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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=405793043 this tool is really useful for building and what not, as you can just take a material from a prop and place it onto another. examples below below is a pallet of materials I've used on other servers, all of the materials are from the SWBF2 prop pack which I believe is on the server.
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  2. How to Appropriately Address Others The basics on how to appropriately address another are simple and can be picked up quite easily, Rank followed by Name. But I am going to explain a few common practices that not everyone may be aware of. Imperial High Command is welcome to use any of theses materials for their own Officer Training Sessions. If you find this useful and would like me to make more of these in future, please inform me of such and I may consider it. Superior or Subordinate When coming up to a superior, typically unless you are directly referring to somebody
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  3. Don't know where to start for this one. Guess I'll start from my beginning; had 5 hours on gmod which was used on horror maps I played with friends. Got bored of that so we went to minge on SWRP. Trained by Natiionz a few years ago, joined Nova which had @Lucky in it. Got me real into the server. From Nova I went to Navy, enjoyed my time there, was under @Keta. Met some cool people in there, can't remember em all long time ago, except for @Rad_Copnice dude. From Navy went to Storm Commandos, joined for @Arkanstayed for Arcturusious, met a whole bunch of good people in that regiment. @Auzii, @M
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  4. Crispin, I believe at current time I want to focus this appeal on specific actions and how you can show you've changed. In the past 1-2 years, you went out of your way to target and harass a member of our community, not on Imperial Gaming but on another community leading to a ban within that Community. The things you did, I would say leave un irreparable reputation for yourself. How can we be sure you aren't holding grudges with people in the community, or will grow to have grudges or some form of spite that will cause you to do similar things? This type of harassment is harmful, and
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