf
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    So I'm leaving the community once and for all, I doubt many of you know who I am, or might just think I'm a minge but I am human and shit happens, so I'm sorry to anyone I disappointed as only on Monday I was prepared to become the CO of Engineers, but before I became CO I was considering leaving the server, I was gonna stay but I just can't for my sake. Remember this server doesn't mean anything really in terms of life so if you ever feel like shit or you don't like to play anymore don't think you are forced to play and you can always leave. Remember to take care of yourself and your mental health, see family and friends, don't neglect like I did your personnel health and happiness. This server was great and hope everyone who plays grows up and becomes successful in whatever you want to do. That's it from me catch you guys later...
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    DONT READ IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY Afterall, its just a game man.
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    Welp, 163 days into my current rank and 333 days total in Regional Government and I feel like there is too much stuff in my life for me to be hopping on an Australian server every night when I get up at 6 AM to do farm work. I will say that it has been a blast in the recent months on the server but I cannot keep up with everything that is asked of me in person. I will look back on IG with fondness and hope that the server does well. However recently between many of my friends leaving the server and not returning as well as my school work and other life matters coming to the foreground, I have felt that I need to take a much needed break from Garry's Mod (Over 6000 hours with no break). I will see you guys around from time to time but do not expect me to be on the server for at least a good 6-7 months. Eventually I may return but for now I will be heading out. Expect to see me join ISB next time I come back. I will also be in Teamspeak every once in a while. If you want to play a game with me feel free to hit me up on discord: Chicken Joe#4067 @SCHEFF You are amazing, I trust that you will be able to bring Gov back to the point of revival for a 5th time. Lets talk on discord anytime @Stathi You and I in Gov in the early days were great, too bad that didn't last. Much respect to you and all. @Sparx Sesh with me in discord anytime. @Welshy Let's get out of silver sometime @Jman1308 If you're still playing SWTOR hit me up @Fluro Take care of Gov, you will be able to bring it back from ashes (think a phoenix) @Goliath Please work with Fluro, he is great. @Tinky Best times were you and I in 996th. Period. Love you brother @Ubermolen Let's continue to talk and stuff. Carry me in Siege please. (if I missed anyone else please just reply and I'll give an honest opinion of you) 36 avocado trees out of 148 on our farm. We also plan on growing Marijuana. I will miss you guys . Signing off for the final time, Chief of Staff Ragnar Indellon @Bailey remove my stuff please also ily <3
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    Really sad moment, quality wasn't good for the Lambda part so I've left that out but today is a truly sad day @Tinky
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    Not a very big announcement seeing as I'm sure most of you saw this coming but we will be releasing an Imperial Gaming Minecraft server due to many requests from the community. We have decided as the best way to make everyone happy the server will be a Communal Semi-PvP server, and we also tried to keep it as close to vanilla minecraft as possible, with only the required plugins for administration and running a server. To join simply reply to this post your minecraft name for white listing (prevents people coming on alt accounts, and other forms of trolling/griefing) or message me on teamspeak your minecraft name. I hope you enjoy, and please read the rules when you join the game or risk punishment. IP: Thanks to @HenDoge, @Guskywalker, @|Stryker|, @Naryas, @Ragetank, @Jman1308, for helping with building, testing and bug reporting. Side Note - this is completely irrelevant to the clone wars post, this will not prevent or affect the clone wars server from coming back or not.
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    Hello IG Community We are proud to present our next expansion: Watch the video before revealing the surprise
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    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us. -1 You've demonstrated how mingy you can be twice now I'm not convinced that it won't happen a third time.
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    Hello there. Management (@Wolf) and Sith command (Zaspan + @Rook) have implemented a new rule, and it is quite simple. Sith now have the ability to threaten, and if they deem fit, kill, disrespectful personnel. They will be taught what is and is not acceptable. Please do not be surprised when you are rude to Sith, and subsequently die. Please do not scream about how the rules are "AOS, not KOS". They are Sith. If you have genuine concerns about something a member of Sith has done, bring it to me (Darth Vader) or @zaspan (Emperor Palpatine), and we will deal with them using our best judgement. Abuse of this power will not be tolerated within the Sith. Have a nice day.
