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  1. "Operation Raptured Scimitar" With the capture of 'General Tortera' during Operation 3rd Lambda (Rishi Campaign), the Empire has found an ally in the once opposing General as he begun to both join and work with the Empire proving them with intelligence regarding the next moves for the CIS Remenants. This has resulted in General Tortera providing Imperial High Command with intelligence of an ongoing assault on 'Naboo' due to the CIS seeing it as a strategic hold allowing for further claims of the galaxy as they continue to drone in swarms
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  2. To Start I just want to say Hi my name is Midway or IRL jimmy and I have been playing IG for 2 going on 3 years, there has been so much going on this year and I have thought about the staff and how helpful they have been to not just to me but to many others within the community. From the Admins, Event masters and Developers you have made my experience on imperial Gaming so awesome and I am so grateful to have you guys on the staff team and I hope everyone of you keep trying your best and do the best in game and IRL, I feel like you don't get appreciated that much or that might be me but
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  3. I got no clue how this goes on the Server, but I aint mad about it, I love me some forums love. :pepega:
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  4. we just gonna ignore the messages above and below that
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  5. @yeffThats sus as what the....
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