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  1. Ah so the time has come. After 1130 days in Navy I have finally moved to retirement. So I thought I'd take this time for story time, tell you of my time within the server. Well I joined a while back probably you know 1150 days or something like that you can do the math if you are so inclined. When I joined I was trained by Lance Corporal Misahu of JT at the time. However being a LCPL he couldn't promote me from recruit this was middle of the day nobody online so I came back in the afternoon and got set by the Vader at the time then went for a wonder where I met Shader who was Heavy in
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  2. Oh man that was some great times. Your Engineer cyborg pac was sick had some great fun. Back at you Luigi. One of the best people I've had to interact with always felt really easy to work with you. <3 And the best words I have for you is. Thank you and I'm glad I could make a positive impact. And I think the same of you, and that it's been great seeing how you've changed and grown over three years. You are perhaps one of the more recent engineers but I think myself and Delta can agree you are one of the best. I hope you stay with E
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  3. I know @Naptune has fond memory's of that.
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