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    Hi all, Never really thought this would happen but life tends to show you otherwise so i'll keep this short. For those who don't know me, I'm Archer, I joined IG in early 2018 after leaving a previous community and since then I dedicated a good portion of my time to enjoying the server and the great community that also play this server, I rose in ranks, got into trouble (occasionally), got shot at (a lot *cough* jman *cough*), became a member of staff, saw some of the best moments, saw some of the lower ones and met some great people along the way. My journey with IG has unfortunately reached its end but I won't forget the time I enjoyed here, normally at this point I would thank individual people who really made my experience here one of the best, but after meeting so many people I just thought it would be easier to say: Thank you to all of you! I hope the future for everyone here is a bright one. I might pop in once in a while for old times sake. Once again, thank you.
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    And the map update is out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=130083907 And here is the changelog. Version 2.510th anniversary update! The original release of beta 1 was back in the end of January 2010.Thanks to everyone for the support all these years!Fixes- Fixed some double doors not being openable with USE.- Improved AI/hint nodes so that NPCs can walk around the ship better.Changes- Completely removed old spawn/sparring room and remade a bigger one on deck 3. It includes 2 exits and an observation deck for officers.- Moved brig to the end of the same hallway so it's less in the way.- Made new models for the holoprojector and computer consoles to improve the visuals and make it more accurate to the films.- Replaced the old array on the bridge with a new model.- Improved lighting here and there.Additions- Added destroyable function to the shield domes- Added more functions in the generator room. Laser beams are turned off when power is down. These need to be turned back on manually. Made a fuel line retractable.- Added a retractable bridge to the generator room.- Added two hiding spots.- Added side room to the brig.- Added lifts to the bridge pits- Added an anniversary text in the secret room.
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    Hello Community, After today's server wide testing of the weapons, they seem to be working properly and will be slowly distributed to each regiment slowly throughout the week. Please note that your regiment may not have the same weaponry as it does currently does as many are potentially going to change. If you have an issue with the load-out you have been given by the end of the week and you have reasonable concern commanders are to send me a message on the forums and I will look into it. Likewise if you have feedback on the weapons also send me a message. This means point-shop will be re-worked in the coming weeks, this change will not be instant and you may now sell your weapons for a 100% refund. I recommend you do so as the current weapons will all be getting removed form the server in favor of the new ones. On another topic @Vanilla has been working on a new UI design for the server and it will provide a fresh look for the HUD. Below is the concept for the HUD but the real deal looks extremely similar. Expect this in the near future! Other Changes: Marauders had a slight rank re-work Royal Guard & Shadow Guard merged into Imperial Guard Soverign Protector moved into Imperial Guard 996th Imperial Guard renamed to 996th Guard Division Royal Representative Gallius Rax renamed to Counselor Gallius Rax and moved to IHC New Gallius Rax model (Thank you bailey) Deployable shields de-spawn on player death Voice yell & whisper mode added with = button Keycard crackers now make less sound and time to crack reduced from 30 seconds to 20 Bounty Hunters given keycard crackers A new DEFCON sound has been added
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    Hello Community, Recently I have noticed some confusion among people in regards to the signage of areas aboard the ship. Specifically what does a VIP classify as, who can they bring as guards, who is able to bring more guards than listed and what does the AND/OR reason actually mean with the clearance. This post aims to clear up this confusion and as all locations are undergoing change their signs will be updated to reflect some changes as they move. Guards & VIPs: A VIP is classified as an individual with CL5+ A guard is classified as an individual from a regiment specialised in guarding (996th, 975th, DT, Chimaera, RG and SG) A VIP is permitted to bring in however many of their OWN guards AS listed on an areas sign (This means that ISB can bring DT, Navy can bring Chimaera & IHC can bring 996th | However a regimental brigadier cannot bring guards as they have NO delegated guards and IHC CANNOT bring Storm Troopers or Shore Troopers, ect) An All Access individual should abide by the regular VIP guard limit in majority of situations but may bring more if required. Clearance & Reasons: A sign with "clearance AND reason" means you must have BOTH the clearance AND a reason to enter unless invited in by the location owners. A sign with "clearance OR reason" means you must have ETHER a clearance OR a valid reason to enter unless invited in by the location owners. Asking for Identification: An individual with All Access is a high profile member within the Empire and should be recognized by all. They are NOT required to present identification. (Exception: If their face is covered and there is an appropriate reason for the ID check, this does not include Vader) Personnel with clearance 5 or 6 (VIP) MUST present identification on entering a restricted area however are NOT required to present ID for regular inspections or ID checks unless it is an approved investigation or their face is covered and there is an appropriate reason for the ID check. Personnel with clearance 4 and below must present identification in all situations. Guards are required to present identification unless with a verified VIP or All Access person. Sith are not required to show identification. (Excluding Purge Troopers unless with an Inquisitor Sibling)
