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    Part II is in the works.
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    I was on Reddit today and saw something interesting, it was a picture of Star Wars RP on the front page and it caught my eye because it was Garry’s Mod on the front page, then I read the post title. A member of the American Server Synergy RP (please God, it’s not advertising, they’re American) has passed away recently and they got everyone together to take a photo in his honour. Here is the image - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/wDuLL5o That is not really the point of this post, on top of that fact that he, his family and the community have my best wishes and condolences, I sometimes forget each and every one of us is a very different human being living very different lives. So, I’d just like to let you all know that I appreciate all of you and this entire community of people that might not always get along, but overall are under one roof and one community, and even a broader Star Wars RP community. Furthermore, stay safe, stay happy and in a few years we may look at this in the past and hopefully we each have some fond memories of our time here. Sorry for the formatting, I’m on my phone and I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow morning to make the post because I’m sort of emotional over this picture at the moment and wanted to speak from the heart in a way. Stay happy, - Bailey
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    Start tracking arrest numbers again, it used to be that every time someone got arrested 5 times in a week they were immediately referred to ISB, I am unsure if this is still happening but I suspect not as I have heard little from SK/RT in regards to operational matters in the last few months. Also would be helpful if you stopped kicking DT out of the brig. You don't kick out CS or 996th who are partially security regiments (as evidenced by them having cuffs in their loadout) and there is literally no reason to kick DT out, particularly as generally they are only dragging someone in or dragging someone out. ISB and SK/RT are meant to work together but I have heard numerous reports of hostility/non-cooperation lately. Let me know when you have good numbers online and ISB will conduct taser training on the battlestation that you are welcome, in fact, encouraged to attend. When I have been arrested as an EC I have noticed a lot of in character abuse when jailed (such as beatings with fists, being called rebel scum, etc). While this is actually fine in character and likely to have actually occurred IMO, be careful not to be caught when doing so. Also if someone in ISB ID's you please just show ID, we don't argue when we are asked to present ID. It's not powerplaying, it's literally part of our RP and something we do from time to time to troops in any regiment - not us trying to 'flex' on your regiments as has been assumed in the past during routine ID checks. If you get repeat offenders, people that are difficult to capture or offenders you deem particularly dangerous, hit us on the comms and we will organise a SWAT raid together, it's been ages since we've swatted as a combined security force! Just a couple of things that come to mind based on observations and discussions with people over the last couple of months
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    Shock and Riot at this point in time remind me of GTA V police. They're far too aggressive (tazing every AOS'd person without giving them a chance to come along quietly), aren't spread around the ship enough to have a constant presence (and therefore be a deterrent to crime) and all of them aggressively hone in on a single AOS case, swarming them, even if it's for a light reason. I might be exaggerating a bit, but there has been times in this server's history where Shock and Riot have had proper police roleplay as stated above: with checkpoints, random ID checking and not instantly tazing any AOS'd individual. A tazer should only be used if a suspect is fleeing and can't be flanked/blocked by other troopers, because nobody in the real world tazes a suspect who is either submitting to their arrest warrant or isn't moving and therefore won't get away from the police. Also, and this a reminder to all security, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ID HIGH RANKS. Security are meant to be keeping an eye on ALL people on the ship and making sure they're both legitimate Imperial personnel and don't have an arrest warrant. I'm not saying you should forget somebody has been ID'd the second you turn away from them or exit a secured space, but keep people in check. You may be scolded by high ranks for wasting their time (in-RP) but it's a necessity. It takes a few seconds to pull out your ID card, show it, and put it back. If people are never approached to show their ID, myself included, they won't do it off their own back as they will want to adhere to what is obviously a lower standard. (it will also let me show off my amazing ID card PAC)
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    *Flashes back to sterling’s video where a shock trooper missed a taser shot twice in a row*
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    Bepsi you saying somet- zzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Heya everyone i'm making this post to see what everyone thinks of shock/riot and what we could improve on as a whole. If you don't know i'm the 2IC of shock troopers and i'm looking to see what we could improve on and make the regiment better then it already is! Please comment with what you think shock/riot could improve on and what you think of the regiment. Thanks in advance. - Solar
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    Accepted Had a chat with Hypo on team speak. The above quote will be put into place. Hypo guarantees that he will tidy up his reputation and follow all server rules. If Hypo is warned during his probation. He will be put back on the ban list.
