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    Hello IG Community So after recent thoughts I have decided to basically step down from owner and move to the Advisor position to allow Cecil to take Ownership over IG and keep leading this community on the right path. This decision wasn't easy especially the history that IG has, the people I have met over the past 3 and a half years and on top of that all the friends I have made. When i first joined IG 3 years ago with a group of friends I would never of thought IG was going to go from a small 30-40 playerbase to the leading and biggest GMOD server/community for Oceania, this was a massive accomplishment that is all thanks down to the players, staff and some amazing people that have put in hundreds and I mean literals hundreds of their own time to improve IG over the past 3-4 years. IG has had its ups and down the past 3-4 years and it didn't look good for a set period of time where a incident occurred from people creating rumors and making up lies which took us down to 30-40 players however thankfully the truth came out and all was cleared of the rumours and lies regarding IG and IG became bigger than ever with people waiting to get in the server at 5pm on a weekday. This was a huge moment for everyone at IG as everyone in the staff team, management team and even players worked their asses off to prove that those lies and rumors were false and there hard work paid off. I have met some amazing people since joining IG and becoming its Owner, these people will know who they are as they are not just part of the Management team, they are Advisors, staff and even players that made me laugh and given me amazing memories i look back on when thinking about IG. Honestly though as much as everyone deserves allot of credit, there is a couple people that have amazed me over and over again and are one of the biggest reason (everyone pitched in but these people just took the stage by storm) and they are Whitey, Moose, RageTank and the devs. These people are the reason IG become optimized, always adding in new custom content with reforming everything and working hundreds of hours coding or creating spreadsheets and protocols and teaching people new ways to create and lead the rp on the server. Without them I think IG would of never become this big. Now I wouldn't say that I am not sad stepping down as Owner, It actually sucks as its like reaching a final destination on a amazing trip, I helped create a home for gamers, I helped create a place where people felt welcomed no matter what they believed in, there skin colour or anything, I helped make a place where everyone respected each other and created friendship groups that will last a very long time. The fact I help create this and helped lead this makes me very proud of everyone in IG and why it does truly suck that my time has come as Owner. However like all things, a community needs a vision and because I reached my vision I believe it's time for a new one with a fresh head of the community which is why I have handed it down to Cecil as he will lead this community into a fresh vision that will benefit IG. Honestly even though I know there are people out there that hate IG for their own reasons but they cannot deny the memories they made on IG, the laughter and friends they made will be with them for a very long time. Now I am not leaving IG as it is a home that I help create for Gamers, and I wouldn't want to leave that as I still have a lot of friends here that I will still talk to and play games with especially in the Teamspeak, I am simply stepping aside to Join Whitey and the others on the Advisors group to assist IG and its new Head/Owner push forward. Again I would like to thank all old players, new players, Staff, Developers, management and anyone that helped grow IG, you have honestly made me very proud to of been a Owner for such an amazing community and I will never regret the memories I have Made. Thank you all very much and I hope you help Cecil also lead this community. Regards, Ex Grand General Wolfy My final salute as Owner. O7
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    Hey gamers, Dirthi here. Just wanted to fill you in on where I've been the last few months, some of you noticed how inactive I was and still had admin, so TL;DR: I cheated the system. I know, but it's what happens when you are a good twitch streamer. TRIGGER WARNING - MENTAL HEALTH STUFF Anyway the point of this post is to let you guys know that I'm going to be coming back. Now I got most of my mental health back on track I'm going to try enjoy the server again. Happy to see all the old friends again, and if you don't know who I am, come say hi, whether on forums, discord, or the server, I love meeting new people (ONLINE NOT IN PERSON - INCREDIBLY BAD ANXIETY REMEMBER). Love you fellas. ~ Big Dirt ~ Dirt ~ Dirthi ~ Choob ~ twitch.tv/dirthii ~ Jimmy
