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    Start tracking arrest numbers again, it used to be that every time someone got arrested 5 times in a week they were immediately referred to ISB, I am unsure if this is still happening but I suspect not as I have heard little from SK/RT in regards to operational matters in the last few months. Also would be helpful if you stopped kicking DT out of the brig. You don't kick out CS or 996th who are partially security regiments (as evidenced by them having cuffs in their loadout) and there is literally no reason to kick DT out, particularly as generally they are only dragging someone in or dragging someone out. ISB and SK/RT are meant to work together but I have heard numerous reports of hostility/non-cooperation lately. Let me know when you have good numbers online and ISB will conduct taser training on the battlestation that you are welcome, in fact, encouraged to attend. When I have been arrested as an EC I have noticed a lot of in character abuse when jailed (such as beatings with fists, being called rebel scum, etc). While this is actually fine in character and likely to have actually occurred IMO, be careful not to be caught when doing so. Also if someone in ISB ID's you please just show ID, we don't argue when we are asked to present ID. It's not powerplaying, it's literally part of our RP and something we do from time to time to troops in any regiment - not us trying to 'flex' on your regiments as has been assumed in the past during routine ID checks. If you get repeat offenders, people that are difficult to capture or offenders you deem particularly dangerous, hit us on the comms and we will organise a SWAT raid together, it's been ages since we've swatted as a combined security force! Just a couple of things that come to mind based on observations and discussions with people over the last couple of months
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    Shock and Riot at this point in time remind me of GTA V police. They're far too aggressive (tazing every AOS'd person without giving them a chance to come along quietly), aren't spread around the ship enough to have a constant presence (and therefore be a deterrent to crime) and all of them aggressively hone in on a single AOS case, swarming them, even if it's for a light reason. I might be exaggerating a bit, but there has been times in this server's history where Shock and Riot have had proper police roleplay as stated above: with checkpoints, random ID checking and not instantly tazing any AOS'd individual. A tazer should only be used if a suspect is fleeing and can't be flanked/blocked by other troopers, because nobody in the real world tazes a suspect who is either submitting to their arrest warrant or isn't moving and therefore won't get away from the police. Also, and this a reminder to all security, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ID HIGH RANKS. Security are meant to be keeping an eye on ALL people on the ship and making sure they're both legitimate Imperial personnel and don't have an arrest warrant. I'm not saying you should forget somebody has been ID'd the second you turn away from them or exit a secured space, but keep people in check. You may be scolded by high ranks for wasting their time (in-RP) but it's a necessity. It takes a few seconds to pull out your ID card, show it, and put it back. If people are never approached to show their ID, myself included, they won't do it off their own back as they will want to adhere to what is obviously a lower standard. (it will also let me show off my amazing ID card PAC)
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    *Flashes back to sterling’s video where a shock trooper missed a taser shot twice in a row*
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    Heya everyone i'm making this post to see what everyone thinks of shock/riot and what we could improve on as a whole. If you don't know i'm the 2IC of shock troopers and i'm looking to see what we could improve on and make the regiment better then it already is! Please comment with what you think shock/riot could improve on and what you think of the regiment. Thanks in advance. - Solar
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    I think this part can go with almost all troopers though not just shock and riot. I have noticed a lot of people all around just act overly aggressive towards non-hostile civilians / Event characters. Just try normally talking and directing people while as members of the empire you shouldn't be afraid to show force there is no reason we have to scream at and attack everyone outside of the military as realistically that would make more rebels. So while this goes double for all security regiments i would expect all troopers to try and talk and de-escalate things rather then trying to use threats and intimidation especially if this goes against the wishes of higher ups such as when we are dealing with VIP's.
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    Thank you to everyone for being constructive in your criticism, be assured that all suggestions and complaints are taken seriously and will be considered for future SK/RT training and meetings. Please keep in mind that a bad experience with a individual shock/riot trooper does not necessarily represent the values and attitudes of the regiment as a whole, and any complaints regarding troopers who you feel behaved out of line should be directed to high ranking SK/RT personal for review.
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    I think you should seek back about a year where Shock and Riot would be more communist, the good times. Conduct more patrols to show your true power, make some checkpoint dupes and use them more often, go around in groups just asking every person you see for identification and 'just be more security' and make sure our ship is a safe place while being communist!!!!! I think something about tasers is that people in shock and riot just get hungry to use them, like someone that is AOS'd can just be staandding still and you guys will tase them. Also remind people in shock more often that EC's can't be tased unless given permission by EM
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    Part II is in the works.