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    Fun Fun Fun @Jman1308 @Ramirez @Whitey @Anthony i want the good ol days back The days when it was Fun Fun Fun....... -Delta <3
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    +1 for being able to play on the server again. -1 for being able to apply for a developer position within the community. Along with this, a 3 month probation period should be sufficient
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    -1 I won't be supporting this application for the following reasons. The problem I've seen with you is that you like to create controversy on the forums. I would understand if you called out users for doing something wrong once or twice, but when it is re-occurringly being done by the same user it begins to seem as if you enjoy creating these situations on the forums and within the community itself. That's not why I'm leaving negative support however. The reason I am leaving negative support is due to the disgusting things you've said on the old RG Discord, saying things like "[Person] is better dead" and other terms that I have not seen you repeat within the Imperial Gaming community. You trolling on the Discord especially your refusal to listen to the Staff members present there is something that I remember distinctly. An important trait for Staff Members an is keeping consistency between servers. I don't like it when people act a certain way on one community and then a completely different way on another. If you want to discuss this further you can either respond here or can DM me in private, I don't mind. I still wish you good-luck in this application and in your future endeavours. Regards, Sterling
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    -1 Maxine, I think you're dedicated to the Server and do genuinely want this position, but the problems that keep coming up with you are how you act on the forums and the way you speak to people consistently. Many times I've heard people not wanting to comment on a thread because they're worried you, or another person is going to reply in a negative way to that thread and get blown up on the spot by you and others on the forums that are friends with you now, or were in the past. Nonetheless, I wanted to neutral this, but I can't put past the fact that you make problems on the forums and on IG Related Discords. If you're able to improve on the forums and attempt to bridge the gap between those who do and don't like you I will happily change my response, but for now, I don't think you're a good fit for the Staff Team due to your controversial nature and the fact that you do have tendencies to get into arguments very easily with a lot of members of the community. My response is subject to change, good luck with your application.
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    +1 Active and mature. PAC examples aren't most complicated but they are well thought out and that's the difference between a good PAC user and a Great PAC user. Being able to use PAC in subtle lore friendly ways improves role play much better than who can make the coolest looking armor. I'd suggest maybe showing off more skills for those above who put neutral but for tier 1 I believe you have the skills required. For those saying the PAC's are basic you are correct but I believe this application process is for showing that you have the skills and intent required to be trusted with PAC rather than a contest to see who's PAC's look the best.
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    I think this part can go with almost all troopers though not just shock and riot. I have noticed a lot of people all around just act overly aggressive towards non-hostile civilians / Event characters. Just try normally talking and directing people while as members of the empire you shouldn't be afraid to show force there is no reason we have to scream at and attack everyone outside of the military as realistically that would make more rebels. So while this goes double for all security regiments i would expect all troopers to try and talk and de-escalate things rather then trying to use threats and intimidation especially if this goes against the wishes of higher ups such as when we are dealing with VIP's.
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    Thank you to everyone for being constructive in your criticism, be assured that all suggestions and complaints are taken seriously and will be considered for future SK/RT training and meetings. Please keep in mind that a bad experience with a individual shock/riot trooper does not necessarily represent the values and attitudes of the regiment as a whole, and any complaints regarding troopers who you feel behaved out of line should be directed to high ranking SK/RT personal for review.
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    I think you should seek back about a year where Shock and Riot would be more communist, the good times. Conduct more patrols to show your true power, make some checkpoint dupes and use them more often, go around in groups just asking every person you see for identification and 'just be more security' and make sure our ship is a safe place while being communist!!!!! I think something about tasers is that people in shock and riot just get hungry to use them, like someone that is AOS'd can just be staandding still and you guys will tase them. Also remind people in shock more often that EC's can't be tased unless given permission by EM
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    -1, Have seen you disrespect a Higher Ranking Staff Member than myself in OOC chat before. Yes you may follow the quote that was said by @Wombatiacus, but anyone that wishes to become a staff member must portray them self in a good way both OOC and in RP, especially not showing any form of disrespect to any Imperial Gaming Player, especially a Staff Member.