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    Steam Name: Cracked SteamID32: [U:1:118536985] Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CrackedBot Age?: 18 What Part of the community are you from? Imperial RP Server Programming languages you know (etc. LUA, CPP, C#, PYTHON - MUST KNOW ONE LANGUAGE): Hammer (not really a language but is used in mapping) I learned a bit of Python a long time ago and started again about a month ago. What type of content do you want to create for our server? I would like the opportunity to create custom maps for the server, at the moment I am working on rp_lothal (the first of its kind) for the Imperial RP server designed specifically for the players on the server. Any rooms that you may need converted into custom props (to reduce lag) I would be happy to create for anyone that requests it. At the current time I have already created a custom Throne Room for the server (showcased below) Have you made any other scripts or content we should know about? I have a couple projects I created in my spare time which was a remaster of rp_mygeeto which I do not believe I will be releasing as I am missing a lot of textures and I also started work on a new Tatooine map which I ended up stopping to work on rp_lothal. - Throne Room (prop) -- @Frosty__ assisted me with the technical side of this - rp_mygeeto (revamp) - Dev textures were used for these pictures as I lost the original textures. - Tatooine Map (unfinished) - rp_lothal (work in progress) Do you accept the Terms & Conditions of this application? Yes
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    Steam Name: [IG] Trackermanpro SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:200569673 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/trackermanpro3/ In Game Name: |501st| CT-2919 "Pro" Time Played Imperial RP: 14 weeks, 1 days, 14 hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have a total of 2 warnings on the server, one for disconnecting to avoid arrest (27th of June 2019) and the second one for fail RP (10th of July 2019) I received these warnings because I was messing around and not taking the roleplay on this server seriously, however in the past year after these warnings I have actively taken more responsibility with my role on the server and haven’t received any warnings since. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I haven’t received any bans in this community. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? I have never been staff on any other communities but I am very keen on learning the ropes and I believe that I am a quick learner. What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? I believe the job of moderator is to help keep the server in order, to be there if members of the community require assistance and to help make the server a safe positive environment for everyone to enjoy and roleplay. Moderators must pander to a variety of demands from the player base whether its giving someone tools to build dupes with, to warning someone from RDM. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? I am applying to be trial moderator because I would like to help out the community that I have gotten to know and enjoy to a higher level. As previous Vader’s Fist commander and now IHC, I would like to take the next step in accepting more responsibility towards this server. I am friendly, responsible and approachable. In my time, staff members have created a safe community for people all ages to participate and expand their roleplay abilities and I would like continue the legacy. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? I believe I can bring a positive attitude and a warm helping hand to those that need it. I am always open for conversation and very approachable. On the staff team I will be available to talk and help out as much as possible when needed. As a member of the imperial gaming staff team I believe I can promise activity and to be a fair moderator. Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? As a trial moderator I would straight away go through logs and confirm that the player involved actually killed them, then I would contact one of the victims and see if any malicious intent was behind the killings. If there was, I would warn the player for Mass RDM/ Disconnect to avoid arrest. As a trial moderator I would then contact a higher staff member to see if the punishment was fair and if a further temporary ban was required. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? I would individually contact each person in private via TeamSpeak or discord and get both parties involved and ask them to report their side of the story and to present evidence of the bullying, this may also include talking to witnesses. After assessing the situation, I would discuss it with the perpetrator and give them a warn for Player Disrespect, making sure they know it’s not okay to bully other players. I would also monitor both individuals for the next few days/weeks to make sure the situation has been resolved. I would also let the victim know that they can always report to staff if they have any more issues. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? Using my recording software, I would try to collect as much evidence as possible, without being seen by the staff member abusing their power and present it to the staff manager or even the owner and let them know of the situation. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? Using my recording software, I would gather as much footage of the individual claiming this as possible. I would contact a higher member of staff and let them know of the situation and ask if a harsher punishment is required. Then warning the person/s involved and letting them know that DDOSing is a criminal offence. Terms & Conditions Yes Steam Name: [IG] Trackermanpro
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    has done more dev work than some of our devs, huge +1!!
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    No more back and forths please.