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    -1, Have seen you disrespect a Higher Ranking Staff Member than myself in OOC chat before. Yes you may follow the quote that was said by @Wombatiacus, but anyone that wishes to become a staff member must portray them self in a good way both OOC and in RP, especially not showing any form of disrespect to any Imperial Gaming Player, especially a Staff Member.
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    My main problem is the Tazing when people are surrendering and replying with the excuse you COULD runaway. I feel like it's Failrp because in real life if someone is standing still you don't tazer them you crash tackle them to the ground. Give people warnings such as "Warning 1 | 2 | 3 | Stop or We'll use Force!" before tazering.
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    When does the 5 Minute timer start. When you enter the brig, the cell, the RFA? In my opinion it should be when the prisoner enters the brig as the time can vary when entering the cell or when the RFA is processed. Some Shock aren't as fast, this means for an unfair time being held.
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    I these things need to be improved: Tazing people standing still or awaiting arrest Tazing accuracy Tazing people who aren't even AOS but in the way of a pursuit Attitude towards third party members or the captives Not listening to direct orders from a MJR Gen+ or equivalent That's just about it for me, these can easily be improved over time and I hope you do so over time with the training of new shock or riot.
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    Maybe more RP? You guys are basically police so act like police. Conduct searches, make checkpoints try to put more rp into your arrests. Hell you could even set up something similar to a breathalyzer test. What i'm saying is I think that Shock/Riot has huge possibilities for rp. Look at what real police do and try to incorporate that into a SWRP friendly alternative. just my idea Also about the thing we tasers. Beside everything that's already been said only use tasers for police reasons as well. it shouldn't be your go-to the second you see an aos always try TALKING if it's a debated case ask questions. It can create more rp for both yourself and the aosed individual. Deescalate the situation and attempt to get them to cooperate. Only when they are running away or acting with hostility you should use tasers. -Rigidy Ragdig
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    Taser accuracy is uh...lacking sometimes.
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    I was legit exited about this but now I'm just sad. Community members: 1
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    Epicness Lets catch the dubbbbbb Woooooooo
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    Only consoles I own are the PS2, Dreamcast and a Gamecube. For nostalgia purposes of course
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    I guess this gives me a good enough reason to hop back on, aside from the exclusives
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    (Don't think i've responded to this before) +1 - Active, great at PAC. Wouldn't mind seeing what you can come up with in-game and hopefully see some more PAC users in riot apart from galle.
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    Well I'm sorry for liking Xbox better... exclusive much...?
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    Yo and the first clip had me dying too yo (heh, get it? Cuz I was shot?? Haha....)
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    Fun Fun Fun @Jman1308 @Ramirez @Whitey @Anthony i want the good ol days back The days when it was Fun Fun Fun....... -Delta <3
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    i'd thought you stopped checking the forums bby
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    I was on Reddit today and saw something interesting, it was a picture of Star Wars RP on the front page and it caught my eye because it was Garry’s Mod on the front page, then I read the post title. A member of the American Server Synergy RP (please God, it’s not advertising, they’re American) has passed away recently and they got everyone together to take a photo in his honour. Here is the image - https://m.imgur.com/gallery/wDuLL5o That is not really the point of this post, on top of that fact that he, his family and the community have my best wishes and condolences, I sometimes forget each and every one of us is a very different human being living very different lives. So, I’d just like to let you all know that I appreciate all of you and this entire community of people that might not always get along, but overall are under one roof and one community, and even a broader Star Wars RP community. Furthermore, stay safe, stay happy and in a few years we may look at this in the past and hopefully we each have some fond memories of our time here. Sorry for the formatting, I’m on my phone and I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow morning to make the post because I’m sort of emotional over this picture at the moment and wanted to speak from the heart in a way. Stay happy, - Bailey
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    Your pacs are beauty and i love the halo one! Your are very respectful in game and i believe you would do great things with PAC on Imperial gaming Plus 1
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    I too give this a BIG +1, the PAC i really like the most was your Noxu Riot PAC. And not to mention you're going out of your way to help others in need or just doing it for fun for your friends. You have my respect!
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    +1- Yes. I love everything about those examples. You show unique, clear, and distinct style that sets you apart from others; something that should in itself win support. Good luck.
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    +1 Some cool PAC's here and you seem like you're a good enough person to be trusted with it.
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    Fortnite gamers gang gang
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    Jeez so hostile. Not Event Master Material at all.
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