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    Steam Name: Auzii SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:105916966 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/auziiiii/ In Game Name: Auziar Tankiki Time Played Imperial RP: 6 Weeks, 5 Days, 17 Hours || Rank - 109 Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have not received any warns. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? I have not received any banss. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? • Imperial Gaming StarwarsRP - Junior Moderator • DefconNations MethRP - Super Admin • DefconNations CityRP - Moderator • DefconNations First ResponseRP - Moderator • Midnight Wolf Gaming - Server Manager • ACA Gaming - Senior Admin • Synergy Gaming - Senior Admin • Fuzzy Outlaw Gaming - Senior Admin What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? I believe the purpose of a Moderator on any and all servers/communities is to uphold rules and guidelines in place within said communities and to enforce them in any means necessary. Not only that but Moderators should also be assisting with new players of the community to make sure they are being set in the right path. Furthermore, being a Moderator for a community is not just being a staff member it is also about being a role model and setting an example for the players within the community. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? I am applying once again to be a Trial Moderator due to my immense interest in this community and its players. Not only that but I want to be able to express my self more within this community as I have done before and be able to assist any and all players in any queries or concerns they may have. I also wish to apply because of my experience, I know what it is like to be a Moderator and what it takes for a Moderator to fulfil his/her duties. Another reason why I wish to be a Trial Moderator is because I am a very active member of the community and I overall just wish to make the community greater and eradicate and mischievous behaviour that may arise from time to time. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? I believe I can bring many things to the staff team. Firstly, my activity within the community will allow me to assist in many situations that may arise. Not only that, but my experience within Garry's Mod communities and how to staff them is immense compared to other applicants. Furthermore, I also have an extreme understanding of ULX and how it operates and also have used the servers pLogs and "Staff Sit" system multiple times before. Lastly, I also am a responsible and respectful player when the time arises and can also have fun when need be, I also always try my best when it comes to everything as well. Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? Firstly, I would get the name & SteamID of the accused RDMer from the witnesses and or victims involved in the situation. I would then make sure the incident did occur via pLogs and searching the accused's name AND SteamID to make sure 100% they are the same person and no false bans are sent out. Whilst searching I would ask the victims and or witnesses if they had any recordings or evidence of the situation and then get them to upload or send it to me for further analysation and proof. Once the matter has been dealt with proper punishments/consequences will be issued to the accused party. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? If someone was bullying member(s) of the community I would first get the name & SteamID of the accused member and hear sides from both the accused party and the victim. Once I have heard from both parties separately I would then ask for recordings or screenshot evidence of any voice chat / text chat conversations between both parties involved. If nothing is found and there is no evidence I would resort to pLogs and search for any evidence that would lead to a verdict on what the "Bully" said or did. Once I have come to a verdict of the situation and analysed both sides of the story and evidence I would then hand out the appropriate consequences and punishments and bullying is strictly prohibited within the community. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? In the scenario where a high ranking staff member where to abuse their powers, I would straight away gain evidence of the matter to pursue further actions later on with the management team. Whilst doing so I would inform the management team of the matter and see where they would like to go with it. Depending on what they say I will continue and once the abuse has ceased it will be dealt with either demotions and or bans depending on the severity of the situation. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? If someone were to threaten the community/server, I would immediately get on recording/screenshot them threatening the server in case they take further measures. I would also inform the higher ranking staff members of the ordeal/situation and they could assist me into taking further precautions against the threat. Once these steps have been pursued I would get the person whom threatened the servers Steam ID in case they do actually DDOS the server. Then I would give them the appropriate ban/consequence. Terms & Conditions Yes Steam Name: Auzii
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    So its me again, your local favourite IG player! You guys wanted more so 'I'll give it yah'. SPOILER 01: QUOTES SPOILER 02: PICTURES SPOILER 03: Best Friend Status If you like these............. *COUGH* leave that upvote
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    Enter Credentials U: II*349b4 P: ******** Identity Confirmed [Proceed to POI Document II-B-391]
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    I don't like goodbye posts. Luckily this isn't one* I'll be heavily inactive and not be playing. I've lost intrest in RP servers in general. I'm still going to be Jnr Dev. I'm not doing tags because I'll forget someone. I'll miss you boys.
