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  1. This may come as unexpected news, but due to current staff adjustments I have felt that I cannot participate in a community like this that has and accepts certain staff members in it and I am resigning and leaving the community. This staff report against the individual has since been unofficially denied (as he has been promoted) and the person who was supposed to discuss the staff report with me has bailed on me and wasted my time 3 times. I request that no one comments their thoughts on this in the comments, as it will put this post at further risk of being taken down. This s
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  2. Goodbye Crofty, I just want to say that I never had a grudge on you however I don't appreciate the words that were used against me to members of the community after my promotion to Staff Manager. I'm quite disappointed that you never decided to talk to me about the issues you have with me but I guess it's too late now. Nonetheless, farewall Crofty. You will be missed
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  3. HESITANT Hesitant, a young man roughly 6ft 3 inches tall. Though it is rare to see him without his helmet and armour on he is a scrawny boy with long black hair which is unkept. He looks physically drained and almost like a corpse. No one knows what he sounds like due to his oath of silence. he is currently a PFC in Death Troopers. Though he is yet to see much action in his new regiment, he has showed his proficiency with a sniper rifle, killing enemies from a far distance. BACKSTORY Born in a shabby motel on Level 1313 on Coruscant the small child quickly learnt how to dea
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  4. Cya Later big man
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  5. Hi, so i didn't want to make or respond or try and argue with people's respondes but since you asked a question I'll happily answer it, I am currently not banned on the imperial gaming SWRP server I can play that whatever I want, with the second question on why you don't think I have answered all things truthfully I will clear it up by saying everything Bailey said in his post was true I did attack him for no reason I did everything he has said and I really do regret it I know he won't believe me and why would he truth be told but i trurly dont want to be unbanned to just be a complete fuckhea
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  7. Steam Details Steam Name: dInGo Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:75578716 Steam Profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198111423161 In Game Details In Game Name: NOT SURE In Game Rank: Most likely the starting rank In Game Regiment: most likely the default regiment you would get after being trained Ban Details How long was the ban for: PERMA Which staff member banned you: TARKIN What date did the ban occur: 16/11/2017 @ 21:20:10 What was the reason for the ban: MASS RDM Explain the situation in detail which led to y
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  9. Goodbye Crofty, you were a decent EM big fella.
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  10. Imperial Gaming as become a police state, every reg has tasers and cuffs hahaha Figure 1: Depicts brutal Compnor troopers beat down on innocent Storm trooper's *This is joke*
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  11. Hello, Had 2 ideas for support roles that could help regiments. 1. Recon Class - Equipment: Low-Mid Grade sniper with binoculars. With this equipment, they could scout ahead and lookout from a far and provide details to CO's and IHC on possible targets or challenges a head while needing to send troops in to do this. 2. Demolition Class. Equipment: Detonator (Limit 2). With this equipment, they could help destroy alien eggs, fallen rock that's blocked a path way. Clearing these obstacles, and helping clear the path for troops to advance. (Want to limit the equipment on this as
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  12. Hey Khronos Look I think everyone deserves a second chance but what you did a while back isn't acceptable in the slightest. And I know that things were said from both sides but I think if you were given the chance to come back to the Discords, TS and Fourms you would be on a strict Permanent probationary stage as we don't want any of the Toxic behaviour we have seen in the past come back and cause people even more grief. In the past when you were on the server you managed to make a lot of people angry and upset which at the end of the day this is a video game and people come here to have
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  13. So before I leave my final decision on this could I ask about what you mean by this Like on the IG server or on another server? But here is my opinions on this. - Wolf stated "others have recently been given opportunities, why not you." I definitely think that this is a completely different circumstance but your persistence to do constant appeals is to be honest quite impressive and shows that you do want to return. However, your persistence has been shown in the past to be also a detriment with the lengths you will go to do stuff (In particular just to make fun of Bailey).
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  14. Steam Details Steam Name:Donut Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:448651653 Steam Profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheRealKhronos/ In Game Details In Game Name: Donut In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: ST Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Perma Which staff member banned you: Cecil/Bailey What date did the ban occur: I have no idea some time last year What was the reason for the ban: Bullying a member of the community Explain the situation in detail which led to you bei
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