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    Hello! For those of you who were not aware, we are changing the rotation schedule again, as last months trial returned unsatisfactory results. This one is seemingly more in line with the true wants of the community. Please continue to provide me with feedback wherever possible! We have also removed Naboo from the regular rotation schedule, and will be incorporating Rishi Moon. Rotation Schedule: We have switched to a fortnightly rotation schedule consisting of one week no rotations, one week simple rotation schedule (which can vary). See below. This will also allow the EM team to run some quality offships without taking us off the ISD for 3 or 4 days a week. It also allows for some rotations to be used for RP at short notice if needed (such as a surprise DEFCON 1), without crowding the schedule. Tuesday 11/08: Anaxes Thursday 13/08: Tatooine ----Break---- Wednesday 26/08: Rishi Moon Thursday 27/08: Rishi Moon (Current rotation pool consists of Anaxes, Tatooine, Titan Base and Rishi Moon, with other possibilities in the works). Potential Changes We are considering two potential changes to the rotation to allow more maps to be seen in a shorter time-frame. The first possibility is to change the Wed/Thurs rotation with a Tues/Thurs, allowing for two maps in that second week. The second is to return to the one day a week situation we had a while ago, which I was very close to implementing this month (as I know it will receive support if this was to fail). Cheers!
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    AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE so basically I was making a climbswep tutorial but decided the dank life comes first but thought screw it lets edit it anyway, im deeply sorry for what i've created and I will be going to sleep now.
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    Steam Details Steam Name: Renegade Steam ID: 76561198318125674 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198318125674 In Game Details In Game Name: ?G-00N 2-? "Renegade"? (the ? is to replace the symbols i just couldnt find them) In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: 6th army Ban Details How long was the ban for: permanent Which staff member banned you: Console What date did the ban occur: 21-06-20 17:43 What was the reason for the ban: Bypassing ban Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: So my original ban was for "NITRP l Failrp l Exteme Minge" which i dont believe was a fair ban but it doesnt matter it was a 2 week ban i think or something close to that, anyway i was sitting at my computer bored out of my mind and i had this idea what if i played starwars rp but instead of minging i actually roleplayed so thats what i did now obviously my main account has a bad record ( i will admit i was a bit of a minge) so i jumped on my second account and i was almost certain my ban timer was up so i logged into the server and didnt get automatically banned so i thought hell yeah my ban is up. I was on the server for like an hour or 2 and i actually had a good time it was pretty cool just chilling with everyone i think an event was on which was actually fun to take part in (like properly take part in) then some of my mates got on and i logged off the server that arvo pretty happy with what had happened, 0 minging and actual rp lol then my mates and i go play R6S. Fast foward a few days my mates tell me to jump on the server so i do but as soon as i loaded in i saw i was automatically banned for "bypassing a ban" i was lowkey devostated but it was my fault for not checking. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I just wanted to give rp a proper go, i had tried before but nobody wanted me in their reg because of my history on the server so i guess i just kept minging but i really do want to try to rp properly especially after the fun time i had doing it on my alt account. To be honest i dont think my minging was really that bad, i can i only think of one time when myself and my mates were waaaaaaaaaay out of line oh and i was only ever mean to 1 person and that was the "deaf" kid but i knew he wasnt actaully deaf and i did try to tell people but nobody listened to me because i was a minge (at least thats what they all said ) but other then that it was all just little stuff that i guess gave shock something to do so maybe it was a win-win lol jk ik what i did annoyed some people and im sorry to who ever i pissed off and for real if i get unbanned and i do start to annoy anyone please just let me know and i will stop. The only reason why i would say i deserve a second chance is because my original ban was only for around 2 weeks, i would really like a second chance because i actaully enjoyed playing the server properly and i would really like the chance to do that again.
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    Hello Dirthi you're an average twitch streamer goodbye
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    Huge +1 Prior to Renegade receiving his ban. I had spoken to him and his other mates (Goon Squad) about what would be happening if their actions continued. During this talk I found that every single one of them had no intention to negatively effect the RP quality or experience of another member and we rather just trying to break the ice (everyone being so serious). Even whilst the ban was up, Renegade invited myself and another mate to play some dbd from which he was showing initiative to contact a staff member about the situation and get feedback. In conclusion, I believe that Renegade is a genuine guy and should be welcomed back to the community with a probation period, as usual, and a quick refresher to the server rules. Goodluck Renegade
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    Ban appeals are to be commented only by Staff, please. :)) Although I do agree, full stops are important.
