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  1. As mentioned in the community meeting a couple weeks ago, myself and several other members of the community have been hard at work developing the next frontier for Imperial Gaming. Since the beginning, this community has had a diverse range of interests which intersected at our joint love for star wars. That’s why we believe a star wars themed minecraft factions server is the way forward whilst remaining true to our core beliefs. We hope to do some play-testing this coming week, with full release in the following weeks. With all this said, below I will outline the key mechanics of the gamemode
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  2. Hi All, This post may be a little late but only because I was making sure only the highest quality changelog is produced. There's a lot! Development Changelogs Added naval entities (hyperspace console & Pilot License database console) Added Non Stun Massif Swep (Needs to be added to Job Code) - Fixed Twist's spelling mistake in PL Console - Added Name and Rank display on PL console - Replaced ven_riddick_dlt23v with Smart Launcher for Sky Heavies - Added Unique Clearance to Dynamic Loadouts - Tasers are now blockable by lightsabers (they now act like bullets) - Added mute and scale
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  3. dude I just wanna build my dungeon
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  4. ;-; my dungeon will not live for long
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  7. Don't worry man Ill base with you 😂 Damn...
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  8. @Shepard maybe idk if i'll play the mc server tbh
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  9. brotha we want let that shit slide
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  12. you probably racist as well
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  13. Congrats on SEM @yeff and @Seaelay
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  14. Sorry Gents... Only room for one Empire. 283029984_Jre-legacy2021_03.24-13_50_25_04.DVR_Trim.mp4
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  15. Downloading the hacks now @Delta Base together?
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  16. yeah but what if we wanna do the monthly dragon hunt bro Downvote if racist
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  17. server wipe every month dumb fucking idiot
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