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  1. Aight bois its time to announce I FINALLY HAVE A WORKING LAPTOP NOW WOOOOOOOOOOOO Its been a whole damn year, looking forward to seeing how the server has changed and all these new faces, cant wait to make some new friends. If you didnt know, I'm solar, I use to be the 2IC of Shock troopers, first joined shock when Tree was CO, i managed to get to the 2IC spot and stayed strong throughout 2019 being 2ic for longer then i can remember, a whole 3 different CO's I had while being a 2IC, never getting that chance of reaching lieutenant colonel. I sadly no longer have a working microphone
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  3. Bro you got your whole life ahead of you, what I learned is grades ain't shit, I got into University with mediocre grades at one of the best schools it doesn't matter bro, school isn't everything, focus on life and live every moment to its fullest (I know its cliche lol). Just take every opportunity that comes in your way and fucking send it. Keep your head up king!
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  4. Why does Shepard stink so much?
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  5. While I have no issue with the changes so far I think the cost for swapping loadouts feels unnecessary. There already is a high cost for most armoury weapons for both acquiring and deploying them and also a high initial cost for point shop weapons that usually take awhile to acquire. To me the extra cost just does not seem logical and is more of an annoyance.
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  6. okay Mr smart guy, it's okay to make an offensive joke as a Event Manager which was supposed to piss off Snoozy but if i said that I'd probably get lynched. Everyone here arguing in this topic are all wrong i reckon we lock this thread. Also doesn't mean you can just mass downvote everything that goes against Bailey or mass upvotes Bailey to get his rep back up. Go home you are drunk.
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  7. What if we gamed together 😳 Jks jks, unless?!? 👉👈
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