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    It's been an absolute honour working alongside you Wolf.
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    The server grew and flourished under your guidance Wolf, it won't be the same. We wish you all the best. o7
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    Hiiii I'm Jono, I was here a while ago, but i decided to come back recently cause i remembered how much i enjoyed my time here. I've already seen some of you, but i hope to see everyone at some point
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    +1 Pro was there before I achieved staff and he has got to be one of, if not the nicest person I've ever talked to. I don't think there's been a situation where Pro has let his emotions get in the way of him thinking clearly, which is a huge part of moderating a GMod community. Although the application is a little lacking in detail, I believe Pro is capable of learning everything there is to know about staffing, and see him getting far within the staff team. Good luck with your application Pro.
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    Steam Name: [IG] Prophet SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:30888469 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022042666/ In Game Name: Prophet Time Played Imperial RP: 1 Week (5 weeks before reset to dedi) Time Played Imperial RP Evidence: Have you had any warns (If so state them)? No Have you had any bans (If so state them)? No Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Clear Sky Gaming: Junior EM Why are you applying to be an Event Master? I am applying due to fact that I want to make a change to the server rather than to benefit myself as I have tried making events myself and have had good input from other EM's when making regimental events and I wanted to do likewise for those who are aspiring to become and EM as well. I am applying to become an Event Master to help enhance the RP of the server for all to enjoy, to create story arcs with constantly recurring characters, to give people something to enjoy in downtime, to help people make their regiment standout with unique events tailored toward their specialties showing that the regiment is outstanding and is worth joining, I want to become an event master so that I may benefit the server as a whole and provide my ideas for events to everyone to experience. I want to apply so I can make something that people can enjoy and say to me that they thought it was fun and enjoyable so that the server can continue to thrive and grow as a whole. What do you believe you can bring to the Event Master team? I can bring a unique sense of creativity to allow for more diverse and specific kinds of events to cater for the needs of the server. I can bring a positive attitude that is open to ideas and criticism on how I can improve and adapt to what is required at the time. I can bring a good sense of lore knowledge as well to ensure that events are within the standard of the Star Wars universe. I can bring a sense of balance between doing RP and combat events as well as wanting to blend the two to cater for all sides of the server instead of leaning to one side and have the other wonder why they aren't getting anything to do. I can also bring what little experience I gained from being an EM in the past and apply it here to some degree. I can bring a confident and open mindset which I will use to always seek to improve how I act as well as how I run events. I can bring a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to RP as I am very big on the RP side of things as well as combat related events. What do you believe you can do to make Events more fun, enjoyable and inclusive? firstly I would need to understand what the community actually want to do. Do they want an event tailored towards them at some point? Do they want more RP focused events? Do they want more combat focused events? I would gather this information and use it to structure events that will ultimately aim to include as many people as possible I.e enemy fleet attacks and board the ship Navy can deal with the ships, Army can fight the boarders, ISB and security could capture and interrogate one, maybe they have a Jedi for INQT to deal with. That is the kind of inclusiveness I am taking into account with what regiments there are and what their roles are on the server. As for enjoyable events you must first find out what people enjoy doing a way to do this is ask around and find what people like doing more then plan accordingly based on that then provide an event and collect the feedback, if it was bad use the feedback to see where you went wrong so next time it is better, if it was good see what you can do better based off the feedback I.e event flow, number of EC's, type of event, who was involved etc. As for things such as regimental/Legion events I would ask the Legion Commander/Regimental CO's what they would like to see and what they think would be fun, then build up an idea based off of that and present it to them to see if it works with them then apply it and see how it runs then ask for feed back to see where I can improve and if something went wrong see how I can fix it. For things such as server wide events I would never be able to fully include 100% of