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    I am back, for a long time.
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    when the time is right, you will know 27Co + n → 60 27Co → 60 28Ni + e− + ν e + gamma rays.
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    Happy is a fedora expert and my idol.
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    Your death responses are very alarming. I have witnessed several people become suicidal from your so called, "constructive criticism" . This is unacceptable and this is a ineffective way to help someone improve their app and understanding as a whole but what you are doing is making them distress and develop lack of faith in themselves. This is no way to criticize someone! THIS IS CYBER BULLY!! JK, made this cause I am meant to do school work but can't be fuked to do it, so did this instead.
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    I would like to Congratulate Lynx on putting hard amounts of effort and time to respond to my replies. Although I originally gave him a -1, he has shown he will go beyond and further to achieve Event Master.
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    Rocksand. Rocksand. I got a lot of Rocksand.
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