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    Steam Name: Red “Mecha-CAT” Spielberg VI SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:42576905 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045419538/ In Game Name: Lieutenant [AC] ARC-50 'Maxine’ Time Played Imperial RP: 1W | 4D | 22H Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? N/A Have you had any bans (If so state them)? N/A Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Yes, Moderator (x2): Imperial Gaming - 2016 (2-4 months) | 2017 (2-3 months) Administrator: Empire Gaming - (late 2017 - 2018) 6-? Months (Unsure specifically) What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? Moderators on any server are to ensure that the rules are being followed, and that a sufficient standard of RP is being established. Moderators are put in place to ensure that people remain kind to one other, allowing users to play on the server without suffering from any type of abuse or discrimination, and are also there to help with the future of the server, being picked by the users, for the benefit of the users. Finally, they’re there to ensure that the future of the server will be healthy and to partake in future decisions regarding topics relating to the server Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? I am applying for Moderator as I want to ensure that Imperial Gaming has a future in the SWRP scene and that its players follow the rules, and more importantly enjoy the Roleplay provided by the server and its users. I also wish to become Staff as, many times before, I have found it quite enjoyable, meeting and interacting with new people, talking to people I wouldn't normally and have a say into decisions for IGs future. In the past I have found that the impact I bring to the health of the server further benefits myself as a person, allowing me to grow and develop my skills in both the online world and in real life. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? I believe I can bring a very unbiased view of a situation and ensure that Staff situations are dealt with professionally. I also believe I can bring a fresh set of eyes to the team, providing a unique view of situations, coupled together with, and assisting, my 3+ years of experience of playing on and moderating SWRP servers. Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? In accordance with Common Practice, an individual who kills equal to, or more than 3 people for no reason (RDM) is eligible for a week or more ban. For someone who RDMs 3 - 4 people, instantly I would grab their Steam ID, and dependent on my current powers by rank, ban them for 7 days, or, ask a higher ranking staff to ban them for that period. For 5 or above I would recommend a perma ban. Dependent on if they make an appeal, I would give evidence. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? Assuming I see it… Immediately I would Private message the victim asking them if its just banter, or otherwise bullying. If they state that it is not friendly banter, I would talk to the victim and ask them if its an ongoing issue, and what has been said. I would ask for evidence before talking to the accused. I would verbally warn the accused if I deem it necessary, ie, if I suspect not much damage has been done, and tell them continuation will result in warnings and/or bans. Otherwise if I see that the bullying has made an impact by the victim I would warn the accused (Server side) and then inform them that if they believe that a miss carriage of justice has been performed, they can talk to my superiors with adequate evidence. Assuming Its reported… I would talk to the accused and the victim, and ask them for evidence. If they do not provide any, I would ask them to send me any evidence from thenon, and talk to the accused. If it continues, I would do as I mentioned prior, determine severity, deal judgement. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? Considering I have Shadowplay active all the time, I would save the footage of said abuse and send the footage to a rank that is higher than theirs ie Moderator ranks to Admin, Admin ranks to Server Management, Server Management to Community Manager and Community Manager to Owner. If requested to by the higher rank, I would assist in the investigation. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? Immediately I would suggest to the person that this is a really easy way to get banned and give them a verbal warning, however if the person continues, and sounds quite serious and I deem them a threat / minge then I would report it to the Server Admin staff. Similar to Mass RDM, based on Common Practice, they would be banned for a week or permanent dependent on the situation and certain factors. Terms & Conditions Yes Steam Name: Red “Mecha-CAT” Spielberg VI
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    Well then get rid of that nobody garbage in your signature, you a flyboy now!