the server which is a reality I understand but I would still do my best to make something for everyone no matter how small the input I.e Inquisitors not being able to fight Jedi as the entire server has to take a step back and let them fight. To fix this to a degree I could insert a Jedi or two toward the end or middle of the event to give them something to do as well as keeping military doing stuff with the flow of rebels. Finally I would create story arcs with recurring characters I.e A cult leader and his acolytes attacks the ISD in an attempt to assassinate the Emperor, the cult are tracked to a remote planet and the Chimera gives chase in order to kill them all off, Chimera launches and attack and destroys the cults base of operations, Vader and the cult leader have a final showdown far from where the cult base is while crushing what is left of the cult. Things like this is what I think would keep people enticed and wanting more of the story you have to offer. Do you have basic knowledge of ULX commands? Yes Anything else you would like to add? I have written Regimental events in the past that also feature 501st so if anyone was interested in looking at those DM me on forums. Event Idea 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1acxgzEjBpxVYLrSsSyRVnNYgYM-5oB4DdXxlm9rW2Y0/edit Event Idea 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rkUPQkiNb_VLpHIbtS4ijIDs2z1EoCL9jvFCtIPBUSo/edit Terms & Conditions Yes
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    Massive +1 Pro has been one of the most consistent individuals that I have seen on the server. During my time in VF he was an amazing CO, with a great game sense and ability to RP. Pro has a massive dedication to the server (as seen by his rank and activity) and is someone who I would easily place a massive amount of trust in to properly approach sits or deal with players not following the servers rules. I cannot recommend Pro enough for a staff role. Pro was and is able to always approach difficult or frustrating situations without being frustrated or having his mood impeded. He's extremely mature and respected within the community and is someone I would think of as a shoo in for the role of T-MOD. Good Luck with your application.
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    I like the idea of being able to swap between droid roles. Think it could be an interesting thing for Management to take a look at.
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    yooooooooooooo my mans is back but will he come back to medics? that is the real question
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    Hi my name is Cozmo, I have been playing on IG for 3-2 years now and so far its been a hell of a journey from being in the shield wielding 442nd to now Inquisitors, its been pretty fun meeting new people and telling them funny jokes and stuff like that. My real name is Jimmy and I'm from Victoria, Australia with a family of 8 i know right 8 people damm know wounder my internet is shit on toast anyway hope you enjoyed reading this and nice meeting you on the server. BTW if you need any Photoshop to be done for RP or OOC ill help out because I was in CFP Propaganda group. Goals: Be pac3 but not now- spare time I make pacs including Jedi hunter droids, War torn Siths and BH ect Be a event master because I was one on another server Be well know on the server like in rp wise and ooc seeing my dad again (JK)
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    +1 leaning to Neutral Hi there! I was the 6th Army Commander In-Charge of Mandating and Training you throughout the Period you were in 6th Army. I'll be upfront; It was memorable experience as It was just insult after insult, slur after slur and failing to follow basic orders such as a Front Face followed by a Snarky Remark accompanied with a insult. I'm sorry if the Environment was too tense but at that point you and G00N-Squad were going too far to me and my subordinates, even if you all were trying to ease the tension. However- From the tone of your Ban Appeal and from the Information Garnered from other Staff Members you do show remorse; So I'm willing to you give you a second chance. In the case your appeal is successful - I only wish for a Strict probation period and that you agree to never, ever, ever treat anyone else the same way G00N-Squad treated 6th Army Command. I might be too harsh and too demanding - but it's something that's stuck to me Anyways - Though it's hard, I'm willing to give you a second chance' as from the sound of it; You really do want to return and do wish to Roleplay. Please remember my highlighted words if your ban appeal is successful Good-Luck with your Appeal - Hideyoshi Kinoshita -
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    @Cecil Does this mean I can finallly be Grand Admiral Thrawn? I promise i'm reformed
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    I still remember around when I first started playing on the server I joined 996th while you were Grand General and I always saw you as a role model. Thanks for everything Wolf I'll say hi when I drop into FiveM every now and then
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    A reminder that only Staff Members, as well as the appealing person may comment on ban appeals.
