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  1. As a previous connoisseur of the 294th IAD also known as the glorious Mud Troopers, I have payed Cecil handsomely to bring back the regiment with me as it's commanding officer. Mud will once again flow freely through the halls of the Imperial Star Destroyer. God Speed.
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  2. Today was an interesting day.
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  3. Ok dude guess we better start something
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  4. The OG Mud Trooper club
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  6. You had to pay him? He should be paying you to bring back such a glorious specimen of a regiment.
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  7. The End The Lothal Campaign has finally ended with a decisive victory by the Rebels on Lothal, the disappearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Commander Ezra Bridger, and the summary destruction of the entire Seventh Fleet. With Lothal falling from Imperial control, Imperial forces have pulled back away from the sector with no plans of ever returning. Survivors of the Seventh Fleet and Lothal Garrison have been temporarily reassigned to the Venator-class Star Destroyer "Bunyip" under the command of Captain Lad Walduel and Lieutenant Commander Whitcur. The Venat
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  8. Fallout 3, first Fallout game I've ever played. Fallout: New Vegas, most memorable Fallout experience I've ever had. Fallout 4 and 76, weren't the absolute best games but I still really enjoyed playing them. Skyrim, what can I say about Skyrim? It's Skyrim. The Borderlands series is fun and everyone should play it. The Outer Worlds is a good space-western RPG that unfortunately is very short and lacks much content. Disco Elysium is a deep and engaging text-based, point-and-click RPG. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a banger and gets you all sad and emo
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  9. I thought this was a pretty neat song, you guys should check it out.
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  10. Doesn't anyone think there's too many regiments now and half of them always just have one person. I know this is controversial but I think there should be like a cut down. IDK just a thought
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  12. Khorne: "The false relationship that you provided in my namesake." Krennic: "..." Krennic: "No." Khorne: "Yes."
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  13. I'll sort this shitpost out dw
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  15. pls dont go and spam downvote multiple posts from these guys, just downvote em here
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