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    Just a quick advertisement Let me introduce myself you may know me as Hyperion but in game I hold the rank of Officer Cadet Khan Strax within the imperial Navy I am also the RO aka Recruitment officer. To give you a full view on what the imperial Navy has to offer I have put this together below. The imperial Navy is a serious heavy passive RP regiment and what that means is a lot of the RP we do from using consoles to plotting a course to a planet is done in chat in other words we aren't actually doing anything it's just being typed in chat hense passive RP. Now don't let that turn you off, the officers of the imperial Navy carry key cards that can access some of the highest clearance level areas aboard the ISD Chimaera from the bridge to the engine room. Navy also carry the responsibility of controlling a Imperial Star Destroyer from air traffic control to logistics, but it doesn't end there being in the imperial Navy opens up many RP possibilities such as being Leading Crewman + (Sargeant) allows you to apply for a officer role, these roles consist of Flight officer, Engineering officer, Logistics officer, NIA Agent, (I will explain this role) Recruitment officer, Navigations officer each one of these roles carry responsibility. I mentioned the role of NIA agent, well NIA aka Naval Intelligence Agency is as the name suggests a intelligence agency within Navy with the role of securing navy regiments to sum it up NIA is ISB but agents only have jurisdiction in Navy regiments. In conclusion the Imperial Navy is a RP rich regiment which contains many possibilities for RP for whatever you interests may be, therefore if anything I have said interests you be sure to contact myself in game or simply fill out this form and I will contact you. https://bit.ly/2qTSIl8
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    You should play Santos RP with us once it reopens, will be fun
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    Hi Marsh Unfortunately I am going to be having to give this application Negative Support While your application is decent and you have plenty of experience staffing there is a lot more I have seen from the negative side of you than positive I have seen on the forums as Bailey and Sterling mentioned that you prefer to create trouble and respond in a hostile manor to many posts. However, the biggest problem I can see is like what Sterling and Bailey have said: This is downright unacceptable behaviour for any level member of a staff team, if you are literally making someone scared to come to a public place and give their opinion then that is quite honestly a disgusting thing to do. While I haven't had people say this I believe Bailey because of what I have seen you do on the forums in the past. My final and probably biggest problem is from what Sterling said This is again absolutely unacceptable for a staff member on any server. Saying things about people like this I assume behind their back as well is unwarranted behaviour of any staff member. Even the people that I truly hate, I would never say that I want them dead, even as a joke.
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    @Kristofer got sad when he read male on that
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    +1 Very well put together application made by a very active and respectable member of the community. The current examples are great but can also be improved on, given more time and experience on the editor. Good luck
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    +1 Despite that lack of detail, I believe that Kyle would do well with back. He's mature, active, and is a nice individual. The lack of detail is also warranted due to never have using PAC in the past, but people can learn. I suggest practicing more and making more advanced PACs to please the people giving neutrals.
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    Also for those wondering why I left in the first place, I had a 1 month camp to attend from February to March and I felt that my position would be better held with an active person during that time frame.
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    2:28 had me dying. Funniest thing I've seen all day.
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    Welcome to the forums? I guess I think. (12 posts still newbie)
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    Everything's already been said. Though I think you could be a good mod in the future you'll obviously have to improve on some stuff. I hope that one day you do become a mod but right now the already stated things will have to be changed.
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    +1 There is not a single person I value more as Sith, and few people that I respect as much as him. Matrix is one of the best examples of a superb RPer and person. He always goes out of his way to excel in what he does, and i don't doubt that this would continue with his PAC usage. I don't need to go into terrible amounts of detail as you are all likely aware of his performance, but i look forward to seeing matrix implement PAC into his RP. Best of luck, Death.
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    I have mutliple best friends but my Wombat can only have one and thats me.
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    Death to the seppies boys. Whip out the clone blasters.
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    Very Interesting Sparx I cant wait to see the character Develop
  45. 1 point
    I love it, great job Theseus.
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    Job well done Sparx, amazingly well done and an interesting backstory. Good read.
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    TeamSpeak Details TS Name: Riek Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Wolf What date did the ban occur: I am not sure but it was recent What was the reason for the ban: For Mass Poking Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I was in a discord call and we were messing around and they said you should mass poke everyone on TS and then did it again. Wolf moved me in and said something along the the lines of I swear if you do that again you will be banned. Other people were talking and 11 seconds later he deiced to Permanently banned me. Why do you believe you deserve to be unbanned / given a second chance: I am sorry that I was being a dick head and I really want to be allowed to rejoin the TS so I can participate in the community more as some things require TS. example: Events, some regiments, being above CL3. I also have my own channel which I cannot use anymore. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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    I think it's a little hard to ask for one week play time considering the server has been up for less than a month and only four people from what I can see have over a day.... No point afking on the server for a week play time, it serves no purpose. My Role on TM is something I part take in rarely. I make suggestions and keep moral. I look after the forums once a week and haven't played the server in a month, I think its hardly an issue. I joined this community for Santos, not for SWRP. I've made this application as from what I can see and what I've heard multiple times, IG doesn't have experience in Santos. I've been the manager and a high ranking staff member on 3 of the most popular Australian Santos RP servers to date. Merely doing what I can to help the community. By all means if I'm in your eyes ,"Don't have enough play time" Or " Not known in the community" deny this application.
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    +1- Yes. I love everything about those examples. You show unique, clear, and distinct style that sets you apart from others; something that should in itself win support. Good luck.
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    +1 Some cool PAC's here and you seem like you're a good enough person to be trusted with it.
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