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  1. After reading this post, very much looking forward to it (and the 27th/28th of March). thank you for liking the art c:
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  2. A Fool's Hope | Liberation of Lothal The chapter of this story will soon be told, and then we shall create our own. The Empire's time on Lothal will end between the 27th and 28th of March, 2021 both at 06:00 PM AEST. A quick reminder that we can use the Lothal map in the future once RP is done to either break canon, or turn it into another planet, but there will be a break while we consolidate the liberation RP. Save your upvotes for @Mouse in the comments for this wonderful work. PREVIOUSLY… After the discovery of Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit's treasonous activi
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  3. Oohh the awaited day. I'm sure it'll go great Kris! Cant wait to hear about it ;) And @Mouse that art is epic! You're so talented, seriously! <3 <3
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  4. Tell her I said happy birthday
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  5. So like. Shock have a slot open. uhhhh join? :flushed:
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