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    Hey everybody, as always, I hope you're all doing well. I wanted to take some time to talk about two topics today. Firstly, a reflection after May the 4th and to address all the changes. It's been a while since I last made a formal forum post so I thought I'd just chat with you all a little bit. A Reflection In this past week since May the 4th, I've done a lot of thinking centred around the community. After taking a step back for a couple weeks, I realised how much this Community meant to me. I realised how much I loved that there are familiar faces everywhere and how easy it is to have a relaxed or serious conversation with these people. We're all here for our joint love of Star Wars but our community has evolved into so much more than that and that's something that we should all be proud of. The Moderatorion team gives up their time to continue to assist and resolve issues wherever possible, the event team work tirelessly to create and nurture RP and the Development team have developed and produced a whole array of changes which will be discussed later in the post. Thank you to the wonderful Staff team, your service to the Community does not go unnoticed. Recent Changes As mentioned before, recently there have been a lot of changes on the server. The server switched Dedi, the quest system was revamped, DT now falls under the Emperor and finally there is an entire economy present now. I'm aware that change is scary and that learning new systems and procedures isn't an easy task, but I'm going to ask the Community to continue to push themselves to adapt. We (Management) only make these changes because we strongly believe that these changes will result in a positive outcome for the Server and Community in the long-run. With this being said, ideas still need to be tweaked and I encourage all of you to bring forward any issues that you may have to Management and/or the Development team so that these ideas and tweaks can be implemented. No change is permanent. Also huge congratulations to @Auzii on reaching Community Graphic Designer. He is now in-charge of all things graphic. Yours sincerely, Cecil and the rest of Management.
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    Its been a while since I've sat down and looked back on some of the golden times and with all these new changes I thought we could take a trip down memory lane to reminisce together and pepehands every picture that hits you in the feels. Feel free to share anything you have below as well. Clone Wars: Imperial: The Boys: That's my little collection right there, Im sure someone has a few more than me but I felt like sharing my wholesome pictures. Shthankyou.
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    Boys and Girls, I think it's about time, I finally come out of my hidey hole. I’ve missed each and everyone of you very very much and due to unfortunate personal events I wasn't able to play for quite some time. I had to go outside and do real world things. It was traumatic and I'll never do such a thing again. I am happy to say I'm now finally BACK! Now let's make more fantastic memories and terrible jokes and have a good time like we once did. I'm looking forward to seeing all the lads again and meeting some newer faces. Much love to you all and I’ll see you in TS and In game. All praise the Pan YEAHHHHH!!!! - Your Friend Happy /me Tips fedora
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    I thought it'd never come to this but, I've thought long and hard recently. A lot of events have happened to my recently in real life which has caused me to become very isolated from the community. Recently my brother sustained a traumatic injury which was self inflicted, for the past few weeks he's been in the hospital and now a mental ward to assess his capabilities in returning to society. It's been hard and depressing for me lately to even find time or the enjoyment to come online and talk to people about it. Unfortunately I'll be departing from the community due to these factors I had hoped it that it would've been under less depressing circumstances. Personally I'd like to thank everyone in the community as a whole for the fun times and banter, it's been a wild ride and unfortunately this is my stop. I'd like to thank a few people before I depart from the community as a whole. @Kristofer My Pantheon Brother, whilst I was still an owner of my own community you introduced me to this one. @Rivers You'll have to carry on the Director Kevin jokes now, Thanks for being my 7th Padawan back on clonewars. @Luigi Probably the best Candidate I could have had for Obi Wan, second to Kosmos, I'll miss ya man. @wflizzi Another solid 7th Padawan, mainly for the jokes. @Bailey Cheers for accepting me into the Event Master team, it was definitely a fun experience. @SiegeMonkey Worst Commander on Clone Wars and worst Range Trooper Commander. On a side note for anyone who cares. I'll still make the models I promised and upload them to the workshop. It'll just be some time before I decide to considering the current situation. Thanks for having me -Mongo.
