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  1. Storm is a very dedicated and passionate person and when he puts his effort in something it always turns out well. I'm happy to call storm my friend and I know he will do well in this position, he is creative, intelligent and hard working. Storm puts a lot of effort into making dupes for others and it something he is really good at. This is his 3rd time applying for trial eventmaster and that just goes to show how commited he is for this position. Hope you get the position storm <3
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  2. +1 Storm has shown commitment in his applications for EM and enthusiasm in creating enjoyment for others. The event documents are thorough and detailed. From my interactions with Storm he is quite loyal, trustworthy and a creative thinker. When we were in Vader's Fist together he spent a good amount of time making up dupes and planning events for the 501st to enjoy. I think that he would make a very dedicated member of the Event Team. Good luck Strom <3
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  3. Mongo, How many leaving posts are you gonna make? this is going to be the last one. can't be bothered putting any more effort into this post. so many memories from Imperial and Clone Wars alike, everyone of you out there knows what part you played in my experience on IG and without you guys I wouldn't have kept coming back. I also never would have imagined meeting all the people in this community and learning new things, as all things do I must move on and focus on my life, work is pressing and becoming more tedious to the point that it becomes more like a chore to get on the server.
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