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    o7 Thank you so much Wolf. Kosmos would be so proud of you. Now can I get your warn removed please it's my only warn
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    Wait so I can finally leave the dungeon @Wolf??
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    look i never really got to meet you wolf but i have heard you from other members of the community and what you have done for them. the funny times. the role play and all that good stuff so i am going to say goodbye to you. * salutes one last time *
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    Yeah I think the donation store needs a small overhaul as various buttons are broken at times. Hideyoshi and Tank also suggested that it may have something to do with Addon API Quote being maxed out for today being the short-term problem. We're definitely looking at improving and altering the store. Cecil
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    +1 all the way. Prophet/Archon has great ideas and I would love to see him as an EM. From running DND to writting up Sith events that I have participated in. Trustworthy guy and deserves it - application is well written and worded - Event ideas are structured and sound interesting Goodluck prophet
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    This is what happens when the Imperial Security Bureau has to take on the role of the Imperial Navy on the server @TheNegotiator @Luigi @Camaro @yeff @Wingza
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    Let's see if another General is gonna hide in the Sith Temple again...That's what will make it a Real Rishi Moon Experience
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    I remember this map like is was yesterday, the Ugandan Knuckles event, the constant bug attacks, the ST invasion of 2017. It will be good to go back
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    @DUCKY Rishi is the birthplace of many great things. The Shock/Riot Rebellion; @Kamelieon‘s wedding; @Wombatiacus singing Hey There Delilah; The Legend of Oswald (aka the birth of The Best Of: IG);...oh, and also the glassing of Rishi following the latter. Needless to say, and on a more serious note to my last post, Rishi is a great map with a lot of opportunities. It is, was, and will be the hero we didn’t think we deserved. Hopefully we can make it a bit more of a frequent rotation.
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    Y'all ever googled a Quest guide for OSRS cause you don't understand the directions, yeah this is that but for the server quest. General Quest Info: Basically quest are additional content on the server, completing quest grants you the ability to upgrade your quest lines through the F8 menu (I recommend looking through this quest line and figuring out what you want to use your points on as to prestige their are certain quest that may make the process take several days to complete if not longer, so definitely assess which perks would benefit you the most). Quest are various miscellaneous tasks you can perform around the ship, first tier quest get you one quest point, tier 2 get 2 & tier 3 get 3. All together each completed quest group will get you six quest points. Quest abuse/cheating is a warnable offense (This only mainly applies to the Imperial Arcade quest group but if any form of abuse to complete the quest is found out just watch yourself, gonna get that phat warning). Quest can be done in any order at any time, RP still applies while trying to complete a quest so you must still follow clearance levels and PTEs. Quest 1: Levels The level quest is self explanatory, the only way to advance in this quest is increase your XP level, this level is increased by. - Playtime - NPC Kills Quest 2: Lotto The lotto quest relies around the imperial lotto man located on the third floor arcade, the lotto works by giving you 3 numbers once you buy a ticket (Which cost 100 points, it's worth getting a ticket because the lowest tier can still get you more than 10x times your input) and every 30 minutes the chat will display the lotto roll which will provide three random numbers, if you match any numbers you will receive a tier [1/3 = One Number, 2/3 = 2 Numbers. 3/3 = Three Numbers (the jackpot, getting this will give you the entire lotto man jackpot pool that increases the more players invest into the lotto). To complete this quest make sure every 30 minutes you're purchasing a ticket (You can do the !lotto command in chat to see how long until the next lotto call and if you have a ticket). Quest 3: Extra To complete this quest all you'll have to do is input some commands in chat, you'll see what commands to input in the tabs next to the quest list on your F7 menu (If anyone knows the order and commands you need for this quest please put it in the comments and i'll add it, can't remember what they are) Quest 4: (Not very) Secret Areas The secret areas quest require you go to these certain areas and just walk around on the walls slowly until you get the message in chat, the locations must be in a specific order, the images below are the locations of these areas in order. Quest 5: Event Participation Event participation is also a simple quest, often before events are started on the server in chat you'll