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    Rickle said "I don't see how Wingza accepting a Bribe in character via /me is abuse of Staff Power." he is correct, it is not Staff Abuse he never dismissed that it is not failed roleplay however, He also did not say that the "entry" was not staff abuse all he commented on was the Bribe, you have taken what he said and interpreted in your own way, please dont go having a go at someone if you dont understand what they are saying, not nice.
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    The IG Awards put into a short video, a fair bit had to be cut since the whole thing went for over thirty minutes. Was a lot of fun recording this and putting it together Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone else! Enjoy - Pulse - IG Awards.mp4
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    I have a fair amount of screenshots so i thought i would put them together so you don't have to scroll through a bunch of random photos, and they can all get flashed right at you. I did NOT put much effort into this, it was made with windows movie maker since it was such simple of an idea, and i wouldn't put it past myself that there may be a screenshot or two from another server. Enjoy regardless. Also, i repeated the song since it wasn't long enough and i love M.I.A so /shrug. EDIT: Yeah theres a military rp screenshot or two whatever who cares
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    I finally rest and watch the sun rise on a grateful universe.
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    I'm not a foreign English speaker, I don't know many words and neither do I know many idioms, expressions, and slangs people use. The word "shit" is undoubtedly one of the most difficult words I have ever learned. I still don't know shit about the proper way of using it. I've learnt that if something is shit that means that thing is bad. However, if something is the shit then that means it's great. I don't quite understand how this stuff works. If I give shit - If I give shit to someone, I'm insulting that person. But if I give a shit, that means I care. If I continuously take shit then that means I'm being harassed by someone or someone's talking mad shit about me. But if I'm taking a shit then... well.. I'm defecating. Shit can be divided into pieces of shit which have entirely different meanings. A piece of shit is something or someone that has incredibly negative aspects to them. It's never the whole shit, however. If I'm a piece of shit that means I'm being a jerk. If I'm a huge piece of shit then that means I'm being a huge jerk. But if I'm the shit then that means I'm great. English is a difficult language. #2AMThoughts
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    Normally I refrain from commenting on ban appeals but I feel as though my opinion has not been voiced as of yet by others. +1 for a ban removal to be followed by a probation period. Basil has been a long-term member of the community capable of great good and fantastic RP. He's an ex-senior event master, someone who inspired me to originally join the staff team over a year ago. He has many positive qualities about him that I think are being forgotten or tainted such as loyalty to his close friends, a great creative imagination and I believe this ban appeal shows that he has a great capacity for patience. Waiting 3 months and 2 months between appeals. Not everything Basil has done is perfect and I understand the other side of the argument but to say that none of us in this community have been in a bad head space for a few months where the decisions we make were quickly regreted is ridiculous as I believe the case is with Basil. I believe Basil has waited long enough for an RDM ban and should be put on a length probation period to demonstrate that his mindset has changed and I have faith in Basil that it has.
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    I'm not sure how many of you will be able to relate to this but it's something that I've thought about over the past few days as I hit my one year anniversary with IG and got some flashbacks to my first experiences on the server, particularly within Vader's Fist. The feeling that I'm talking about of course is that initial innocence of when you first joined the server, taking things really seriously, not knowing where to go around the map and discovering new things every day, working as hard as possible when promotions from PVT to PFC felt rewarding and well earned. Without me even noticing until now, that feeling is completely gone and it kinda sucks to be honest as it was something that made every experience on the server exciting and interesting. Maybe it's just me but I'd love to go back and play through those first couple of months all over again.
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