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  1. I dont think you have the mental capacity to do that job.
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  2. In relation to who I am my name is Benn I started playing on the server around 2017 racking up over 5 weeks playtime on the server I'd say during the time when I played on it regularly, with some of the regiments I was apart including the prophets and the mighty engineers, my original forums account is @Ben however It is banned from the forums for shit posting I believe by Whitey a few years ago, and as to the reason you have no clue who I am I'd guess only the older members of the server would even have a remote idea who I am, however during my heyday I was an active and respected member of t
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  3. Information Name of the staff member: Delta Regiment: Medical troopers Staff position: Moderator Date: 26/08/2020 People who were there: Josh, Sinatra, Clover, Delta Events causing this report Around two weeks ending on the 26/08/2020 I was playing Gmod with my brother TOM [Crofty] and I was telling him about what has changed on the server since he left, then he was asking about what kind of regiments he should join so he went into the /ooc chat and said something like "Any regiments doing tryouts" then the Medical trooper CLOVER click his bind for the Medic
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