see a message like this [EM | Kris: Looking for 4 event characters for a passive/aggressive event !p kris to join | TS Is required] Event characters are vital for the server to run events as well as a nice way to spruce up your own RP, Teamspeak is required to participate in events to allow contact with the EMs. Remember while an event character you still must follow server rules and make sure to always be listening to the EM, the EM can and will blacklist you from being an event character if you constantly disobey them or break rules and if placed on this blacklist until un blacklisted you'll be unable to complete these quest. Quest 6: Firing Range The firing line quest requires you to hit a number of bull-eyes on the targets in the recruit room, I recommend going to ILC [Imperial Logistics Center] before going to the firing line and maxing out your ammo to save multiple trips back and forth. While doing this you must obey the rule of not using the firing range while recruits are present in the room, if under CL2 you are required to have a CL2 open the doors to let you in and out so if a lower rank make sure you ask and get permission from a higher rank. Quest 7: Imperial Arcade (THIS ONE SUCKS) Ok I'm extremely biased since I suck at chess & checkers but basically these quests are located on the third floor arcade and are pretty simple. [Quest 1 - Win 5 checkers games Quest 2 - Win 5 chess games Quest 3 - Win 10 games of chess or checkers] Now a rule you must follow with this quest is you can't throw games to finish the quest quickly, doing this will most likely result in a warning. Through my enquirers i've been told playing back to back games to finish the quest as long as no intentional throwing is present is fine (Shit like 3 move check on checkers and stuff) Quest 8: Collection Missions Collection missions are jobs from ILC indicating collection of some items E.G task [Clumsy STs, Legless droid] all areas these collection mission items spawn are MH1 and can range just about anywhere on the ship. Quest 9: Climbing Climbing is one of the more simple quest and can be banged out in a couple of minutes, now with time if you just play the server eventually you'll be likely to complete this quest without noticing but to get it done quickly all you have to do is find somewhere that you're not annoying anyone with the climb swep noise and just keep climbswepping in a corner until you've hit the third tier. Don't know how to climb swep? not to fear i've made a very information and serious video on the tool - Quest 10: Playtime Self explanatory, the only way to progress is increase your playtime on the server. To check your playtime hold down C and look at the top right, that is your total playtime on the server. Quest 11: Missions This quest is completed by doing a task from the ILC vendor, my recommendation is just to focus on grinding the Collection & Carry mission quest and this quest will be completed while you complete those two. Quest 12: Carry Missions Carry missions are jobs you can get from the vendor in ILC on the first floor outside MH1, these task are stuff like (Take this crate to the mess hall, deliver these parts to MH2) and all you have to do is carry these boxes/crates to the designated area and place them in. PTE still applies even while performing these tasks and when performing these duties make sure you request PTE for booked hangars and such. Quest 13: Event Kills Event kills requires you to kill ECs (ECs are players set to be event characters not NPCs) the only way to get this quest done is to actively participate in events and try to get that final shot on ECs Quest 14: NPC Kills As the name indicates this quest requires you to amass multiple NPC kills, once again the kills will only count if you deal the finishing blow to NPCs so ensure when NPC events do occur you attempt to get some kills.
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    SUP I AM A DUCK , A MEDIC DUCK PLEASURE TO MEET YOU! PS. join medic its the best -quack
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    Ah yes He was a good Addition for that event
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    (COMMS) Assistant Colonel 「❖」 P. Coleman: [CONSFC] Moves ISD away
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    @Greyback @Hamish @Blazebeard We've been destined by God.
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    mmmm i can try!
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    +1 Respectful and well known in the community. Creates awesome RP. Trust worthy of the role. Great application. Mature and can take conflict. Overall would be a great mod.
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    o7 still remember when you blew up jerry alongside with the rest of nova ;-;
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    Archon is a Person with a lot of Great Ideas, Spending time with him in INQT On More than one Occasion He Assisted me with INQT Mission and they Turned out Very well, I Believe Archon would Benefit really well being a EM Therefore today I am Leaving a +1
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    HEY GUYS DUCKY HERE 10/10 best rp server enjoyed playing on it decided to come on the forums YEET -quack love all you guys
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